Top Posts Of The Week

The World’s 5 Worst Ways To Get Drunk
“Russian aftershaves are a popular item since some have a 97% alcohol content.”

Wal-Mart Reports You To The Police For Not Allowing Them To Check Your Receipt
“About thirty minutes later my wife received a call from an officer of the local police department.”

Six Flags Requires You To Check All Bags Before Each Rollercoaster For $1 Per Ride
“…all the major coasters in the park now require you to stow your bag, and charge you a buck a ride for the privilege.”

Lawsuit: Comcast Leaked Customer’s Banking Info After She Sent Check For “My Right Arm”
“Attached was a copy of my personal check with my name, my address, my phone number, My account numbers, my signature… nothing was blacked out…Nothing!”

Meet The Coupon-Throwing Papa John’s Owner From Hell
“I pointed it out for the third time, and she typed in the code and then threw the page away. I asked for the remaining coupons back and she snapped, “I’m not your secretary!””

(Photo: Marike79)

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