Neiman Marcus Sells Used Bugaboo Stroller As New

When Steven paid Neiman Marcus $682 for a Bugaboo stroller, he expected to receive a new model, not a used stroller with worn wheels and axles coated with hair.

Neiman Marcus immediately offered to take back the stroller and issue a credit, which should have resolved the problem. But one Neiman Marcus manager, Mia Beasley, tried to go the extra mile and ended up making things far worse. Mia promised Steven that she would find him a new stroller and, if necessary, eat the difference in cost.

Mia couldn’t find a new stroller, and when Steven pressed for action, she disappeared entirely.

Steven cc’d us on his letter to Neiman Marcus:

Dear Mr. Tansky,

I am writing today to inform you of an experience I recently had purchasing a stroller online at Neiman Marcus. The lack of customer service and quality of the product was surprising, to say the least, considering your company’s extraordinary reputation.

On May 23, 2008 my wife and I purchased a Bugaboo stroller from the Neiman Marcus online store. We are expecting our first child in November 2008 and thought Neiman Marcus would be a great place to purchase our first item for our child. The stroller was purchased at an excellent discounted price of $682, including shipping.

We received the stroller on May 30, 2008 and to our disappointment the item appeared used. The wheels were worn out on the front, the wheel axel had human hair covering it, and some of the handles were worn out. The item was also not in its original packaging; it appeared to be thrown in a big box and sent out. My wife and I were thoroughly disappointed.

On May 31, 2008 I placed a call to a customer service agent explaining the situation and he offered to give us a credit for the purchase and to pick up the item. I explained to him that we were unable to find the stroller anywhere else at such a great price. I also asked if there was anything else he could do for us besides giving us the credit. He then put me through to his manager, Mia Beasley. Mia was very helpful on that day and told me that she would give us the credit immediately and order us a new stroller from one of the stores as soon as the funds cleared in our account. She also stated that they would eat the cost difference of the new stroller given the unsatisfactory condition our stroller had been received in. I was very pleased at that moment, but this is where the customer satisfaction ended.

The funds were released to our bank account on June 4, 2008. My wife and I called Mia Beasley on June 5, 2008 and left a message stating that our funds had been released. Mia Beasley called us on June 10, 2008 and asked if we were still interested in the new stroller, my wife answered “of course, we have been waiting anxiously for you to call us back.” Mia stated that Stephany Patrina would be in contact with us that same day to place the order. Mia once again told my wife that Neiman Marcus would assume the cost difference between the new stroller and the discounted stroller we had purchased. Stephany Patrina never called us. My wife attempted to call Mia Beasley on June 11th, 12th, 13th, and 17th without success. Several voice messages were left on those days.

Mia finally returned our call on June 17, 2008 after a fourth message was left for her dating back to June 11th. When Mia spoke to my wife she explained that they were having difficulty locating the stroller at one of the stores and were unable to provide us with a new item. Mia Beasley also told my wife “to Google the item and try and find it at another store”. I, at this point, was very upset with the lack of customer support and urgency to get this matter resolved by Mia Beasley. I called her back and left a message expressing my unhappiness with the results thus far, and threatened to go above her to another manager, director, or directly to the CEO. I expressed an interest in getting the matter resolved within twenty four hours. Mia angrily returned my call stating that she was “very disturbed by my message”. I guess she was disturbed by the fact that I wanted to get the matter resolved and I was threatening to go above her authority to get it done. I was at wits end with the process by this point. I then told Mia that she should not have made my wife and I a promise that she couldn’t keep. Mia then claimed that she had never told us that she would replace our purchase with a new stroller and also claimed that she never told my wife or I that they would eat the cost difference.

At this point I was quite aggravated with Mia and the customer service, or lack thereof, that I had received. Not only was Mia totally reversing what she had said, but now she was calling my wife and I liars. I then told Mia that I was going to have to take this above her to her manager and possibly the CEO of Neiman Marcus. Mia then told me that she didn’t care and that I could take it to whomever I needed to.

On June 17th at 5:00 pm EST, I gave it one more shot. I called Mia’s manager Maggie Barker and left a message to call me back immediately regarding this situation. I still haven’t heard back from Maggie as of the date of this letter. Not exactly the world class customer service I expected from Neiman Marcus.

You will be happy to know that my wife and I did get our Bugaboo Stroller for $700, only $18 more than what we would have paid at Neiman Marcus. The difference was a lot less aggravation and a positive experience. It was purchased from an unknown company called They might not have the world class name that Neiman Marcus possesses but the customer service and the product was delivered in a world class manner. We received the item only twenty four hours after placing the order. The product was new, in its original packaging, and the shipping was free. I hope that Neiman Marcus is proud of the fact that they were outclassed by an online start-up company. I feel as if Neiman Marcus owes my wife and I some sort of apology. I am not sure, however, that anything can change the experience that cost your company this purchase, and may have cost Neiman Marcus customers for life.



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  1. Titan0 says:

    A $700 stroller from Needless Markups is the first step toward an Ivy League education for your little one. This may have permanently set your child back — you should sue.

  2. PHX602 says:

    I was going to say “OP hating starting in 4…3…2…” but it appears I was too late.

  3. smirkette says:

    I can see them being disappointed after being promised a new item for free, but seriously, a brand-new high-ticket item AFTER a full refund? Usually you get one or the other–refund or replacement, not both.

    Ah, the smell of entitlement in the morning…

  4. Noiddog says:

    How dare Neiman Marcus treat you in this manner!!! Everyone to pitchforks and torches!!!!!

  5. Dobernala says:

    Are these strollers plated in gold or something?

