Email Addresses For 17 Bank Of America Executives

Here are 18 working Bank of America executive/employee email addresses. A Consumerist reader launched a EECB (executive email carpet bomb) that got his overdraft fees refunded; these were the ones that didn’t bounce back, plus some more we found recently.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We have received numerous requests lately for company-specific email lists. At present, we have very few, but that number can be increased if you send in the results of your successful EECBs. Don’t be so lazy, here’s all the info you need to build your own EECB.

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  1. North Antara says:

    funny – I just sent mine last night. Will post the valid addresses later.

  2. JKinNYC says:

    I work for a small wealth management company that BoA is in the process of assimilating. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that BoA doesn’t give a crap enough. They buy deposit, and shit out the remnants of good companies. They make their money on volume and they don’t care if the piss off customers, as they will just buy more.

    I know way too much about their operations now and let me just say this:
    Stay far far far away

  3. North Antara says:

    You can add these to the list.
    ken.d.lewis, amy.brinkley, steele.alphin

  4. goller321 says:

    @JKinNYC: I’d love to hear specifics. Please elaborate.

  5. JKinNYC says:

    @goller321: I can’t really, as I’m still employed and I don’t want to out myself. Let’s just say that the North Carolina National Bank by any other name still smells as stinky.

  6. TangDrinker says:

    Yay! you got a pic of the new Lynx line!

    Also, if you really need contact information and it’s not on the Interwebs, a good resource (in print) is Directory of Corporate Counsel. It costs around $700 for a 2 vol set, but larger university/public law libraries may have copies. You might be able to find older editions on ebay/alibris/amazon marketplace for much cheaper. Even if it doesn’t list the person you’re looking for, it often will list email addresses for some key individuals – and you can probably figure out the naming convention from that.

  7. NCTransplant says:

    I don’t think that @JKINNYC has a very objective opinion. Think about it, his smaller company (most likely US Trust)gets bought out by the 2nd largest bank in the US, of course things are going to change and some people won’t like it.

    Also it’s one thing to EECB the exec that may have influence over the consumer side of the bank. I’m not sure that spamming the head of GCIB is very effective.

    I’m sure they are people out there that have bad experiences with the bank and have justified complaints, it happens when you have such a large customer base. It’s very tempting to jump on the “I hate corporate America” bandwagon but I’d challenge you to educate yourself to all the good things that BofA does for the community before passing judgment. Also keep in mind that everyday people like me and you are the large majority of bank employees. I’m not in corp relations, I do db support on the commercial side of the bank.

  8. JKinNYC says:

    @NCTransplant: BoA does many wonderful charitable things. That doesn’t mean they are wonderfully run. They make money in spite of them themselves.

    While you nailed where I’m from, I went into the transition hoping to learn from what a great company BoA is supposed to be. Instead, I watched poor practice follow error follow mistake follow bad decisions.

    Since the announcement of the merger, USTrust deposit acounts have decreased by >10%. Money is leaving the account in droves. Just wait until UST clients start eating the BoA fees. Clients with 9-figure deposits are used to white glove service. They are now going to get to stand in line a BoA branches.

    Lets talk about some examples of BoA’s great planning. When the UST transition began, the director of the MBNA transition came over. A few weeks later, he was called back because of the fires that blew up after everything was “done.” Then not too much later, the LaSalle acquisition was announced. Transition folks all disappeared or were double booked on that transition.

    We are currently less than three months from launch of the first part of transition, (only ~50 business days) and no one has been able to decide how to do day one wire, check, or ACH processing. The processes are not in place.

    I could go farther, and I will once I leave.

  9. lgldsr says:

    Did anyone else receive a notification from BOA with respect to a change in terms? Incredously, this document is in small print on Legal size paper, double-sided on all but one page, and is greater than five pages in length.

    Until I received same I had never heard of the terms “Default Pricing”.

