Domino's Litters Your Driveway With Coupons, Rocks And Ziplocs

Not content with contaminating your mailbox or using your windshield wiper as coupon clip, Domino’s has found a new hi-tech method of distributing coupons using the concept of inertial mass combined with a transparent weatherproof barrier. Ok, it’s actually just a Ziploc filled with coupons and rocks. Reader Will arrived home to discover the baggies littering his driveway and those of his neighbors’. We assume that the rocks allow the lazy Domino’s employees to easily fling the bundles out of their car windows and help keep the baggie weighted down. Will’s letter, inside…

(sent to dominos via website)
I arrived home yesterday to find a zip top plastic bag in my driveway that contained several Domino’s coupons, a magnet, and several rocks. I thought it was just some trash but realized everyone on the street had a similar bag at the end of their driveway. I find this kind of advertising to be tacky at best and it may border on the illegal (littering). I deduced that the rocks provided some weight so that whoever was tossing them on driveways (and the sidewalk and some lawns) did not have to get out of the car.

Why can’t you send a flier through the mail like Papa John’s or Pizza Hut? Why did you choose to litter my street and sidewalks? Do I need to put a NO DUMPING sign on the front lawn? This has to stop. I want your assurance that this will not happen again and I think that it might be nice if the people responsible make a donation to the Sierra Club or Leave No Trace. Until that happens you have lost a customer.

Wow Domino’s, we are impressed. Utilizing the technology of rocks to distribute your coupons is genius. We suppose it beats having to pay to send them through the mail like virtually every other pizza joint in the country. Why not try good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising? Oh yeah, you would actually have to make good pizza for that to work, never mind.


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  1. Pasketti says:

    Wow. Whatever happened to just tying the note to the rock and throwing it through the window?

    Way to waste plastic bags, guys.

  2. Darascon says:

    What’s next, giving out free samples like that? Their pizza already tastes like stale cardboard.

  3. lowercase says:

    I wonder if the tipster here is in my area (Metro Orlando). Dominos did this in my neighborhood a few months ago, I called the store manager and ripped him pretty good, albeit politely. He said they contracted it out and he wasn’t aware of how they were going to distribute them, even offered to come pick them up. It hasn’t happened again, and while the neighborhood did look pretty crappy for a couple days, it seems they learned not to use them any more.

  4. ViperBorg says:

    @Darascon: Wouldn’t loose much quality sitting in your driveway then, would it? Crap, I just defended that idea.

  5. @Darascon: Yes, except it’s a smaller bag and the rock isn’t one you’d find on your lawn. But only the first one is free. Then they make you pay.

  6. mike says:

    Domino’s doesn’t want to pay for mail adverts. Can’t say I blame them. But they usually put the coupons on my door knob.

    That’s why I got rid of my door.

  7. nataku8_e30 says:

    I’ve had a landscaping company do this to me with their business card. Unfortunately, it was kind of small and hard to see, and when I sucked the whole thing up into the lawnmower it made a mess. I’m just glad the rocks didn’t damage the blades or hurt anyone nearby.

  8. JN33 says:

    I’ve seen this with several local businesses, Mary Kay, landscapers, glass repair (was the implied threat “next time, it goes through your window!”?). I am always surprised (maybe I shouldn’t be though) that the responsible persons aren’t charged with littering! If I went door to door and dropped crap on everyones property, you can bet I would hear about it. However, it I drop pizza coupons on everyones property, it’s ok? I don’t get it at all!

  9. Hawkins says:

    Sending a message to the corporate web site probably isn’t as effective as Mr. lowercase’s approach. Call the manager at the store listed on the coupon and tell him that you’ll press charges for littering unless somebody comes out RIGHT NOW and cleans it up.

  10. timmus says:

    I think the manager knows that the cops will laugh at bringing up a litter charge like this unless they see it happening.

