Should The Proposed Sale Of Anheuser-Busch To A Belgian Brewer Be Stopped?

Missouri governor Matt Blunt has sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission, “asking for a federal review of the proposed sale of Anheuser-Busch Cos. to Belgian brewer InBev,” says the AP. Blunt is concerned that allowing the maker of Becks and Stella Artois beers to buy the St. Louis-based brewery could create a “near monopoly” in the US beer market, and that it would damage the Missouri economy.

The weak dollar has prompted InBev to offer $46 billion for AB. Meanwhile, AB, which hasn’t responded to the offer, is said to be trying to merge with Grupo Modelo SAB, the maker of Corona. If that merger is successful, it could make AB even more attractive to InBev.

Does it matter if Budweiser is owned by a bunch of Belgians?

Some people sure think so.

SAB May Become Target, Modelo May Not Deter InBev, ING Says [Bloomberg]
Missouri governor fights Anheuser-Busch sale [SLT]
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  1. arras says:

    selling off budweiser to a real brewer would only improve that crappy beer….mmm becks

  2. As someone who frequents Busch Gardens Europe quite a bit, I’m concerned how this will affect their theme park division. I’m guessing InBev would spin it off.

  3. SactoKev says:

    Yes…a monopoly on bad-tasting colored water. By all means, be my guest. I’ll continue to drink locally made microbrews.

  4. Carl3000 says:

    Let’s see….I predict a thread full of beer snobs telling everyone how they prefer not to drink Budweiser for the 1000th time.

  5. ARP says:

    Although I feel bad for some US employees that will inevitably lose their jobs, this is no different than the countless other mergers that have happened. Doesn’t a South African company own Miller (or is that Guiness)?

    Monopoly? That’s pushing it. By that definition, AB has a monopoly now. Becks and Stella don’t exactly corner the entire beer market.

    Besides, if they can make Bud taste more like Stella, Hoegaarden, or Leffe, I’m all for it.

    States, towns, cities, etc. need to realize that they’re going to get screwed over if they offer any special incentives to businesses to come to their town or stay. Often, there’s a huge net loss (and not gain) to the area because of such incentives. Look at Wal-mart. The town builds all this infrastructure, charges the almost no taxes, allows other businesses to wither, and then acts surprised when the HQ, plant, etc. gets sold or shut down. So towns either need to say no, you pay just like anyone else or put in a penalty that says, “you’re going to pay us $X if you leave or employ fewer than X people.”

  6. choinski says:

    Considering Cindy McCain owns it, hubby John would be the only candidate you COULD have a beer with.

  7. chuckv says:

    So this new company will have a monopoly? I’m sure Coors and Miller and every microbrew in the country will have something to say about that.

  8. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    Is there anything wrong with the merger? No. Will there be anything wrong with the product after the merger? Who knows?

  9. satoru says:

    I wish they had done this a few years ago so I wouldn’t have had to drink their god damned beer at the World Cup.

  10. satoru says:

    @speedwell: It’s not clear to me how you could purposefully make Budweiser a worse beer. At least if you put poison in it, you’d die and people could say “Well he had a Bud, he definitely deserved it”, which would be a vast improvement over Bud in its current state.

  11. says:

    @Dead Wrestlers Society: As long as the beer they make is better then most of the stuff busch puts out.

  12. yungjerry703 says:

    i don’t think they will sell, beer is a recession proof market.

  13. grimee says:

    I live in St. Louis, the home of Budweiser’s original brewery and it’s current headquarters. I must say that you guys have no idea what you’re talking about.

  14. @choinski: The irony is that the people the paid “men on the street” claim they “could have a beer with” don’t touch the stuff.

  15. mike says:

    @arras: Amen! Budwiser isn’t any better then bottled urine. Not that I’ve tried bottled urine or urine in general.

  16. ChuckECheese says:

    @choinski: John is too old for beers. They interfere with his medications, and he can’t sleep if he drinks alcohol after 3 pm. Would you like a nice Sanka instead? And there’s Postum too.

    That’s hilarious that Gov. Matt is arguing that InBev will create a monopoly, as opposed to the current AB monopoly. Stella Artois is sorta like the Budweiser of France-Belgium, so it works for me.

    St. Louis: America’s next East St. Louis?

  17. balthisar says:

    I think the bigger story is that AB is trying to buy Grupo Modelo, you know, they guys that make Negra Modelo. Man, please don’t screw up that beer!