    Below is an email sent to BOA a few moments ago to the email addresses you provided and none have bounced back. It reads, verbatim:

    “As you are aware, you recently sent out an extensive document with respect to a Change In Terms for my Credit Card accounts. This document consisting of very small and fine print is in excess of five pages and extremely complex and difficult for the layman to understand. For instance, until I received this ludicrous document I had never heard the term “Default Pricing”.

    For Bank Of America to expect the general public to understand it’s content and meaning is outrageous.

    Out of concern for the elderly and others who might similarly be confused by this patently blatant attempt to mislead and confuse, I faxed same in it’s entirety to Senator Carl Levin. There exists no doubt in my mind that you know whom he is. I am certain he will be shocked by the excessive legalese contained therein. Indeed, one of Senator Levin’s comments was that many documents sent out by institutions such as BOA are clearly written by Lawyers and therefore really can only be understood by Lawyers. In my opinion this is by design.

    For the record, I REJECTED the new Terms and notified BOA via US Mail. You should now be in possession of these letters, one sent for each of my three BOA credit cards. These were sent to the address you provided on your lengthy and confusing document.

    I would appreciate it very much if you would lower all APR’s (which differ on all three cards) to that of the lowest card. Please advise when you have done so.


  10. lgldsr says:

    “BoA does many wonderful charitable things.”.

    These are instituted for Tax purposes; to think this is done out of kind heart or any other scu concern is wholly naive.

  11. NCTransplant says:

    @LGLDSR – I’m sure a lot of corporate philanthropy is done for tax purposes, but to blindly say that none it is done out of kindness is wholly ridiculous. Many of the programs that the bank has have no tax implications what so ever. Volunteer work, for example. The bank allows associates to volunteer (per manager approval) up to 2 hours per week. I use the time to volunteer for an after school program for underprivileged youth. The bank also pays a $3000 bonus for buying hyrbid cars. They receive no tax benefit from either of these two areas.

    @JKINNYC – I can’t speak to how the UST conversion is going. I’ve only been involved with a couple of meetings re: back end data conversions. My point was just for people to do some research and really find out about a company before jumping on the “I hate big bad companies” band wagon.

  12. The Waffle says:

    What’s amusing is the fact that this morning I actually had a poor experience with Bank of America just this morning, and I had searched your site for the emails to use. Thank you, it made my carpet bomb even easier.

  13. Coles_Law says:

    On these EECB lists, it may be worthwhile to post the emails as a .jpg image or something, that way they don’t get harvested for spam. If the exec’s are changing emails monthly due to spam, these lists become drastically less effective with time.

  14. thanks, i just bitched them out for trapping me into a shitty cc agreement. Pointless but fun

  15. @goller321: I interned there, at a recently acquired bank, and it was no secret that the money was in volume. Nobody I worked with banked there; everyone knew retail banking (banking for the great unwashed masses) was a shithole based on volume, not service. Private and Personal banking (for the wealthy, 2 levels based on wealth) were great, and really drew on the (fairly impressive) history of BofA. But until you were at $1m, it was worthless. Retail was treated as a bastard stepchild and an afterthought.

    I interned in private banking and I really, honestly enjoyed most of the people I worked with, who I thought were bright, talented, and dedicated. But it was a whole different story in retail.

  16. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Thank you, Consumerist! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just what I needed.

    As people who read here regularly probably know, Bank of America tellers, on seven different occasions, in places I never go, gave out a total of $12,000 of my money to thieves. On at least one occasion, it was a woman with missing teeth and a fake driver’s license in my name with the wrong expiration date. The associate manager at that branch said they weren’t able to access my signature and other information on the computer, and then they didn’t bother calling my branch or anything — just handed over $1,500 of my money that time.

    Today, I realized this might not be an anomaly. My boyfriend, who was in Detroit, went to a branch of BofA, formerly LaSalle Bank and they said they weren’t on BofA’s computer system. I’m wondering, with BofA’s takeover of a bunch of banks in recent years, if it’s impossible for them, in a number of branches, to actually vet who your money is going to in any substantive way. For me, protecting consumers comes before raking in profits, but then, I’m an ethical capitalist.

