4 Confessions Of A FiOS Support Agent

A FiOS Support Agent has kindly written in to share some insider tips to getting the most out of your FiOS support experience. Of particular interest: Make sure you know (and approve of) where they’ve buried your cable so you know wherenot to dig in your lawn!

1) When possible, Verizon buries the “drop line” (single fiber that leads to your house) – smart, right? No. Usually they’re only buried 6 inches underground, and typically with no conduit or protection beyond the insulation around the fiber itself. Dig and break the fiber? Whoops, that might cost you a few thousand dollars to reconnect if the junction is too far away! Did we install your fiber connection over the top of the lid to your septic system and you can’t have it pumped out? Better call us and pay out the ass (ho ho!) to have it moved.

2) We are only supposed to support setting up a wireless router if it has line of sight to your computer. That’s right, within the same room. My trainer said their are exceptions you have to make, such as if your install tech stuck the thing up in a cupboard or strapped it to the optical box we install, but otherwise out of luck.

So, PRO TIP: if you want help with wireless, “yes, my router is in the same room as the computer” or “but the Verizon tech installed it that way” will be required verbiage for help from us if you’re a normal person that wants to use wireless IN OTHER ROOMS!

3) If we determine you have an in-house wiring fault causing your home phone to not work (only fiber up to our optical box, you still have copper wiring in your house) our repair techs cost $90 just to show up – just to roll up to your house! and then $180 an hour. So if we talk about calling “copper repair” and you don’t have a wiring service plan, hang the hell up and find a local guy.

4) One good thing is that FiOS agents have no barrier to the DRC, the people that control dispatches. In DSL, if your truck tech just up and left, or knocked and ran, you’re screwed. FiOS agents can call directly and find out if your tech left to do an off-premises repair or get a tool and when he’ll be back, or turn a “no access” dispatch around if a lazy tech didn’t knock hard enough.

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  1. khiltd says:

    They will also tell Mac users to install useless outdated software that breaks their machines horribly.

  2. weakdome says:

    But does he know where the free LCD-TVs are?

  3. Jbball says:

    Shiznit, I might have to get FIOS when I move into my house, as they apparently have a monopoly on the area (fuck satellite). It’s great service, but I’m afraid to see what’ll happen when something goes wrong.

  4. dunnowhat says:

    One FiOS issue to keep in mind: support calls are directed based on the customer’s phone number. For me, my calls have had to be re-routed (after already waiting to speak with a live agent) because my cell number is from a different state than where I now live.

  5. NikkiSweet says:

    @khiltd: or they’ll continually ask you where the start menu is…

  6. sn1per420 says:

    @khiltd: OSX?

  7. sn1per420 says:

    @weakdome: I had to call Verizon’s CEO (thanks Consumerist!) before I got an answer to that question.

  8. I would not let a Verizon/Comcast tech touch any of my computers. Give me a good signal coming out of the Fios modem, and I’ll connect my own router and computers, thank you very much.

    Good tip about the fiber being buried. I looks like fiber is being strung across the pole that is on the corner of my property. From that pole, my Verizon copper lines and the Comcast drop are strung overhead to my house. Hopefully when I have Fios installed, they’ll just string it up there with those wires.

  9. sventurata says:

    @khiltd: Macs never break. Ever. Didn’t you get the memo?

  10. Concerned_Citizen says:

    Shouldn’t the fiber be run down the same path the copper was run down? It seems dumb to let techs create a second spot a customer has to worry about when digging. If verizon is telling their techs to run wires anywhere, how is the customer responsible? If you aren’t going to run the fiber where the copper was, ask the customer if anything is in the ground to avoid issues.

  11. The line on my house runs from the pole to the box in the back. No burying required.

    I set up my own router and changed the password right away. The tech actually called and was checking the line and wanted to know if I changed my login. I had to change it back to “admin” and “password1” so he could do his checks and then I switched it back.

    I also did not have to install any software on my Mac and it works great.

  12. Yurei says:

    Umm, nope no buried fiber here. My gramps would have gone through the roof if they had even suggested digging up his precious, well manicured lawn.