  6. starrion says:

    Just goes to prove that lousy customer service exists even when you are paying three times the price for the same goods.

    Ridiculously high prices!= good service.

    wouldn’t go into to Neiman Marcus for anything. Ever.

  7. starrion says:


    I believe the reason they were waiting for the funds to clear was so that they could buy the product again at the same discount. They were not expecting a free stroller.

  8. goodcow says:

    Who spends $700 on a stroller? Do you live in midtown Manhattan and have a dog walker?

  9. HonestNigerian says:

    Neiman Marcus sucks. I never shop there. Except at their restaurant for thier awesome orgasm inducing Lobster bisque. Other than that Neiman Marcus sucks @$$.

  10. Ben Clayton says:

    There is absolutely no fucking reason that thing should cost $700 dollars. No reason at all. Those parents are going to spoil the shit out of that kid.

  11. wickedpixel says:

    for $700 i would expect the stroller to change diapers and breastfeed.

  12. B says:

    Yea, that kid is totally spoiled. Next thing you know he’ll be going to classical music concerts and drinking wine. Damn elitists.

  13. parad0x360 says:

    While us common folk piss and moan about $4 gas this guy spends $600+ on a stroller that will work no better then a $100 stroller from Walmart….

    I just cant bring myself to feel bad here.

  14. B says:

    @wickedpixel: Still a better deal then their cookie recipes.

  15. donkeyjote says:

    It’s worth 700 dollars. It has the Viper anti-theft system installed (The Speaking Model) and has both front and side airbags.

  16. ovalseven says:

    Sounds like Mia went out of her way to try and find you a replacement, but was unsuccessful. What more do you want? I think it’s unreasonable to complain that you didn’t get more than you were entitled to.

    I don’t think Neiman Marcus will miss having you as a customer.

  17. PeanutButter says:

    whatever happened to buying those cheap, yet indestructible umbrella strollers?

  18. missdona says:

    Whatever-Bugaboo. If they want a Stroller of Awesomeness, they should look at the Stokke Explory.


    Drop a grand on the stroller, and then complain.

  19. donkeyjote says:

    Also, I heard Destiny’s Child is starting a lawsuit for copyright infringement and trademark dillution

  20. AnneofAndover says:

    Once again, all of you haters are missing the point. Neiman Marcus sent their customer a used stroller when they paid for a new one. If they had wanted to purchase a used stroller they would have gone to craigslist. Then they were made a promise to replace it that was not kept. They are entitled to spend their money however they please, regardless of how much gas costs. And you get what you pay for. An expensive stroller will perform better and last longer than some piece of crap from Wal-mart. And since when do Consumerists advise shopping at Wal-mart, anyways?

  21. carver says:

    Yeah, uh Bugaboo is a way overpriced yuppie status symbol. I’d spend good money on a quality car seat but overpriced strollers serve no purpose. Finding it very hard to feel any sympathy here.

  22. not hating on the OP, thye were clearly wronged by NM…
    but $700 for a stroller?

  23. Mudpuddle says:

    Sounds like a huge bottle of Whine. You bought a stroller, returned it, received a full refund, with an apology, and still found something to complain about. This letter makes the writer sound like a pompus a$#. Perhaps they should buy a expensive stroller for around 200$ and give the rest of the money to children shelters. Quit wasting our time?

  24. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @BathroomDuck: I was thinking this as well. Customer Service Mia was apparently trying to fix the problem, but it was not quick enough, so you piss her off and lose the deal, but it’s still THEIR fault???

    Finally, I get to blame the OP where you can actually see that they deserve the blame.

    People need to lose this bullshit sense of entitlement just because they have money or shop at some ‘class’ stores.

  25. 11hawkinst says:

    The fact that someone bought a stroller which cost $700 is beyond me. I mean common, they’ll use it for a couple of years and then what? You’ll sell it at a garage sale for $25? Seriously people, no stroller is worth $700.

  26. muffinpan says:

    700 bucks for a stroller! PT Barnum was correct. There is a sucker born every minute.

  27. Darkwish says:

    @Dobernala: @wickedpixel: Maybe it has a built-in LCD screen and DVD player.

    And for those saying that the extra cost is for the quality, not according to the used one they received! Go buy a cheap one and put the extra towards a college savings.

    NM may have refunded the money like they should have, but a manager said they’d find a replacement and eat the difference in cost. They didn’t find a replacement at all, then didn’t return phone calls and called them liars. I think they have a valid complaint about that.

  28. Simple way to end the problem all together. Stop reproducing.

  29. ohyeahright says:

    I know of cheap umbrella strollers, but they tend to be pretty cheap and not so much indestructible. More importantly, they are not safe for infants. A lot of people wouldn’t bat an eye at spending this much for a treadmill or other item that allows exercise. I don’t see why it’s absolutely unbelievable to spend this kind of money on a safe, quality item for the couple’s first child. I especially don’t see why the crowd who thinks apple items are worth their markup are so up in arms over this purchase. Right guys, spending extra for a brand name and world-class reputation is ridiculous? Look in the mirror, jerks.

    The worthlessness of Consumerist comments is getting more and more off-putting. This couple paid for a new quality item and did not receive what the company promised. The company offered to provide above and beyond customer service to make up for the inexplicably used item they shipped, and then went back on their promise and insulted their customers. All the guy is asking for is an apology.

  30. Trai_Dep says:

    While the woman in the accompanying photo appears to be tightening the infant seat, she’s actually performing a bris.

  31. Lambasted says:

    “You will be happy to know that my wife and I did get our Bugaboo Stroller for $700.

