Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds

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Title: “Sears and ABC Store?”
by jritch77

Title: “Nachtspiel”
by flaimo

Title: “Tiny Man on Shopping Cart”
by: spinadelic

Title: “runway 28 L color test”
by daiji

by Hendrick Guerra

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  1. janosha says:

    I <3 Flickr Pool Friday!

  2. Kenmore Vodka comes with a great warranty

  3. nrich239 says:

    Typical, you have to be intoxicated to be able to step into a Sears store voluntarily

  4. dragonfire81 says:

    I love that sears one, the expression on the people’s faces is great.

  5. I don’t get the Sears one.

  6. evslin says:

    @InfiniTrent: I’m afraid I don’t either. The Nachtspiel and Target pictures are really good though.

  7. theblackdog says:

    @InfiniTrent: I think they’re saying “What the hell does ABC Store mean?” I know I am saying that.

  8. maevro says:


    I don’t either.

  9. DeeJayQueue says:

    @theblackdog: ABC stores are liquor stores.

  10. In Alabama, the state used to have a hard liquor monopoly. The authority was the Alabama Alabama Beverage Control Board, which ran ABC Stores. According to the Flickr comment, this is in North Carolina, but a similar situation — Alcohol Beverage Control stores. As someone says up above, it helps to get drunk before entering Sears.

  11. planet2334 says:

    Oh. I thought it had something to do with how Sears is always on ABC’s Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. I should send you a Thank You card from an ignorant New Yorker :)

  12. AcidReign says:

        As an Alabama Resident, I can tell you that the State of Alabama essentially still DOES have a hard liquor monopoly. There are a very few licensed package stores around, but they have to buy their liquor from the state, at full retail price, then mark it up, to make a profit. The package store only does decent business on liquor at odd hours, like when you need another bottle of Jack at 3:00 AM…

        With a 45% state liquor tax, bootlegging is still big business, in Alabama.

        I don’t get what’s so weird about a liquor store next to a Sears, though. They both radiate an aura of “seedy.”

  13. Lambasted says:

    In Virginia, hard liquor is sold by state-run stores also called ABC Stores, which stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control. However, beer and wine can be purchased at various retail establishments such as grocery and World Market stores. I had no clue what an ABC Store was either until I moved here.

    I like the state run ABC Stores in Virginia. In other states, I hate walking into regular liquor stores as a lone woman because they are always so seedy, gritty, and without fail have men standing around leering at all the women as they walk by.

    Conversely, ABC Stores are clean, carpeted, and do not permit any hanging around. They are typically all located in a shopping center next to regular stores so they very approachable.

    I wish all liquor stores in other states were run this way. In some areas of MD there are liquor stores almost on every corner, all with the requisite trash blowing around in the parking lots and shady characters creeping around. I feel like I have to go slumming just to buy a bottle of Malibu rum when I am in Maryland. I would love to see all the liquor stores there shut down in favor of state-run stores.

  14. TangDrinker says:

    Yeah, the ABC store is in NC (according to the Flickr picture it’s in Brevard, south of Asheville). Interesting note about ABC stores – they’re run by the local Alcohol Beverage Commision, so it’s possible that one town might be “dry” and another town over might not be. There’s a huge variation in quality and contents of each depending upon the market, but all are usually marked by being visually boring and closed on Sundays.

    I miss Indiana for the fact that you could buy hard liquor in the drug store…

  15. Lambasted says:

    Interesting…I didn’t know “ABC Store” was the common name for govt controlled liquor stores in various states. I guess I just assumed it was only what Virginia stores are called. I wonder (but not enough to look it up myself) how many other states in addition to AL and NC have state-controlled liquor stores.

  16. Vulcaex says:

    “I wonder (but not enough to look it up myself) how many other states in addition to AL and NC have state-controlled liquor stores.”

    You can add Florida to that list.

  17. AcidReign says:

        Huh. I thought Mr. Cash owned most of the Florida liquor stores. At least in the Panhandle…