Top 10 Best and Worst Reputations In Corporate America

The results of the Harris Interactive survey that tracks the reputations of the 60 most visible companies in America has been released and here they are: Google is tops and Halliburton is not. Not shocking, but there are some interesting findings. Honda is the only car company to make the top 10, and Comcast, Sprint and Northwest Airlines are the least well-regarded in their respective industries.

The Top 10 Reputations

1) Google

2) Johnson & Johnson

3) Intel

4) General Mills

5) Kraft

6) Berkshire Hathaway

7) 3M

8) Coca-Cola

9) Honda

10) Microsoft

The 10 Worst Reputations

10) DaimlerChrysler

9) General Motors Corporation

8) ChevronTexaco Corporation

7) Ford

6) Sprint

5) Comcast

4) Exxon

3) Northwest Airlines

2) Citgo

1) Halliburton

Does this survey ring true to you? Do these companies deserve the reputation they have?

Another interesting bit of data from the survey:

The Top 5 Biggest Decreases In Reputation

1) Bank of America

2) Halliburton

3) Wal-Mart

4) Sears

5) Nike

Seventy-One Percent of Consumers Say the Reputation Of Corporate America Is “Poor” [Harris]

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