  18. usmcmoran says:

    if you ever go to sea world (which is owned by AB) they have signs all over about how other breweries are owned by south african companies and are not U.S owned and that they take great pride in being an American company, guess they will have to take down those signs.

  19. Asvetic says:

    This might make more of those minikegs for the beertender available, which would justify the purchase of a beertender.

    I’m all for the acquisition! Go InBev!

  20. strangeffect says:

    @usmcmoran: and they’ll owe Bob Odenkirk an apology.

  21. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @satoru: Since I’ve never had a beer I liked, I’m forced to conclude that I really just don’t like beer. (Yes, you can have mine. Heh)

  22. lalaland13 says:

    There’s a tear in his beer, because Belgians are queer. No queer beer! Ahh!

    I don’t drink, but I hate the smell of beer. All kinds, more or less. Sometimes I’ll watch NASCAR, and I bet the reporters dread Kasey Kahne winning because everyone sprays Budweiser everywhere in victory.

  23. Gopher bond says:

    I like Iron City and Yuengling so I’m no beer snob but Budweiser is terrible.

  24. flamincheney says:

    @choinski: You’d think that because of the possible political fallout over this that the sale would either be delayed or stopped. Especially with the beer swilling legions in the red states.

    What is funny is that a few years back Canada went through the same thing when Molson got swallowed up by Coors. I don’t remember any people here in the states calling for the kibosh to be put on that.

    If you really want to support Americans buy some of the great domestic homebrews out there.

  25. DeepFriar says:

    While I’m concerned about the local St. Louis economy, I’m more concerned about Natural Light production being halted.

  26. dtmoulton says:

    Flavor isn’t the issue here. It’s market control, which opens up the opportunity for unfair price manipulation and pressure on competition. Think Microsoft or Ma Bell.

    Yes, Belgians have a reputation for great beer, but I doubt that’s little more than a selling point to investors when spoken about in InBev’s board room.

    I say let’s keep what remains of corporate diversity.

  27. jasezero says:

    Belgians actually know how to make a beer…maybe i’ll actually drink it then after this goes through…

  28. Sweet, if InBev jacks up the price of domestic swill, more people will start drinking local microbrews.

  29. e-gadgetjunkie says:

    I live in St. Louis. If AB left, there would be a sudden and huge spike in unemployment and no jobs open to take in those who are leaving the plant. Besides, what would happen to our beloved Clydesdales?

  30. anarcurt says:

    @dtmoulton: There is nowhere near a monopoly in brewing and there never will be. As it is companies like Bud are loosing market share to microbrews, premium beers, and wine. The only difference you would see by this merger is more Stella and Becks on tap when they use Bud’s massive distribution network.

  31. Don’t drink beer. Don’t care.

    Oops, actually do care. I like the commercials.

  32. anarcurt says:

    My Beer Snob Comment:
    Beer should never be made with rice as an ingredient. They should not be able to call that beer.

  33. pengajim says:

    If it goes through, maybe the Belgians will make Bud actually taste good.

  34. darksunfox says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t mind Budweiser? I guess when your choices are Bud or Pabst in college, you kind of grow an affinity to Bud.

  35. jst07 says:

    Budweiser is good stuff for the price. Don’t get me wrong I love microbrews, but when it comes to drinking around a case per weekend, I’m not going to head up the party packing a case of sixers of some $8/six beer.

    And keep AB American, its a great company we have and makes a huge impact on the nation.

  36. Hamm Beerger says:

    @darksunfox: Budweiser? Fuck that shit. Pabst. Blue. Ribbon.

  37. my_imaginary_friends_bore_me says:

    The beer will not change. It will just open up markets that were previously unavailable to both AB and InBev

  38. bethanyp07 says:

    Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Let’s clear a few things up here! AB wants to buy Modelo to FEND OFF InBev. The whole reason they are working with them is to make themselves too expensive for InBev, who sent AB a letter Sunday telling them you better NOT! Seriously, that is what they did.

    Also, I’ve only been around the STL for six years now, and it is a POS town compared to great brew cities like Milwaukee, but you have to understand that the people here went through the whole TWA/Carl Ichan debacle. Oh sure! Lambert will remain an important airport! Oh sure! We will be hands off and allow you to keep running things the way they are being run now!

    By the time I moved here, Lambert was a shadow of its former self, and TWA was swallowed whole by American Airlines. Sure, it’s crappy beer, but it’s a way of life, a great company to work for, and it is the only thing keeping dowtown STL from becoming another Kabul.

