Personal Finance Roundup

9 big credit card myths [MSN Money] “What you don’t know could hurt you.”

Patience Pays Off [Kiplinger] “Whatever your style of investing, the lesson of the millenium is clear: It pays to keep investing through market slumps.”

A Real-Life Example of How to Save $1,300 in Less than Two Hours by Shopping Around for Car Insurance [Free Money Finance] “I just recently got married so changing insurance was on the endless list of things to do, so I explored my intuitive feeling, of being screwed, and here is what happened.”

18 ways to beat inflation [CNN Money] “Cut out some waste and take advantage of a few overlooked deals, and you can rein in your budget without feeling like a penny-pincher.”

How We Organize Our Coupons and Execute Our Coupon Strategy [The Simple Dollar] “Here’s how we maximize our coupon value, from top to bottom.”

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