Another Man Sues Home Depot After Being Glued To Toilet Seat

Perhaps you recall the strange story of Bob Dougherty, a Home Depot customer who sued the retailer after being glued to a toilet seat at their Louisville, CO location. Mr. Dougherty contended (before the case was dismissed) that the incident gave him post-traumatic stress disorder and that he developed diabetes as a direct result of Home Depot’s negligence. Now, nearly 4 years after Mr. Dougherty became affixed to the Home Depot toilet, a Mr. Haywood R. Rosales of St. Louis, MO has filed a similar lawsuit, claiming that Home Depot was negligent in allowing a “copycat” incident to happen to him.

From the complaint:

The Home Depot knew or should have known, that after the incident in Boulder, CO that there would be a strong possibility that instances of copycat behavior would occur, especially since the Home Depot sells a wide variety of adhesive products and that same could be used in a similar manner to recreate, or to cause a similar situation.

Mr. Rosales claims he was “rendered unable to work” by his injuries, is seeking in excess of $25,000 in damages.

Glued To His Seat
[The Smoking Gun]


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  1. donopolis says:

    Does no one look at a public toilet seat before sitting down…If I absolutely have to go…I wipe the seat first…I just think..ya’know…gross…what is it that these people don’t mind sitting in?

    I know blame the Consumer, but good god man, look where you are putting your bare ass.


  2. Bladefist says:

    Man if he lost his job, talk about double canned.

  3. cynu414 says:

    I wonder when people will start complaining that Home Depot doesn’t have any public restrooms?

  4. spookiedog says:

    Not Boulder Co. location — it was the Louisville Co. location, check your sources please.

  5. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    what a nasty prank. I hardly ever use public toilets.

  6. MyPetFly says:


    There’s always the plumbing department with its display toilets…

  7. forgottenpassword says:

    I hate to be the “blame the customer” type but shouldnt the customer share the responsibility in what he sits in when using someone else’s toilet? Dont people look at the seat when using a public restroom? I know I do. I also wipe the seat beforehand just in case my quick visual inpection missed an errant drop of urine.

    One must consider the possibility that this person MAY have done this to himself in order to get money from a lawsuit. The whole “rendered unable to work” thing makes me wonder. WOuldnt be that hard… bring in superglue, put it on the toilet seat, flush it down the drain, then sit down.

  8. MightyCow says:

    If I have to sit on a public toilet, I wipe the seat down first, then use the paper cowboy hat – regardless of how badly I need to go.

    I can only assume that these guys routinely sit in other people’s urine if they managed to sit in glue.

  9. DeltaPurser says:

    How long would you have to sit there for the glue to actually dry?!?!?! And what about those disposable toilet cover seats? Or toiled paper the seat if all else fails…

  10. LowerHouseMember says:

    The only way I would ever take a dump in a public restroom is if I was literally shitting my pants. Even then, the seat gets thoroughly wiped, and not one, but TWO seat protectors are put down (failing that, the seat gets lined with toilet paper).

    How could you sit yourself down on those filthy seats without cleaning it first? HOW?!?

  11. donopolis says:

    Sir I am going to sue you because I walked through your yard…and stepped in your dogs poo ruining my work shoes..shame on you! you owe me monies…


  12. masterage says:

    @donopolis: I’ve seen (and unfortunatly, been next to) people that just couldn’t wait to go (at other store toilets, not Home Depot)…and some of those were ill people.

    Now, I’ve no idea if this guy was that ‘urgent’…if he was, then there’s some clout there. If not…

    There’s mention of a ‘copycat’ in the suit, dunno if he himself put that in there or the lawyer did, but it makes it sound like he did it to himself.

  13. donopolis says:

    Hey i’ve been in those situations myself…I would sooner poo myself than sit without looking.


  14. Pro-Pain says:

    Ridiculous. I’m going to Lowe’s to do this to be original. I need a new car from a fast settlement. This oughta do it. I heart America. Our future is so bright /sarcasm.

  15. Shutaro says:

    Well I, for one, am not going to blame the customer… I’m going to do the first, most logical, and most rational thing that comes to my mind… I’m going to blame Comcast.

  16. Imakeholesinu says:

    Hover. That is all.

  17. MyPetFly says:


    When I was a kid working as a busboy (and cleaning the bathroom), I saw an old guy in distress take a poo squirt in a urinal.

