Morning Deals

  • Zipcar: Free ZipCar Membership + $150 Driving Credit + loaded public transit pass
  • Woot: They’re still wooting off like it ain’t no thang.
  • Meritline: 1W LED Adjustable Head Lamp for $6.40 + free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Genius G-Pen 4 x 5.5-inch Graphics Tablet $35 Shipped
  • Lenovo: ThinkCentre A55 Desktop PCs from $199 after $322 Instant Savings
  • J&R Music: Belkin TuneStudio iPod Mixer & Recorder $188 Shipped

Highlights From Bargainist


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  1. theblackdog says:

    Dammit, I’m practically on a car-free diet already, so the Zipcar offer won’t work for me.

    Really, I am becoming the “Old woman who only drove this car to church once a week” that you always hear about from used car salesmen.

  2. freshyill says:

    That Zipcar deal is pretty sweet. I’ve got a friend who has a car that he never drives that I can borrow pretty much whenever I want though.

    If he wasn’t around, this would be pretty tempting, because there’s two Zipcars in the parking lot of my apartment building, and one of them is a pretty sweet Civic hybrid.

  3. Pylon83 says:

    Awesome deal on the ZipCar! I just signed up for $0.

  4. highmodulus says:

    Long woot-off.

  5. ElizabethD says:

    I call FUG on the C.G. Banks tops. :-P

  6. AvatarZ says:

    Any idea what a “loaded metro card” is.

    Also, is this valid for current zip car customers … my guess is not :(

  7. I highly advise against I purchased an iPod Touch case from them, they sent me an iPhone case instead, then they wanted me to pay shipping and charge me a restocking fee to return it. I eventually got them to supply a shipping label and refund me 100%, but the whole ordeal was way more hassle than it needed to be. Never again.