Today from 2-8pm, A&W restaurants will be giving away free root beer floats. Offer probably void wherever the manager feels like it, and it’s not real beer so what’s the point, but good luck and have a happy Monday. [Business First] (Thanks to Jarrod!)


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  1. rollerz says:

    Good thing there aren’t any A&Ws in NYC …

  2. Spifferiferfied says:

    Good thing it’s not ‘real beer’. A beer float would be repulsive. And A&W root beer from an actual tap is still some of the best root beer out there. Wish I knew of one close to me.

  3. rattis says:

    I’m looking forward to trying this later, with all my co-workers.

  4. ElizabethD says:

    Not that I *need* a root beer float, but in any case… After the disappointing “McDonald’s 69-cent cheeseburger” fiasco, I won’t be rushing out to try this.

  5. rattis says:

    Follow up to my last post. I shared this with my co-workers, and one of them just went to the A&W near work, and it’s true, they gave her a free rootbeer float.

  6. Nakko says:

    Not real beer? Who on earth would want a beer float? Beer and ice cream? That sounds gross!!

  7. etoilegyrl says:

    The location closest to me is only honoring it “because someone posted it on the internet” and people came in asking about it. They’re also only giving them away if someone specifically mentions the promotion.