  11. nffcnnr says:

    i would collect all of the baggies full rocks & coupons that i could find and unceremoniously dumpt them in the parking lot of the nearest Domino’s.


  12. Dobernala says:

    Sierra Club? Rofl.

  13. kJeff says:

    I live just north of Boston and my entire neighborhood was plagued by these about 2 weeks ago. On my walk home everyone’s porches and front lawns were littered with little baggies.

  14. AstroPig7 says:

    In an undeserved defense of Domino’s Pizza, at least their crap tastes better than Pizza Hut’s. I’ll take cardboard over a total reversal of the standard pizza to grease ratio.

  15. whatNameIsLeft says:

    I’m shocked no one put in a fake pizza order from this Domino’s just so that they could rip into the driver then send him packing. After about 8 false deliveries in a night I’m sure the managers would get it accross that their advertising wasn’t working.

  16. jamesdenver says:

    i would so be tempted to chuck this through a Dominoes window at night. or at least with a rock that would.

  17. Crrusherr says:

    ths has been going on for several years, what’s the big deal?

  18. Bagels says:

    Strange…a local chinese place did this is a few times and I seriously thought the rock had some kind of relevance, although I admit I’m not sure what. Just being able to throw it out the car window makes sense though. But yeah between the various ‘free’ local newspapers and this stuff, pretty much everyday I’m picking something up off my driveway

  19. Elvisisdead says:

    They do this in my neighborhood all the flipping time. Between this (where they don’t have to get out of the car), sticking them behind the flag on the mailbox, taping them to the mailbox door, and using thumb tacks in the mailbox post, we’re under constant assault from the couponmongers.

    The larger question is that with this method, they’re in for around $.05 per bag/rock/gas/printing/time. How much does a business pay to have these placed, what’s the response rate, and profit per response?

    It will never stop, so I just make a personal commitment to recycle everything they leave and not patronize their business.

  20. artgarciasc says:

    Buy our crappy pizza, or the next rock goes thru your window.
    The Pizza Mafia

  21. Juggernaut says:

    @Bagels: “a local chinese place did this is a few times and I seriously thought the rock had some kind of relevance” hahahahahahaha

  22. JohnMc says:

    Jay, don’t be surprised if the rocks end up as a topping on your next dominos pizza order!! :)

  23. TeraGram says:

    What our dear correspondent doesn’t know is that Domino’s headquarters is going to forward his letter, in its entirety, to the owner of the store which littered his neighborhood with the materials.

    That store will now know it was Will who complained and where Will lives.

    I once complained about a local Domino’s driver screaming up our street at 70+ MPH repeatedly one night. Seriously. I saw their car no less than four times that evening each time behaving as if he was competing in the Grand Prix.

    The next thing I know, the local Domino’s was calling me demanding that I retract my complaint! “It wasn’t a kid driving, it was the store owner”. They explained. OH that’s supposed to make me feel BETTER?

    About a week after the phone calls, they sent me a coupon via USPS, which was evidently made or edited by the local store, and it had specific wording like “must announce coupon code (somethingwierd) when placing order”. Rrrrrrrrrright. I’m going to order a pizza from you and let them know it was me, the evil complainer? Uh huh.

    I called Domino’s hq afterwards and tried to rationally discuss why giving my name and address to the local franchise along with a copy of my complaint letter was not a good idea and I got the feeling they couldn’t care less.

  24. MeOhMy says:

    One of the garbage collection companies that serves my area does this sometimes, although they use a bolt to weight the advertisement. It actually amuses me because most of the neighborhood is using another garbage collector, so basically on the days that the other company picks up, they put their advertisements next to the competing company’s trash cans so that the residents will spot them when they go to put their cans away.

    They don’t do it often or in enough quantity that I would find it offensive. I actually switched to this company because I was really dissatisfied with the other garbage collector.