    Can’t say that I am, actually. However, I must force myself to maintain focus on the principle of the matter here instead of succumbing to the natural desire to scorn the purchase of a $700 stroller in the first place.

    …On second thought, I can’t do it. Bad timing I guess. I just recently read that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt purchased a $60 million chateau in France so my ire is currently raised regarding frivolous purchases by the overindulgent.

    You’ll be happy to know that I know it’s wrong of me to feel this way. But, oh well.

  32. bbb111 says:

    Mia did the correct thing except for not following through properly. Customer retention is critical for a business. I had a small business and would do the same type of thing for customers that got wrong/defective items. Make it right and give something extra as a way of saying “sorry.” You might give away the profit from the sale, but the customer will be loyal and, most importantly, tell their friends – that is how a good business grows. The problem here is that Mia was not able to follow through easily and she dropped the ball. For my company, when this type of thing happened and the freebie/upgrade/replacement/etc. turned out to be unavailable or delayed, I made it happen even if I had to run to a competitor, buy it, remove the stickers and deliver it myself. Never break a promise to a customer.

    Most of the customers happily took the freebie and continued to be customers – a few became our best marketing vehicle by directing many customers to us.

    If Mia could not make it happen, she should have called to apologize and offered another “sorry” – gift certificate, baby sun shade, diaper bag, etc.

    As for the cost of this stroller; for some people, an expensive stroller (if it is expensive due to quality and features and not due to designer logos) is worth it. There is a great saying: “cheap isn’t.” [ie. the 17″ monitor I am looking at while typing this is 10 years old and is on all day almost daily – the image is still crisp and bright. It cost about double the price of the “bargain” monitors. I’ll admit, now that the larger flat screens are affordable and dependable I will get one soon, but it is hard to give up on this one while it still works great.]

  33. dialing_wand says:

    Another part of the story, and one that I have experienced countless times, is the “someone will call you back today” line, which is often thrown about and rarely true.

    I can’t tell you how many times Nokia told me they’d call back and never did. Next up, a gratifying destruction of the offending piece of hardware – video at 11.

  34. Jonbo298 says:

    @ohyeahright: I think you might be a relative of the person who sent this story in, because it certainly seems like it. Quality? $700?! I decided to look at Neiman Marcus’ strollers on their site, those aren’t worth anywhere near $700 or over a grand I’ve seen in some cases on the site.

  35. JennQPublic says:

    @ohyeahright: Sorry, but I’m having a hard time dredging up any sympathy for someone who is willing to waste $400 on a brand name ($300 for the stroller). They got shipped a used stroller, they got a refund, good enough. The CSR tried to provide “above and beyond” service and failed. These things happen. It’s not like Neiman Marcus kept their money.

    The difference between this stroller and, say, an iPhone, is that Apple’s designs generally are significantly different (and superior) to other company’s designs. A stroller is, pretty much, a stroller. I’m not saying they should buy the cheapest one on the market, but you can’t tell me that there aren’t any good quality, solidly built strollers on the market for under $300. Also, Apple products aren’t usually two to three times as expensive as a comparable product.

  36. Trai_Dep says:

    Oh, and Wal-Mart shoppers piling the hate on “high-cost” NM: the OP saved a whopping $18 on a $800 item. Granted, NM should send them a $20, but the fact remains that NM isn’t as expensive as you WallyWorld denizens try to paint it.
    Don’t bathe in envy, you’ll only curdle. It ain’t pretty.

    Although, $800 strollers are absurd. When I breed a whelp, I’ll tie him papoose-style on a skateboard, attach the other end of my dog’s leash to the front truck, then hurl a ball in the direction where I’m heading. Because my kid? Future X-Games superstar!

  37. CharlieInSeattle says:

    @AnneofAndover: Yes I know, I got one of those expensive strollers from one of you rich people for really cheap because you didn’t have another kid to use it again. Your loss my gain. Idiots.

  38. mercnet says:

    Wow why do people care what other people spend money on? Who cares if they spend $100 or $2000 on a stroller? What’s next, why do people buy bmw’s when they can buy a Geo?

  39. petitcerise says:

    If someone CAN afford a $700 stroller without going into debt, then they are entitled to purchase it. I sure as hell can’t. However, when I ordered my stroller from Wal-mart I expected it to be brand new (it was). If ordering from Neiman Marcus you would expect the same or better.

  40. Can someone explain why an stroller costs $700 is it really that much safer then a regular stroller? I doubt it any safer then a cheaper stroller that you can get for maybe $200?

    Or is it like designer bags and stuff.

    Promises on the phone that get denied later, are the reason I’m considering recording any customer services calls I make, that way I have proof if I want to force them to keep there word

  41. SOhp101 says:

    lol, u expect world class service from NM online? They completely suck compared to the service u get in the stores. You only get great service in the stores because you develop a relationship with your salesperson.

  42. PunditGuy says:

    @missdona: I have an Xplory. Had it for more than two years now. Spent about $750 w/tax on it. That was about half of my bonus that year, and instead of another HDTV I thought I’d splurge on something for my newborn daughter.

    It keeps her up high so her grandmother doesn’t have to bend down to try to get her in and out of it. It doubles as a high chair at a lot of restaurants. It allows her to see stuff besides a fence when we go to the zoo or the fair. It’s light and easy to manouver. It comes apart easily and folds up like scissors, making it easy to transport.

    When she was young, the seat faced us so we could interact with her while we pushed her. As she grew bigger, the seat reversed, and now she faces forward and points stuff out to us.

    She can be in it for long periods of time, because it’s comfortable. If need be, the seat can be completely reclined so she can nap laying down.

