Circuit City Loses Even More Money: $164.8 Million

Circuit City reported yesterday that they’ve managed to lose $164.8 million in the first quarter, which is even more money than they managed to lose in the previous disastrous quarter. In fact, this will be their 5th straight losing quarter. Same-store sales, considered the most important indicator of the health of a retailer, dropped 11.3 percent. Ow!

“This is a quarter of steady progress,” CEO Philip J. Schoonover said in a conference call with investors. “We still have a long way to go, but I’m encouraged by what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

Accomplish? Does anyone want to tell Phil that he’s supposed to be selling electronics? No. That would be cruel.

Meanwhile, there’s been no word on Blockbuster’s plan to buy the troubled retailer. Presumably, they’re still thinking it over.

Circuit City loss increases; next quarter may be worse [Star-Tribune]
Circuit City Posts a Wider Loss as Sales Fall [NYT]
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  1. ColoradoShark says:

    That works out to just over 7 million people insisting on their $24 due to a failed 24 minute pick up guarantee. You guys need to slow down!

  2. mike says:

    CC needs to rebrand and reorganize if it wants to compete with BB.

    Although, personally, I think the electronics market now is abundant and I expect CC to die before they realize they are dieing.

  3. all4jcvette says:

    Do you want to know why they are losing money? It very simple. It’s called price, and they are outragous there. I went into CC on Wed because I needed an internal DVD/RW. My rule is if it’s within 7% of an online store, I’ll buy local and support my local community. They wanted $120 for a basic DVD/RW (no lightscribe) that Newegg had for $30.00, plus $6 S&H. I decided to wait and order it online instead. It’s really a shame that I couldn’t buy it from the new CC down the street.

  4. javi0084 says:

    Aren’t those the same morons that fired their best people to hire cheap ones?

  5. mc101 says:

    These are the same people that wouldn’t let me return a gift that was bought in another state–receipt be damned!! I haven’t been back there since–this was over 5 years ago. Amazon gets all of my electronics business–they know how to treat a customer.

  6. Invalid_User_Name says:

    LOL! Yes, I think I remember something about that.

  7. savvy999 says:

    I go to CC to let my kid play Wii on the biggest TV they have. For hours. (we don’t have a Wii or big TV)

    Never once spent a dime there.

    Sorry CC :(

  8. pengie says:

    I think they’re done after this. Kind of a shame, it wasn’t bad working there (before the mass firings).

    See ya, CC.

  9. highmodulus says:

    At this rate Sears has some real competition in the Race to Bankruptcy 2008.

  10. chrisjames says:

    It’s not hard at all CC:

    Close some stores, you have way too many to stay profitable; end the worthless product partnerships; hire some people that know how to sell electronics, not just know how to sell (they could probably reduce staff by 50% at each store without a noticeable change in operation); stop basing profit margins on large-scale purchases like shitty TVs and bulky sound systems, you’re not a car lot; and please, please organize the DVD shelves and stop putting the newest ones out of view underneath the f’ing racks.

    BB and CC are really only good now for browsing for stuff to get at newegg or Amazon.

  11. ilikemoney says:

    @javi0084: I wonder if anyone on their board of directors is saying, “Hey guys, maybe that wasn’t such a great move, after all”.

  12. strife1012 says:

    I’m still waiting for them to tell me to come into work at 8am for my layoff. God I hope I get severance soon. 3 1/2 years and I now work 7 hours a week. 6 months ago it was 40 hours in just 3 days.

  13. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    Given the choice between BB, CC, and Sound Advice…
    I guess I’ll go Crutchfield or OneCall !!

  14. Nogard13 says:

    People still shop at B&M CC and BB? I don’t remember the last time I stepped into a BB or CC with the intention of buying something. I’ve gone in to look at TVs and see how the picture is compared to others, but I will not spend a nickel in their stores. I keep telling my friend to get rid of his BB shares but he keeps insisting that they’ll recover.


  15. strife1012 says:

    I have worked for Circuit City for 3 1/2 years.

    Everyone is waiting for the layoffs. I have decided to wait for a layoff and get severance for the time I’ve worked.

    Sad to know all we are waiting for is a mass layoff.

    I used to work 40 hours in 3 days. Now I work 8 hours a week. 1 day a week, how bad it that.

