Woman Punches JetBlue Flight Attendant In The Face For Not Letting Her Smoke

Once again we remind you not to drink too much at the airport before getting on your flight. We know airports are boring and sad and they make you want to kill the pain with copious amounts of gin. Don’t do it — or you could end up punching a JetBlue flight attendant in the face.

Meet Christina Elizabeth Szele of Woodside, NY. She was charged with assault and interference with flight attendants after she caused such a disturbance that her flight was diverted to Colorado. According to an FBI agent who witness the event, Szele yelled “obscenities and racial epithets” when a flight attendant tried to keep her from smoking, prompting the flight attendants to restrain her in plastic cuffs… Szele then broke through the cuffs, and commenced punching.

Szele had been drinking and doesn’t remember any of it, says the AP.

Woman accused of punching JetBlue flight attendant [Examiner]
(Photo: So Cal Metro )

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