Pizza Hut Is Sorry It Baked A Cockroach Into Your Pizza, Got Fined $35,000

Here’s a lovely little story from our friends down in Bellbowrie, Australia. It seems that they have a Pizza Hut in Bellbowrie, and that Pizza Hut has cockroaches. Lots of cockroaches. So many cockroaches, in fact, that it baked one alive into a meatlovers pizza.

From the UPI:

Officials said tests revealed the roach found on the take-out meatlovers pizza was cooked alive with the pie.

Yum! brands, the U.S. operator of the Pizza Hut, lost its license for a month and then reopened with “increased cleaning practices,” according to the (Australia) Sunday Mail. The Brisbane Magistrates Court ordered the company to pay a fine of $35,000, and Yum! has said it is sorry for the incident. No word on whether the customer who got the cockroach pizza has stopped screaming yet.

Company fined $35,000 for roach problems [UPI]
(Photo: Adam A. Koch )

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