Lowe's CEO Robert Niblock Email Address And Phone Number

Robert A. Niblock
First Vice Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.
1000 Lowe’s Blvd
Mooresville, NC 28117
Phone: 704-758-2084

Tammy picks up, but if you use these tips for stating your case calmly and succinctly, you should be fine. Here are also some numbers for directly reaching their executive customer service team.


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  1. whoareyou says:

    Hmmmm….maybe I should tell him about Mr. Happy Fun Face at the local store who grudgingly sold me a bath tub, enclosure, and incorrectly sized sliding glass door. (One size fits all, right?) Oh, darn, I have to sell in stock merchandise? That’s hard, I have to stand up and use a computer.

  2. I might call him up and thank him for putting a brand new Lowes less than three miles from the house, cutting my home improvement commute by two thirds. Good times!

  3. jetfxr27 says:

    I just dropped him a line. I prefer Lowes.

  4. Ross Gerami says:

    Hi Mr. Niblock,
    I worked for Lowes #1738 in St. Charles for 13 months in the Kitchen dept. and for no good reason was let go along with John Gronberg who worked there for over 6 years and is also over 60 years old.We were both replaced by 2 younger people fpr less wages. I did file a claim with the EEOC Commission for Age discrimination.
    I really did enjoy working at Lowes and did my best to increase sales in this down turn economy, at year end 2008 I was told to call anyone who was on the fence about making a purchase that we would consider any offers and then I was told that we lost margin. I tried my best.
    Thanks for listing,
    Ross Gerami
    Sales Specialist 630-674-0530
    Store #1738

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chip Church and Mic Hillman,

    I feel like I have tried all with in my power to deal with this matter in a fair and dignified way. Since Hillman refuses to accept responsibility for its own actions and still has not learned anything from its mistakes, I am forced to find someone that will. Hillman just as any other company has to conduct business in a justified manner. Hillman has caused me pain, grief, and disrespect. Hillman has not treated me with the dignity that is my God given right. Did Hillman hold the people who treated me with this disrespect accountable for their mistakes what so ever? If I made comments such as the ones made to me in a Lowes store I would have been fired no questions asked. But as the head of Human Resources says “straight people should not make straight comments in front of mixed company” maybe I could of told that to the hr person at Lowes. When I had my store managers calling me to find out if I was ok and when I was coming back to work maybe I should have told them the way I was treated to see if it was ok to do such a thing. I worked for Hillman four years giving my all working many hours I did not get paid for in hope of a promotion that so called was done away with I was belittled by your management staff. (Not just one but several) I have every pay check stub and call report I have done for Hillman. I am more than sure someone can look at the travel times and work times and see they do not add up and the hurricane route boy those 16 hour days were hard, No hwy infrastructure, taking all the back roads and twice the work load. Working Chicago stores for months I think if your drive time policy is correct which I have a copy of I am still owed a ton of over time. But as my last boss said “you have to do the job first when working for Hillman before getting the promotion you know how Hillman operates”. Funny enough the same boss Kevin Frederking also told me after I got hit once in the company car and going through company procedure that he did not want me to report the second time I got hit the same week because he did not want the extra paper work. He is a church going man lets see if he answers that one with honestly. The New Orleans DM telling me he does not pay overtime you do what you need to do. I believe that Hillman thinks they are above the law and can conduct business not following the rules of the fsla not to mention have its management follow the discrimination guide lines. I am sure that any judge and jury will see the sadness of this situation. Seven months ago when I asked for severance package after telling Mic Hillman I could not go back to work by doctors orders because of the bad working environment his only answer was it’s a bad time to be unemployed. It’s hard working for a company after you have been called out when you know what most of the people working for the same company feel about so called outsiders. I was pushed aside by Hillman hopping I would go away just like their customers do when they need a problem fixed not treated in a respectful manner. I have seen the dirty business ethics of Hillman.