    My router is not in the same room as my computer. *Gasp!* It’s not even in the same line of sight. It’s in a room directly below my computer in the den since my house is nearly impossible to install coax to in the upper story, so they ran it up through the basement into the corner of the floor. I did not want wireless, but it was the only way to do it so they happily obliged.

    And like, we had problems with out coax that comcast had installed in the house, and guess what? The tech replaced all the faulty bits while installing the FIOS. And even came back twice in a week free of charge to tweak it since we had some snow come up on the tvs.

    I’d say all of the above are myths, at least in some places.

  13. Guard says:

    $90 to show up and $180/hr pay? Obviously I’m in the wrong business, especially since I’m sure the time spent on the job rounds up to the nearest hour.

  14. jacksbrokenego says:

    Is there anyone using FiOS for TV/Internet that can speak to real world experience over cable? I’ve been waiting for FiOS to show up on my door for a good long while, just wondering if it’s really all that, or if my long wait has romanticized this magical connection?

  15. RetailGuy83 says:

    @sn1per420: You win the intertubes for the day. Good job.

  16. crabbyman6 says:

    @jacksbrokenego: I have FiOS TV,Internet and Phone. The TV and Internet are great, the phone is just phone, I only got it to qualify for the free TV. The internet is rock solid at 15Mb/sec and doesn’t fluctuate much even under load. The TV is also good. I haven’t had any interruptions in service in the year+ that I’ve had internet or the 4 months I’ve had TV. My only real beef is that their customer service is only open business hours, which can be a pain, I’m also still waiting for my $200 gift card. However, every time I call the CSRs are SOOOOOO much nicer than the Comcast CSRs ever were and they usually resolve my problem quickly. I also hate their stupid voice recognition menu, what happened to “press 1 for english”??

  17. RetailGuy83 says:

    @jacksbrokenego: I don’t think the TV is any better than any other HD content I’ve gotten in the past, but the internet whoops the crap out of Charter in my area.

  18. Norcross says:

    Other than getting your own T1 line, is there anyone out there who actually does a good job / doesn’t spy for the government / run into your house / rape you?

  19. Erwos says:

    @Norcross: Did Verizon actually allow the government to spy? I don’t remember if they were one of the guilty parties or not.

    Besides, the government can tap anything if they really want to.

  20. MrDo says:

    My mother in law has experience 3 FIOS outages in 3 weeks with them. There is really no excuse to have a two day outage.

  21. Boatski says:

    FiOS > Comcast

  22. gwynnebaer says:

    Since this has happened to me, I can give you my first hand account.
    I asked prior to install where the line would be installed and how deep. The tech indicated that they would not install it in a flower bed and it would be at least six inches deep (the only access to my house is via a flower bed, so they would have to bypass it and come around it).
    I was not onsite when the install happened, and three weeks later when my wife asked me to move a plant, naturally I cut the fiber (in the middle of the flower bed and questionably shallow (I’ll be gracious and say that settling made it less than 6 inches deep). I called, they confirmed the tech should not have installed it in the flower bed, and they came out and replaced it no charge (even moving it to the side of the bed where I expected them to put it the first time). The only hassle was that the repair left a long spool of fiber on the side of the house that three separate calls to FIOS have failed to fix.

  23. azntg says:

    @Erwos: But Verizon was one of those companies that did provide resistance against the RIAA.

  24. curls says:

    I have FIOS and it is the best InternetTVPhone service ever. If you need to call customer service, it is a painful experience with long holds and many redirects. Since I rarely call and the product itself is so good, it gets a recommendation from me. The internet speeds will blow you away. The SDHD tv signal is top notch. The phone is super clear.

    I’ve been a cablevision, time warner and directv customer in the past so I do have experience.

  25. NJHC says:

    I’ve had my share of problems with Verizon over the years (trying to get DSL was a nightmare). However, I have to say that I have had zero problems with their Fios service. I’ve had 2 separate installs and the techs were very good and the process went smoothly. Also, in my experience, I’ve always been connected to an American for Fios CS – my remote randomly stopped working and I got the replacement next day.

    Now, getting my free 19″ HDTV was another story, took 5 months and a complaint to my state attorney general, but I did finally get it.