  16. Parting says:

    I don’t have to be a CEO to find solutions :

    1 – Stop overpricing your crap, every time I’ve entered the store, I notice that EVERYTHING is more expensive than at Staples/Best Buy/Walmart.

    2 – Stop annoying paying customers with ”I need your address/name to complete credit card purchase”. It’s a sure way to alienate all your customers. Believe me, you won’t make as much profit reselling my info, as I may spend in your store. And I won’t spend another dime, since you are worse that FBI, demanding my information.

    3- CLEAN your stores

  17. gnubian says:

    There is a Circuit City store next door (right angled, separate building) to the Target we shop at. Even at the busy time of year (Holiday seasons), I never see more than 10 – 15 cars parked out front.

    Whenever I go in to buy something (generally replacement power supplies for computers), it’s a ghost town.

  18. vdragonmpc says:

    Dumbest move they ever made was dropping appliances and commissioned salespeople.

    Those guys could tell you what equipment was good for what purpose. I miss the days of negotiating a good price on a washer/ dryer setup and feeling like the guy cared about the sale.

    Now you are lucky if the guy will stop playing guitar hero long enough to tell you that they are out of what you are looking for.

  19. homerj says:

    Here’s the problem–

    I can buy a TV anywhere. I can get it from a website, or pick it up in a store. When I can get it for a couple of hundred dollars cheaper online, there has to be a reason for me to go to a store.

    The one thing a “brick & mortar” store should always have over a website is customer service. If I’m not sure what TV, someone knowledgeable SHOULD steer me in the right direction. If there is a problem after the sale, they should be able to fix it. They should be friendly and helpful.

    These big box electronics stores are the exact opposite. Idiots that don’t even know the difference between 720p and 1080p. They are not only uninformed, but rude. The whole store makes it seems like they are doing you a favor by letting you shop there. Then they wonder why people don’t come back to shop there?

    When you can get BOTH a better price, and better service from a website, why WOULDN’T you shop there? You can buy a TV from Newegg, and not have some 17 year old kid trying to hard sell you some “extended warranty” that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. And have that same kid hard sell you again on some “home installation”.

    Same way with a computer. If I buy a HP computer, and the only difference is that I don’t have to wait a couple days to get it delivered, why would I buy it there? When it breaks, I can’t take it back to their store, I have to deal with HP. So why not just buy it directly from HP to start with?

    Unless these chains change the way they handle customer service, they are all going to die a slow death. Comp USA is already dead, Circuit City looks to be on its last legs, and Best Buy isn’t far behind

  20. haoshufu says:

    Even with all the bad publicity of BB, they still manage to draw a bigger crowd into their stores. Everytime I walk into a CC store, the stores seem so … lacking/boring.

  21. JustaConsumer says:

    Karma baby.

  22. satoru says:

    @haoshufu: I think BB is mostly winning by attrition and being better only by comparison. Their main source of real store competition have mostly died or are dying: Circuit City, Sears, CompUSA. I think the only serious competition they have is in the TV department versus the warehouse stores like Costco/BJ’s/Sam’s Club.

  23. TexasScout says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.

  24. ahwannabe says:

    @javi0084: I thought that was everybody.

  25. Grabraham says:

    I found a $10.00 bill in the parking lot of my local CC. It is no wonder they keep losing all of their money if all the stores let this happen. They really should keep it in a safe place.

  26. SacraBos says:

    “We still have a long way to go, but I’m encouraged by what we’ve been able to accomplish.” Yeah, lowering the stock price some more until BLockbuster can afford to take over?

    @haoshufu: That’s so true. CC seems to have much lower ceilings, maze arrangements to make it hard to get to where you want or SEE the part of the store you want. BB has large high-placed displays telling you where to find what, brighter colors, and is better lit.

  27. DriedCranberry says:

    A diaster!?! No, it’s a miracle!

    Whoo hoo!!!

  28. Snarkysnake says:

    Okay, everyone calm down. All we are seeing here is the natural born-grow-age-die life cycle of a company.

    The bill is finally coming due for years of bad practices at all levels of this company. From the “extended warranty” hustle to the guarantee -that-isn’t-a-guarantee to openly screwing long time employees,you are seeing Darwinian selection take it’s course.Sales are down. Profits are non existent. The owners (shareholders) are unhappy. The customers are stayng away in droves. The employees (judging by some of the comments above) are mutinous. Only the executive management of this train wreck lives well these days.