    Besides, Michelob Ultra in Tuscan Orange Grapefruit is kinda yummy.

  39. mabus says:

    budweiser is drinkable and a fairly consistent *american* lager. nothing terribly special about it, but the price is decent. however, the best taste/price ratio i’ve found is PBR – its better than BUD and about is about $6.49-$6.99 for a 12 pack (NE Indiana).

    that being said, being the broke-ass that i am, i usually succumb to drinking the mass-brewed american beers because its the only way to rack up frequentl flier miles on cirrhosis airlines. but, when i’m in the mood for a splurge, stella artois (an InBev brew) is tops in taste and availability. but nothing beats a downhome microbrew like hops juice from two brothers (warrenville, il), warbird t-6 (fort wayne, in) or fat tire (colorado). or even a good import DAB, kirin ichiban special premium reserve, or a nice frothy glass of hacker pschorr.

    honestly i’m not that worried about this whole mess. hopefully this new behemoth of the alcohol world will be great enough to have someone come to their senses and get miller genuine piss off of the market. miller tastes like corn and NOTHING like a beer should. blech. no wonder all my friends call it “swiller”.. that would be sweet justice.

  40. I’m with the non-snobs. I love me Guiness, and the microbrews too but some occasions just call for a Budweiser, and nothing else will really work.

    The free market side of me says let the sale go through as AB would stand to make a tidy profit on the sale of stock. However, the pessimist in me sees the potential of plant closings and mass unemployment which the city of St. Louis could most certainly do without at this time.

    Tough call for the board on this one.

  41. ChuckECheese says:


    Besides, what would happen to our beloved Clydesdales?

    The Belgians might turn them into steaks or roasts. But the most poetic recipe would definitely be a carbonnade a la flamande “mode Clydesdale.”

  42. skahead says:

    If this goes through, the theme parks might end beer school! … dont get me wrong, I hate Budweiser, but Bare Knuckle, porter, skipjack, shock top and even the new Budlight Lime are good beers.

  43. tape says:

    I guess when your choices are Bud or Pabst in college, you kind of grow an affinity to Bud.

    @darksunfox: you’re kidding, right?

  44. darksunfox says:

    No man, I hate PBR. Maybe from drinking too much of it at Winona State, but I hate can’t stand that stuff anymore… I’m not going to go nuts and say it tastes like a litter box, but it’s close. I’m not a huge bud drinker, usually go for something pricier, but if you gave me two bottles (well… cans, in PBR’s case) to choose from PBR or Bud I’d choose Bud every time. Good lighter beer for the summer if you can’t find a Honey Weiss.

  45. ianmac47 says:

    This is meaningless to most consumers; the real monopolies are in the distribution level, not the breweries.

  46. pegr says:

    Even if sold, the plant won’t shut down. Do you know how many Bud plants there are around the country? That’s to satisfy market demand. With that much demand, the plant will keep right on brewing away…

    Oh, and Bud sucks. Bass Pale Ale for this limey-wanna-be!

    (Hi Tammi!)

  47. foxbat2500 says:

    From an economics perspective outside investment is a good thing. Continued investment from the outside will help the dollar rebound.

  48. Pro-Pain says:

    I had no idea beer snobs = idiots.

  49. Mr. Guy says:

    if the belgians buy Bud i doubt it will taste any different. you think they’re going to import some Benedictine monks and start making abbey ale in St. Louis? um, no. To tell the truth, they don’t even make their own beer that well: While stella has a reputation as a high-end yet widely-available brew, it’s actually not that good. Becks is decent, but again, that probably has more to do with the brewery that started becks and developed its recipe before being bought out by InBev.

    Bud is too much of an American institution for some snooty Belgians to come in here and fancy it up and risk alienating the millions of Americans who buy it every day. If there were any changes, i’d guess it would be to introduce more bud-variations like budweiser select.

    Bottom line is that bud, like coors light, miller, and others, if cold enough, are suitably palatable to make it possible to drink enough of them to get you buzzed or drunk without retching at the flavor. Other brews, malt liquors like colt 45, old english, etc., are outrageously disgusting no matter how cold they are. higher end mass brews like sierra nevada, sam adams, and brooklyn brewery, are quite tasty, and not prohibitively expensive. but for real beer quality, try something like Dogfish Head, Ommegang, Southern Tier, the Rogue brewery, or Anchor Steam. There are so many great american microbrews out there. i’d rather drink one good pint of microbrew than six bottles of bud (if this makes me a snob, so be it. I also brew my own beer- BELGIAN STYLE- so i guess i’m really far over that line.)