    I have seen the way you treat your employees that just go with the flow because it’s the best job they can find. I have seen you force people to price shop your own customers in order to make money on the other end. February of 2008 when you price shopped Menards and home depot’s fasteners in order to bring Lowes back the prices to better price their items was against your own code of ethics not to mention that in itself was braking the law and unknowingly making all your employese brake the law by doing what you told them to do. When people being told to do this asked why Hillman would take a risk of loosing these accounts we were told that a 12 million dollar account t is not much to loose if it made more money for lowers their larger account. When I brought this to Mic Hillmans attention he said that he stands by the operations of Hillman. Lowes can price shop their competitor but Hillman cannot price shop their own customers. This is the kind of business Hillman does. You are not above the law. You are not operating some 3 million dollar a year company you are operating a half a billion dollar a year company like it’s a mom and pop operation. I was in the military six years and they taught us the importance of integrity and loyalty. You would hurt the accounts that made your company in order to make money for your larger account. It’s sad that Lowes does not understand that you would do the same to them. It’s like cheating if you do it once you will do it again. My final thought on all this is that Hillman is held responsible for this but many other vendor companies in Lowes treat their employees the same and some ever worse to adhere to what Lowes wants and to keep their profit margin the same. In the past Lowes has had the same problem with their own managers trying to meet their required budged labor dollars. I am taking some of my time to talk to them. Maybe you can hide behind your nuts and bolts and it does not hurt your business. Hillman is not a name everyone knows but Lowes is. Many people that shop Lowes are people like myself gays and the others woman. I myself spent around 30 grand there on a corporate account last month remodeling some property and a lot more over the years not to mention many other business men I know. I can’t hurt Hillman but I be dammed if I will spend my money at Lowes if Hillman does not own up to their responsibilities and Lowes still buys and carries Hillman products. If you think for a second that you are dealing with someone who will not pursue you in everyway possible way, you are so wrong. I will do everything I need to in a moral way still treating you with dignity and honesty only using the truth. I do not have to tell lies to make Hillman liable for its mistakes. If I ran someone over with a car I would have to pay for what I did. If I was not following fire code and someone got hurt in one of my properties I would be held liable even if I paid someone else to do the work because in the end it’s still my responsibility. As Mic says he cannot control all that goes on in his sells and service team because of its size this does not make Hillman any less liable.

    As I said before I will not allow attorneys to bend or reach for the truth but I will find some that will explain the fsla law to me and do the research to see if it’s correct. I would never allow it to be like the rest of the slash throat class actions going around. I will not let anyone treat me like dirt and take it lying down. I have never fought a battle and lost, I will keep trying till there is no breath in my body. This is not a game this is my life. If Hillman wants a fight a fight it shall have.

    You take away a year of my life and think you can make me go away for four weeks of severance pay after I had to hire my own attorney just to get you to offer me any type of compensation. If you have an attorney that is charging you by the hour he will beat you as well. If I loose I am sure to loose a lot of money but so do you its called attorney’s fees. If my pears see what I do than we wasted our time. If they don’t at least I know that I wasted your time and money not to mention put your reputation on the line. Your severance package would not even cover my attorney’s fees I have spent to date. You think I am weak I was a soldier and not a very bad business man and I did not do any of this giving up or with anyone’s intimidation. But when I know I am in the wrong I always take credit for my actions I do not try to squirm my way out like a snake.

    This letter will in fact be forwarded to Lowes, Home depot, and John Menard. (I am sure John Menard will love this letter)The thing is I was not going to do this because I know John Menard would pull your contract in a minute being the kind of business man he is. You have to respect the man he is cut throat. But he does treat his employees with dignity. I never said anything because I did not want Hillman’s employees to be out of work I am thinking that it would not be such a bad thing and by the way you are growing your Lowes accounts I am sure you could use more service reps to help out. Maybe if you keep going in this direction you can get all the other hardware components hinges, door stoppers etc. You may need it.

    To all those who need information on the price shop I have emails to back that up and know other people that were in on that conference call. I am pretty sure you may have a case.

    Any Hillman Employees who would like to continue the class action case I dropped to save your jobs you are more than welcome to.

    Thanks for your time Mic and chip

    James Cristina

    Lowes I would watch my back if I where you once a ball rolls it always rolls down to shit.

    Thanks for your time I would get this over to your leagal department next off I am forwarding this to the media.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would like to say how impressed I am that Mr. Niblock makes himself accessible to his employees and his customers by letting you call and email with a concern. I already love Lowe’s, but now I really do. He must really care which is rare these days for a CEO of a company as we have seen in the past few months with the stimulis deals that were made.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good store,but I am writting because I want you to keep supporting the Fox news network!! The boycott is mainly people lacking a informed knowledge of this world,and you know those people dont have much money to spend anyway!
    Ex; if you listen to C-Span the ones that called in to support B ush’s every move or to condemn Becks every word, don’t speak well and can’t make a comment that makes sense! Our country is inthis bad situation because crooks have counted on people not being informed or well educated enough to catch on to what is really going on. How sad that most of this is by supporters of illegals(dont get me wrong,come here legally,any nationality,fine)but illegals take out but dont put in.
    What they dont realize is,it will destroy this country and then their won’t be one for anyone!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I applaud Mr Robert Niblock and his personal response to my issue involving a recent purchase(Fridge and Dryer). The store resolved my issue on its own after a couple of tries however Mr Niblock took the additional step of replying to my email reassuring my belief in their Brand and Commitment to Customer Loyalty. Obviously not all problems and issues can be resolved at a wave of a magic wand but a few empathetic words from a company’s core leader(CEO) makes a difference.