    And here’s the kicker- When they declare chapter 11 sometime in the future,the architects of this disaster will hand themselves whatever they have not looted as “retention bonuses”.

    Don’t let the door hit ya,Circuit City…

  29. WickedKoala says:

    Perhaps if they could figure out how to keep Wii consoles in stock they wouldn’t be having this problem.

  30. To all the CC employees hanging on to jobs they hate just for a severance package:

    Do you really think that CC will somehow grow a conscience and give you severance? If so, maybe you’re a perfect fit for a job at CC.

  31. DamThatRiver says:

    Ah, CC. The K-Mart of electronics stores.

  32. smd31 says:

    It’s kinda sad to see this. Granted I think the last thing I bought at CC was a movie/DVD but…actually to be honest, it was sadder to see CompUSA close.

    When I was at my last job I went to CompUSA almost exclusively to get parts for something that was needed (server lost a HD, or whatever)…Sure CompUSA was usually blah looking and the employees weren’t great but at least they had computer parts (internal HDs, cables/etc) in stock…after CompUSA closed I went to get an internal HD from CC and they didn’t have any on the floor…only external HDs…so went to BB and they were almost no better…only had 1 brand of internal HD instock…luckily it fit the bill for the moment.

    Maybe it was vice-versa where BB didn’t have any internal HDs and CC had 1…either way there’s no good computer store left (brick and mortar store that is) that you can just go in and pick up something when needed.

  33. failurate says:

    I go there to look at stuff I am going to buy online. They might make more money if they served food and drinks.

  34. Fatty Shcock says:

    Yeah, well they fucking deserve it.

    I used to work for a company called Nfrastructure Technologies, and one of the projects that I was on dealt with working at every Circuit City store in the eastern part of the U.S., and replace all of their registers and server equipment, running a team with 4 other people. It didn’t help that we had to work from 9 at night, till 9 in the morning (if it was a good night), for 4 nights straight, every single week. The job was shitty, the pay was shitty, and the ones that I was managing made more money than me! Also, Circuit City is the scummiest fucking place to work around. sometimes where were roaches, spiders nests, and piles upon piles of garbage in and under the counters of where they work, and where customers do business.

    Another thing that was shitty was the fact that it was at the time that 300 came out on dvd and Blu-ray, so every fucking store we worked at, the manager HAD to play the god damn movie, so by the time the project finished, I wanted to just chest-kick anyone who quoted the movie into a watery grave.

    CC sucks, and I have never been to their stores ever since. Bad times.

  35. Mudpuddle says:

    I remember having to return a xmas gift. While in the long returns line i noticed that the door alarm would go off every sixth person as they were leaving, without fail. Since I spent two hours for a simple return with receipt I had plenty of time to count out the sixth leaving customer and watch there unhappy face as the alarm went off. Havent bothered with CC since.

  36. Myrddraal says:

    CC, BB, or any B&M can be successful and profitable vs. web sites if they would just realize that their purpose is not to sell electronics anymore. The purpose of a B&M in this day and age is to add value to the purchasing process and to provide support and service that websites simply cannot offer.

  37. jackal676 says:

    They made a really bad decision in shifting so much attention to selling services. Sure, it’s a great way to make money, in theory: send a $7/hr. employee out to set up computers/audio equipment and charge $150 a pop. But there are only so many people rich enough or gullible enough to fork out all that dough. The rest of us informed consumers are insulted by your eagerness to dupe less tech-inclined customers into paying you $35 to install a printer or charging $85 for an HDMI cable. The ill will spreads fast and far, and you garner even more widespread negative PR when you give your best and brightest the axe in an effort to save a few bucks an hour. How could they not have predicted that backlash? How could they expect to save their stores by firing their greatest assets? You can’t look at Wal-Mart and say “Shit, if they don’t need a great sales force, neither do I.”
    Phil, you’re not running Wal-Mart. You don’t make your profits by being extraordinarily efficient and undercutting your competition. You make a profit by selling electronics at a big markup, and you need good people to make that happen. Maintaining strength in the modern market can’t be accomplished by adopting a big-box store model if you’re not running a big-box store. Here’s some advice:
    1) Don’t fill your sales positions with ill-informed, untrained teenagers.
    2) Don’t subject your workers to the pressures of commission sales if you’re not going to pay them a commission.
    3) Respect the intelligence of your customers.
    4) Get rid of 60% of the crap in your stores — quit selling nexxtech trash and instead concentrate on a smaller inventory of quality merchandise. If someone wants cheap junk, let them buy it off the internet. You waste too many resources and too much shelf space with items that aren’t worth selling.
    5) Paint some shit white to brighten your dreary-ass stores. Hand out paper towels and have your employees wipe down the shelves and products twice a week. People aren’t going to buy your stuff if it it’s all covered in dust.