    After several hundreds of miles of walking, it’s still in great condition. I’ll have no trouble using it for another child, which my wife and I are planning for now.

    I spent as much on a stroller as some of you pay for half a year of cable. Get over it.

  43. SOhp101 says:

    @JennQPublic: You probably have not used strollers that often because just like with Apple products, it’s the minor details/functions that make the huge difference (that isn’t to say that you’re not paying for the name). Many substitute products for iPods can be purchased at much lower prices, as low as 1/2 or even 1/3 of Apple’s cost.

  44. mbilder says:

    The company failed to perform as expected, a manager made an unfulfillable promise, then dodged the OP. She could have avoided this by calling the OP, admitting they couldn’t get a stroller, and offering a gift card. Seems like she chose to weasel instead of admitting her inability to keep her commitment.

    If you live in NYC (of SF, etc…) such a stroller is admittedly an indulgence, but not unreasonable given the abuse it will take.

    Finally, people who live self-indulgently shouldn’t throw stones. Many posters are righteously upset at their insurance companies or broadband providers, but this appears ridiculously self-indulgent to those parents who can’t afford shoes for their kids. So stop calling the kettle black until you rid yourself of all worldly posessions and devote your life to succoring the poor and ailing.

  45. MissTic says:

    Not that I’m bashing the OP, people can spend $$$ on whatever they choose. And no matter how expensive it seems to us, there is no excuse for bad customer service. Sounds like Misa tried and then gave up.

    I would think that people would educate themselves first though. Pricey doesn’t always equal quality.

    “There’s nothing pint-sized about the price tags on some of the baby strollers we tested. The three most expensive models, the Bugaboo Gecko (discontinued but still in stores), Bugaboo Frog, and Stokke Xplory, cost from $680 to $800. They got high marks for maneuvering through rough as well as flat terrain, on concrete steps, and in narrow spaces. And they came with handy extras–such as full rain shields on all three and maintenance kits for the Bugaboo models.

    But for a fraction of the price, baby can get a smooth–and safe–ride on the Safety 1st Acella Alumilite and the Evenflo Journey, at $55 and $70, respectively. Those strollers are CR Best Buys, topping our Ratings (available to subscribers) with very good overall scores. Plus, when Consumer Reports panelists put the strollers through tests simulating everyday use–including folding and unfolding–those cheaper models were judged more convenient. All three of the highest-priced strollers required multiple steps and had to be taken apart to fold most compactly.”

  46. fjordtjie says:

    I don’t think the issue is about the price, however extravagant it may be. They shipped them a used item, where for the high price they paid, they should have recieved a shiny new one, minus the scuffs and human hair wrapped around the axles. Would I buy a $700 stroller? No. But just because the op paid what most would consider too much, it doesn’t detract from the fact the Neiman Marcus didn’t send them what they ordered (a NEW stroller), did not replace it with a new stroller, and then stopped returning their calls. If you think they have their money back, and that’s that, what about the stress on the pregnant woman, and the time wasted, and the emotional distress of being lied to? Yes, they’ve got their money back, but it doesn’t mean they have to be happy about it. They wanted a freaking stroller! Not 2 weeks of hassle.

  47. msbask says:

    I don’t think the cost of the stroller has anything to do with the story. What difference does it make if the stroller was $70 or $700? I think you should just take the price out of this story and read it again.

    I just did, and think the OP is RIDICULOUS. Because the manager didn’t get back to them in a few days is reason to go ballistic? Your baby is due in November!!!! If it took Mia two weeks to find another stroller, what difference would it have made? Sheesh……..

  48. Concerned_Citizen says:

    For 700 bucks that stroller shouldn’t even need wheels, it should hover above the ground. And if they don’t have the item in stock there is nothing they can do. The only thing you have a right to be mad about is them trying to give you store credit when they ran out of the item. That should warrant a cash refund so that you can buy the item elsewhere. And when she told you to google another store, why did you snap? It seemed she was still offering to buy it from another store as long as you could find it. It would seem they were working with you, but you threw the first stone. Next time don’t threaten someone trying to help you. If you were upset over this situation, you should have just asked for your money back. If you couldn’t easily find a replacement at another store, how did you expect them to? OP owes someone an apology.

  49. Veeber says:

    Ok, so I’m one of those “idiots” who bought the $700 stroller. I’ve used a Maclaren before and the multiple configurations for the Bugaboo has made it well worth it. The items that it is packaged are definitely helpful to have around (tire pump has been used well).

    In addition, the customer support that I’ve had has been excellent. When ours arrived it had a small dent. When I called, they were apologized profusely and promptly sent an entire new frame out to use next day. At least for my family this has been well worth it.

  50. missdona says:

    @PunditGuy: Don’t take it personally. I am so not mocking the Xplory. I don’t even have a kid, and I kind of want one. When I saw one in the wild, I was mesmerized.

  51. EdnaLegume says:

    NM refunded their money once they learned that they had received poo poo product. Done. The End.

    Mia wanted to go the extra mile, but unfortunately cannot locate this item. Being that it’s a high priced stroller, I think the OP to expect nothing less than perfection is a little out of control. It’s not like she’s trying to locate a loaf of bread.

    This is extra credit and unfortunately Mia is having trouble. If they hadn’t refunded the money, then sure, throw your shit fit.

    Frankly, the fact that Mia is trying to go out of her way, successfully or not shows much customer service. They refunded the money and really don’t owe the OP anything more.