  9. jacki says:

    Thanks to Lowes for replacing a 12 day old defected washer that was against thier 7 day policy return- It took a little persistance and the store manager was not very consumer friendly but in the end every one saw through the mucky waters of my 12 day old washer that would not empty or wash- thanks for new washer and kudos to sales manager who responded to the e-mail from corporate. The only thing agitating now is my washer!!

  10. jojo says:

    Poor service dept. Trying for almost a month to get an answer! My Maytag washer doesn’t work didn’t fill up with water properly since day one. They were to send out someone to fix it “NO Show” and Lowe’s service Dept said OH they turned down the request to go fix it. I said why didn’t someone call me it was 3:00 pm and I was setting waiting all day. They still haven’t sent anyone. I called everyday they only got pissed off at me for begging for help. Still no return phone calls and no washer…I have emailed everyone it Lowe’s I can and still NO HELP Purchased the washer less than a year.

  11. copperstar says:

    I cannot believe the condescending attitude Lowe’s Executive support has. Lowe’s cashier in Sierra Vista managed to make a mistake of $1293 on a unauthorized transaction, then make the right transaction for $864, then tell me I wont see the $1293 for 24 to 48 hours. I call that embezzlement. They refuse to call my bank and ask them to release it immediately. The management refuses to listen and even thank me for my 1000s of dollars worth of business. They SUCK!

  12. readypro says:

    I just sent Bob a string of emails about the drama of my new stove and a story about Shane, the appliance manger in the local store in Idaho Falls. My drama has been going on for months and just when Corporate restores my confidence in getting a fix, the local idiots cant do it, wont do it, or show up on the wrong day to replace it. We’ll see what happens next.

  13. readypro says:

    I thought I would tell the tale of my purchase of a GE Electric Stove. Several months ago I went into the local Lowe’s store in Idaho Falls. I have an apartment, as was thinking of getting a new covection oven and replacing the oven I had. So, I approached the appliance manager and told him I was looking for a range with a convection oven and a white cooktop. Instead of showing me the models he had, he just told me to go home and look on the Lowe’s website. That was wierd, and really non-customer oriented. I complained to the manager and then went home and checked out the website. The website was not very helpful, because the search engine used doesnt cover all the models for some reason. So, I spent three hours looking at each model that met my criteria. After deciding, I went down to the store. They said I needed to order from the website. So, back to my house I go, and order it online. Of course the website wouldnt take the new Lowe’s card I signed up for. So, I was directed by a website person to call the local store! LOL. So, I call the local store, and they take my order over the phone and use the new Lowe’s card. Whew! I also schedule delivery with the Appliance manager. It was supposed to arrive in two weeks with a scheduled Saturday delivery. I get a voice mail message to call regarding the stove. I call back and get no where. Endless rings to other departments but nobody knows anything about the stove or the scheduled delivery. I take off work and go down to the store to figure things out. I ask for the appliance manager but he’s not there. So I ask for the store manager. The attendant flags down the store manager as he’s walking by me and says “This gentleman needs to talk to you regarding his order”…. the store manager replys to her (right in front of me)… “Take a message”. Ok, Im pretty frustrated at this point, because I have paid for a stove, they have no record of me paying for it, and nobody wants to help. So, I raise my voice a few decibles and say, Somebody needs to deliver my stove this afternoon or I want my money back now. The store manager immediatly tells me to lower my voice or he’s going to ask me to leave. So, I lower my voice, and say exactly the same thing again. After some more critisim of me by him, he decides to tell me to just go home and someone will call me. I tell him thats not good enough. So, finally he calls and finds the stove, which had been there for over a week! They agree to deliver the stove that day. They show up and there is frieght damage. A few more calls and I just decide to fix the frieght damage myself. The delivery guys leave and I test the stove. It takes over 45 minutes to heat up to 350 degrees on Convection setting! Round and round I go for 45 more days to try and figure out what to do. Finally, the corporate office calls me and after a few more weeks, decides to replace the stove. Of course, they make arrangements with the local office to deliver on a saturday per my request. To my dismay, I arrive to my apartment after work and notice a door tag on my door from Lowes. “Sorry we missed you” and “please call to reschedule your delivery.!! OMG! So I call back and go round and round and round for an hour with ring no answer, no voice mail and “Sorry” thats not my department!!! I send an email back to Corporate and tell them I am SOOOO done. Apparently someone said something and the word got up to the top of Lowe’s. THANK GOD! Today I got an email from the local store who has made me an offer to keep the defective stove and they will send me a full refund. I hope this happens, but everything else from the local store has turned to lead. I’ll let everyone know what happens next.

