VIDEO: Maggots Found Squirming In Box Of Goobers

Chomp, chomp, chomp, smoosh! Blogger Savannah Red’s wife was enjoying a freshly opened box of Goobers when she bit into something not sweet or chocolatey, but squishy: a maggot.

My wife let out a full-throated scream that I’ve only really heard in my nightmares when she is being carried off by a giant squid or something and both of my legs have been cut off and I can’t help her…she bent over, her trembling hands on her knees and spit out what was in her mouth onto the floor…my wife’s box of Goobers was ALIVE and crawling with maggots…I peered inside the box and saw lumpen, misshapen Goobers with maggots or some kind of larvae crawling everywhere.

Naturally, the blogger took a video, available in all its disgusting glory, inside…

Nestle’s has got some quality control issues. The package was sealed in a plastic wrap, meaning that the larvae had to have been deposited during the manufacturing process. So far, Savannah Red has not heard back from the email he sent Nestle customer service.

Nestle’s Maggoty Goobers [SAVANNAH RED] (Thanks to Rob Walker!)

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