TicketsMyWay: Sell Tickets You Don't Have, Keep Money, Threaten Customers, Profit!

A reader sent in the following tip about a Vegas-based ticket broker:

There is a company by the name of (Event Tickets LLC) that has the scam of the century running. Their operations run like this.

  • Advertise tickets slightly cheaper than Stubhub and other sites.
  • Consumers place an order online for tickets often months in advance
  • Credit cards are charged full amount immediately
  • Customers are told to check status of order online
  • Orders always show as “processing”
  • As date of event gets closer, customer starts calling to find out Status of shipping
  • 1-2 days before event, customer are told tickets are “no longer available”
  • Phone rep says a refund can only be requested online
  • Terms of Use online say any refund request is considered a “cancellation” and customer is charged 45% of the purchase price

Even though company cannot produce tickets, customers lose 45% of their entire purchase price.

The reader adds, “After first call that gets through, company notes number and consumer can NEVER AGAIN get through. Calls are forwarded to a voicemail account.”

We looked around online and indeed there were lots of complaints about TicketsMyWay and Event Tickets LLC. Tracy at Rip-off Report says a live CSR told her the tickets were going to be shipped within a few weeks—but they never arrived. When Tracy finally got through to the same CSR again, she was told they were no longer available. A second CSR offered to replace the tickets for $200 more, despite the fact that “their terms and conditions clearly state, if your seats are no longer available they reserve the right to upgrade or provide comparable tickets at NO EXTRA COST.”

A customer at claims only six of his eight tickets were shipped, because ticketsmyway added $332 in shipping and handling fees “and decided to make up the difference by removing two tickets!”

Rocky at spent four days seeing “processing” on his order and not getting his calls returned. He finally canceled the order and disputed the charges. “I never heard back from them until I received a lawsuit package saying I have to pay by 5/30/08 or go to court.”

After our tipster contacted us, she sent in a follow-up email a few days later:

Fyi, I just received a call from someone (no name given) at that company threatening legal action if I continue to “make slanderous statements about them.” From other stories online, this is their basic modus operandi and strong-arm intimidation tactic to get consumers to stay quiet about being defrauded and scammed. They steal from you and THEY threaten legal action. What country are we living in again?

Stay far, far away from ticketsmyway and Event Tickets LLC.

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