Target Fixes Their Broken Wedding Registry, Will Let You Return Duplicates Without A Receipt

Reader Jon writes in to let us know that your complaining has had a positive effect on Target’s return policy. They will now allow you to return duplicate wedding registry gifts without asking your friends and relatives for a receipt.

My wife-to-be and I had registered at Target for our wedding, knowing that consumers have had a bad experiences returning items off their registry without a receipt. Well, we got ourselves married (yay!) and lo and behold, we had present duplicates, including a set of blenders that lacked a gift receipt.

We went in and exchanged the duplicates that we could, and complained (loudly) about the blender that we couldn’t. What we didn’t expect was for the rep we were working with to pull us aside and tell us to come back in a few days and we should be able to return it off of the registry.

I went in this morning, and it did! They have re-added the Gift Purchase Log, and you are able to return items off of that without a receipt if you let them scan your ID. The rep I was working with this morning was unaware of the change, but the manager set her straight right away!

Victory for the consumer!

We are pleased to hear that this silly policy has been fixed.

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  1. Bizdady says:

    They’ll find something else to screw up… lol

  2. karmaghost says:

    Too late.

  3. Xerloq says:

    This would have been good seven years ago.

  4. Geekybiker says:

    Oh thank god. I purposefully avoided target to register at because of their policies.

  5. WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

    Listen, shit heads, this is as bad as your “blame the victim” crap. You won one. Don’t you get it? Consumers complained and something got changed the benefits us all, and still you only have negative things to say?

    Why do you even bother coming to this website if the only thing you can do is share your misery with everyone around? Go find some emo forums or something to whine to or something.

  6. hills says:

    Target rocks – good for them and those registered!

  7. Coles_Law says:

    @WiglyWorm: Best comment ever. Some people just want companies to be eternally bad so they always have something to complain about. Kudos to Target for showing they actually care about their customers’ opinions.

  8. cupcake_kate says:

    I’m glad they took care of the problem. I have always liked them better.

  9. macinjosh says:

    WiglyWorm wules!

  10. Bizdady says:

    Guess I’m still bitter about all the baby shower duplicate gifts recieved I couldnt get credit for, luckily I had those on the Babiesrus registry :)

  11. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    Things go in a circle and perhaps Target is understanding that some past decisions made good sense at the time, but bad sense in the long run. Target is a good place to shop, but has lost some of the customer-is-right focus that made them what they are. I can remember returning a FM/AM Cassette walkman 20 years ago that broke just outside of the warranty period – they didn’t question me, they gave me my money – not store credit, they gave me my money. What did I do? Bought another radio and kept coming back to Target.

    When they impose policies that don’t allow cash to be returned, I will not buy anything that costs more than $100. Why would I chance buying an expensive digital camera or TV there if I know my money will be captive at their store as soon as I pay for something?

    Congratulations to Target for rectifying this policy (the wedding return duplicate one) that sounds like common sense to me.

  12. invaderzim says:

    The thing I like most about Target is that whatever it is… it’s the customers fault.

  13. typetive says:

    I was returning stuff at Target yesterday. The woman in front of me was attempting to return a defective trash can. (The lid obviously did not fit properly.)

    She was told that even though she had the receipt, she had to return it to the store that it was purchased at.

    The woman said that the receipt said that she could return it with the receipt, it didn’t say to the original store.

    The clerk then said that it was not in saleable condition because it was defective. All returned merchandise must be in saleable condition, per the terms.

    If she wanted to return it she had to go to the originating store. A supervisor was called out, who reiterated the policy. The woman left with her non-closing trash can.

    When I got to the clerk I asked her how the woman was supposed to know that she had to return it to the store where it was purchased. She said that it was “in their full return policy”. I asked where that was, was it posted at the checkout? She said no, it was in this brochure …and she attempted to give me one, except she was out. But if I wanted to, I could call their phone line or check on their website.

    I asked why it wasn’t on the receipt.

    She could not answer that, except that I should consult the non-available brochure, website or phone number for full info.

    I returned my items without incident.

  14. nsv says:

    @invaderzim: The last time I returned a fairly expensive item at Target, I reached into the bag where I’d placed the receipt… and it wasn’t there.

    No problem, they told me, did I use a credit card to buy the item? I had, they scanned the card, found the purchase, and gave me a full refund.

    I’ll complain if I’ve got a reason. I can’t complain about Target.

  15. sleze69 says:

    @karmaghost: /agree

    Perhaps in a few years I will trust that they have fixed the policy. Until then I will wait and see if there are any more Target stories here.

  16. @typetive: Sounds like that clerk just didn’t like that customer or something, because that was a classic power play. There’s bullshit all around and the customer took it. (Probably a good choice, since calling the police could have been the next move. I hope she went to a different store.)

    There is no policy that you need to return things to the same store, nor is there a policy that defective items are not returnable (unless the item says something like “do not return to store”). There probably isn’t even a returns brochure; the full return policy is usually on the wall.

    The clerk was flat-out lying. Period.

  17. allthatsevil says:

    Did I completely miss something? I wasn’t aware this was a problem. When I did my baby registry at Target last year it stated that you could return anything from the registry just by bringing in a copy of the registry, or even printing one out in the store.

    Even when I had a few items given to us several months after the shower, and the registry was no longer available, they gave me a gift card – which was fine because I was just going to spend the money there anyway.