    I didn’t clean it.

  18. donopolis says:

    @MyPetFly: Thus at last the secret origin of your pet fly!


  19. donkeyjote says:

    First, oh look, I slipped on your icy sidewalk that I already knew was icy before I stepped onto it, so I’m suing you… = Cash Payout.

    Glue on toilet I neglected to check = dismissed. Difference? One is more fulla shit, yet in armchair legal circumstance, exactly the same from a negligent owner standpoint.

    Second, Seriously, who sits on a public toilet without checking it out or using a toilet paper ring? Hell, who sits on them? Hover god damn it, hover (least you get glued to the seat)

  20. MyPetFly says:


    I never thought of it that way! How much do I owe you for the regression session? : )

  21. donopolis says:

    All part of the public services…no charge.


  22. purell54 says:

    Who doesn’t build a nest prior to sitting down in a public rest room. It nasty brushing your junk up against the open C in public restrooms, my willie demands a buffer.

  23. masterage says:

    @donopolis: That’s you, though. You =/= Majority of the masses, and let’s not forget that not everyone on earth reads this (although they should :D)

    Some people are ‘urgent’, some people do not know any better, and some just simply know and yet don’t care.

    My bet is still on him doing it to himself, though. Those bottles are freaking small…

  24. B says:

    What kind of jackass puts glue on a public toilet seat? I don’t see how this is Home Depot’s fault or anything, but man, you gotta be a special kind of [censored] to do this.

  25. donopolis says:

    Okay, let’s assume that this person
    1. did not apply the glue to himself as we both suspect he did.

    2. was just in too much of a hurry or to urgent.

    3. Didn’t realize somehow that one should look where one places their bare buttocks.

    Even if all three of those things are true…I don’t think that it is Home Depots responsibility to protect people from their own bad judgment. Therfore..Not Home Depot’s fault.


  26. Ein2015 says:

    Lawsuits like these make me just as sick as RIAA ones. All in all it screws everything up for legitimate problems.

  27. masterage says:

    @donopolis: I never said it was (or wasn’t) home depot’s fault.

    But this entire thing is fishy and let’s move on.

  28. dorianh49 says:

    Two words: Ass. Gaskets.

  29. donkeyjote says:

    Home Depot should just have a sign on the door saying, we are not responsible to the glue that is most likely on the toilet. They can even get cheeky about it and make the sign using a toilet lid.

  30. says:

    DIABETES?!?!! WHAT?!?!

  31. Skankingmike says:

    @donkeyjote: wow that’s pun. :P

    how do you glue your bum to a seat? Was it gorilla glue? That would have been awsome if it was, but gorilla glue is brown so if you’re sitting on brown stuff you probably deserve to get whatever is coming to you.

    I didn’t even know that they had bathrooms at a home depot. nor would i ever use them i’d rather crap my pants.

  32. Sam Glover says:

    I think we all want to know what kind of glue it was.

  33. TwoScoopsRice says:

    Hovering is good. You get the added benefit of strengthening certain muscles.

    Just so happens I did a lot of errands this weekend and had occasion to make use of the facilities at Home Depot, OfficeMax and Macy. Cleanest award went to OfficeMax but Home Depot surprisingly wasn’t too far behind. The Macy’s, however, had one faucet in need of a washer, three soap dispensers in need of soap and one very beleaguered trash can in need of emptying.

  34. bobbleheadr says:

    @Skankingmike: Haha. Crapping your pants is so funny. Ask someone with IBS, Crohns or Colitis about that.

    Crap (pardon the pun) like this is why there are fewer public toilets out there.

  35. Shevek says:

    I don’t really have an opinion about the lawsuit itself, but I have to add: I’m pretty sure that there are FAR more germs on the doorknob, the stall latches, and the sink hardware than on the toilet seat. I really doubt putting down a paper ring protects you from much of anything… except glue apparently.

  36. Walk INTO the toliet cubicle while viewing the toliet seat, quickly turn and ….. well you get the idea.

    No matter how bad I need to go there is always a point before I sit down that I check the status of the toliet seat.

    Sounds like a money grubbing slimmy lawyer has found the ideal victim to accept the corporate donation (settlement).