  26. GoPadge says:

    @Guard: I wouldn’t read too much into number 3. My experience is that Verizon FIOS tech’s don’t know squat about copper wiring anyway. You don’t want to waste your or their time while they try to figure out where to hide when they call for help. If the box is fine send the FIOS tech home and either figure it out yourself, it’s not rocket science, or call a local guy.

  27. scerwup says:

    @jacksbrokenego: I have FIOS phone/TV/and internet. I don’t have HD, so couldn’t tell you about that, but the SD I do get works great, even with 5 tvs and boxes, something which the cable company was telling me was going to start being a problem because it would degrade the signal or some shit. Anyway, the TV works great, the phone is… well it does what a phone should. I need to rave about the internet though. We got the 15mbps, and unlike cable or DSL it IS 15mbps, all the time. They also don’t throttle any bandwidth to certain places. You should know what I mean there. The 2 problems we have had since we got it were repaired quickly and easily. They sent nothing but good techs to our house. By good, I mean, clean, and courteous techs. Every question they were asked they answered. When one of my boxes would not display the guide after installing, they checked the old coax, and said, “Here’s the problem, your coax coming from the wall to your TV is old and won’t carry the signal”, so, since the tv was like 20 feet from the outlet, I figured I would have to go spend 50+ dollars on a new, good coax cable. But, no, the tech proceeded to make me a 30+ foot, good quality coax cable with gold connectors and everything, and did not charge me for it.

    On a different note, two weeks after we had our cable with Time Warner disconnected, TWC decided they should come to our house and physically cut our brand new Verizon Fiber line. Needless to say, I was very unhappy. Especially considering that, since it wasn’t a problem with Verizon’s system, they said they were going to charge us to fix it. Well, I had some VERY choice words with TWC, they tried to give me the run around, thankfully, threatening to call the police any time I saw a TWC truck in our neighborhood helped change their attitude. Anyway, TWC said they would pay for it, so I waited for the bill from Verizon. When I got it the charge wasn’t on there, so I called them and asked why, and they said they decided to take it up with TWC themselves to save me the hassle. That was nice.

    Verizon’s phone support is a major pain, thankfully I have only had to use it twice. The service is good and works well.

    They also took off about 90% of the installation charges, just from being asked to. So all in all, I would say, go ahead and get FIOS.

    One warning, when you first get it installed, be patient, it can take almost two weeks to get everything working right for some reason. Everyone I have talked to who has it had problems at the beginning, as did I. But I was patient, I called them, waited on hold, explained the problem, they try to fix it over the phone, if they couldn’t they sent a tech. Once in the same day, once, on the next day. The techs came when they said they would come, and they called before to say they were coming. So, I am very happy with my FIOS.

    One more note about TWC. I have to say this because it amuses me. When they cut my cable, and I made such a huge deal out of it. 10 minutes after I threatened to call the police on them for destroying my property, the supervisor of the tech center called me. He said he was sending out his head tech, and that he would be there in about 15 minutes. Well the head tech was there in less than 2 minutes. So, it seems the way to get installers or techs to your house in a timely manner is to threaten them.

    Hope this helped.

  28. browse says:

    FWIW, I’ve had Verizon FIOS for just over a year (in the suburbs outside Portland OR). It has rocked! The installer was friendly, bent the rules for me in a couple of small (to him) but significant (to me) ways.

    And, fwiw, I’m a Mac user and didn’t install any of their crud on my machines. Everything “just works”.

    There was even the day when a passing delivery truck managed to snag and pull down the FIOS line at the top of my driveway. I called Verizon (on my cell) and they had a truck out there and the line repaired in less than four hours.

    I’m a happy customer.

  29. gravedi66er says:

    This guy is full of shit, Verizon absolutely uses conduit when laying underground fiber.

  30. robotprom says:


    I’ve had good luck with Brighthouse/RR, and I’ve been a customer of Charter and Comcast, so I know how bad bad customer service can be.

  31. MsCongeniality says:

    I’ve had FiOS service for about a year and a half. I’ve never had a problem with the television and the two times my internet has been interrupted, I was satisfied with the resolution.

    In the first instance, there was a problem with the DNS resolution to my area that was resolved with in three hours. In the second, the box in my apartment failed and Verizon actually called a Tech in on a Saturday. He was on time, friendly and spent the time to really troubleshoot and fix the problem–including running up and down three flights to the box on the street and back to the one in my apartment multiple times.