  25. Ruiner says:

    This happened all the time when we lived with my brother in the Phoenix suburbs. His house/neighborhood was brand new, and we would get these at least 4 times per week from landscape companies, painters, window treatment companies, etc. It got insane after a while. there were bags ALL OVER the place. With or without rocks, they would blow around and just make the area look like crap.

  26. ccouvillion says:

    LOL! Smart move.

    “Yeah, I’d like to order a large pizza for $5. I have a coupon here, the coupon code is ‘lugee’.”

  27. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Is it really that much harder just to put it in the mailbox?

    @whatNameIsLeft: The delivery guys aren’t necessarily the same guys dumping crap in people’s driveways. Why yell at someone for an idea they didn’t come up with or execute themselves?

  28. Tmoney02 says:

    Is it just me or does this just sound like cranky old man syndrome: “You darn kids and your pizza coupons! Get off my lawn whippersnapper and take your fancy rock technology with you!”

    Geesh, if you don’t want them recycle it like all your other junk mail. At least they put a rock in so the coupons didn’t actually become litter.

  29. Poster99 says:

    All in all probably not the best advertising technique out there. I’m happy to say no-one has ever done this in our neighborhood, but the thought of coming home seeing a some bag/paper in the middle of the drive way, stopping the car, getting out pick it up, only to find that it’s an add for a pizza place wouldn’t leave me with a positive feeling.

    However I had to say that, that the choice of putting a rock in the bag deserves some credit. At least the ads don’t fly away and truly litter the yards, and I can just toss the rock under a push vs. a random bolt that someone else mentioned.

    I think a great “green” solution would be a plant bulb or something similar. Might be a bit expensive vs. a rock, but at least the customer would be left with something potentially useful.

  30. Mayor McRib says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation:
    It’s illegal to put it in the mailbox.

  31. Tmoney02 says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: @Mayor McRib:

    Plus then you will get people complaining about it and writing consumerist about it.

    Coupons in the mailbox complaint

    So basically people will complain about the coupons no matter where you put them and think that it will magically stop. I am just waiting for some one to write consumerist about the spam in their email account next. Or the robocalls for the election coming up, or mailed junk mail. All annoying and all will be with us till the end of time no matter who you complain to.

  32. donkeyjote says:

    @Mayor McRib: Not that the post office would care to prosecute, much less investigate *too lazy to search for last weeks story*

  33. donkeyjote says:

    @Tmoney02: Ahh, you did it for me.

  34. Eels says:

    I would think that the cost of the baggies plus the cost of manpower to drive around and throw those out the window would be MUCH more expensive than a bulk mailing. Those large baggies are expensive even when you get the cheap ones.

  35. whatNameIsLeft says:

    @Rectilinear Propagation: No they are not but they do work for the same outfit. I’m sure the higher up would hear about it if the drivers were complaining about wasting a trip.

  36. My mom would have made me cleanup the entire neighborhood and then she would have taken the whole trash bag of solicitations back to Domino’s. Of course everybody called my mom a Witch, but it was a title that she wore proudly.

  37. Froggmann says:

    Ehh, landscapers and roofers have been doing the same thing in my neighborhood for years.

  38. 3drage says:

    Want to get my attention? How about a free pizza every now and then?

  39. @3drage: I agree. Put my name in a database (we already know our names go into one anyways, might as well deal with it) and choose a name at random for a free pizza. Or, every 500th order of the week gets a free pizza. Make it goofy like, “free pizza and a half” where they literally give you a free pizza and one half then sell you the half pizza for half price.

  40. dardots1 says:

    The only time I liked this was when one gardening company put walnuts in the bag. Now, that served the same purpose as the rock, and I got a little snack. I do my own landscaping, though I don’t make my own pizza’s. That makes no sense.

  41. RedSonSuperDave says:

    @Tmoney02: Well, sure, if everybody took your attitude, of COURSE this annoying shit would stay around until the end of time. At least we complainers are actually doing something about it.