  37. EBone says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Death of Personal Responsibility.

    “I didn’t know I shouldn’t put hot coffee between my legs in the car.”

    “I didn’t look at the toilet seat before I sat down.”

    “She swore she was on the pill.”

  38. Hopanoe says:

    @EBone: I just lol’d

  39. forgottenpassword says:


    I have IBS & had a few close calls in my time , but even in my most dire & urgent needs I still managed to visually check the seat before I sat. Granted it was a REALLY quick inspection…

  40. Tacoma would of known ya says:

    Wasn’t the main problem in the previous case the fact the employees ignored his pleas for help? Thus leaving him stuck for hours. Unitl I know more I’m not sure if this is in the same league of negligence.

  41. gliscameria says:


    You gotta mace it up after you put the adhesive down…

    Plus, how hard is it to tear a toilet seat off?

  42. mizmoose says: Severe stress is a known trigger for the onset of type II diabetes. This is well documented.

  43. Deivion says:

    Shouldn’t the guy be happy he only got away getting glued to the toilet seat? He might have been the first person to get herpes from a toilet seat…or at least one of the rare cases.

    But seriously, I usually wipe and then layer the toilet seat with toilet paper before sitting down. Call me paranoid but I ain’t taking risk in a public place.

  44. jgodsey says:

    there are bathrooms in Home Depot?

  45. Concerned_Citizen says:

    What do these people want? The only viable outcome is that Home Depot close off bathrooms to all customers. There is no way a store is going to check the toilet seats every time someone uses it. And what ever happened to wiping the seat with a piece of toilet paper before plopping down to make sure it was safe? This suit better fail.

  46. trujunglist says:

    OK, we’ve all reached an agreement that looking before you poo is basically a given and only a fucking moron would just sit and shit.
    The question I have is when the dude sat down and noticed that there was something disgusting all over his ass, why didn’t he IMMEDIATELY stand up to inspect? Clearly, the dude remained sitting there taking a shit, so that the super glue had time to dry, or else it was sealant or something, which takes a LONG time to dry. In any case, even super glue doesn’t immediately form a bond, as we all learned as kids, and it really doesn’t even hurt to unstick your fingers or whatever (not that I have ass gluing experience though, so ymmv).
    So, clearly it was some sort of very, very powerful, instantly acting glue that only glues upon contact with another person (or someone was watching his actions and deduced he had to shit, whereupon they went and pulled the prank moments before he entered the stall as would be the case with glue of the super variety), or the dude was himself negligent in that he knowingly remained sitting in some sort of liquid, on a public toilet no less, until it bonded to his ass. Way to go, genius.

  47. MrsLopsided says:

    The plaintiff clams that Home Depot did not “exercise ordinary care”. What would that entail? Cameras in every stall? A wide-stanced restroom attendant? At least we’d know where to find the sales help.

  48. Joedragon says:

    they can put in auto seat covers like they have at O’Hare air port.

  49. ruffedges says:

    Sounds like the dude had a pretty shitty day. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  50. backbroken says:

    Home Depot should be able to tie this up in court until $25,000 only buys a tank of gas. Like maybe, 2-3 years.

  51. Nev-in-NYC says:

    Suits like this are a real pain in the ass…
    I couldn’t resist either.

    People like this plaintiff need to ring the overhead call button so that Tommy can come to their seat and hit them in the head with a tack hammer…

  52. Chongo says:

    See, this is why I pee all over the toilet seats in public restrooms. I am doing the next person a favor by forcing them to check the seat and then wipe it down. I am glad to be of service.

  53. Luftvier says:

    That is the worst legal jargon I have ever read.

    The lawyer should be forced to be glued to a toilet seat for that complaint.

  54. Nev-in-NYC says:

    Anyone else notice that the lawyers both have gmail email addresses? Doesn’t really inspire a lot of faith in a firm when they can’t even afford their own domain…

    Must be a shitty firm…(the puns just write themselves with this one)

  55. Skankingmike says:

    @bobbleheadr: Unfortunately I know all about them and believe me I’d still rather shit myself

    I’ve in fact shit by a tree at a rest stop because the bathroom looked like it was gonna give me a disease.

  56. EBone says:

    @Skankingmike: That was you? I thought it was a damned bear driving a Volvo!