    Anyway, in my case, they responded to my complaints about their failure in their fiduciary duty to me by firing me as a customer as of the end of July — a great hardship since I have a book due at my publisher on August 1, and BofA knows that (from my conversations with their employees).

    One of my blog commenters has written up a letter to bank prez Kenneth D. Lewis telling him how he feels about how they’ve treated me, and now, thanks to you guys, people will be able to e-mail him that letter and others. I just sent him an e-mail myself, asking him to answer for not only their negligence in protecting me and my money, but the way they’ve treated me in the wake of it. Let’s see if he replies.

  17. avantartist says:

    i sent them a nice little note thanking them for increasing my credit card interest rate.

  18. jsttheman says:

    This is ridiculous. I’m on my last leg when it comes to the consumerist. I understand that people have the right to voice their opinion but come on. Why do we have to share the emails like this so that everyone and their brother can start spamming Ken Lewis? Now, if someone wants to actually get something done nothing will happen. Why can’t people go through the normal channels? Maybe because they aren’t being nice and people don’t want to help them. It’s amazing what can happen if you are actually nice to the employees. People spend so much time hating corporate america that they forget that they are people as well.

    I work for a bank and I can tell you it’s not pretty. Hypothetically speaking, if you were in my shoes and you had a client come in screaming and cursing at you because there was fraud on their account and the bank should have caught it this, or the bank should have caught it that. Or you had someone who came in calm and wanted to understand what was going on? I can tell you that I’m more inclined to pass the first person off to customer service and help the second person.

  19. Ben Popken says:

    @jsttheman: Because the normal channels don’t always work, even if you are nice as a daisy in springtime. If you check out our links on how to make an EECB, you’ll see that step 1 is exhaust normal channels, and step 2 is to write a clear, concise, polite and professional complaint letter. I disagree that “now nothing will happen. We’ve been posting executive phone numbers and email addresses for over a year and they still continue to get deserving people their justice. If you look at the timestamps on the comments above, you’ll see this post itself was originally made over a year ago. We added new email addresses the old ones. The old ones still work. Guess rampaging hordes of complaining consumers haven’t overrun their email battlements. On another note, if you’ll read the new comments code, you’ll see that it’s better to send comments questioning a post’s very existence to the editors instead of as a threadjacking comment. Please keep that in mind for future comments.

  20. freejazz38 says:

    Good, I think EVERYONE in America should EECB them and ask how come, of ALL the banks in the country, THEY are the biggest SCUMBAGS. Bank of America: Higher Fees

  21. barty says:

    Here’s a better idea…just stop doing business with the bastards! I haven’t given them a bit of my business in 8+ years and will never, ever have an account with them as long as I live.

    They took a CD my grandfather purchased for me at my birth from a bank they swooped and and bought out when I was 15-16 (I’m 30 now) and gradually diminished its value to zero through a bunch of repeated “account inactivity” fees over the span of about 4 years. Since it was in a bearer note, nobody ever received any notice that this was going on. I went to cash it in one day and BoA informed me it was worthless. There were ZERO fees until about 6 months after they took over operations.

    Then we won’t even talk about their sleazy policies regarding their handling of paper payroll checks, insane fees on “free” checking accounts because your daily balance dips a few bucks beneath the minimum, etc…

  22. rhodesman says:

    Alright, I just sent my email off, we’ll see if it gets anywhere. Wish me luck and thanks for the emails!

  23. ticonderoga12000 says:

    Thanks folks, keep them coming! This is great info.

  24. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Bravo! Can we get the email addresses, phone#, home addresses of all the speculators that are gouging us at the pump??? I want to put their info on billboards, the internet and milkcartons. They deserve to die for screwing with our lives as a commodity!

  25. Antitool says:

    On a whim used the above list to nicely ask them to reduce the interest rate on my credit card and someone actually called me. I’m a little afraid to call them back and find out I’m somehow the target of some legal action.