  52. EdnaLegume says:

    it’s a stroller for god sake… not the yet to be born baby’s breathing apparatus. Jesus. @fjordtjie:

  53. dreyruugr says:

    @hypochondriac: Most $600+ “strollers” are not just a stroller. They tend to be systems that double as car seats, high chairs, etc… They’re also designed around ease of use; one handed folding, portability, upgradablity, etc… It’s not like you’re paying $700 for an umbrella stroller, it’s a lot more than that. IMO the overall quality of (some of) these products plus the added utility and savings (e.g. not needing to buy a separate car seat) make them a good buy, if you can afford them. It’s not for everyone, but it isn’t as outrageous as a lot of people here seem to think.

  54. JennQPublic says:

    @SOhp101: I was thinking more of iPhones and iBooks, but even with iPods, I’m not seeing a two to three times price differnce between comparable products (at least, not in a quick poke through Newegg). Yes, you can buy a no-name mp3 player for $20, but I’m not talking about the cheapest stroller you can find, I’m talking about a good quality product that’s less than half the price.

    @MissTic: They didn’t get bad customer service, they just didn’t get the exceptional customer service they’d been offered. Also, while it was taking too long to get the exceptional service, I’m willing to bet when he “..left a message expressing [his] unhappiness with the results thus far..” he did so in a manner guaranteed to stop a CSR from going above-and-beyond. They should get an apology, but this just doesn’t strike me as Consumerist-worthy.

  55. stickystyle says:

    It’s $700 because its what you need to have if you want to hang out with all the other affluent parent. I live in a fairly high end area of Miami and these strollers are just like having the “in” designer bag for the moms, it even has less features than the lower priced strollers.

  56. rolla says:

    goes to show you, doesnt matter what store you buy an item at, be it wal-mart or neimans, you can have idiots work for you anywhere.

  57. wordsmithy says:

    Maybe Neiman Marcus ignored Steven because of his poor grammar.

  58. thalia says:

    First of all, $700 for a stroller is absolutely ridiculous. Secondly, if I were bending over backwards trying to locate an item for a dissatisfied customer and they turned around and treated me like dirt, I’d go back on my word too. Sounds to me like Mia was really going the limit and when she couldn’t find the item, was simply asking for a bit of help in locating another stroller that would be sufficient, and the guy flipped out on her for something that wasn’t her fault.

  59. DH405 says:

    @ohyeahright: Here’s a big difference in your example.. A treadmill has motors, sensors, electronic controls, and lots of heavy metal. A stroller is a damn stroller. Make it transport your spoiled child and not collapse causing their demise. Done.

  60. Mom2Talavera says:

    @Dobernala: No but they are made in Taiwan & China just like your
    typical bourgeois stroller you can get from Target! This Steven douche needs to read

    Parenting, Inc.: How We Are Sold on $800 Strollers, Fetal Education, Baby Sign Language, Sleeping Coaches, Toddler Couture, and Diaper


    As the old saying goes…. a child that has everything appreciates NOTHING!

  61. DH405 says:

    Two things I see going on here.

    1. Someone with money and no sense on how to keep said money. Stop spending stupid amounts of money on crap you won’t keep for long anyhow. If you have TONS of money to throw around, how about spending the $550 in stupid overspending here to babies that don’t have CLOTHES or FOOD.

    2. A pregnant woman who is in the middle of nesting. Ho-ly crap, this can be downright scary. Avoid at all costs.

    Also, I’d put good money that the “problems” with this stroller that was sent out were magnified 100x in her complaints. “Worn out” = scuff marks.

  62. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Yes, buying a stroller does involve some one-upmanship.
    When we had our lad there were two male co-workers with wives expecting at the same time. We would argue the merits of different strollers with the same passion and focus on minutia as if we were debating automobiles. My friends went with the more expensive Perego (the Italian sportscar of strollers) while we went with a bigger and cheaper Graco more akin to a big comfortable Chevy sedan that took everything we threw at it. Comfort, features and durability vary widely and are not necessarily correlated to price.

  63. colinjay says:

    Most of the posters here are a bitter bunch of a**holes! Who cares if he purchased a $150,000 diaper genie. If he was sent a used item advertised as new, just refunding his money isn’t good enough. He deserves what he ordered in the first place, no matter what it was!!

    The CSR wasn’t going out of her way to get them a new stroller, she was fulfilling the obligation that was never met in the first place.

    The comments here are really pathetic, as I’m sure you WalMart stroller pushing folks don’t purchase ANYTHING that other people would consider frivolous…

  64. tweemo says:

    @parad0x360: A Consumerist reader who advocates shopping at Wal-Mart?

  65. usmcmoran says:

    i don’t know why everyone is complaining about the price of this stroller, if you educate yourself on the product it has a cell phone sound suppressor so you wont be interrupted while at the philharmonic

  66. Bog says:

    That stroller cost more than my reserve parachute. $700 for a stroller? Wow. Would have been better off getting a $200 one from Target and putting the different in the investments for the kid’s college fund.

  67. MonkeyMonk says:

    You people all live in the wrong cities if you’re outraged by $700 for a Bugaboo. Here in Chicago the neighborhood I live in (Bucktown, Wicker Park) looks like a frickin’ Bugaboo superhighway on the weekends.

    I personally went with a cheaper stroller but I don’t see the big deal here. It’s no different than someone buying a $40,000 car and I see a ton of those around here too.

  68. godlyfrog says:

    I’m having a difficult time even identifying with those people who can’t get past the $700 price tag. Regardless of how much you make, and what products you buy, bad customer service is bad customer service.