    Zero complaints from me.

  32. tiatrack says:

    We have the FiOS/TV/phone package for 2 weeks now and will be canceling soon. The wireless loses signal at least 15 times a day, even if you’re in the same room, and the phone is so crackly it sounds like we’re in a far away tunnel on a cell phone. The cable, so far, is fine. I work from home, so the internet/phone issues are a huge problem. I’ll be going back to Comcast.

  33. Ragman says:

    @gravedi66er: No, they don’t use conduit when branching off to your house. They use a machine that cuts a slit and pushes the fiber into the ground. Same as the copper lines.

  34. freejazz38 says:

    I wonder if the OP is that Verizon Fios Schmuck from that annoying ad with the equally annoying little kid

  35. tekkierich says:

    Two install appointments with a no show or call for me here in Maryland last week. I called them on a Saturday and told them I would give them a third chance for a $100 service credit. The Saturday guy couldn’t handle this and suggested I call back on Monday.

    I am done pitying fools and bad customer service. I told FiOS to cancel my order.

  36. Rachacha says:

    @jacksbrokenego: I have FIoS Internet (almost 2 years), and TV (Almost a year) and the service has been very reliable.
    Internet: Very consistent speeds, and with every spped test I have run, I am within a few kb/s of what I am paying for. Not counting power outages, internet service has only been down twice in 2 years, (one time a construction vehicle tore down the line between my house and teh CO) and usually bach up and running within a few hours.

    TV: I have 1 HD box, 2 SD boxes, and 2 of the SD-Set top boxes (no On demand or on screen guide). SD picture quality is flawless. Very happy with it. HD picture does occasionally show some compression artifacts, but nowhere near what Comcast was doing. HD picture quality is AMAZING (the only thing that I have seen better is Over the Air). Their On-demand menus could use some improvement and sometimes can get very laggy so you have to wait a few seconds for the menu to load. About 6 months after I signed up for TV service they completely revamped their menu system, and I have seen some improvements, so they are PROAVTIVELY improving their system.

    Installation: Other than the 8 hour appointment window, I can’t complain. Before they arrived, I planned out where I wanted the ONT and the Battery unit, and ran CAT 5 to my router/switch in the basement. They realized that I was a “geek” and were more than willing to let me configure the system in the way that I wanted. The install was a breeze and they were in and out within a few hours.

    Phone support: Most problems can be self repaired using their automated phone service (which works surprisingly well), and on the rare occasion that I have had to talk with a human, they have been very courteous and knowlegable and once they got through the basic “is your router on, what lights are on” and realized that I was computer literate, they pushed aside their manual and worked on some real troubleshooting, and realized quickly when phone support would not be sufficient and that an on site visit would be required.

    On-site (at home support): I had an intermittent problem with poor TV picture quality at 9:00pm and a service technician was dispatched at 8:00am the following morning. He did some troubleshooting, could not replicate the problem but left his card and told me to call if there were any more problems. About an hour later, the picture went crazy so I tried calling the tech. Without hesitation he said that he would finish up at the job he was currently on and would be back at my house within an hour. About 30 minutes later he was back, and replaced the ONT (Box on the outside of the house). No arguements, no problems.

    I have been extremely satisfied.

  37. Rachacha says:

    @gravedi66er: Verizion uses flexible conduit for their main neighborhood runs (from box to box). I assume that this is 2 fold – 1 to protect the fiber line, and 2 to ease in the installation of more fiber should they need it at a later date. The main line is buried about 2-3 feet under ground.

    The line from the box to the house is NOT in conduit, and is only about 4-6 inches under ground.

  38. kbarrett says:

    @gravedi66er: Depends on how clueful the contractor is.

    Any honest low-voltage tech will clad the line properly, and lay a warning ribbon over the line before burying it.

    If the local contractor is a f*cking hack, he’ll bury the bare fibre-optic an inch deep with a garden trowel and run off.

  39. smint says:


    Verizon does not use contractors to install FiOS or for any of its technicians. They’re union jobs direct with Verizon. This is not a phone line or cable install like you seem to think it is.