  50. bohemian says:

    Nobody cares that foreign companies own US ports, bridges and highways. But were supposed to get all up in arms about buying out a beer company. I am far more worried about foreign ownership of critical infrastructure. Don’t even get me started about the foreign conglomerate that refuses to state who their foreign owners are but want to buy a majority share of CSX (major owner of rail lines in the US).

  51. stre says:

    @mabus: this new behemoth of the beer world will be incapable of changing the taste of miller because AB doesn’t make miller products. that would in fact be the miller brewing company (now owned by a south african company). plus AB is already a massive company and hasn’t figured out how to make bud light taste like anything better than carbonated piss water, so i wouldn’t hold my breath (unless someone is asking you take a whiff of their bud light, that is).

    @darksunfox: say whhaaa? you had the choice between pabst and bud and chose bud???

  52. gibbersome says:

    It’s just beer…I think we have more pressing concerns at the moment.

  53. mudu says:

    While I’ll be the first to acknowledge that Bud is not the greatest of beers, as a St. Louis resident, it would be a huge blow to the city to have AB sold. Ask anyone what they think of when they hear St. Louis and you’ll probably get the Arch, the Cardinals, Anheuser Busch, and the #2 most dangerous city in the US. AB has been around much longer than the Cardinals or the Arch though and to have such an institution disappear would be sad.

    I drove in to work this morning behind an AB delivery truck proudly proclaiming to be “American Owned”. While many people here in St. Louis know this is a business transaction and there is little that can be done to stop this, it does seem hypocritical.

    @ChuckECheese: We’ll need a lot more strip clubs, hookers, and drug dealers to become the next E. STL.

  54. onesong says:

    YES i mind! i don’t care what you all think, i love budweiser. LOVE IT. i also like fancy pantsy beers, too, and other cheapies, but budweiser has a special place in my heart.

  55. w_boodle says:

    What would the EU do if the situation were reversed? I’d say do that. And you know what THAT is.

  56. katylostherart says:

    so you mean they might make the beer better?


  57. Mike8813 says:

    Near monopoly? They won’t have Sam Adams, and that’s all I need!

  58. t325 says:

    I’m indifferent….and I live in St. Louis.

    If being owned by a European company gets restaurants around here to improve their beer selection so they don’t only have the pisswater that AB produces, then I’ll be happy.

  59. joel. says:

    What isn’t being told here is how socially responsible A-B is, especially to the St Louis communities. They donate tons of money and beer to the region.

    When was the last time you heard of InBev taking care of… anyone? I mean, besides its executives. Most St Louisians that are against the merger don’t want to see that money go away — and if InBev takes over, there’s a good chance that’ll happen.

  60. revmatty says:

    Note that most of the jobs that would be lost at AB are not blue collar (the beer would still be made here) but a whole lot of white collar (particularly IT: AB is about the biggest IT employer in the region outside of ATT and the government) workers. In the wake of the other buyouts/mergers of STL companies and the resultant layoffs (AG Edwards, Purina, Energizer, SBC) it would suck for those of us who live here.

  61. julieannie says:

    If this goes through, I’m sure most production jobs would stay in STL but the corporate jobs would be gone. With the departure of Macy’s and several other companies, STL’s job market is practically dead. With AB leaving, our city would be permanently screwed. So I really hope this deal doesn’t go through.

  62. kretara says:

    Bud is nasty. I used to drink it in college because I could not afford anything else.
    I have not touched a AB product since I got my first real job and I say that proudly.

    It would be really nice if AB could be sold to the makers of Chimay or d’Orval. Now, those are some nice beers.

    AB keep your hands off of Modelo. That beer is too good to be associated with the crap you produce. Buy Sam Adams instead…blech!!!

  63. Krowa003 says:

    I object only because I hate Bud and do not want it associated with any other beer that’s actually decent.

  64. Angryrider says:

    I object! You know how EVIL those Belgians are…
    Besides I actually don’t care. I don’t drink it since it makes me want to go to the toilet.

  65. JGB says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I think that it should be pointed out that Matt Blunt IS a colossal asshat.

    Also, my wife is Belgian.

    Thirdly, I do like a Stella Artois once in a while. Much, much better than Budweiser. They have been brewing it for more than 700 years. Make whatever Nazis rolling right through Belgium joke you want (I am not allowed to anymore), but those Belgians know beer.