    When I buy a product and get something I didn’t order, I expect customer service to bend over backwards. Here’s the timeline:

    May 23, 2008: The OP orders the product.
    May 30, 2008: The OP receives the product, but it is not only obviously used, it’s disgustingly covered with other peoples’ body hair.
    May 31, 2008: A call is placed to NM, and the rep offers to refund the OP’s money and pick up the stroller. The OP asks if something else can be done, at which point the OP is put through to Mia, the manager. Mia offers to refund their money, and as soon as the money is refunded, they can purchase a comparable stroller, and NM will eat the difference. The OP is happy with this arrangement.
    June 4, 2008: The money is refunded.
    June 5, 2008: The OP calls to inform Mia the money has been refunded.
    June 10, 2008: Five days later, Mia finally returns their call, and tells them that someone will contact them that day.
    June 11, 2008: After not receiving the call as promised, a call is placed to Mia. No reply.
    June 12, 2008: Another call is placed, with no response.
    June 13, 2008: Another call is placed, and again, no response.
    June 17, 2008: Yet another call is placed, and a response is finally received telling them that they could not locate a stroller and to buy it elsewhere.
    June 17, 2008: Argument ensues.

    It took 3 and a half weeks for the OP to find out that NM could not make good on their offer. Meanwhile, NM had their money for 12 days, the OP had to expend time and energy tracking down NM’s customer service, and the OP received no compensation for NM’s failure. In addition, they waited another 13 days to order the stroller from someplace else while they expected NM to make good on their offer. The OP’s purchase is irrelevant. The fact that the baby is due in November is irrelevant. The only thing relevant is that it took NM 25 days to fail this customer utterly.

  69. scerwup says:

    At least the used one did not have rat heads in it…

  70. coren says:

    @Darkwish: …yeah, everyone who bought that 700 dollar stroller got it used, clearly. This wasn’t a fluke event or anything.

    Come on people, what if he wrote about a 250 dollar stroller, or 130 dollar stroller? What then? It doesn’t matter what he paid originally; price isn’t what this article is about. This article is about a CSR manager getting belligerent with customers for trying to hold her to her word – no one trying to retain a customer should tell them to go Google it.

  71. ohyeahright says:

    That’s worth considering, and true. My point was that this stroller is multi-functional, and there are a lot of other more expensive, more frivolous, less useful purchases that don’t make the commenters all critical and pissy.

  72. houston2882 says:

    now I know why my kid did not get into Harvard…Damn stroller from Zayers.

  73. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    I’d rather have Allison Stokke!

  74. wring says:

    so many lessons learned, as long as you can get past the $700 stroller. really, my car is worth about half as much.

  75. Scoop11 says:

    1) The point is that they got lousy customer service from NM on this stroller. If I was paying $700 for a stroller, I would make damn sure the customer service was excellent if something were to go wrong.

    2) I don’t care what kind of features are on the stroller, $700 is way too much to pay for one. I’ve found travel systems online (car seat plus stroller) for cheaper at other places. For me, the only feature a stroller should have is that it holds the kid and you can cart him around.

  76. thelushie says:

    @JennQPublic: First off, if I could say I have never spent a crazy amount of money on clothes, then I could cast judgement on a $700 stroller. But, alas, I can’t.

    I have a feeling this is a “It is Neimans, they should bow down to us because we are spending money in their store” situation. These types of people are usually 1) New money with no clue how to handle it or themselves, 2) Don’t shop at a store like Neimans on a regular basis and have unrealistic expectations, or 3) White trash with entitlement issues.

    Mia did the best she could and the customer was still not happy. Deal with it. Advise to Mia: Next time find out what level of card membership they are. If it isn’t at least Platnium, don’t waste your time.

  77. Joe S Chmo says:

    I had to laugh after reading these posts and then reading the definition of bugaboo from []

    1: an imaginary object of fear
    2: bugbear 2; also : something that causes fear or distress out of proportion to its importance

    envy really is the worst sin as it clouds our minds of reason

  78. plasticredtophat says:

    WOW! thats what you get when you buy a 700 dollar stroller! haha, no just kidding. Man thats expensive. Go buy a Graco, which is durable and about 1/7th the price..

  79. plasticredtophat says:

    thats as much as the CAR im looking at buying too..

  80. BoomerFive says:

    @thelushie: Hmm, first arrogant ass, learn to spell.

    Second, get some empathy and maybe even some compassion. Just because someone may not have platinum whatever does not mean they shouldn’t get good service like anyone else.

    Third, stfu

    .@godlyfrog: Exactly and perfectly right. Great post.

  81. Alger says:

    @thelushie: “Mia did the best she could”

    If “the best she could” includes lying to customers and accusing them of lying, and not following through on promises, then maybe she shouldn’t be working in customer service. At least not at Neiman-Marcus.

    And it looks like the customer did “deal with it”. They found another vendor for the stroller, and probably won’t shop at NM any more.

  82. BoomerFive says:

    @Alger: Preach on!

  83. Mudpuddle says:

    The idea that the OP was willing to spend 700.00 on a stroller shows just how gullable that they are. Silly people just silly.

  84. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    We have a bugaboo, but we paid a whole lot less than that (around the price of the top of the line found at target or walmart). Craigslist is your friend.

    We expect we will get 100% back selling it to the next owner.

    They are really good strollers, and functionally different. Just not enough to justify $700.

  85. tankertodd says:

    Why are people hating on these folks. You’ll be surely working for this child someday, after he/she grows up, goes to elite pre-school, elite private school and Ivy League university. After spending a couple of years expunging liberal guilt in the Peace Corps he/she will pick up a joint JD/MBA, and then he/she could end up as an investment banker, where he/she will play God with your pitiful retirement savings. I for one welcome my Manhattan overlords.