  40. anonymousfsctech says:

    just an fyi for consumers out there:

    the drop is generally put in the same way your other services come into the home (aerial or buried)

    you have 30 days from install date to make any changes (free of charge) to install…move router,ont,bbu/ps

    we can see if the correct data/video speeds and dialtone are at the ont (larger box we installed) – thus narrow down inside wiring issues, which we dont cover/repair free of charge generally

    when router is set to default settings (or password1 as password) we can see how many devices wired and wireless are connected to router-so if you have a connect no browse issue it is almost always a computer issue

    WE ARE NOT COMPUTER TECHNICIANS – we make sure the service is coming into the home-demarcation point is the ont, so if we can ping the router, our service requirements are met

    most trouble shooting we do is to prove to you it is an issue with your computer or inside wiring – we can pretty much run a 2 min test and prove to oursleves all vz services are working properly (or not)

    telling us that someone else will charge you to fix your computer is a stupid excuse for trying to get us to repair it for free

    vista sp1 should resolves the slow throughput issue vista had – this is a computer issue, not ours

    we do NOT support non verizon firewalls (only the verizon security suite) – so if your zonealarm freaks out after a windows update,recently just happened, talk to them

    for router support: we support 10 to 15 feet and line of sight for wireless connections to out router

    we can tell if it is not our router hooked up – which is perfectly fine to do, but if you have any trouble we will only support our router hooked up – so we will ask you to reconnect ours, or bypass 3rd party equipment altogether

    sometimes internet will be coming into router via ethernet cable,sometimes via coax (moca setup) – during time of install you can request what you want (if youre smart youll choose ethernet)

    Our techs do NOT fish walls though – they will run wiring around and on edges of walls/doors

    if you have tv service with us you will have our moca router – vid on demand, guide information, widgets and other go through the router – so dont turn it off if your computer is in the shop

    not a bad idea to powercycle it every so often though – turn off for 30 sec, turn back on

    there is another 3rd party moca router out there that does work (cough, cough, linksys, check the website), but we dont support it – we will have you put our router back on to test if theere are problems

    routers are now under warranty for the life of your service if defective (not if you dump a glass of merlot on it), whether you have tv OR data service with us

    we ship them out, overnight ups (usually arives in 48 bus hours)unless you want to pay over $100 for tech visit

    universal remote controls dont always work with all other devices – if it doesnt work you have to use the remote that came with your device

    we set up 3 coax jacks for fios at install with no charge (meaning we upgrade the splitter to those locations, and make sure test readings work to those locations)

    probably 1/4 of calls are people who have their tv’s on the wrong input – we will help you but, if you cant get your tv on the right input we will refer you to the manufacturer, we will not send a tech out to change settings on your tv unless you want to pay for someone to come out and press 2 buttons on your remote

    probably 99% of the time if you have interference/static/pixels in tv and phone service it is the inside wiring in home – demarcation point of service is the ont, so there is a service fee to fix inside wiring in home

    we do not maintain the inside wiring (coax/phone lines) in the home, unless you have our inside wiring maintanenc plan, and that covers the phone line that it is on (not coax, not other phone lines-needs to be on each number)

    there are oodles of known issues with hdmi cabling and many devices (samsung tv’s is a big one) – if there are chronic issues with this we may swap the cabling to component cables

    many times we will ask you to hard reset the router (back to deafult settings)and wire in a computer directly to it (not to a switch or 3rd party router, etc) to test speeds if there is a complaint of slow speeds

    easliy, 99% of the times, slow speeds issues are either crappy computers, or people trying to use wireless in a dungeon, thru brick walls, or next to the microwave (dont do that)

    dont put a cordless phone right next to the router – thats a good way to kill your wireless

    if your battery backup and powerstrip unit are unplugged or plugged into a power socket that is not working – you will lose tv and internet service right away – and will have phone service for a bout 5 hours after that

    gfi’s on the power socket can trip and cause no power to come out of the socket

    the ont/batt back up uses about the same electricity as a nightlight

    cordless phones require power to work – so if you lose power to house your internet and tv will go down and only cordED phones (yes, old fashion corded phones)will work for about 5 hours

