Don't Use Nivea Men's "Cool" Body Wash On Your Junk

Reader Keith wrote to us with a cautionary tale regarding Nivea men’s “cool” body wash. To Keith’s surprise, the product contains menthol which had an adverse effect when he used it on his body, specifically, his genitals. Much like the old Icy Hot in the the jock strap trick, it made his boys burn. To dispel any doubters, Keith says, “And no I do not have an STD, this is Nivea body wash related.” His letter, inside…

Im a big reader of the blog. And I get a lot of info off of your site. It’s fucking awesome to say the least. You tell the good and the bad. Well unfortunately, I am here to warn people about the new mens body wash line by Nivea. There is a cooling body wash and another one. I have experience with the cooling body wash as of 10 minutes ago. It has menthol in it for cooling you down so they say.

But they forgot that if you put a menthol like product on the most sensitive part of the male anatomy, then it creates immense irritation down there. Much like putting Ben Gay or Icy Hot down there. So yea I’m suffering now because Nivea decided to make a cooling body wash and I bought and tried it. Please post a warning for other males that read The Consumerist. This is a horrible product that obviously was not tested on actual people because they would have pulled it right off when the tester’s penises started to burn. And no I do not have an STD, this is Nivea body wash related. Thanks.

Ouch! We’re sorry to hear that Keith. We agree that a product that proclaims to be “body wash” should have some type of warning to help protect their customers’ packages. At least, you are now wide awake and don’t have to spend $4.50 on that Sturbuck’s Frappuccino.

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