This "License Only” Version Of Office Is Packed Very Efficiently

Today’s episode of everyone’s favorite post “Stupid Shipping Gang” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Newegg was concerned about Rob’s software license (Just a license. No discs.) being damaged so they shipped it in a box. With packing peanuts.

Rob says:

I bought a license for Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 from Mind you, this is a “license only” version of Office (i.e., no media/CDs) for use with a pre-installed trial-version on your laptop/desktop. Lo and behold, the envelope arrived via UPS today.

While Newegg’s typically exceptional and speedy delivery was again spot on (24 hour turn-around), their packaging department was, shall we say, a bit wasteful?


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  1. zigziggityzoo says:

    at least you can re-use it on your next eBay sale? Hey, you can even post the link here on Consumerist!

  2. AnxiousDemographic says:

    I hate to defend wastefulness, but I’m guessing that their warehouse is largely automated and can only handle things in boxes. Surely the conveyor equipment for handling envelopes is totally different than for handling boxes. It would be crazy wasteful to put in an entire second system just to handle the occasional envelope-clad product–so maybe the big box is actually cost effective!

  3. joebobfunguy says:

    I love how it’s not even inside the peanuts, just chillin’ on top. Why can’t they just email this stuff, anyways?

  4. Irashtar says:

    I’m starting to think that these stupid shippings are one of those ways disgruntled employees try to get back at them. It’s like Pink panther, you’d have to be a genius to be this stupid.

  5. Noris159 says:

    I actually try to reuse all my packing materials. Working from home and finding most public places intolerable on some level, Amazon is my good friend.

  6. arras says:

    I just re-use boxes for sending things to other people (ebay and whatnot), short term storage and there always seems to be some friend that’s getting ready to move. Giving them a ton of boxes of various sizes can sometimes get you out of helping them move….sometimes

  7. joebobfunguy says:

    @AnxiousDemographic: actually it’s just a monkey in a closet. Bang those cymbols chim chim, bang, bang, bang.

  8. DoubleEcho says:

    It’s really confusing to me why NewEgg didn’t use an envelope to ship it instead of the box? It’s only paper! Besides, I’m sure that the Postal Service isn’t the only one with envelopes for shipping – UPS should have been able to provide a shipping solution for this easily that didn’t involve a bulky box.

  9. zigziggityzoo says:

    @DoubleEcho: Why use an envelope, when you can use e-mail?

  10. MyPetFly says:

    Actually, there is a practical reason for packing like that. They’re worried about the fine print in the EULA flaking off.

  11. y2julio says:

    @AnxiousDemographic: Their warehouse is automated by a lot. Here is a link showing their warehouse.

  12. gqcarrick says:

    I would rather it arrive in a box or something than having the big Microsoft label sticking out for anyone going by my mailbox to see and steal.

  13. DoubleEcho says:

    @zigziggityzoo: Because with stuff such as a single license, I’d rather have the official document instead of a copy I printed from my Laserjet printer.

    For corporate licenses though, it’s a little easier since it’s usually volume licensing.

  14. ichiban1081 says:

    My boy Y2julio is correct, its largely automated as you can see from the links provided. I bet if you contact newegg they will work on it and apologize for shipping the license that way. But I still love newegg and any place who can ship me my PC parts next day for little to no shipping fee is exempt from stupid packaging :)


  15. y2julio says:

    @ichiban1081: pffft Blue Bins all the way.

  16. zentex says:

    @y2julio: you just made the point that the shipping gang doesn’t have a choice on how to box/pack/ship the orders.

    I enjoyed the article too, thanks for the link

  17. lapantz4less says:

    Really funny stuff, I love it! And by the way, I prefer bubble wrap over those pain in the rear peanuts, they get everywhere!

  18. I recently built a computer with all things from Newegg, and I swear I could fill my closet to the ceiling with packing peanuts now. Alternately, it gives me good motivation to re-use the packing materials and start selling crap I don’t need on eBay.

  19. Concerned_Citizen says:

    Stop complaining about packaging. It’s just old at this point. I would bet money that the people complaining about packaging don’t even recycle.

  20. differcult says:

    New code of conduct….No more pointless post about boxes…we get it…companies use big boxes.

  21. ogremustcrush says:

    I’ve never seen newegg ship something in a box smaller than that. Just about everything I have ever ordered from them was in that exact size box. You can now get some items in envelopes though, small things will have USPS as a shipping option, it usually seems to cost $2.20. They ship it in a large bubble envelope, and its quite nice to not have to pay the minimum $6 for UPS for something tiny like a cable or a stick of ram. However, as this method of shipping is rather new, it does seem to take considerably longer to recieve your package. The problem doesn’t appear to be with USPS, but rather the item leaving the werehouse. While most UPS items ship from newegg the same day, for USPS it seems to take 3-4 days. I theorize that they only have 1-2 pickups for these packages a week due to their lower volume, and considerably smaller size per package. As shipping volume increases I don’t doubt that speed should probably reach a level comparable to their UPS shipping.

  22. christoj879 says:

    Yes, please no more posts about packaging. Did it arrive undamaged and on time? Nuff said.

    How would you like your envelope containing the license to slip through the cracks on a conveyor belt and you have to waste time re-ordering? This sounds much better.

  23. Mom2Talavera says:

    I pack stuff with organic popcorn(instead of foam peanuts). My friends and family love it. No waste…and they get a snack too…

  24. y2julio says:

    @ogremustcrush: The envelopes aren’t from Newegg. I usually get them when I have a item being shipped from Newegg’s supplier directly.

  25. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    It’s likely faster and cheaper for NewEgg to use a smalll number of standard size boxes than do a one-off for the occasional envelope. Boxes are less likely to get lost or mislaid in shipping or fall thru the cracks.

  26. Chad Cloman says:

    I worked at UPS for over four years and have this to say: if the box is not filled, it will most likely get crushed and look like an accordion (and will sometimes break open, losing its contents). I recommend that you always fill the empty space in a package with something relatively solid. The best-case situation is if you can stand on the package without crushing it.

  27. migrabear says:

    It would be nice if everyone started using the corstarch-based peanuts. They don’t get all staticky and stick to everything and they dissolve in water should they break free into the environment. The same cannot be said about styrofoam peanuts. Plus, you can still reuse them.