25 Reasons Why Cable Technicians Hate You

It is no secret that we dole out criticism of the cable companies, perhaps, on a daily basis. We thought it might be fair and equitable to learn what cable technicians hate about the customers. We found out about this post written by a cable tech who isn’t afraid to let it fly, “And every once in a while, we get the one customer, and we just fucking hate you,” says “InstallerTechJeff” on Cable Rant Forums. The 25 reasons, inside…

First off I would have to say, I really love being a cable guy. It is a very respectable job, and I have been doing cable for just over 2 years. It’s a decent job with good benefits. I love people. I love being around people. Particularly in the area I work in, I don’t typically have to deal with your everyday morons. Most customers are very happy to see me arrive, and I am usually very happy to meet them as well.

Keep some things in mind though. First of all, we are human beings, and if we at any point realize that there is going to be a substantial amount of work to do in order to get your services up and running, it may and probably will become irritating.

And every once in a while, we get the one customer, and we just fucking hate you.

1. We call you to confirm the appointment and to let you know we’re on the way. We get there. You’re not home, so we leave, and we end up having to come back to do the damn job because you are liars and said you were home, when you weren’t. We are on schedules you asshole. You can wait another day or until the evening to get your shit installed.

2. Your dogs shit everywhere in your yard. Pick that shit up, we have to work in it. Slob.

3. Your dogs shit in your house. Shoot your dog please.

4. Your children are climbing on us. Control them. I for one love kids, and love playing with them but put that bugger in the crib sometimes.

5. Your house smells like ass. Clean up your plates that have plants growing on them now. This bowl that had milk in it is molding and looks like green beans now. It’s gross. Pick up your shitty diapers, and spray some air freshener or I’m coming back in with a surgical mask on (yes we have those), and I would prefer not to hurt your feelings.

6. Your router. Do it your damn self.

7. Offer us a drink, it’s hot, we’re probably going out of our way to make sure your shit works!

8. We’re not going to assemble your piece of crap computer! We’re not going to fix it either, we’re the cable company, not Geek Squad.

9. We’re not there to set up your surround sound system. We are not Circuit City.

10. MOVE YOUR CRAP OUT OF THE WAY!!! If we have to access your attic to change splitter configurations (or to do a wallfish), move your own shit out of the way, it’s not our job to move your boxes and luggage in your closet. We’re not Mayflower or any other moving company. In fact we’re not there to move any furniture, electronics, computers, clothing, boxes, etc. IF ANYTHING HAS TO BE MOVED, YOU NEED TO MOVE IT OR YOU DON’T GET YOUR CABLE. If we break something we have to pay for it. Here’s a solution, move your shit before we get there (ie. dressers, entertainment centers — move these AWAY from cable and AC outlets, so we have access)

11. If you are ordering Internet make sure you have a computer there for us to test it on when we arrive. common sense.

12. If you are ordering digital phone, you don’t need a phone there (we have test phones), but don’t expect us to run 3 phone outlets for free. the sh*t aint happening.

13. If your installation has to get rescheduled, don’t flip out. Its not our fault your drop got cut and has to be road-bored, and we are only adhering to our companies policies.

14. You don’t get a new box every time a new one comes out. That’s not how it works. They are all designed to do the same thing. If there’s a problem we’ll replace it, but don’t waste our time.

15. YOUR INTERNET IS NOT SLOW, YOUR COMPUTER IS!!! Take a few weeks to learn about how computers work. It’s important nowadays because computers rule the world right now. 95% of the time, if the internet is slow, your computer either has too much porn/spyware/adware/virus, etc to properly function. Run the recovery disk or fix it otherwise. Because if the signal levels are correct, your internet is going to be fast. modems usually don’t just go bad.

16. Dogs – A lot of us love animals but put those bitches up if they bite. It’s not funny. That’s why so many of my teammates hate dogs!! I love them, and most other animals but some of you idiots don’t train your animals. Put the mean ones away somewhere (preferably somewhere that is not important to the cable installation).

17. Put some damn clothes on. It was your choice for you to have us there at 8am, not ours. I’d rather be sleeping still. So get your ass up.

18. Coax wiring — don’t try to do it yourself, because you probably don’t know what youre doing. Radio Shack and Wal-Mart coax cable sucks. It’s usually RG-59 equivalent and is good for nothing. We use RG-6 or better. and the connectors, and dielectric/outer sheet layer differences on our cable make worlds of difference. Thanks for trying to help, but trust us on this one.

