Is Youtube's "Wii Fit Underwear Girl" Actually A Marketing Campaign?

Nintendo is facing accusations that a popular Youtube video is nothing more than a viral-video marketing campaign for the Wii Fit, reports The Telegraph. The video, quite simply, features a young woman using a virtual hula-hoop in her underwear. What separates it from other videos is that the 2 people in the video have both been identified as employees of the same advertising company. Nintendo denies the allegations. The video and details, inside…

The article says,

The clip, which has been viewed more than two million times, shows 25-year-old Lauren Bernat hula hooping in time with the fitness video game.

Rumours that the clip was a clever marketing ploy for the Wii Fit spread after it emerged that both Miss Bernat and her boyfriend, who filmed the footage, work in advertising.

Giovanny Gutierrez, 30, works as director of interactive media for Tinsley Advertising in Miami, Florida. According to his biography on the firm’s website, he “creates web, e-mail and interactive marketing solutions that perfectly integrate with television, radio and print campaigns.”

“Gio is a master of e-commerce, having created web portals for scores of businesses,” the biography adds.

Miss Bernat works as an account executive at Tinsley Advertising, where her duties include “evaluating the responses to our Internet advertising”.

But Nintendo has denied that the footage is part of an advertising campaign. “This has and is absolutely 100 per cent nothing to do with Nintendo,” a spokesman said. “Nintendo did not create it and were not aware of it until it was brought it to our attention.”

Mr Gutierrez has also denied that it was a viral advert for the Wii Fit.

The game, which allows Nintendo Wii owners to do a range of exercises and stretches under the guidance of on on-screen fitness expert, hardly needs the free publicity, having sold more than 300,000 copies in the UK in its first two weeks on sale, and sold out in many parts of the world.

But the YouTube affair has done much to boost the profile of Mr Gutierrez and his agency.

The evidence that this is an organized marketing campaign seems circumstantial to us. However, advertisers are always coming up with new ways to turn attention toward new products so who knows? We’ll just have to keep watching the video until we figure it out.

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