Bank of America Gives 6-Year-Old A Credit Card

Didn’t you hate not having access to credit when you were 6? Today’s kids don’t have to suffer like you did. Meet Bennett Christiansen of Aurora, IL. He’s got a shiny new Bank of America credit card with a $600 limit.

From CBS2 Chicago:

Amy Christiansen said her entire family had been receiving credit card applications addressed to each member of her family, including Bennett, who has since turned 6, and Christiansen’s 3-year-old child.

Christiansen said she decided to allow Bennett to fill out a credit card application from Bank of America. He accurately wrote in his birthday in 2002, his annual income of $0, and the fact that he is an “other,” that is, neither a homeowner nor a renter. He signed his name in writing that was obviously that of a child, she said.

A short time later, Christiansen said she received a credit card with Bennett’s name on it.

Christiansen was left baffled, and troubled by the ease with which the application was apparently accepted.

Yes, Bennett signed up and was approved for a credit card. Bank of America has responded: “We do not knowingly solicit or grant credit to a minor,” [a spokesperson] said.

Hey, look at the bright side. Assuming a 24% interest rate and a 2.5% minimum payment, Bankrate’s minimum payment calculator says that Bennett can have his $600 paid off by the time he’s 19.5! (Yeah, we know, even 6-year-olds know not to just pay the minimum payment… it’s still kinda funny.)

Mom Shocked When 6-Year-Old Gets Credit Card
[CBS2] (Thanks, Bill!)

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