  57. TwoScoopsRice says:

    @Nev-in-NYC: You make a good point about the attorneys’ gmail e-mail addys. Then again I have to view them as at least a baby step ahead of an attorney who uses an AOL address, since it takes a little actual work to sign up at gmail/equivalent.

  58. tweemo says:

    @donopolis: Pretty sure wiping the seat does very little… that’s what seat covers are for.

  59. magnoliasouth says:

    Unable to work? PTSS? How ’bout this? Spare me!

  60. Blahness says:

    Not to victim bash or anything, but don’t most people look to see if there’s a wet-looking blobular, possibly white although sometimes transparent liquid mass on the toilet seat? I mean, sitting on water is extremely uncomfortable, especially in a public toilet. Then if you try to wipe it off with toilet paper, and the toilet paper sticks to it, obviously don’t sit.

    Or, Toilet Covers; problem solved.

  61. HOP says:

    kohl’s has nice, clean toilets….and no source of glue that i know of……

  62. Talk about a sticky situation. eh?eh?

    This guy has to be scamming, because I know for damn sure, that if my ass got glued to a toilet seat for real, in a retail store, I’d be suing for way more than 25 grand. Maybe the guy figures they won’t bother putting up much of a fight over 25 grand. How much is HD willing to spend on attorneys fees to fight this? It’s probably more pragmatic to just pay the guy. Stupid pragmatism.

    Nonetheless, it’s more fun to imagine that it is for real:

    I don’t really know all that much about adhesives, but don’t they usually have a strong odor? Or most of them? Some of them? I’m only assuming, with my limited knowledge, that if an adhesive is strong enough to trap your ass that bad, it’s gotta have some sort of smell…. Somebody enlighten me please, on the properties of adhesives?

    – So, anyway, my point would be that even if you didn’t for some reason notice the stuff on the seat, wouldn’t you maybe notice the chemically smell at least?

    Also, if my ass was glued to a toilet seat, I would not rip my ass off of it causing “cuts, bruises, and tearing”. The guy had a cellphone, and called his wife to tell her he was stuck, shouldn’t his next move have been to get someone with tools in there to remove the seat? Pride be damned, I’d waddle my ass with the seat still stuck to it all the way to the friggin’ hospital. Worst case scenario is I still get cuts and scrapes and tearing, but I’d probably be doped up while the hospital staff did it and wouldn’t give a shit. If it’s a choice between embarassing myself by strolling thru HD with a toilet seat stuck on my bare ass and willingly ripping my own ass off, I choose the former.

  63. rickhamilton620 says:

    @LowerHouseMember: agreed, nothing more really to say. If you must use a public toilet, check the seat, jeez! :)

  64. 2719 says:

    Maybe 25K is not much to a corporation but they better think twice. If they settle they better get ready for dozens of these.

    There is a lot of people willing to spend several hours glued to a toilet seat for 25K.

  65. AnderBobo says:

    They were discussing this on my local morning radio show and added some more details. Basically he had to rip himself off the seat and left behind skin, hair and blood.

    I do think Home Depot should bear some of the responsibility, it was an injury that occured in their facility and it can be argued that it is due to their negligent actions in not maintaining the bathroom. The guy isn’t asking for millions of dollars, $25,000 isn’t that extreme given the multi-million dollar pant lawsuit fiasco a year or so ago.

  66. Balisong says:

    @AnderBobo: Nothing is extreme given the multi-million dollar pant lawsuit fiasco a year or so ago.

  67. donopolis says:

    @tweemo: I am pretty sure that wiping down a toilet seat would clear away any adhesive and or urinary residue. which is my point…


  68. Juggernaut says: I got diabetes from a tractor seat…

  69. girly says:

    @LowerHouseMember: @DeltaPurser: @donkeyjote: @Concerned_Citizen: yes, a tp protective barrier is necessary!

    Now if that home depot has cleaning logs for the bathroom (which I believe they should be cleaning at least once a day, right?) and they can show that the incident happened just after a cleaning, this guy might have something, because obviously that should have been discovered

  70. girly says:

    @AnderBobo: hmmm, as embarassing as it might be, I think I’d just yell for help and be unscrewed seat and all, then go to a doctor and get the seat unglued with some safe solvent…

    the guy seems pretty reasonable since after lawyers’ fees he can’t be getting too much

  71. @girly

    I think you’re just saying that a TP barrier is necessary because most women squat and then piss all over the seat.