  14. mkansari says:

    I’m saddened that any place of business would succumb to bigots and people trying to perpetuate their negative views on an entire community. Lowe’s should have high standards of morality and public awareness instead Lowe’s is engaging in religious discrimination.
    Reference to: http://news.yahoo.com/backlash-lowes-ads-pulled-muslim-show-091701562.html

    Lowe’s should know about Islam and the future growth of Muslim community in the United States.

  15. Mrhdoc1 says:

    Dear Mr. Niblock,

    I, like many other Americans, have shopped at Lowes and have been quite satisfied with my experiences at both of our local Lowes stores.

    However, I believe that as a consumer, I, “vote,” for a retailer by making purchases from them.

    As, you know, there are many local alternatives/competitors to Lowes such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, etc.

    I am disappointed that your corporation chooses to bow to the demands of religious bigots. Religious freedom is one of the founding principles of the United States.

    As a consumer, I will no longer shop at Lowes until a more appropriate and vigorous apology is made to ALL of the religious groups that compose our communities across the United States and until Lowes reinstates advertising support for TLC’s “All-American Muslim.”

    Lowes unfortunate decision and actions brings shame to every American who supports freedom, liberty, and justice for ALL of our citizens and not just a wildcard group of bigots.

  16. windsorgirl says:

    what you should do is contact corporate. this is very sad when people who work for a large company complain that the company does NOT follow policy on ALL employees. they don’t follow the return policy either!! if investors knew how much material lowes takes back they would NEVER place stock in Lowes at all. when I worked there in returns I got in trouble for not allowing a customer to return his item he purchased two years ago and had no receipt. what in the world???!!! on top of that he didn’t have warranty for the item. what I know about lowes is that if a manager gets a call from a customer to corporate with a complaint they fire them which is the reason why management didn’t want me to deny the customers return. I also have been in a situation where I denied a lady returning her broom THAT WAS NEVER PURCHASED AT LOWES!! the manager on duty took a broom off the shelf knowing that it wasn’t the same broom and returned it for her with her driver license just to make the customer happy!! auditors and stock owners alike WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT??? you see…thank God I have another job because I couldn’t last there much longer anyways. what they did to another co-worker was sad as well. she worked a 5pm or 6pm shift since she begun working there and had exceedingly passed her 3 month training/trial period. without her consent hr and the store manager (the two who I had problems with as well) changed her shift from 5pm to 6am!! she lives on the bus line with two kids and no transportation you jerks. on top of that how in the world can someone do that to someone else? people we are not speaking of an hour difference, a two hour difference nor even three but…11!!! when I helped her write a letter explaining that she couldn’t do the changed hours and it was done wrongly the store manager Michael Owens denied he had any part in it and had the audacity to ask her if she was coming into work later on that week. by the way…that was a lie because both him and the Hr rep planned her schedule change. lol. to be honest I worked within lowes for 5 1/2 years. I’ve seen managers come and go as well as hr managers. these two who I and other people have had problems with are the ONLY managers I have really disliked and seen them do things unjustly. Hr manager who I am speaking of also told me rather than calling outside garden to verify plant returns to just TAKE BACK whatever the customer says it is on the receipt!! I told her I couldn’t do that because the plant the customer may say it is truly may not be it and we could lose money!! because our store hadn’t had a sufficient amount of employees working in that department her choice instead of having the customers wait was to have the company lose money and that’s ok??? Michael the store manager hid roof rakes when ct had a major storm…isn’t it in the policy that we are not to hide merchandise from customers unless the merchandise is actually purchased??? Furthermore why would a store have absolutely no signs up informing customers gas and propane items are prohibited from the store? so it leaves the worker to inform the customer who wants to return a gas powered item that he/she has to wait outside until help comes!! speaking of propane signs are they really big enough for people to see?? then you have customers getting upset because they have to leave their propane tank outside and angry because you told them to. They have a guarantee of 20-25 min. to get your order ready once set. If they do not the customer is guaranteed a $25 gift card. The store also lost money because employees who wanted to look as if they were the ‘top dogs’ in the selling department gave unauthorized sales on merchandise in order to sell the items. how can a company grow when there are people there doing the things they do??

  17. jaimepabon says:

    Lowes #2867 Lorain, Oh
    I made the mistake of buying a window at this store.
    A Pela, came w/o screen, was told they used to have them in stock but would get damaged.
    Ok, window bought screen ordered 4/17/12 today 6/18/12 still no screen, this store is run run by kids with no vested interest in custumer satisfaction.
    Asked to schedule meeting w/ Regional Op’s Manager, store manager staed the R.O.M. hadly comes in.
    Maybe that is why this store is in chaos ” a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order”