Brooks Brothers Thanks Three-Week Old Infant For Requesting Their Catalogue. What?

Reader Jillian thought she was keeping an eye on her three-week-old son, Benjamin, but apparently, he managed to sneak away and sign up for a Brooks Brothers catalog. As Jillian explains, “either I have a very preppie prodigy on my hands, or his name is already on a mailing list.”

She sent us her polite letter to Brooks Brother’s CEO:

Dear Mr Del Vecchio –

Today, I received a Brooks Brothers catalog in the mail, addressed to Benjamin James Tate-Booth (sic). Benjamin Tate-Boothe is my three-week old infant son. I assure you that he has no need of Brooks Brothers suits at this time, especially as he tends to soil garments quickly.

I am concerned at how your company gained my son’s name and address in order to address an unsolicited catalog to him. The customer number present on the envelope is #004388918, and the accompanying letter states that a request for this catalog was placed. Brooks Brothers may have purchased his name from another mailing list, because I doubt Ben is signing up for clothing catalogs at such a tender age.

I am addressing this to your attention as your name is on the letter accompanying this catalog. I am hoping you will look into the source of Ben’s catalog request, and stop any further unsolicited mail going to our address.



Who says this is a mistake? Stain-resistant ties! Maybe they come with matching bibs. Benjamin could charge them to his brand new American Express card, you know, once as he learns to scribble his name.