Another Man Sues Home Depot After Being Glued To Toilet Seat

Perhaps you recall the strange story of Bob Dougherty, a Home Depot customer who sued the retailer after being glued to a toilet seat at their Louisville, CO location. Mr. Dougherty contended (before the case was dismissed) that the incident gave him post-traumatic stress disorder and that he developed diabetes as a direct result of Home Depot’s negligence. Now, nearly 4 years after Mr. Dougherty became affixed to the Home Depot toilet, a Mr. Haywood R. Rosales of St. Louis, MO has filed a similar lawsuit, claiming that Home Depot was negligent in allowing a “copycat” incident to happen to him.

From the complaint:

The Home Depot knew or should have known, that after the incident in Boulder, CO that there would be a strong possibility that instances of copycat behavior would occur, especially since the Home Depot sells a wide variety of adhesive products and that same could be used in a similar manner to recreate, or to cause a similar situation.

Mr. Rosales claims he was “rendered unable to work” by his injuries, is seeking in excess of $25,000 in damages.

Glued To His Seat
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