    the battery in the batt back up unit is under warranty for a year – like the batteries in the remote control if it goes bad, you are required to replace it (under $50 at radio shack)

    fios requires power to work – it does not transmit power like the old copper lines did – many alarms systems piggy back off that power through copper lines, and need an amplifier to work on fiber – we do not support or install this, you have to speak with your alarm company to get an amplifier

    we support a dialtone at the ont – which we can test remotely

    tech support has no billing or promotion information – you will be transfered to billing for this

    if you pay your bills your service will not get disconnected

    orders/billing is open business hours m thru f, 8 to 6 – tech support is 24/7 – they are working on expanding their hours

    if you were disconnected on saturday for not paying your bill, you will have to wait till monday to have a restoral order put in – nothing we can do in tech support

    set top boxes dont order porn on their own – we can track down which stb ordered what and when and how long it ran for

    if you order ppv (fights, etc)through the stb it will only show through that stb, if you order it on phone with billing it will play on all stb

    pay per view and vid on demand are different – you can only order vod through the stb, and it plays on only that stb

    you can record most ppv but not vod

    multi room dvr feature costs extra – (can record on dvr will play on the 2500 stb in up to 3 rooms at a time, only non hd programing) – they are saying by the end of the year we may add the 6200 stb being able to see the dvrs too (so recorded hd programing on the dvr can be seen on the hd stb in other rooms)

    it is your responsibility to put parental locks on your own stb, we can walk you throuh it – but if you call us up saying your 14 year old son order $100 dollars of porn, it is your responsibility, sorry

    each stb needs to have parental controls set up on it, setting up on one stb does not lock all stb in house

    being rude is the best way to get the minimal customer service required – we have support boundaries, sometimes we will go outside of them if we care about the customer

    if you threaten to disconnect service because we wont support your computer – FEEL FREE, tech support doesnt get knocked for that, we get off the call sooner, we are happy to transfer you to cancellations – (i always check the customers account a few weeks later, and of course they didnt cancel)

    yes we do have call times we have to meet – right now they have just lowered another 10 seconds to 730 this month – every quarter or so they go down – so if we have been talking with you for 10 min or so, you can bet someone is standing over our shoulder tapping their toe

    not all hd is equal – we may put through a channel at 15 mbs whereas comcast may put it through at 7 mbs – the difference is becoming very obvious lately

    poor comcast (and other companies) dont have a leg to stand on for competition – they are compressing the hell out of their hd, trying to get more channels in – we dont have to, in fact our bandwidth is so huge doubling,tripling,quadrupling speeds has no impact on our quality, isnt even close – costs us pennies, if that

    we dont have to (cus the huge bandwidth), and thus dont moniter/block limit upload or download content (like comcast does with torrents),except to the speeds set up on your plan (and outgoing port 25, incoming port 80 on consumer plans – open on business plans)

    biggest problems are with installs – it is installing a whole new service to your home – almost as if you were installing copper phone service for he first time – it is not just flipping a switch to turn it on for the first time

    it is a good idea to call the day before your planned install or repair to confirm the time and date (i would think you would want to do this for any appointment)

    all the promo issues have to do with the billing department punching in a diff code for your service at the time of ordering

    sorry to ramble but just wanted to get this out to everyone

    bottom line: fios service is very reliable, high quality, has a huge bandwidth, most issues are customer caused (lack of knowledge of their own tv/computers,sorry to blame you all but it is very very true), we support verizon service into the home, and verizon products only.

    oh btw – the east coast union will probably strike on aug 1st, so if you have a repair/install/billing issues needed in the northeast (md, nj, ny, va, pa, etc) – dont count on it happening, good idea to call the day before an install to check it is actually gonna happen

    p.s – i work in tech support, i love the product but cant stand the company for management reason. in no way am i representing the company right now. an all the information i gave above could change at a moments notice – usually does

  41. I have FIOS and am tickled pink. Sometimes theres a lag between me hitting the remote and the channel changing or whatnot, but otherwise I am getting a boatload better service for less then what I paid TW. I pay $175 and get free ld, all the services, the 15M speed internet, 4 tvs inc a HD multi room DVR and Showtime, encore, starz.

