It's 7/11! Free Slurpees At 7-Eleven!

We know how you guys love free stuff, so we’d just like to let you know that you can get a free slurpee at participating 7-Elevens today.

Apparently, they do this every year.


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  1. scerwup says:

    MMMMMMM…. Free Slurpee….

  2. SSDDR says:

    yes but its usually 7.11 ounces

  3. Fatty Shcock says:

    YAY! Too bad I don’t have one damn 7/11 near me for at least 100 miles! Gotta love Albany!

  4. linkura says:

    Nice for letting us know now that the day is almost over, and they may possibly be even out of them.

  5. jscott73 says:

    Sweet, I am so hitting one up for a free Monster Slurpee on my way to work tonight.

  6. Piedmont says:

    It’s a very special day here in Winnipeg, Slurpee Capital of the World 9 years runnin’. Huzzah!

  7. RandomHookup says:

    @jscott73: Actually, you only get free if you use one of their special smaller cups.

  8. Gamethyme says:

    Don’t spend a lot of expensive gas heading to your local 7-11. Here in Seattle, the free Slurpees are the size of a shot glass.

  9. mgy says:

    For all you social networking fiends who love the great american spirit of Slurpees but hate all those empty calories, the Slurpee gift on Facebook is also free.

  10. yurkinator says:

    The free slurpee is 7.11 oz

  11. jscott73 says:

    @RandomHookup: Yeah I saw, 7.11 oz, almost 1/2 a pint though, and I was talking about their “Monster” energy drink kind, not the monster size. There’s one on my way to work so I’ll have to go see if they have any cups left.

  12. I know there’s no requirement to dress like a Slurpee to partake in this free marvel, but I’m so happy that I’m doing it anyway.

  13. dry-roasted-peanuts says:

    I remember I was driving through Missouri one time and found a convenience store where they had Mountain Dew Slurpees. It was awesome.

  14. RChris173 says:

    Don’t forget the free Chick-Fil-A promotion:


  15. Gann says:

    Now find me some free vodka and we’re in business.

  16. Angryrider says:

    What? No complaints about 7-11’s logo, or a customer who didn’t get his super sugary drink?

  17. jscott73 says:

    @Gann: Sorry, that kind of freenes is only for presidential candidates…


  18. SahuaritaSam says:

    My company all just went. That little Dixie cup has about two sips full. 7-11 should up the size to like 71.1 ounces. Hell yeah.

  19. @Angryrider: Actually yes! I saw this earlier on another website and told all my friends. One of my friends went to the 7-11 right around the corner from work and they told him that it was an urban legend. No free slurpees in Edmond, Oklahoma! Boo!

  20. nihility says:

    Just came back from an annual 7/11 tour, think I ended up with 5 of them. Not worth the gas but its a tradition.

  21. cuiusquemodi says:

    @jscott73: When did we start calling 8 fluid ounces a half-pint? Whatever happened to the good, old-fashioned cup? :)

  22. Legal_Eagle_In_Training says:

    I went to the 7-11 website earlier today when it all finally clicked, and it says at ‘participating locations,’ a.k.a. franchisees who actually are willing to take a small hit to hopefully garner a larger profit in the end. I mean, who isn’t also buying a chicken dog or super sized bag of chips at the same time?

    As for me, I’ll be getting the nachos : )

  23. dirtleg says:

    Does this count towards my daily hydration requirements?

    Brain freeze!!

  24. jscott73 says:

    @cuiusquemodi: True, my brain just thinks better if I can relate it to beer :)

  25. Where is hades is my closest 7-11? I tried their map, ain’t none in my neighborhood.

  26. Wormfather is Wormfather says:

    Thanks alot, this helps me alot after I’ve already left the city for the day.

    >storms off<

  27. BytheSea says:

    Oo! I was so craving one of these yesterday, too. I got a “icee” at Target and it was awful.

  28. trixare4kids says:

    Warning: Don’t go out of your way to get one of these. I just came back from 7-11. You don’t get a regular size slurpee. They give you a tiny little cup made especially for the occasion. The cups said 7.11 ounces. Get it?
    Truth in advertising would have been “Free Slurpee SAMPLE Day”

  29. JeffM says:

    @Gann: Is that actually good? What is your favorite kind to mix with a Slurpee- always thought about it- never done it. :)

  30. pistonsfan1600 says:

    My family owns a 7-11 here in Michigan, and we know the size is disappointing, so we’re letting people come back as often as they like to refill their cup.

    See, its the cups that cost us money – not the Slurpee beverage itself.

    Pro Tip – Most 7-11 stores will charge you a lot less for a drink if you bring your own cup in on a daily basis. Its the “refill” key on the cash register.

  31. TheRealAbsurdist says:

    @JeffM: It’s actually good. Any decent Vodak (glass bottle, think Smirnoff or better) works fine. I could see this energy drink Slurpee being great for mixing with Vodak for long trips… it would give you a really big cup full of a wide awake drunk so you could drive longer. :)

  32. would posting an article about “shrink ray hits 7-eleven on free slurpy day” be crossing the line?

  33. slurpee*

  34. gamabunta says:

    Went in the afternoon and was told it is only for the first 500 customers and they were completely out.

  35. elduque says:

    I sucked it up and paid $1.29 for mine

  36. pockygt says:

    The one down the street said the promotion was going on ONLY from 6p-7p. How lazy do you have to be to not want to give out a 7oz cup?

  37. some_stupid_nut says:

    Went with my sis to one closest to us. Guy said it was all gone.

    Went to a 2nd one, he said they were gone. Gave a sad face and said it was the 2nd store. He said we could have a free small one. Yey!

  38. scootinger says:

    @madamdalriada: the 7-Elevens in the Oklahoma City area would not have this offer, especially since they don’t sell “Slurpees”. they are owned/run completely separate from the rest of the 7-11 chain as a result of an agreement that’s about as old as the 7-11 chain itself. the 7-11s around here are different from the rest of the chain in a lot of ways: they don’t sell “Slurpees” (instead, they sell “Icy Drinks”), they don’t run any national promotions, they don’t sell “grilled” items such as hot dogs, and due to the owner’s Catholic beliefs, they don’t sell lottery tickets or condoms. also, the reason that you don’t see 7-11’s in Tulsa or QuikTrip stores in OKC is because their owners/founders agreed not to compete in each other’s markets.

    and of course, the people at that 7-11 in Edmond were misinformed. last year I was in another area on 7/11 with “regular” 7-11 stores, and I was able to get my 7.11oz Slurpee! :)

  39. Nick1693 says:

    @SahuaritaSam: Well, the store is 7-11, not 7.11, or 71.1, so maybe it should be 711 ounces?

    That would be one huge cup.

  40. synergy says:

    Man, I miss 7-11! There hasn’t been one in this town since I was in middle school 20 yrs ago!

  41. anonvmoos says:

    was out or not availible at one store i went to

    forget free, i still bought my medium slurpee and enjoyed the hell out of strawberry-pineapple with wild cherry.

    7oz wouldnt satisfy my thirst anyways.

  42. rolla says:

    at least people got their free slurpee. i went to my local 7-11 and they actually taped off all the slurpee machines, pretending like they were out of order. cheap asses! i will NEVER go into that one again and since i dont have another one around me, i guess 7-11 just lost a customer.

  43. Jeff asks: "WTF could you possibly have been thinking? says:


    The local cops where I live call 7-11 the “18”. Get it? 7+11!!
    So how about some 18 ouncers, Garb-Ko?
    Isnt it funny the parent company (at least here in MI) is called Garb-Ko (is that short for Garbage Company)?