  38. jpx72x says:

    @vdragonmpc: Commissioned sales do not fit you into something you need. They convince you that you need a high commission item.

  39. Spinfusor says:

    In order for Circuit City to be successful it would need to completely redo all of its stores, retrain or replace all of its personnel, lower its prices, and (possibly) rebrand itself.

    I don’t see it doing any of those things.

  40. IndyJaws says:

    @jpx72x: A poor commissioned salesperson would do that. A successful one would listen to what the customer wants and find an appropriate match, speaking intelligently about the product and providing a high level of customer service so that they will not only have that customer repeat buy, but also that customer’s friends who they told about their positive experience.

    Unfortunately, those salespeople are almost as extinct as the dodo.

  41. gnubian says:


    (quoted from homerj)
    “Unless these chains change the way they handle customer service, they are all going to die a slow death. Comp USA is already dead, Circuit City looks to be on its last legs, and Best Buy isn’t far behind”

    Bestbuy isn’t going away, in fact, they’re going for global .. []

    quote –
    “Speaking at the BRC Annual Conference in London Bob Willett, chief executive of Best Buy International, stated: “Joint-ventures are wrought with danger unless you get the culture right. At Carphone Warehouse’s head office in Acton and Best Buy’s in Minnesota the cultures are the same. We’ve had an engagement for four years and we were married recently.”

    This marriage involved Best Buy acquiring 50 per cent of Carphone Warehouse’s retail business, which will form the platform from which the US-based operator will open up to 200 shops in the UK. This move follows the successful running of mobile phone shops in the US.

  42. Pro-Pain says:

    Why does this not happen to Best Buy? I like CC and have never had a problem with them. Unlike the mighty Worst Buy.

  43. edosan says:

    I go into Circuit City for the loss leader sales and nothing else. I can’t imagine people buying full-priced stuff there.

  44. Syrus28 says:

    Took them long enough. I have both a Best Buy and Circuit City within 2 minutes of each other here in Phoenix.

    Circuit City never has any of its registers open, instead forcing you to go to their “customer service” desk to purchase things, often when 1 person working the register. The entire building is dark and gloomy with barely anything on the shelves. I went there to buy Ninja Gaiden 2 on release day, and it had no shelf presence. However, upon asking, they did have it, just in the back. I don’t think too many people would go through the hassle of asking a clerk (if you can find one) every time they want something. Its a disaster. No wonder they lost $164 million

    However, the local Best Buy just went through a re-model, adding an Apple Store section and re-emphasizing their mobile phones. They had the Nokia N95, HTC Touch, and a host of symbian phones and smartphones. The building is brightly lit, usually having 3-4 registers open and the store layout is great. On top of that, you don’t see 100s of empty shelves each and every way you look. I mean, its great. Best Buy isn’t going anywhere. Last year, they posted profits of $1.5 billion with $10 billion in revenue and their stock price is 10x more than Circuit City. ($44 vs $4)

  45. jscarrozzo says:

    worked at CC when I was younger, and quit when they stopped the commission. Truthfully there were alot of guys there just to make the money, but most of them knew what they were talking about. We made money on accessories, but also know that the customer needed them to acctually use the product. The service contract was good on some items, bad on others. It was all downhill from there…

  46. jpdanzig says:

    The local CC in Union Square, NYC, is a dreadful dump. One of the other posters said that the only thing he’d buy at CC is a DVD. Not at Union Square — you wouldn’t be able to FIND the title you were looking for! That’s because a great percentage of the DVDs, CDs, and video games in this store — are completely UNALPHABETIZED! This does give the Union Square CC the distinction of being the ONLY store in the city that doesn’t put their titles in alphabetical order.