  26. Aisley says:

    Hi y’all.

    I have a BofA story that is to end all BofA stories. Here we go:

    I work at re;igious, Non-Profit organization; and among my duties is the mail processing. One day I found in the mail an envelop from BofA. Let me digress here; my organization has no deals or business with BofA.

    Now back to the envelope, it was an account statement. The wird thing is that on the envelope the addressy is a woman and my organization’s name. You may want to know no one at the office have heard of this person before. I went to the closet branch to ask for help with correcting this situation. Got to spoke to the manager, who promised to take care of the matter.

    Well, let me tell you. This first envelope and visit to the branch were in December. Now, every type of document this bank has kept been mailed to us in January, February, March, April, May and June. By then, the addressies were the woman, the center and, are you ready for this? Syracuse University.

    Finally they ended this nightmare when I send them a very strongly worded letter. In this letter I used the “L” word (lawsuit). I also told them that they will need to face another lawsuit for negligence and neglet of fiduciary responsibility ( this one has to do with the fact that in some of the statements appreared a couple of big money transfers from overseas.

    Well in the end, they solve the “confussion”, but I’m still to hear what happened and how it happened

  27. Anonymous says:

    You can add Donna Soos, She’s filling in for Michelle Shepherd. Also, Jeff Carney and Diane Morais are no longer with BOA.

  28. emsmx5 says:

    FYI, I sent an EECB tonight.
    michelle.shepherd and bradford.r.dinsmore are no longer valid. Now lets see if the rest of them listen!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I have been a customer of BOA since 2000, have made all my payments on time, until recently when I have had 3 surgeries due to an injury. I have made my payments on the day they are due, but just not before 05:00pm. On December 18,2008 I made a payment before I left work at 04:30pm and was sitting a Church concert at 07:00pm. According to BOA I made my payment at 20:20pm on December 18. 2008. I have 20-30 people who saw me at the concert, but according to BOA it does not matter, that is when it is recorded I called to make my payment. So they have raised my interest from 8.15% to 26.64% which means my payment is $561.00. I have tried to talk with the Customer Service people and have gotten no where. I have been told I can talk with someone and pay them a fee to set up a payment schedule. Which I can not see paying them since I have made my monthly payments and have not missed a payment. At this time I am compling all of my paperwork and the names of people I have spoke to and plan to send it to my senators and congressman in my district and even Barrack Obama and ask for help from them. I will send it Certified mail and will send the package to Kenneth Lewis the CEO of BOA. I hear they are asking for more bail out money, as a single female who has worked 2 jobs for the past 28 years and paid in a lot of taxes. I do not feel since they are not willing to work with their customers or assist them in anyway, WE the people should not be expected to bail them out.


  30. Anonymous says:

    I am a small business owner and am building a very promising Internet technology startup. My wife is working to finish her Ph.D. We are hanging on by a thread as our income has plummeted in the wake of the recent global financial crisis and the economic downturn has all but crippled our startup.

    I have been working with my banks to try to get hardship relief and reduced payments for a finite period of time. Just temporary help that would allow us time to reestablish our financial footing. American Express and other creditors have been responsive and compassionate yet, ironically, Bank of America, has been completely unwilling to help – despite them getting billions in bailout funds which should, in my opinion, build in a bit of humility and empathy for others who are struggling. I have a $912/month payment that I cannot make right now. I am asking for a $400 payment for 10 months then back to the full payment – hoping this will be enough time to get back on our feet. Yet BoA refuses to help saying I cannot afford the $400 payment so why should they help. How is maintaining the payment at $912 going to make it more likely I can successfully make the payment?

    This kind of behavior is quickly driving us into bankruptcy, where BoA will get nothing and where we will then lose everything. Does this make any sense? When I asked why BoA cannot help me with my payment, when I and the other tax payers helped BoA with their bills, the customer service representative had no response.