    If this really bothers somebody, I suggest going to your local Domino’s and telling the manager that you ran over his ad-rock with your lawnmower, and now his company owes you a new lawnmower blade. Bringing along a damaged lawnmower blade (whether you really ran over a rock with it or just beat it with a hammer) is optional, but strongly recommended.

  42. richcreamerybutter says:

    I realize some of you have limited options, and I’m not unsympathetic to this. However, wouldn’t it be great to organize one week in which you make an attempt to avoid all national chain restaurants and patronize only local businesses? Is this an impossible suggestion?

  43. angryhippo says:

    Corporate-Shill- Win x 3. Keep your kids occupied, goodwill by cleaning up the neighborhood and the oh-so sweet joy of dumping their crap right back in their laps.

  44. jackal676 says:

    What exactly does stale cardboard taste like? It must not be nearly as tasty as fresh cardboard.

  45. Orv says:

    The diet pill pyramid scam people were doing this for a while, too.

  46. Tmoney02 says:


    “Well, sure, if everybody took your attitude, of COURSE this annoying shit would stay around until the end of time. At least we complainers are actually doing something about it.”

    I think pretty much everybody does take my attitude. So you can complain, make yourself feel better if you must, but don’t delude yourself that anything is going to change or that most people will think your a crackpot for taking so much time over something so trivial.
    Also, Just because you find them annoying doesn’t mean you speak for the entire neighborhood. I usually enjoy getting menus and coupons. And the way flyer drops work there is no way to enact an individual opt out program. So unless your going to take the time to convince the entire neighborhood to get up in arms about some coupons in a baggie you will just have to chalk it up to one of life’s little annoyances and move on.

    “If this really bothers somebody, I suggest going to your local Domino’s and telling the manager that you ran over his ad-rock with your lawnmower, and now his company owes you a new lawnmower blade. Bringing along a damaged lawnmower blade (whether you really ran over a rock with it or just beat it with a hammer)”

    Also way to be a good consumer and encourage people to commit fraud. A+++ Hope you try it and go to jail.

  47. AgentTuttle says:

    In California, it is ILLEGAL and a PUBLIC NUISANCE to advertise on private property without permission CA PENAL CODE 556.1.

    If I ever SAW people throwing rock bundles from the car, I would throw them back. If not, what you do is call them and tell them that you ran it over with your lawn mower and you might lose your eye.

    As for fliers, (I hate them so much, I know to spell it with an “i” and not a “y”) just call the business and let them know that you will NOT buy from them SPECIFICALLY because they trashed your property.

    I’ve also been known to return the favor by collecting their fliers, ripping them in half so they can’t be used again and trashing the front of their business.

  48. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the broken lawnmower blade idea. It’s not fraud. It’s pre-emptive intervention meant to save some soul from a future broken lawnmower blade ;)

  49. sam1am says:

    I don’t know if this would bother me. At least they’re using rocks and not some plastic manufactured baggie-weight. I guess I’d have to judge it by the value of the coupons! :)

  50. failurate says:

    When did coupons become evil, trash can lids become so heavy, and bending over become so difficult? Unless there are like 50 of them on your lawn, is it really worth being an asshole and ruining some other guy’s day over one ziplock/paper/rock combo?

    If you hit a ziplock bag filled with rocks and paper with your lawn mower, it’s your own fault. Just as it would be if you ran over a shoe or your neighbors cat.

  51. allthatsevil says:

    @Elvisisdead: Putting anything in or on your mailbox is a federal offense – try threatening them with the police to make it stop.

  52. Tmoney02 says:


    Thank you I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. This is a total non issue yet some people think it warrants letter writing and complaining to anyone who listens.

    The mailman dropped a gum wrapper on my lawn, a couple times now. Should I write USPS and schedule a meeting with the postmaster. Will my letter be published on consumerist? Or should i just say wheres the trash can and deal with things that really matter?

  53. logicslayer says:

    I worked at Pizza Hut and “door hanging” is a great way to increase sales not complaints. Quit being so damn queer. There is no reason to even write into the consumerist go find a real issue.