    And we say men are undignified.

  72. girly says:

    @donopolis: I don’t think it would clear away adhesive, just let you know it was there

  73. girly says:

    @Motherfirefly: That doesn’t even make any sense.

  74. Skankingmike says:

    @girly: so you think retail places should clean their toilet seats everyday multiple times per day?

    There’s no way anybody can glue themselves to a toilet seat by accident. Glue is not that fast drying and unless you have absolutely no feeling or you’re completely blind theres no way somebody can just sit down on a seat even if they have IBS which i do not believe these causes indicate, and not notice hey there’s something here!

    how do you get Diabetes from a toilet seat? this case as the the other one sound like scam artists.

  75. girly says:

    @Skankingmike: usually when I visit a place that has a cleaning log I notice it is marked at least once a day

  76. The Porkchop Express says:

    @AnderBobo: So just because it was in home depot, they’re responsible? Really? a crazy person comes in and kills someone…home depot’s fault right.

    Also, how often do you suggest they clean the restroom?

    If the glue was still wet when he sat down, it hadn’t been there very long. The person who put the glue on there may have waited for them to clean and then went in with the glue. What about that? Chances are they have a schedule for the cleaning and a sicko that would do this would look at that (because it would probably be a sheet in the crapper that the employees sign and put a time on) and decide when to do it.

    I’m sick of companies getting blamed for everything that happens in the building. Then when they are at fault, we still wonder (sometimes).

  77. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @donkeyjote: Why do you think there’s always a mess on toilet seats? Because people hover.

  78. AnderBobo says:

    @Lo-Pan: It was shoddy company property that caused damage, regardless of who caused it. If somebody had tampered with the toilet in a different way and then a little kid sat on it and the toilet somehow exploded or something, you better believe it would be Home Depot’s fault.

  79. freepistol says:

    they do make clear glue, and spray on adhesives. no one just because it sounds stupid, doesnt mean the guy didnt look. maybe he looked, and didnt notice… or just thought ” gross, but its gonna be grosser if i dont sit now !”

    i think guys are slack on the sitting issue anyway, since they dont have to sit everytime they go piss.

  80. erratapage says:

    Not that I don’t look (I do), but why is everyone so concerned about germs on their bottom side? They come off in the shower, folks!

  81. IrisMR says:

    ….Post-traumatic stress disorder from a prank? What? What a pussy.

  82. IrisMR says:

    Okay look. If Home Depot is found guilty, the Judge will also have to say this.

    “I hereby declare that every restroom in America now requires a poop throne shiner position. The Poop Throne Shiner shall walk in whenever you’re done and clean up the seat before the next customer be allowed to craddle his ass on the sweet, sweet throne of freedom.”


  83. jethropew says:

    so if he wins, then every retail outlet offering “free” restrooms in the USA will have to place a human monitor in each bathroom to ensure against gluing someone’s butt to a toilet seat? sheesh, what a dum-dum.

    we once got sued for a new pair of expensive boots, when some unknown kids threw a soft drink over the restroom stall onto a total stranger, allegedly ruining his boots (the guy wasn’t worried about his clothes). he brought us a receipt from world famous boot-store, walmart, for his $35 boots (LOL). we and our insurance company declined to settle.

  84. The Porkchop Express says:

    @AnderBobo: Shoddy? There was glue on it. And the glue wasn’t shoddy apparently

  85. Hogan1 says:

    Frivolous and idiotic lawsuits should be a felony punishable by mandatory jail time for both the plaintiff AND any lawyers participating on their behalf.

  86. sir_pantsalot says:

    @AnderBobo: “The guy isn’t asking for millions of dollars, $25,000 isn’t that extreme”

    Then you pay the guy $25,000 and everyone will go their seperate ways. But since it it is not your money I’m guessing you dont care if stolen from the company it belongs to. You are going to be the first person in line to vote for Obama aren’t you?

  87. The Porkchop Express says:

    @sir_pantsalot: Damn dude, you had it for a sec there. Had to bring the politics into it huh?

    You’re right though, if it was this guys money he would see how it may not be HD’s fault. And while they aren’t asking for millions, paying it would open the wallet up for others to reach in.

    Also just because they are asking a lower amount, doesn’t mean it’s ok.

