CVS Doesn't Like Kids

Lisa sent us a short angry email about her local CVS, and how it treats local teens. Her local store separates customers into two lines, and the line containing the 18 and under crowd is only allowed into the store two at a time. The store employees say it’s to keep down shoplifting. Lisa thinks it’s blatant ageism, and she’s avoiding the store from now on. Teens can be annoying, but did CVS cross the line in punishing all for the bad actions of a few? Read her letter and leave your comments, inside.

At a local trip to the CVS by Rancho Bernardo High School I was appalled to discover the low regard for customer service. When you walk in there is a line where they segregate teens from adults. They allow the adults to just walk in while teenagers have to wait in a long line where only two can go in at a time. The whole time this lady and a security guard stand there while they sneer at teens. When asked about the policy and they commented that it was to prevent shoplifting and that it was legal because it wasn’t excluding customers it was just dividing them by age. To me it seems to be blatant ageism, which I’m appalled at. To think that you can be discriminated against by a factor you can not control angers me deeply. Bad customer service doesn’t prevent shoplifting. If anything it encourages it. It’s a horrible policy on their part seeing how about 50% of their customers are students. Not just that it’s an unfair bias to place on high school students, as if they are the only ones who shoplift. In addition it isn’t even an effective means to prevent shoplifting, monitors at door would be a more effective option that doesn’t infringe upon customer service. It’s unfair for teenagers to be treated as second class citizens. When a student asked an adult, who was more than willing, if she would mind purchasing an item for him the lady at the door said to “please not disturb the customers”. As if discriminating against your customers isn’t disturbing the customers. The local CVS has lost my business.

It’s not completely unheard of for stores to restrict the after school crowd, but it’s unreasonable to think that only minors shoplift. Clearly none of these teens are Consumerist readers, or they’d already be outside the store with signs proclaiming “CVS Hates Teens!” Would you shop at this store, or are you grateful for CVS keeping the teen scourge at bay? Let us know, in the comments.


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