The 20 Best And Worst Cities For Unemployment Benefits

Losing a job is bad enough, but your unemployment benefits can vary wildly depending on where you live. The L.A. Times compared unemployment benefits to the cost of living and picked the twenty best and worst cities to be unemployed.

The 10 Best Cities

1. Pittsburgh, Pa.—$539 per week

2. Charlotte, N.C.—$457 per week

3. Raleigh, N.C.—$457 per week

4. Boston, Mass.—$600 per week

5. Philadelphia, Pa.—$539 per week

6. Providence, R.I.—$531 per week

7. Salt Lake City, Utah—$427 per week

8. San Antonio, Texas—$378 per week

9. Seattle, Wash.—$515 per week

10. Houston, Texas—$378 per week

The 10 Worst Cities

10. Los Angeles, Calif.—$450 per week

9. Nashville, Tenn.—$275 per week

8. Kansas City, KS-MO—$280 per week

7. Tampa, Fla.—$275 per week

6. Orlando, Fla.—$275 per week

5. Washington, D.C.—$359 per week

4. San Francisco, Calif.—$450 per week

3. Phoenix, Ariz.—$240 per week

2. Miami, Fla.—$275 per week

1. New York, N.Y.—$405 per week

If your job falls prey to the ongoing not-recession, read up on our tips for saving cash and consider potential ways to make the most of unemployment.

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