Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds

Here are five special photos that readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, chosen because they’re both neat and could possibly be used in a Consumerist post. Our Flickr Pool is the place where Consumerist readers go and upload photos for possible use in future Consumerist posts. Just be a registered Flickr user, go here, and click “Join Group?” up on the top right, and start hitting “send to group” on your individual photos you want to add to the pool.

Title: 06-15-08 Maria Deluca43
by: CharlieChu

Title: Lazy ass rabbit
by: jb0

Title: First Attempts at Miniature Tilt Shift
by: bedpanjohn

Caption: “Where they belong come September 1st? Yet another complaint about the loss of profiles. The DVDs I have in my 3 profiles will not fit into a single queue, much less the effort to move them.”
by: corsec67

Title: AutoZone
by: SA_Steve

Add your shots to The Consumerist Flickr pool, and perhaps they’ll get featured in a future story, or even highlighted in a Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds post.


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  1. Sndtrkman says:

    I like both the Bunny photo and the Mini Burger King….Great shots.

  2. forgottenpassword says:

    I LOVE the miniature street scene! For some reason I really like miniature scenes like that.

    BTW… why is the consumerist logging me out every time I make a post? Am I on super-secret probation or something? So am I Dean?

  3. Sndtrkman says:

    @forgottenpassword: I’m not too sure, it could be that their site is experiencing some glitches. I know yesterday when I tried to post, it kept logging me out as well but I guess it’s fixed for me today.

  4. snoop-blog says:

    please tell me (I have bad eye sight) if the miniature shot is real with special lenses or an actual pic of a mini?

  5. @forgottenpassword: @Sndtrkman: I had this happen this morning and lost a few good posts. I was able to post at 6:40am, but after that it didn’t work until about 11am. I think maybe they were doing a refresh of the member database, and had to take some of us “offline”. Even though I was logged in, I didn’t even have the welcome line at the top of the pages.

    It seems that Bunny charged a few hours for a CPU setup, but since it was a Mac, he knew it would only take 10 minutes.

  6. TwilaO says:

    It’s real, bion! Check out this link: []

  7. battra92 says:

    The girl at the top pic is really cute.

  8. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Cool finds this week.
    @TwilaO: And here I thought Adult Swim really was just making miniatures.
    @battra92: I want her glasses.

    But the best pic is of the bunny! WANT!

  9. battra92 says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: 39DollarGlasses has some similar to it.

    Great customer service there too. ;)

  10. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @battra92: Oooh, thanks!

  11. planet2334 says:

    I thought that lazy rabbit pic was taken of my fellow employees, but then I figured out that it wasn’t TALKING all day long; and also had an Apple computer instead of PCs. But they looked nearly identical for a while there.