  18. karmaghost says:

    @WiglyWorm: You make a good point. My comment was just a simple way of saying “it was a stupid policy to begin with and maybe if you hadn’t made that decision, you’d have my business.” Hopefully Target and other retailers will keep this, and many other, lessons in mind when making future return policy decisions.

  19. morganlh85 says:

    Consumerist — there is a catch. You can only return a cumulative amount of $150 worth of items. Given that wedding gifts average around $50-100 or more, that means you can only return maybe three gifts if you’re lucky.

    And if they had really FIXED their registry, duplicate gifts wouldn’t happen in the first place.

    • ShizaMinelli says:

      @morganlh85: They can’t be expected to account for friends and family who forget to have their registry printout scanned and other things like that.

  20. morganlh85 says:

    @allthatsevil: You must be delusional…or you had that baby a LOT longer ago than you remember. Or the employees at that Target are incompetent and don’t follow their own policy (not too far-fetched).

  21. morganlh85 says:

    @nsv: That obviously wouldn’t have worked if someone had purchased said “fairly expensive item” as a gift for you.

  22. APFPilot says:

    too late for us, we already avoided Target for our registry.

  23. parad0x360 says:

    I posted about this in a Target stories comments like 2-3 weeks ago and someone wanted proof…where I would get such proof I have no idea but here you go.

  24. irid3sc3nt says:

    @morganlh85: It’s not always the store’s fault. If you don’t hand the gift registry print-out to the cashier, they can’t scan it, and therefore the item won’t be taken off of the registry. I also don’t know why people DON’T include a gift receipt with their gift. It prints out with the original receipt!

  25. dorastandpipe says:


    I can hand the gift registry to the cashier all I like, but the system does not automatically update!!!! So, if I go shopping for a gift there on Monday, and someone else picks up the same gift on that same Monday and the registry does not update until the next day, you are screwed! You figure, I bought from the registry, no gift receipt needed because they asked for it. We can not help it if Target’s registry service is not live and most consumers don’t know that.

    On another note, one of the big wigs left Target Corporate all hush hush…hmmm…..

  26. JustaConsumer says:

    Target has always been good.

  27. Kimberly5.0 says:

    I cancelled my Target wedding registry this week after being denied at the service counter to “exchange” a duplicate item that Target did not remove off of my registry once it was fulfilled because I didn’t have a “receipt.” One of the duplicate items I received was shipped and came with a packing slip showing it was purchased; however, Target does not recognize that as a receipt and made me jump through all kinds of hoops to print a receipt off the internet, which took over a half hour in the store because they were updating their wedding system. It was absolutely ridiculous!! There I was with an unopened item and a shipping receipt showing it was shipped by a friend to my house and all I wanted to do was exchange it for other store merchandise. I’ve never had a problem with Target in the past and have never tried to return anything. I won’t be shopping there anymore, at all! The poorest customer service I’ve ever experienced! I even went as far as to call the corporate 1-800 number and was told “sorry, that’s our policy.” I had items I returned at Bed, Bath and Beyond without a gift receipt and was given no problems whatsoever, as a matter of fact, they asked if I wanted cash or store credit. Now that’s customer service! Needless to say, I still have my registry with BB&B.

  28. TargetGS says:

    It does say on the packing slip that “this slip is not valid for return or exchange. Visit our easy online return center at to print a receipt.”

    Although I do think they should put a receipt in the box instead of a piece of paper saying it’s not a receipt, you shouldn’t get mad about something that you didn’t read.

    Guests need to start reading things and stop assuming. Like “Oh…it’s on a registry, I don’t need to give a gift receipt.” THEN WHY DOES IT SAY TO INCLUDE ONE ON THE TOP OF THE REGISTRY PRINT OUT?

    Or…when a guest goes over the 90 day policy because they didn’t know that our policy required returns w/in 90 days of purchase.

    I don’t know what else Target can do to communicate the return and exchange policy better. It’s posted at the Guest Service Desk, Electronics, every register, on the receipts.

    Instead of complaining about how horrible returns without a receipt are, people need to learn how to be responsible shoppers; save receipts and give gift receipts (I know it’s not a registrant’s fault when they don’t have a gift receipt and I feel bad for them).

    Oh yeah…and the comment about returning a defective item to a different store is totally bogus. That store is not following Target policy. Try bringing it back to another store and they’ll take it back, especially since it’s defective.

    (I am a Target Team Member, but not an official spokesperson for Target Corporation)

  29. karebearc2 says:

    ok so I just got married and am having problems with gifts I received off of my Target registry…first, I got a set of dishes that when I opened them I found to be broken. With no gift receipt, I hauled them to the store, was told to print a copy of my registry in order to return them, but when I got back up to the counter the sales associate told me he was just informed by the other lady working the customer service counter that they could no long return anything with just the registry and I had to get a gift receipt from the person who gave it to me. I’m still waiting on getting that receipt but am I hearing right that I don’t actually need it? (this was about 3 weeks ago).

    Also, I received 2 deep fryers from Target (someone didn’t present a copy of the registry because the registry says I only received the 1 I asked for). Am I able to return those now or do I have to go ask one of the people who gave it to me if they still have their receipt?

    Please help! I don’t know why Target is so confusing about this.

  30. Sue Gipson says:

    Having trouble finding couple registered for wedding gifts