    It always makes beer come out of my nose to hear it pronounces “AR-TOYS”. Seriously, that never gets old.

    All that being said, I really don’t give a crap one way or the other.

  66. contender? says:

    Ha, the Belgians will make St Louis the new Detroit.

  67. “Near monopoly”? I don’t think so. This is a shameless political grab at an issue which should be completely market dictated. I understand that some folks in Missouri are going to be hit by this, but the answer isn’t to have protectionist government bozos try bend the rules to prevent it from happening. The corporate staff that will be mainly affected by this (I imagine InBev would retain the same domestic brewing capability) can transition to other companies pretty easily, as their skills aren’t so tied to the specific brewing vertical as those of the manufacturing staff.

    As for AB, yuck. Maybe it will now become patriotic to drink another brand that doesn’t taste like beer that’s already been through someone else’s liver.

  68. Sure, why not. We sell off companies overseas just about every day.

  69. blue_duck says:

    Being from St. Louis and having stock in AB I’m fairly torn. Yay raising stock prices, but I don’t have enough for it to justify taking hundreds of jobs out of here. The jobs and just the AB tradition are enough to make me not want it to happen. I don’t think it’s really an issue in the rest of the country unless it has to do with stock prices.

  70. rockasocky says:

    @kretara: Are you SURE you haven’t touched an AB product? Michelob, Stella, Becks, Grolsch, Monster Energy Drinks, Drop Top, Kirin, Rolling Rock, Red Hook, Bacardi’s girly malt drinks…

    Any of those (and quite a few others I can’t think of right now) would be considered an AB product (either through production or distribution). []

    And yes, note that Stella is on that list already, so anyone who thinks this merger would result in a huge change (in terms of products available or the recipe of Bud) is just being ridiculous.

  71. The_Legend says:

    “We sell off companies overseas just about every day” WTF??? That worked out real well for a strong Chrysler Corporation when it got robbed by the thieving Germans and used all of the R&D to build themselves up and leave Chrysler Corp unprepared for the gas crunch. Screw all of these foreign companies that want to buy US equity for their own portfolios. Ya wanna bet if a US firm flush with cash wanted to pick up some EU investments the stinkin EU wouldn’t let US buy anything. As much as you wanna be beer drinkers wish you could raid your mother’s Bud stash in the fridge, keep whining….your job will be next and you will be asking if you want fries with that.

  72. DimitroffVodka says:

    As someone that lives in Saint Louis and is a large Cardinal Fan I am just not prepared to go to InBev stadium quite yet.

  73. BreadBoy says:

    Let the Europeans have Bud, maybe they can make a real beer out of it.

  74. The Bigger Unit says:

    I work for Labatt. InBev bought us more than 10 years ago. Life goes on folks. The Budweiser that Labatt brews in Canada (through contract) is far better than the stuff in the U.S., so likely it’ll improve the product.

  75. Crrusherr says:

    i enjoy getting into sea world for free so i say they shouldn’t sell it

  76. sponica says:

    @darksunfox: I like Bud for many reasons. A) My dad drinks it religiously. B) They have Clydesdales C) Their smallest brewery is in my adopted hometown of Merrimack NH and contributes a lot of money to the corporate tax base and despite InBev’s assertions that it will not be closed…I don’t trust them.

  77. LionelEHutz says:

    If the Belgians can turn Budweiser et al. into real beers then more power to them. As it stands now, all of the Anheuser-Busch “beers” royally suck and should not be considered beer.

  78. LionelEHutz says:

    @e-gadgetjunkie: “what would happen to our beloved Clydesdales?”

    They’d have an opportunity to become dog food.

  79. Fist-o™ says:


    Free Market Economy = Good.

    Government controlled Market = Bad.


  80. canuckistani says:

    this isnt going to negatively impact my Stella is it?

  81. BlackFlag55 says:

    “Take care of business, or the business will take care of you.” Get Carter, 2000

  82. paperboy6645 says:

    It is our weak ass dollar that is to blame.

    I too live in St. Louis. I have another favorite St. Louis brewery.

  83. Blaaaah says:

    They might actually take Budweiser back to the ORIGINAL recipe, instead of the horrible swill it is now. That’s something I’d like to try.

    My only concern is, don’t store the Stella and the Bud next to each other. If Stella starts tasting like Budweiser I’ll be miserable.

  84. failurate says:

    I don’t understand the lovefest with Stella. The difference between Stella and Budweiser is that Stella is overhopped.
    Other wise, it’s just an overpriced standard lager from Europe.
    But we all know, things from Europe are better.