    For me the multi room dvr was the primary incenitive. No more not being able to watch my recorded content cause my son is on the Wii. Getting free LD, and 5x faster internet too? priceless.

    I also have to say that repair and tech support are soooooooooo much better then what I got when I had DSL. About 8-10 months ago VZ shipped all the techs support to India with predictable results. I swear I could hear them turn the page as they read the script!

  42. nitediver says:

    I just signed up for the triple play bundle with Verizon…they are scheduled to install in two days. I currently have Cablevision (NYC) and can’t afford $140 for my current bundle (my 1 yr offer just expired). When talking to Cablevision, the rep told me that taxes and fees with Verizon is going to be around $30. Along with this and the adsorbent amount of negative press regarding Verizon’s customer service…I’m not sure if I should switch to Verizon. Can anyone comment?

  43. Anonymous says:

    **CONFESSIONS OF A FIOS TECHNICAL SUPPORT REP (you know, the people you yell and scream at on the phone?!?)
    Ok, I completely understand the need for customer service, really I do. Believe it or not I have a cable company and a phone company that I have to deal with every month, same as everyone else. So why is it that you call me up, yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs like a wild animal as if I drove out to your house and cut the line to your service MYSELF?!?! I didn’t. I’m just a person answering a phone. So why are you being rude and disrespectful to what possibly might be the ONLY person at Verizon that gives a damn about you, OR getting your service back on?!?!? JUST STOP IT! If you’re going to be that nasty to someone over the phone that you have never met before in your life, then you obviously have bigger problems than your phone or internet being out. Aretha said it best, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” give some, you’ll get some. OK, now that that’s out of the way:

    1). CALL TIMES…I have exactly 12 minutes and 30 seconds to solve your problem. *THATS IT!! Verizon FIOS made the rule, not me. Anything over 12 mins, 30 secs, my department dosen’t get paid for it, and I get in trouble everytime I go over. Everything is a numbers game in the call center business. That’s why all of the agents you’ve spoken to are in such an all fire hurry to get you off the phone. Not because we’re rude or don’t care about your problems or don’t want to talk to you. But that length of time dosen’t really leave much time for small talk or chit chat.

    2.) “TOMORROW?!?!? I’ve been waiting ALL DAY for a tech!! Noone came, noone called. Now, you get someone to my house RIGHT NOW!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!? NOWWWWWWW!!!” ……sorry but, NO. Dosen’t work that way.
    I am in a call center, DRC, a.k.a. “DISPATCH” is in another call center. And guess what, they make the call as to who goes where and when they get there, not us. I can’t get you a quicker arrival time than what the computer generates, and neither can my boss, my boss’ boss, or probably even the guy above him. To my knowledge, noone in the office that I work in has the authorization to override a dispatch. NOONE. Dispatch is in a completely different STATE! Only REMOTE chance of this even happening is if, A.) The tech feels sorry for you and tries to call dispatch, going over the aforementioned call time, sticking his neck out for you and calling dispatch or dispatch override personally (and FYI if you call up screaming and yelling this is probably not gonna happen). But other than that, no, sorry. You’ll just have to deal with whatever time the computer generates for us based on tech availability.

    3.)”Let me talk to your supervisor, NOW!!”
    No. That’s not gonna happen either. Why not? Because they don’t wanna talk to you. They hate being on the phones. That’s why they became supervisors. The last thing they wanna do is get on the phone, only to tell you the same thing that the agent has been trying to tell you for the last 30- 40 minutes before your blew your top!
    Our supervisors honestly don’t have much more authority than we do. They are basically there to make sure that we take don’t go over our breaks and lunches, and that we keep our call times down. That’s it. The supervisors are even more nasty and rude in most cases than the agents are!! What IS the proceedure to get to a supervisor you ask? Give the AGENT that you’re yelling and screaming at your information, they’ll write it down, and someone MAY call you back if the supervisor feels like it. Definately not a guarantee, but they might. To avoid all this…try working with the agent first (and by “working with” I don’t mean sreaming and cursing at). Don’t just assume that a supervisor is going to just hop on the phone and solve all of your problems. They can’t and they won’t. Don’t even bother.

    More to come!! (tired & going to bed now, long day @ FIOS tomorrow:))