Morning Deals

  • Girl Talk: Girls Talk’s new album “Feed The Animals.” Pay what you want to pay.
  • MGM Grand: $69/night + $25 Restaurant Credit
  • Amazon: “The Complete Led Zeppelin” MP3 Album download for $9.99. 165 tracks.

Highlights From Dealhack

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  • New Savings: TiVo HD DVR now $180 Shipped
  • Amazon: Canon SD850 IS 8MP Digital Camera $230 Shipped


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  1. TouchMyMonkey says:

    ALL of Led Zeppelin for ten bucks? Can I get the Mona Lisa for another fiver?

  2. TechnoDestructo says:

    Wow, if I could stand to listen to Led Zeppelin that would be an amazing deal.

  3. @HurtsSoGood: That’s actually at Rhapsody. Amazon still lists it as $96.99

  4. Jay Slatkin says:

    The Girl Talk music is dope!

  5. I like his first album, but this one is….errrrr ugh

  6. sasper says:

    I like the first Girl Talk album more as well, but the new one is great. Throw him a few bucks and download it people!

  7. omarz says:

    $10 for all that Zeppelin? I jumped on it!

    Dealnews says the deal is expired, but I clicked “Buy Now” from dealnews, then clicked “Show All Albums” from the Zeppelin page to see “The Complete Led Zeppelin” for $10. Add to cart, checkout, and download.

    Great deal!

  8. Abusiveelusive says:

    If I didn’t have all 10 albums the (Led Zeppelin) songs came from, I’d jump on that deal. That is an amazingly low price.

  9. Phil says:

    I bought that Led Zeppelin collection from Rhapsody this morning. All I can think is, that HAS to be a typo. I only hope Rhapsody doesn’t decide to collect their other $90.

  10. xsmasher says:

    @omarz: Can’t find it now. “Show all albums” tells me I’m viewing 12 of 13 albums – but I cant find the 13th!

    @Phil: I think someone confused the box set with “Mothership.”