  86. alejo699 says:

    While I too find the concept of a $700 stroller (and a bargain at that price!) mind-boggling, I don’t begrudge the OP for wanting what he paid for. On the other hand, calling repeatedly because an above-and-beyond promise wasn’t kept quickly enough … well, call me a redneck, but I can’t help hearing the OP pronouncing the store’s name as “Neiman Mahcus.”

  87. mythago says:

    If the $700 item was a laptop of a home stereo system, nobody would be howling about how they couldn’t work up any sympathy. If the guy had bought a stroller from Walmart or Target and gotten a used one, half the comments here would be “OP deserved it because only idiots shop there”.

    Jesus. It’s like people think that there’s a graded test in every Consumerist thread, where your high score depends on how loudly you can inform the rest of the internet that a) the OP is stupid and wasted money b) unlike you, who are smart and frugal.

    On the actual post, Neiman-Marcus markets itself as having sterling customer service. And offering a refund doesn’t do much when the item cannot be obtained for the same price elsewhere. Lying to the customer doesn’t exactly help matters.

  88. sleze69 says:

    So let’s sum up for the people who can’t get past the $700 stroller part:

    NM sold a used product as new. – BAD

    NM took the used product back and issued a full refund – Good

    NM offered to replace the stroller with the same or next model up for same price – Good

    NM ran into problems getting the same stroller and withdrew their promise for a better one – BAD

    It ends up with NM looking like crap because they made a promise and didn’t keep it. For Walmart, this is not a big deal. For a store like NM, this is unacceptable.

  89. Julia789 says:

    I would have never considered buying such an expensive stroller. I bought a $50 stroller for my own child several years ago, and it worked just fine for us.

    Then I read this story, where a child was hit by a scaffolding collapse on a busy sidewalk. The very expensive stroller folded up like a cocoon around the baby, and bore the brunt of the impact. I believe it was a $600 stroller, as I read in a later interview, the mother was obviously very happy she had spent the extra money.


    I know the chances of an injury like that are very low if you live in the suburbs or a rural area, but on busy NYC sidewalks where scaffoldings collapse, cranes tip over and kill people, cabs jump curbs, and street sweepers suck up dogs on leashes, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have an armor plated stroller…

  90. JennQPublic says:

    I think what it really came down to was him leaving a message when he was “upset” and “at [his] wit’s end.” When Mia said she was “very disturbed by [the] message,” it was probably because he was angry and ranting when he left it. At that point, she was no longed interested in going the extra mile.

    Yeah, she dropped the ball, yeah, NM screwed up, but it’s not like this guy got totally ripped off. We are only hearing his side of the story, but reading between the lines, I think he was partially responsible for her sudden disinterest in going above and beyond.

    /$700 is still ridiculous.

  91. mythago says:

    And yeah, if you work for a company that sells itself on excellent customer service, you don’t stomp off in a hissy because a customer is angry at your company, and, if you can believe such a thing, leaves an angry VM message when you ignore him for days.

    If “Mia” wanted a job where nobody is allowed to be mean to her, she shouldn’t be a CSR. Perhaps she missed the part of her training where they explain that the best way to deal with an enraged, frustrated customer is to apologize and then make things right.

  92. marsneedsrabbits says:

    I’m a pretty easy going person, but I would have been livid if I were the OP here.

    Neiman Marcus tried to cheat this couple by sending them used, worthless garbage and charging them for it, keeping their money for days and days, balking at doing the right thing.

    Neiman Marcus is 100% wrong here. People shop there in large part because of the service. If they are going to call their customers names, send out shoddy junk, and not fix the problems they themselves created, there is no reason to shop at Neiman Marcus at all.

  93. ImCrying says:

    @SF_iris: When you buy from a place like NM, you expect to be treated differently. You’re paying for that privelidge.

    Also, LOL @ all the jealous people in this thread. “OMG $700 for a stroller!” If that’s what they want to pay and can afford to pay, who are you to tell them to spend differently? GO MAKE MORE MONEY AND GET YOUR OWN $700 STROLLER! Damn this couple for making good money and working hard! They should have to give it all away to poor people who have done nothing for the gift, just like we should steal oil company profits!

  94. afrix says:

    Next up on SNL: Two A-Holes Buy a Stroller

  95. she was already screwed when she paid out $600+ for a baby stroller!

  96. Dobernala says:

    @ImCrying: If they can afford to buy a $700 stroller, they can probably afford to deal with the hassle and snobbery of shopping for it too. Don’t cry to the plebes when you have a problem. Go call your lawyer or something.

    Those of us on lower incomes have more to lose than someone who can burn $700 on a overpriced stroller. Give me a break.

  97. 00447447 says:

    If someone wants to spend $700 on a stroller, so be-it. My wife and I purchased a Bugaboo for about $150 less than that, and, for us, it is worth it. It’s a damn nice stroller. Yes, there are cheaper strollers available, but we chose to purchase a high end one.
    Does this mean that we will spoil our daughter? Absolutely not. She will not be given an allowance at any age, and will be taught the value of a dollar. But she will also learn that if you work hard and invest wisely that you will be able to splurge from time to time. Nothin’ wrong with that.

  98. benh57 says:

    Where is that great article on how the stroller manufacturers used to sell the same strollers for $200.. then one day one started charging $1000, and it was like a revelation to the market – suddenly there were tons of super-expensive yuppie strollers. They realized the market was inelastic – parents will pay a lot if they think the ‘safety’ of their child is involved.