    “I only stole one car your honor, it’s not like I stole bunches of ’em”

  88. EdnaLegume says:

    some asshat walking into HD and slathering some rubber cement on the seat isn’t HD’s fault unless HD themselves hired said asshat to do that.

    improper plumbing, crumbling floor joists, and electrical wiring violations is hardly in the same category as an idiot with free time and living in close proximity to HD with an ample supply of adhesive.

  89. girly says:

    @Lo-Pan: I just think the lower amount makes it less likely to be a shady motive. It seems the guy thinks home depot is responsible. A judge will decide that according to the law.

  90. AnderBobo says:

    @sir_pantsalot: I don’t understand what is so hard to see here. A customer injured themselves due to the stores negligence. If a customer setup some sort of trap in the aisle with a bunch of nails and the OP stepped on a few and severely injured his foot HD would be just as responsible. I’m not saying that HD should check to make sure the bathroom is spotless 8 times a day. But when you offer that amenity to customers you increase your responsibility of maintaining a safe shopping environment. 99.9% of the customers experience is decent, this is that .1% where something went wrong.

    If that were your butt that got ripped off and stuck to the toilet seat I’m sure you wouldn’t be so smarmy about it being the OPs fault.

  91. The Porkchop Express says:

    @girly: You kind of took the fun out of it here by being logical.

    I hope your right and the judge does right by everyone involved.

    Although I hope the judge mostly does right by HD on this one.

  92. The Porkchop Express says:

    @AnderBobo: A little while ago, you said they were a little responsible. Now you seem to think they are full on responsible.

    If you don’t think they should be in there 8 times a day then why do you think they should have known about the glue? because if they didn’t know about the hazard, how do they prevent the inury? that’s where your negligence comes from.

    What would you have done to prevent this incident? seriously

  93. donkeyjote says:


    If a customer setup some sort of trap in the aisle with a bunch of nails and the OP stepped on a few and severely injured his foot HD would be just as responsible.

    Err, Wrong. The person setting up the trap would be mostly responsible. The person stepping on nails would also be responsible, because a reasonable person watches where they step and would be able to see the nails.

    Also, Home depot can just go through their security tapes and be Scott free.

  94. AnderBobo says:

    @Lo-Pan: Well who else is he going to sue? The toilet? He would sue Home Depot who could then track down and sue the person who was responsible for spraying glue on the seat, but I doubt they could ever even find him.

    @donkeyjote: Same thing, you would sue Home Depot who would then have to do their own investigation/lawsuit to hold the person who created the danger responsible.

    Trust me, I’m not an advocate for frivolous lawsuits, but there was an actual damage here for which he wants to be recompensed. At the end of the day if he wins he is only going to recieve a few thousand dollars. If Home Depot were smart they would just settle out of court quickly.

  95. AnderBobo says:

    @Lo-Pan: Also ignorance is not a legal defense. The store bears the responsibility to maintain a safe shopping environment. If live wires were for some reason exposed and a little kid grabbed one and died the store couldn’t be like “sorry, we didn’t know, peace out”.

    Like I said earlier this was a fluke that was caused by some prankster and unfortunately HD is doing to have to pay for that.

  96. jswilson64 says:

    @Lo-Pan: If it happens on (or with) your property, you’re at risk.

    Someone steals your car and runs over a little old lady, don’t be surprised if her family sues YOU because YOUR property injured her.

    Someone pitches a brick through YOUR store window, flying glass injures customer, customer is going to sue YOU.

    I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that’s how it is.

  97. The Porkchop Express says:

    @AnderBobo: “well who else is he going to sue?”

    See the problem there? do we always have to sue someone everytime something happens?

    Your exposed wires, that one works for me. That is an actual issue with maintaining the property. The case at hand is some idiot putting glue on a toilet seat.

    @jswilson64: the stolen car thing. They may try to sue you, but I doubt it would hold up.
    Same with the brick in the window, I don’t think you can be held responsible for the actions of others in those cases.

  98. The Porkchop Express says:

    @jswilson64: not saying that people wouldn’t sue you. just saying that you would probably not be found at fault.

    Now if you had some med pay type coverage for your company you may have to use those funds to cover it. but that would not be accepting responsibility. that kind of coverage is for freak stuff like that.