    Please do something to get the banks to act on behalf of their customers in financial distress. Just as we the tax payers, have assisted them in their time of need, create legislation that will make them help us in our time of need. In the end, our interdependency means that if we default, they will suffer too. Why not avoid this by helping each other get through these temporary yet painful financial times?

  31. lrobertg says:

    Thanks for the address list. Here is the email, and actions, I plan on taking.


    I appreciate the importance of your time and will make this brief. As a long time BofA customer I am outraged by the current overdraft fee policy and its net effect on my account. Clearly the policy is predicated on the position that overdraft fees are an excellent mechanism for increasing bottom line profits. The punitive nature of creating a policy that states (at least as communicated by your staff) that “the bank will pay the largest checks first and deny the others” creates a situation where the bank charges numerous $35.00 fees on ridiculously small charges.

    With all the money invested in software development, it would be an easy task to create an algorithm that is truly customer beneficial and looks at the current balance against charges and pays the maximum amount of charges and minimizes the bank fees.

    Additionally, to go into my overdraft account to pay your fees is preposterous!

    Your customer service department’s (while very polite) assertion that the bank has refunded me money in the past is Prima facie flawed. I would not have requested refunds if the policy were not so misaligned with the best interests of the customer.

    Anyway, I believe my current recourse is to leave this to the court of public opinion, local news media (with whom I have many contacts) and my local congressman; Scott Garrett.

    As such I have registered the domain name: dontbankof and will publish my opinion of your policies on such. My current email distribution list exceeds 10,000 valid email addresses, so I am sure we will spark a lively debate. For the record, I staunchly believe in allowing both sides of a conversation equal say, and will gladly make space for official BofA responses on the site.

    I remain willing to speak with your representatives and work to find an amicable resolution to both the immediate implications of your policies as well as the policies themselves. I truly like BofA, and the employees I have dealt with and wish to remain a customer.

    Phone Number
    Sometimes its not about getting on the path less traveled, its about just getting on the path.

  32. smarkos1 says:
  33. smallbusiness says:

    Today I needed to transfer funds from b of a credit line to checking. In using the phone service to transfer funds I was subjected to a credit analyst who then limited my credit line to exactly what I owe and closed another that I never used but had as back up if ever. The analyst did inform me that if I had used the credit card to the account I could have used the full amount. So in being responsible to save fees and pay back asap as I usually do I have been PINCHED. The very bank responsible taxpayers have bailed has now turned against small business thats not in trouble and not overextended and still working with potential growth and took working capital away to prevent the small business from potential growth and employment. It all boils down to they would make alot of money if I used the credit card. They have now set the stage to not repay funds in fear of being pinched again. This is no longer bank of america it should now be dubbed Bank of Al Quieda, this bank is undermining america.

  34. BOAWhistleBlower says:

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that as a last resort yesterday – after a very frustrating day of calling BOA’s short sale department – getting phone numbers that don’t work – and not being able to talk to anyone with any manners and decency – I found your BOA EECB list and mailed to it. No response yet from Bank of America, but, I’m hopeful that Ken Lewis’ office will respond – they do when I write Mr. Lewis directly.

    But, I wanted to share that I had two bounce backs and two “out of office” e-mails, so I can confirm that the list is deliverable.

    The failed e-mails are:


    The confirmed e-mail with “out of office” response was:

    The “out of office” message refererred me to two other people at BOA, collegues of Ms. Nastacie:

    Ernie Anguilla at


    Britney Sheehan at

    So,this perhaps now that I’ve attempted through normal channels to have my short sale request actioned, since escalating my request within the the short sale group has failed, maybe now it will work from the top down.

    As a long-time BOA customer, I continue to be frustrated by them, and hope that they will get their act together soon.

  35. NDPowell says:

    Hey guys!

    Email addresses that no longer work for above-

    Email address you didn’t have-

    Good Luck!

  36. jerrynkansas says:

    here is another one that you didn’t have that I just found.

    don’t know where it goes but it wasn’t sent back.