  99. mythago says:

    @Dobernala, not really following: it’s OK for a business to cheat and lie to a customer as long as the customer has more money than you do? Or if people spend more money than you would on an item, screw ’em if they don’t get it?

    If the OP had bought a $70 stroller from Walmart, y’all would be sneering that he was a dumbass and what did he expect to get for such a low price.

  100. colinjay says:


    Please, someone explain that to me.

  101. luz says:

    I have no comment, except that I love all the posts from people assuming that the OP is a woman, despite being named Steve.

    Heteronormativity FTW!

  102. Lambasted says:

    @ImCrying: It is not so much that people care that he spent $700 as much as people aren’t sympathetic to a $700 stroller transaction gone awry.

    When a post appears on Consumerist I assume it is done in part to convey information to the average consumer as a cautionary tale to avoid a similar pitfall; solicit commenter advice; and, to rally their support. However, the average consumer isn’t going to shop at Neiman Marcus nor purchase a $700 stroller there or from anywhere else for that matter.

    Posts like this one asks consumers: 1) To care about a situation that will never affect their lives; 2) Concern themselves with a store they will never shop at; 3) Feel bad for a consumer who had difficulty purchasing something that they themselves could/would never purchase.

    Commenters seemingly apathetic responses fall under the psychology of: We’re Only Human 101.

  103. 00447447 says:

    Safety is important, but most strollers are pretty safe. We looked for functionality and ease-of-use. Also, the bugaboo looks pretty damn slick.

  104. ImCrying says:

    @Lambasted: As long as those commenters understand that they’re total asses because they’re upset that a couple can afford to spend $800 on a stroller. These people can QQ more, go to college, and work hard.

    These people were mistreated by a company that puts an emphasis on customer service. That’s all there is to the story. The item purchased matters little in the argument.

  105. says:

    I’m not getting whats going on here. It is a persons right to spend as much money as they want on anything. There are much worse ways to spend $700, like on cigarettes or drugs. I think it’s very wrong for people to negatively comment on this couples purchasing decision.

  106. TechnoDestructo says:


    Gee, maybe God DID make Adam and Steve…

  107. jacksbrokenego says:

    is this article stolen from the Onion?

  108. Lambasted says:

    @ImCrying: Hmmm…I cannot support your “commenters are asses” assertion because that would mean anyone with an opinion that differs from a mythical set standard is an ass. I simply cannot agree with that. It would be akin to calling a pro-lifer an ass because they disagree with someone having an abortion. A belief is a belief. An opinion is an opinion. People aren’t asses for having them. Voicing them…perhaps.

    But it’s not like the naysayers sought out the OP to admonish him for his purchase. That would be wrong. It’s called sticking noses in business not of your own. However, he posted here and presumably opened himself up for comment and critique. Although, I suppose we could follow the adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” but this is a comment board after all.

  109. xxoo says:

    While fighting it out, please do so correctly. School Marm XXOO says: the quotation marks ALWAYS go OUTSIDE the period or comma, unless you are in England. Correct: “That stroller is a scandal.” He called my stroller “cheap,” so I punched him.

    Incorrect: “That stroller is a scandal”. He called my stroller “cheap”, so I punched him.

    And that’s your free adjunct faculty lesson o’ the day.

  110. LostAngeles says:

    @B: OK, you need to read Snopes.


  111. I stopped reading after ‘When Steven paid Neiman Marcus $682 for a Bugaboo stroller’ and started laughing. Hard.

  112. sean77 says:

    Congratulations consumerist.. with this story you’ve officially jumped the shark.

  113. carbonmade says:

    For $700, that stroller better be driving me to work every day. Ah, to be rich and entitled in America.

  114. jacquesedwards says:

    To School Marm XXOO,
    The rule about quotation marks you so correctly refer to seems to this old-school gentleman (quasi-finest eastern boarding school and finest New England liberal arts college)so offensive to syllogistic thinking that he has long used the British “style”, and urges all correct-thinking folk to join him. I do congratulate you on diverting some attention from the post-absurd tone of many of our brothers and sisters, however.

    To those not-enamored of NM’s karma,
    I was once married to an employee of Neiman Marcus, and from that experience, I doubt very much the OP has given us here a fair and balanced account. Should I be proven wrong, I will gladly send everyone who wants one a copy of the “$250 Cookie recipe” from Neiman Marcus’ golden years-when Stanley Marcus himself walked those back halls…

    Yours in the joint search for truth and justice.

  115. billin says:

    @missdona: re: the Stokke, my brother-in-law received one as a gift for their 1st kid. His wife is a public school teacher and my BIL was, until a few months ago, unemployed. I have the sneaking suspicion they would have preferred the money so as to fix their basement sewage problem. Oh well…

  116. Meathamper says:

    Hair? What the hell are they using it for? A bear?

  117. LVP says:

    He lost my sympathy after reading “$682 for a Bugaboo stroller”. Get a regular one and donate the difference to needy children.

  118. ohayou_kun says:

    700 for a stroller!?!?! Are the wheels encrusted with diamonds? I’d settle for dragging my kid around in a box with taped on wheels, okay maybe not. But 700!

  119. LelandPorcupine says:

    Well, I had my experience with Neiman Marcus just few days ago. I ordered 2 dresses from them. They were not in original packing, also one was tag missing. The other dress has a buckle that’s discolored. They offered me 10% off. But I don’t think it’s worth it. What ticks me off is that the girl I was talking to me told me that if I do decide to send it back, then I should send it in original packing. I explained to her that it never came in any packing just wrapped up in tissue. She suggested to send the tissue paper back with the dress. Instead of genuinely apologizing, she is being a smart ass about the situation….way to go…Neiman