  47. Silversmok3 says:

    Someone answer me this:
    “This is a quarter of steady progress,” CEO Philip J. Schoonover said in a conference call with investors. “We still have a long way to go, but I’m encouraged by what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

    WHEN IS A $168.4 MILLION dollar LOSS steady progress?Unless your goal is bankruptcy or business failure.The reason this company will be in Chapter 11 shortly is right in that quote.

  48. cecilsaxon says:

    I worked for CC when it was a fun commissioned base store. We sold what we knew, and cared about the customers. At worst we cared if they would return their stuff and take back our commission- still a motivator to make a good sale.
    I was let go in the rounds of layoffs. I saw my old store wither and atrophy. A very sad place to go shop and work. Displays do not work, and the clerks know noting beyond what they have read on the back of a box. I do go in now and again to browse and seldom buy anything- It’s like waiting for Granny to die. She’s had a good run and now its just time for her to go. Hey Granny- don’t buy no green bananas.

  49. rellog says:

    @Invalid_User_Name: They actually fired their best people twice. Last year around this time was the second, where they decided $11/hr. was WAY too much money…

    So how much in pay cuts are the execs taking for such a dismal showing?

  50. rellog says:

    By the way, they opened a new store a about 2 years ago, and I can’t stand to be in it for more that 10 minutes. Same with new Best Buys stores. I don’t know if it’s VOCs or what, but my eyes start burning, I get dizzy and develop a wicked headache. Since there aren’t any old CCs around me, and only one old BB, I stop in there to shop…. not to buy- I do that online, but I do like to look at a real product before buying. I used to take BB to the cleaners, until they stopped fulfilling their guarantees.

  51. takotchi says:

    I tried to buy a M-rated game that was on clearance the other day, and for the first time ever, I was asked for ID. I refused, of course, given the privacy implications and the overall rudeness of asking a grown adult for ID over a stupid game. They even tried to lie to me and tell me it was “federal law” and not just a store policy they apparently only enforce when they decide they don’t like the look of you and want to embarrass you.

    My point is… they seem to miss the fact you can often just go across the street to the Worst Buy or wherever and get the same thing price matched and not deal with their bologna. So, I’m not really surprised they’re circling the toilet bowl.

  52. Bush2008 says:

    Circuit City does have some issues. Fiscal year 2007, the average company gross margin was merely 18%. That’s with those fancy services and everything. It’s basically TVs that make or break the store. If the technology department (imaging and computers) makes budget, then it doesn’t really affect the overall store like TVs does.

    Computer gross margins are so horrible. They’re usually anywhere from -25% to 15%. Almost any laptop you see in the ad, Circuit City loses money on. THAT is why they push firedog, warranties, and so forth on you. Don’t get offended when they’re offered unless the person is an obvious idiot; I’ve heard other associates say stupid stuff like “you cannot create recovery discs on your own, only we can for $29.99”.

    The big internal push for the company, once again, is firedog and TVs. Both products have high gross margins and are big-ticket items. In fact, Circuit City is now testing commission based sales in their TV department only. Apparently, if your gross margin per hour is high enough, you’ll gain incentive bonuses. So not only will it require the employees to learn about the product to better help the customers, they’ll actually WANT to help you! Shocking!

    I think another problem is the expectations corporate has of it’s lowly-paid, lowly-motivated employees. In the internal training, it mentions how to overcome certain objections to warranties and so forth. For example, the associate is supposed to say something like this if you reject the warranty: “So, is it that you do not see the benefit and value of the warranty, or is it simply too much money? Well sir, if it’s too much money, we do offer our credit card with 12 months of no interest right now!”. What 20 year old kid making $8 hour is really going to do this every sale? I can tell you from my store and my own experience, not very many. But Circuit City expects this. It’s ridiculous.

    Lastly, and my apologies for writing so much, is the common joke among employees at Circuit City is this: “Only work hard enough to not get fired, but don’t work too hard or you might get laid off” So sad.

