Worst Company In America 2008 "Sweet 16": eBay/Paypal VS Capital One

Here’s your fourth “Sweet 16” match-up: #20 Ebay/PayPal VS #36 Capital One.

Here’s what some of you had to say about these two companies:

“In recent years, eBay has become an overpriced junk warehouse. Thirty sellers will auction the same “one-of-a-kind” item at a starting bid of $.01, with a bargain basement shipping rate of $24.99.”

“Paying is no longer your pal. The consumer protection process is so convoluted that by the time eBay gets around to denying your claim, the seller has already begun defrauding other unsuspecting buyers under a new identity anyway.”

Capital One:
“I’m tired of them wanting to know what’s in my wallet.”

“Even though I ALWAYS paid my bill on time every month, for some reason (at least 3-4 times a year) I would incur their $25 late fees. I believe this is because they have a special “processing facility” (in atlanta I think) that’s sole purpose is to delay mailed payments before sending them off to the final payment processing place.”

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