  85. Squeegoth says:

    It’s a St. Louis thing. This is one of the last great employers that we have the HQ for. St. Louis is sort of the hub that Missouri’s built on (suck it KC) and if AB goes I see things moving downhill fairly quickly for a city that’s already had the crap kicked out of it. It’s not just AB, it’s the distribution chain, it’s the advertising and sponsorship of local charities and events, and it’s a Belgian company that has a history of coming into companies they acquire and gutting them. AB makes a profit, the stock pays dividends regularly, and there’s nothing wrong with the company.

  86. darkryd says:

    I’m from Missouri, and if it improves the taste of Bud, I’m all for it.

  87. darkryd says:

    @Squeegoth: and I dont think either of us (KC or StL) can call itself the “hub” when we’re both on the edge of the friggin state.

    Oh yeah – and go Boulevard Brewery. Screw AB.

  88. Zephyr7 says:

    Belgium produces some of the best beers in the world. Anheuser-Busch produces Budweiser. Things can only get better.

  89. Squeegoth says:

    @darkryd: I more meant economic hub, which has absolutely nothing to do with geography.

  90. shorty63136 says:

    St. Louisans (like myself) are PROUD to have AB owned, operated, and headquartered in St. Louis and don’t want it any other way. SCREW the shareholders! We want it locally owned and operated. I guarantee you it will cost lots and lots of jobs if the deal goes through.

    And, really, people already love the taste of AB products. If they didn’t, Bud Light wouldn’t be the #1 selling beer in the U.S. – would it? It doesn’t need to taste like German beer b/c, guess what? It’s not German beer. It’s St. Louis beer and people love it the way it is.

  91. synergy says:

    Will people be unemployed otherwise? I don’t know about Belgian corporate masters, but Belgians in general seem to be less scary than Americans as far as self-restraint.

    Welcome to the Banana Republic!

  92. avconsumer says:

    Anything to improve Bud. They shouldn’t be allowed to call that stuff beer.

  93. SiddhimaClam says:

    Belgian beermakers would be an improvement on the Busch family, whose
    political clout with the governor led to that “monopoly” protest. As
    for Bud tasting like urine, no: not unless those horses with the hairy
    hooves have been peeing into the vats. Wait a second. That might
    improve Budweiser….

  94. TobySalinator says:

    Belgians are better than Busches. The Missouri governor claiming
    possible monopoly is just trying to keep his job (Busch gang very
    powerful political/financial force).
    Why anyone drinks Bud is beyond me, unless they work for the company
    and want to keep their jobs.

  95. blue_duck says:

    @TobySalinator: Although I absolutely loathe Governor Blunt~ he’s already stated he is NOT running for re-election. It’s a Saint Louis Tradition. Not only that, but the job market is ridiculous enough without cutting even more!

  96. revmatty says:

    @shorty63136: News flash – this is capitalism. The only opinion that matters is that of the shareholders. The vast majority of them (who have never been to STL nor will they ever) could not possibly care less if it destroys the economy here as long as they get a premium for their shares.

  97. kamiikoneko says:

    Honestly, anheuser busch beers almost ALL suck. Bareknuckle Stout is drinkable. Anyone who cares anything at all about beer and not about drinking would welcome any kind of change that could come to these supposed american classics. I’d like to think our common beers could receive the attention and quality that turn out common beers like stella artois. Maybe nothing would change but anheuser hasn’t pushed out a drinkable beer in years so it can’t get WORSE. Quality is a concept that is hard to hammer home to american beer drinkers (piss swillers). Sorry if that’s harsh but I want to slap every pillock that tells me Budweiser is drinkable beer.

  98. The Master of Reason says:

    I don’t understand all of the hate for Budweiser in this discussion. Were you guys collectively touched in the “bathing suit area” by a giant can of Budweiser or something? I buy Budweiser in bars, and I am not poor, a college student, or a sports nut.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is much better beer out there, but sometimes on a hot summer day, a thick oatmeal stout isn’t what I want – I want something that is cold, not too strong-flavored, and mildly alcoholic. It might taste more like water than grain, but it _is_ quite refreshing.

    Also, for the record, Stella is disgusting. I did a double-blind taste test at my housing co-op back in college between Miller High Life and Stella Artois, and 8 of the 9 participants (including the one who brought the Stella) incorrectly identified High Life as the Stella, and thought that the Stella tasted bitter or skunky.