19. If your house is over 450 feet from the tap (or pole) don’t expect premium services (digital cable, internet, or digital phone) to work well, if they work at all. You probably shouldnt even have cable.

20. If you are ordering digital cable, make sure you have a working TV there for us to test it on when we arrive.

21. Contractors are hard workers, but there are bad eggs everywhere (contractors & in-house alike). Some of us were contractors before we worked directly for the company! Don’t hate!

22. Don’t get an attitude, when speaking to the tech, unless the tech has one first.

23. We physically CANNOT give you free HBO. your set-top box is provisioned from the office, not from your house.
This request, although typically offered for humor-purposes, is getting old.

24. THERE IS NO CABLE SWITCH. YOUR CABLE IS NOT TURNED ON WITH ANY TYPE OF SWITCH OR SIMILAR DEVICE. IN FACT: Less than 1% of my jobs are connected properly with good parts where I only have to connect it at the tap. We almost always have to tone outlets out, sometimes run new ones, scrub old ones, add equipment to your account, correct job codes, etc.

25. If we are not assigned your installation, we do NOT want to pick it up early. Unless the tech is VERY bored with no other work, he will probably not want to do it early, don’t ask.

And finally. If you feel like we did a good job AT LEAST let us know, and gratuity is nice too. You tip the Pizza man and wait staff at a restaurant right? Well they are just doing their job, and if they are nice and give you the service you want, you tip them. We work harder for our money, and we are way underpaid too, so don’t be shy!! We remember these things!

We don’t expect $50 or anything crazy like that, in fact we don’t expect anything, but if we have to spend 3 or 4 hours crawling your house to rewire it, and hang a new aerial drop just so you can have service. Come on. And be nice to the service/repair techs too!! They have WAY more experience and they have to work just as hard (or harder) to fix an issue the installer left behind.

Somehow, this guy makes Jim Carrey’s character look well-adjusted.

CUSTOMERS – WE F*CKING HATE YOU [Cable Rant Forums] (Thanks to Long Island Pc Tech!)
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  1. MissPeacock says:

    Re: #1. I’ve NEVER EVER EVER had a cable installer call to tell me he was on his way. I *have* however, had them not show three times in a row, had them show up without any tools, and had one call me “baby”. So get off the high horse, buddy.

  2. beavis88 says:

    #15 is total and utter bullshit.

  3. VA_White says:

    Now I’m supposed to tip the cable guy? Sorry. The shit ain’t happening.

  4. Amanduh says:

    Yeah, I use the internet to panhandle for tips on a job where I can’t stand you or anything about you. But it’s a very respectable job!!!!!!!

  5. rasbill says:

    this is total bullshit

  6. Bladefist says:

    Yea, its unfortunate that our hate for cable companies sometimes get directed to the techs. Like they are the CEO or something. Our Bad. Forgive us.

  7. BabyGorilla says:

    There is a big difference between a sever and delivery guy than a cable technician.

    I strongly believe in tipping, but this seems to be stretching it a bit.

  8. amodlin says:

    Tip the cable guy? Uh, no way in hell. Most likely you’re there because your company sucks so much ass that you’ve got weekly appointments with me to test signal strength. I’m not going to tip you for doing your JOB (that you get PAID to do).

    #22…Don’t get an attitude? Holy crap! This guy already HAS an attitude and if he came to my house I’d probably be so fed up with him thinking he’s God’s gift to man, I’d tell him to get the hell out.

  9. bravo369 says:

    i got really lucky with my comcast cable guy. The appointment was scheduled for something like 2:30. I took a halfday from work but it still takes me about an hour to get home. well the cable guy got there early, maybe around 1:30-2 and i wasn’t home yet. He was actually nice enough to call and good thing too because i was literally 4 or 5 blocks away when i got the call. if he didn’t call and just left, i probably would have passed him on the road and been royally upset.

  10. Bladefist says:

    @beavis88: I don’t think so. People who know what they are doing can correctly identify the bottleneck. But I’ve seen P3 computers with a 900 icons in the task bar, and people blame all the wrong reasons. The main inaccuracy was the porn thing. You could have 900 terrabytes of porn, it ain’t going to slow anything down. The virus/spyware stuff, will most likely slow your pc down, not your internet.

  11. kaizoku80 says:

    This InstallerTechJeff sounds like a complete douche.

    “7. Offer us a drink, it’s hot, we’re probably going out of our way to make sure your shit works!”