  54. reflection717 says:


    Exactly – I would have found it quite satisfying to see a second picture of a big pile of these blocking the door of the Domino’s store that sent them. If this ever happened in my neighborhood I’d be more than happy to spend 30 minutes collecting the bags and dumping them in front of the business.

  55. wagnerism says:

    Some say it is a trivial problem… but it is getting progressively worse. Now all kinds of people are doing it and it has gone beyond trivial.

    Example.. this very morning some prick on a loud scooter was gunning it from mailbox to mailbox to put in some crap advertisements for cleaning and roofing.

    At 6AM. Gunning this loud little beast over and over again from mailbox to mailbox at 6AM. Woke me up.

    When I go out to throw it away, I step over THREE of those free/trash newspapers. I have two driveways and I usually get double the trash because carpet bombing doesn’t allow for efficiency.

    I’m getting annoyed daily because more and more people are advertising in this way. It has gone beyond trivial. It has become invasive and inconvenient. It is also a shame that it is unrecyclable plastic. After a while, I stop recycling the paper too – that wasted plastic does nothing to stop rain-soaking.

    I call the advertised companies and bitch at them. I contacted a front page advertiser of one of those junk newspapers (that would not F&%king stop) and personally expressed how I’m in the market for his business yet do not want to indirectly support that newspaper.

    At some point, I’m going to escalate and waste their time. I’ll call them for estimates and send them on wild goose chases to nonexistent addresses. Let them call back and I’ll tell them how I feel about their advertising. If “Heather from Account Services” can obscure address information, so can I.

  56. RedSonSuperDave says:

    @Tmoney02: Look, what they’re doing is illegal. It’s littering. Is it as bad as ethnic cleansing or honor killings? Of course not, but it’s a pain in the ass, and cleaning up their litter is NOT MY JOB, encouraging people to commit fraud in the Consumerist comments section is my job.

    If I want people to NOT litter my yard/car with their solicitations, what do you propose I do about it? It’s not like they have an opt-out list or something I can sign up for so that they’ll just LEAVE MY SHIT ALONE. I don’t litter the property of Domino’s employees (or anybody else), and I DEMAND the same from them. If it takes extra-legal means to accomplish this, so be it. If there was a quick, easy, legal method to get these professional litterers to LEAVE MY SHIT ALONE, I’d be the first to recommend it.

    To you and failurate, businesses littering your property is a non-issue. To me, it matters. I take pride in the condition of my yard, and people don’t get a free pass to junk it up with their unsolicited garbage just because of their “company policy”. My property rights trump their company policy. Is that so difficult to understand? I guess from your perspective I’m some kind of crackpot for wanting businesses in my neighborhood to actually OBEY THE LAW and not toss their trash on my lawn.

    FYI, the suggestion about bringing along a broken lawnmower blade was made in jest, but if somebody actually does it, more power to them. Just as it’s technically illegal for them to toss trash on my lawn but there’s no way in Hell that anybody will ever get a ticket for it, there’s also no way in Hell that Domino’s could ever prove that you didn’t actually hit one of their rock-bag-flyer packages with your busted lawnmower blade, so I’m not terribly worried about jail.

  57. gonz says:

    Last Halloween, I trick or treated my local dominoes and all I got was a rock.

  58. langba says:

    Maybe they see all the newspapers, phonebooks and drunks (that can’t get out of the cab by themselves) that also get tossed onto driveways.

    Or, they are inventing a new game: Rock, Paper, Baggie.

  59. AgentTuttle says:


    You obviously have never felt the frustration of spending nearly a half million bucks for a house just to have some A-hole come by and throw trash all over it. Dude, it’s like spam, but worse because it’s tangible. My doorknob is not your marketing opportunity.

    If your pizza, carpentry, etc were any good, you would keep busy by word of mouth. A door hanger is a sign of crappy food and workmanship.