  53. consum3rist says:

    ohhh, I can’t wait enough to see CC going down like CompUSA

  54. jjason82 says:

    I’m not surprised that CC is losing money. I go in there every once in a while, maybe every six months or so, when they have a good sale on a very specific product I’m looking for. In the last three or four years, everytime I go in my local CC, its a ghost-town. It’s a pretty big store, but there’s always maybe two people inside. The staff is always standing around talking to each other, bored as hell because they have nothing to do and no customers to sell stuff to. In all the times I’ve been in there in the past four years or so, I seriously doubt if I’ve EVER seen more than five customers in the store at once. And again I must stress, this is a large CC. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wondered how the hell they stay in business as long as they have. There’s no possible way that they’re turning a profit.

  55. elisa says:

    I got a CC gift card 3 years ago, and I STILL haven’t used it. Whenever I have an electronic item I need to buy, I go to CC, BB, and Fry’s (all in a cluster sorta near my house). BB (I’ve never had a problem with them, I’m NOT calling them Worst Buy) and Fry’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS have better prices and service than CC. It shows – the Fry’s is always full, the BB is usually at least half full, and the CC is always echoingly empty. I don’t know how they stay in business.

    I better use that gift card before they go into bankruptcy and stop honoring their obligations, the way Sharper Image did! I’ll pick up some DVDS or CDs or something…

    I’d mourn the loss of CC only b/c it would cut down on competition for BB, and they’d probably get worse. CompUSA’s gone, so what’s really left in terms of brick-and-mortar? (Like many here, I like to see what I’m buying first).

  56. elisa says:

    Oh, and when I had to replace my dinosaur laptop in a hurry after it died, I went to all 3. I was looking for a smaller (13 inches), under $1000. BB and Fry’s both had good deals, but the CC only had one, well over $1000. (And all their laptops were more expensive in general…)

    And when I asked the CC guy if this was all there was, he FLAT OUT LIED to me. He told me that “manufacturers don’t make cheaper small laptops.” Unfortunately for him, I’d just been to BB and Fry’s, where the same manufacturers were apparently making smaller yet not too expensive laptops.

    I haven’t been back since.

  57. Vicky says:

    I would miss CC because it’s my secret weapon for finding sought-after video games on release day without a pre-order. I’ve twice gone to the customer service desk and they were able to provide games that were sold out or not yet stocked elsewhere.

  58. freejazz38 says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nice bunch of scumbags. Retail moron NEVER learn (can’t, no brains) that poor customer service, lousy prices, and retail games do NOT add up to a successful retail business. That’s why only morons work in retail. NO BRAINS. The only thing dumber than a retail employee is the management, they’re lifers. The only thing dumber than the management, is the corporate ownership.

  59. HOP says:

    they,cc,used to be a decent place to shop…i have had good experiences with them….then it seem like the outfit did a 180 degree and turned lousy…..the help doesn’t seem to know even where the restrooms are….they don’t seem to know what they are selling….you have a better chance of getting knowledgeable assistance from wal-mart staff then from those at cc…’s a shame… far as bb goes, i don’t even enter their store……i guess it’ll be on line for me from now on…..

  60. DraconWolfX says:

    I must be the only person around who actually likes Circuit City. Their store where I shop is clean, the employees are friendly without being overly pushy, and the selection is pretty good. The prices on their clearance/demo products are usually very good (beating online most of the time) and I’ve bought quite a few open box products there before. Never had any issues with returns either. Given the choice between Circuit City and Best Buy, CC is a no brainer for me. It’s one of the few retail stores I still don’t mind going into.

  61. blkhrt1 says:

    Best Buy is not going anywhere. Circuit City may as well be dead. Pull the plug already, stop letting the company SUFFER!! Stock is declining, staffing is under par by the assloads, and merchandise is as rare as my favorite steak! (Pardon all the bad puns there, but hey…this is exciting!)

    You people need to understand that, yes, you can almost always get a better deal online than in an actual store. But you don’t get the customer experience! Don’t lump your bad experience at one store in with the rest of the B&M stores. If you went into a Best Buy and had a bad experience, or Circuit City, or Wal-Mart, or wherever, those are mainly singular events. Seclusive and definitely not a company value. You can buy everything online these days, but you you cannot replace a sight with your own eyes with a thumbnail picture on a website. True, people may go into a Best Buy to see what TV they want, and then order it online. That’s fine. But the gas you wasted to go to that store, possibly having to put up with so-called “dumb employees”, and shipping charges you’re going to have to pay ANYWAYS, all pale in comparison to the convenience to going to a store, saying “I want that one”, and walking out without paying to have it shipped, without waiting a week for it when you want it NOW, and even with the service plans (or as some people say “extended warranties” which is a totally FALSE statement that I’ll get into some other time) those are freakin’ OPTIONAL. A simple “No” or two is all that is required and you’re on your way.

