Dear Comcast: It's Been 3 Months, Stop Incorrectly Billing Me $320 A Month For Cable

Christopher made the mistake of calling Comcast to order a baseball package and now he’s been stuck with an outrageously high (and incorrect) bill. Every month. For 3 months. He calls and calls and they tell him it’s fixed and it never is…

I’m writing cause I’m at my wits when and don’t really know what else to do. Approximately 4 months ago I called up comcast and explained to them that I needed to have the movie channels discontinued since I don’t watch them anymore. I also told them I wanted to add the Baseball package which I really missed the year before when I didn’t order it. The guy explained to me that my bill for everything I had would go down to approximately $115+40 for my baseball package (for the time it was on). Sure enough my next bill was 115 since the baseball season hadn’t started yet.

The following month I got this bill for $380. I called and talked to a couple people including a manager, who’s names I wrote down, they all insisted that I owed comcast $380 or else. Finally, I got in touch with a sweet old lady from the billing department to whom I explained that I had spoke to a rep the month before who had told me I would only owe $115+40 for the baseball package. She asked for some time to look into the issue and through the call logs and said she would call me back. Sure enough she called be back and said that she couldn’t put me on $115 a month but could put me on $120 a month package which I was fine with she said she’d fix it and everything would be fine by the next bill.

May bill comes in and again the bill is for $320. So I called comcast again to find out what the issue was and they insisted that I had not fully paid my bill in past couple months. I told them the names of the people I spoke with and to look into the account notes in the system. Again we went through the whole song and dance and the lady said she’d fix it and I should call back in a couple days to verify that the problem had in fact been rectified in the system. She even gave me her extension and name and said I should ask to speak with her. Well I call back and when the comcast agent picks up the phone I asked to be transferred to Debbie. He responded that he couldn’t and that he would help me with my problem today.

Well, we got in to a discussion on how I had already told this story a million times and didn’t want to have to tell it a million and one times and that I had dealt with Debbie and that I wanted to speak directly with her cause she was familiar with my case. He informed me that their system was not capable of transferring people from one agent to another and that he didn’t know who Debbie was, which was funny considering that the gentleman I had spoke with earlier that day said no problem but she wasn’t at her desk and to call back. So I told him I wasn’t talking to him and I wanted to speak with his manager. The agent again informed me that he couldn’t transfer me to his manager cause the system wouldn’t allow it without me telling him my problem first and that even if he did his manager was working with the same tools as him and couldn’t transfer me back to Debbie. After this round robin of me say I wanted to speak with Debbie and him saying he couldn’t transfer me cause the system wouldn’t allow it, he said that he would go find his manager and see about what he could do. Upon returning he informed me that his manager said he could transfer me to Debbie if I told him what my issue was. Upon which the following discussion came out of.

Me: So you lied to me?
Comcast Agent: No sir I did not lie to you.
Me: You told me that there was no way to transfer me from one person to another in the system, that is what you said!
Comcast Agent: Yes sir I did say that but…
Me: So you lied to me then!!!
Comcast Agent: Ok sir I lied to you.
Me: Apologize to me!
Comcast Agent: Well sir it wasn’t really lying.
Me: Apologize to me or else were going to wait here until you do.
Comcast Agent: Ok… Sorry.
Me: What are you sorry for?
Comcast Agent: I’m sorry I lied to you.
Me: What did you lie to me about.
Comcast Agent: I’m sorry I lied to you about being able to transfer you to another agent.

Normally I try to be a little more nicer to people but I can’t stand people treating me like I’m 4 and lying to me. So I told him my issue and he said he would fix it. To which I got his name and told him if I found out he lied to me again by telling me he would fix it then I would be calling him back.

June comes around and I get a bill for $320, again its wrong but this month I’m moving so I make a payment for the amount I really owe and call up to get the rest taken care of. The lady tells me that she’ll fix it but its going to take a day in the system cause its got to go up for approval. So, with boxes all around me, I tell her ok and that I just need to schedule a move and that it.

Now she informs me that they can’t process a move until the account is corrected so I’m stuck without cable for a couple days but I should call back Monday and verify that everything is fine. So this morning I got onto Comcast’s website to find out if the changes had been made, and talked with a gentleman by chat, who informed me that comcast had already credited me with $245 and that I should be grateful for that. I asked him to look at the notes for the account to which he said that he couldn’t see any notes made by people who called in but only by instant online chat.

Needless to say my problem is not in act fixed and I don’t know what to do. I’ve called and I’ve called they say its fixed and then the next month there a huge bill. My apartment building only allows comcast no DishTV, DirectTV or FIOS. I’ve had it up to here with Comcast but need internet and would like Cable TV.


You didn’t mention where you lived, but from the sound of things, your community might have a franchise agreement of some kind with Comcast. Contact your local government and ask them how to file a formal complaint about Comcast and their inability to send you an accurate bill. If your email to us fails to impress, that might get their attention. If nothing else, it’ll give your town hall some more ammo to throw Comcast’s way when they’re feeling annoyed, and we’re in favor of that.

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