  37. feelgoodlost says:
  38. jro_london says:

    Hmm…my story goes something like this. We sold our house, on a short sale on 3/15/2010. I have a checking and a savings account with BOA and use them to bank online, so prior to the house sale, all three accounts showed up online. Post sale, I have used this “visibility” to realize that my mortgage with BOA has not disappeared. Meaning, sell the house, you’d assume the loan would then too disappear. Not the case. So I started making some calls around the 30 day mark thinking it may just take their system some time to recognize the sale and remove the account from my list of accounts. I was told that it can take up to 90 days for their system to recognize anything and to call back on day 91. I did. In the meantime I’ve still received several delinquent notices (please note that our short sale was not due to delinquency, rather relocation and we were never late once). Day 91, the first person on the phone asked me if we had any recent offers on our house. REALLY? We sold our house, and you don’t know that? So I promptly brought up a credit report only to find that BOA recognizes and reported our sale to the credit bureaus as of 4/1/2010. So why can’t they get rid of it in their systems. Long story short, this is still ongoing and I keep getting passed around from person to person and yet no one seems to be able to help me. Two days ago, after I again tried contacting their company, only to get hung up on twice, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I have begun emailing and calling (the only direct number I have) once a day, every day, until something gets done. So I truly appreciate the email addresses and will keep you posted as to which ones are valid and which ones aren’t as I’ve decided to add one additional person to my distribution for each day that this is outstanding. So if you come across any additional emails or direct numbers (related to short sale or not), I would gladly take them to use in my assault.

    Thanks again.

  39. mew418 says:

    I just attempted to send an email carpet bomb using the email addresses above and received failures for the following:,,,, and

  40. mew418 says:

    I had success with my executive email carpet bomb that I launched today. I spoke with the CEO’s assistant this afternoon and all my money was returned to my account. Thank you, Consumerist!

  41. BofA Victim says:



    Other Executive Management at Bank of America, N.A.

    charles.h.noski ; david.c.darnell ; thomas.k.montag ; bruce.thompson ; christine.p.katziff ; terry.laughlin ; gary.g.lynch ; catherine.bessant ; anne.m.finucane ; andrea.smith ; ron.sturzenegger ; ronaleigh.ramp ; roberto.ochoa ; ken.d.lewis ; colleen.haggerty ; britney.w.sheehan ; nicole.nastacie ; joe.price ; keith.banks ; michael.jones ; liam.e.mcgee ; amy.brinkley ; steele.alphin ; bradford.r.dinsmore ; michelle.shepherd ; maryellen.baker ; barbara.j.desoer ; melissa.a.henderson ; melissa.d.russell ; crystal.peterson ; dan.b.frahm ; michael.drawdy ; brandie.gedang ; natalia.guerrero ; jimmy.munoz ; pamela.preciado ; deborah3.smith ; irene.tapia ; yvonne.castano ; carlos.marcelo.escobar ; zachery.harrod ; sandra.isidro ; jlevine2 ; kim.lowe ; erick.odhiambo ; shaun.orr ; ken.scheller ; jacquelyn.sessions ; matthew.j.vernon ; daniel.whitehead ; minerva.roman ; jeremy.roberts ; meagen.mcpherson ; jolene.clark ; Amanda.Simcoe ; erick.estrada ; kenneth.welch ; jeffrey.r.carney ; diane.morais
    Cc: susan.mccabe ; tomos.edwards ; diane.wagner ; ann-tyler.connell ; jessica.oppenheim ; john.yiannacopoulos ; kerrie.mchugh ; ; anne.pace ; don.vecchiarello ; tara.a.burke ; betty.riess ; cathy.velazquez ; john.greaves ; selena.morris ; matthew.card ; jumana.bauwens ; rick.simon ; scott.silvestri ; ferris.morrison ; jerome.f.dubrowski ; laura.w.hunter ; lawrence.grayson ; kelli.raulerson ; ; sean.m.jamieson ; william.halldin ; tj.crawford ; christina.beyer ; LaShon.C.Settle ; rose.reyes ;