    So, don’t judge a store by a bad personal experience, and CERTAINLY don’t judge it by a total stranger’s experience!

  62. CSUSam says:

    “Do you want to know why they are losing money? It very simple. It’s called price, and they are outragous there. I went into CC on Wed because I needed an internal DVD/RW. My rule is if it’s within 7% of an online store, I’ll buy local and support my local community. They wanted $120 for a basic DVD/RW (no lightscribe) that Newegg had for $30.00, plus $6 S&H. I decided to wait and order it online instead. It’s really a shame that I couldn’t buy it from the new CC down the street.” by all4jcvette

    Yeah, that’s a lie. We have NO drive in my store or on the website that fits that description. Between fifty and sixty is what they usually cost, more for the Sony, of course. They all still fall outside of your asinine and unusually specific 7% guideline.

  63. Sorshha says:

    Most people actually don’t understand the 24 24 guarantee. They actually only shell out maybe 1 a week. Read the details of it.
    Oh no my good sir.. it is not price that is killing them. They will match most nearby stores silly.
    You sir.. are correct.. we have a winner here. They did, and continue to fire employees, to replace them with ones who can be paid less. Thing with this is that the reason these employees are paid so much, is because they have been working there’s a while. So, they are more knowledgeable. Its simple logic really… You keep people who know what they are talking about. CCITY hasn’t figured that out yet. EVERY employee knows after their first raise.. their time is coming soon.

    BUT heres their main flaw… This is where Best Buy beats them out in smarts. The smart business thing to do would be to follow them. Best buy actually only pays for items when they leave the store (as do most retailers). While Circuit city works on credit. They buy everything, then when it sells they make back the money. The main problem with this, is that they deal with technology.So the more time something sits… the less its worth… the more money they lose….
    SO ccity gl..
    cant wait to see who buys them out.
    Actually it would be a smart move for anyone who did buy them out considering they actually own everything in their stores.

  64. djmattymac says:

    i work at ccity, but im gonna be honest. there are ALOT of problems with the company in the upper section mainly. It starts with Phil, who we all have a local store bet as to how long before he gets kicked out. I don’t know about or care about any other part of the store except my area in tvs, so im glad the did away with the ” full floor” aspect. That was the reason so many people got unknowledgable sales associates.. I wouldnt know the difference of ddr and ddr2 memory if my life depended on it, but on thursdays it would be 2 associates in tvs, me and another associate closing computers, and another tv assciate closing mobile.. since they changed that it has been much less stressful and we are able to focus more on our home area.
    to respond real quick to the poster a few posts up, we HAVE to id you. it is our job. I am 24 and i know what a person 18 or older looks like, but i have no choice.. I had to id my neighbor when she paid for her new tv with a credit card. ive carded parents buying a grand theft auto 4 that looked older than my mothe at 55. If you want to bitch about it, go ahead, but i defend the decision. its the same in every retail store in america, but they just chose not to do it. its like buyig cigarettes.
    also, there are no registers open because we dont get enough hours to fully staff the store unless its a holiday or big sales event or something. that leads to every customer not getting the attention they deserve, which half the time i spend is with people who come in a refuse to buy anything at all and waste my time asking every question under the sun and then turn around and leave without a thank you or some kind of gratitude for making his purchase on amazon/newegg/crutchfield easier and showing him the value in the hdmi cable, whether he buys a 40/130 dollar one from us or a 5 dollar one online, so he knows the value..but im off topic..customers not getting attention leave, thus costing us money and thus losing us hours. although i know my shit and i get 30 hours a week as a p/t associate. but its not cuz im the best salesman, cuz im not.. its cuz i give a shit about the job, want to make the company money, and make a differnce to some customer..but thats just my opinion..but it sounds like the current employees that are on here hate their job, so my adive would be to just quit. make all our lives better. thanks for listening