With The New iPhone On The Horizon, Now Is The Time To Threaten Your Cellphone Company

With the debut of that new super iPhone thing only a few short days away, now is the time to threaten your current cellphone company. What’s that? You have no intention of switching cellphone companies for the iPhone? Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon’s retention reps don’t know that. Do they?

Reader Scott is jubilant over the huge discount he got from Sprint:

Took advantage of the upcoming launch of AT&T’S iPhone 3G to squeeze a lower rate out of Sprint PCS. I’ve had to endure a decrease in Sprint service at the same price for the past year (crappy reception, slow network, can no longer send pix via SMS (thanks, a’holes)), so I told them I was switching to iPhone.

They gave me a whopping 25% (TWENTY-FIVE percent!!!) discount on my voice plan, zero discount on data plan. No mention of a contract extension whatsoever.

Give them a call and see if they can hear you now.

Here’s how you do it. Note: It really helps if you don’t have a current contract, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try:

  1. Call your current cellphone company.
  2. Tell them you intend to cancel. You should be transferred to a retentions representative.
  3. Say something like this:

    Hi, my name is ___________, I think I’ve been a good customer, but that iPhone looks really enticing, and I’m thinking about switching to AT&T.

    I’d like to stay with you, and I was wondering if there was any way you could _______ (throw me a discount, free text message package, something). Can you help me?

  4. Stand firm and negotiate.

Some cellphone companies try to tack on a contract extension with a discount, so make sure they do not do this. Good luck!

(Photo: Steve Rhodes )

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