Washington D.C. Police Say Its OK For Off-Duty Cops To Detain You For Not Showing Receipt

Remember Matt? He was detained by an off-duty police officer who was employed as a security guard by the Home Depot because he did not show his receipt. Matt complained about this to the Home Depot and received an apology from Frank Blake, the CEO. He also filed a formal complaint with the Metropolitan police. He says the police found his complaint to be unfounded.

My complaint to the police department was determined by them to be unfounded. The investigating official told me that the police officer was working off-duty employment to provide security at Home Depot, and therefore her actions weren’t those of the police department. He also stated that she had the right to detain me in her capacity providing security at Home Depot, even though she was wearing a full Metropolitan Police Dept uniform.

We’re not exactly shocked that the Metropolitan police would shrug this off as “not their problem”, but it’s still frustrating that they don’t take responsibility for people who are wearing their uniform. Since you were able to resolve the issue with Home Depot, however, we’d say your efforts were not in vain.

Anyone out there know more about Washington D.C.’s shoplifting laws?

(Photo: Marike79 )