    You’re not going out of your way, you’re doing your job.
    It’s not “my” fault that you didn’t have the foresight or common sense to pick up a bottle of water on a hot day, and it’s not my responsibility to take care of that for you.

  12. Maulleigh says:

    I had a cable guy out here last night and I’m relieved that I didn’t screw up too badly. Although I did not offer him a glass of water nor did I tip him.

    Yeah, no. I ain’t gonna do that.

  13. ARPRINCE says:

    @beavis88: lol….you don’t know what you are talking about.

  14. alexiso says:

    I’m always very nice and respectful of the cable guys. I offer them water or a soda if they want and I stay out of their way and don’t ask questions, I believe they know how to do their job. However, I think tipping them is a bit much. They probably make more money than I do plus they’re doing their job. Don’t they get to drive around in the company van so they don’t have to pay for gas or mileage?

    Other than that, I abide by all rules except moving the entertainment center, that beast is bigger than I am.

  15. Gokuhouse says:

    There are so many things wrong with that list….I actually would have to write them all down as I read it to even stand a chance at referencing them here. Most of what he said was total BS and the rest was him crying his eyes out. Maybe a couple things were true. Suck it up, I don’t get tipped at my job and neither should he. Seriously, tips aren’t for people earning a living wage which he most likely comes dang close to. My father-in-law is a cable guy and he earns enough to support himself, no need for tips.

    • cableguy07 says:

      @Gokuhouse: We, (Cable techs), do alot for the public and we like policemen do place our lives on the line for you. We place ourselves in the line of danger and we risk our own lives for you by going beyond our call of duty. I can only speak for myself, because I do my work right and at least make a courtesy call to any of my customers if I am going to be running behind the time frame. I try to keep the time frames and most of the time I am way ahead of the time alotted. When I show up early, it does make a majority people happy, but you may be surprised that it does make alot of people angry. I am sorry, but I have a family life too, but I would like to get home early sometimes instead of working 12 to 15 hours a day waitning on people to get home. I start my day before any of you begin to leave home and work past the time you get home. So please have a heart for these guys. If you show your anger, it only makes them upset. It does me! Don’t make the cable guy mad, he is your friend who is going to do a service for you. We have to work in alot of extreme conditions and we do deserve a break.

  16. zigziggityzoo says:

    effing Comcast wants to charge $80 for “installing” cable and internet, when all they have to do is remove a filter from the line and hand me a cable box (own my own modem). They were in and out in 10 minutes. And now they want tip?

    I’ve got a tip for them! Tell Comcast to pay you more! They sure do charge enough.

  17. notallcompaniesareevil says:

    Tipping is crazy. Offering a drink, however, should be as expected as being home at the agreed upon times. It’s a glass, some water and some ice. It’s a common courtesy, a way of saying thankyou. Remember the golden rule. Even if other people don’t follow it, there’s no reason why you can’t do something you’ll feel good about at the end of the day.

  18. enm4r says:

    Wow, didn’t think I could both agree and disagree with a rant more. Half the points are well taken. He shouldn’t have to move your junk around, keep your house sanitary, and don’t expect them to work with your router/receiver/computer/etc. Their job is to get the cable/internet into the house properly, not make sure your convoluted setup works. I’m willing to believe most customers are both annoying, idiots, and have an attitude.

    But come on, you’re supposed to be a professional. I’m not going to tip you, your attitude is negative before you step into my house, and generally my internet is slower than advertised. If you want to get into a tech showdown, you’ll lose, and you wont get the cold Mountain Dew I probably would have offered you. Step down from the podium please, you sir, are an idiot.

    It might help if I had one professional cable installer, but out of the dozen or so I’ve ever had, not one has been a pleasant experience. At best, mediocre, and I’m still left picking up all the twist ties, plastic, and coax pieces that you’ve somehow assumed I wanted all over my floor. Rant = fail.

  19. mrjimbo19 says:

    Bi-polar much? The jump from point 17 to 18 seems almost like a different person started typing.

    Beyond that though… tip the repair guy? Never really heard of that before, I thought because I was paying for the service and it was required that a tech come out to run wire that I really did not have to tip. If perhaps you gave me a choice on if I wanted someone smelling of alcohol and fish oil to enter my house to run a 10 ft long cable in a 3 hour span of time I may elect to tip if I decide to not take on said job.

    As for the whole comment about computers being the bottle neck on broadband… hate to break it to you dude but with cable sharing the bandwidth within a certain area the issue is that it is not provisioned. I call you when my speed runs like dial up because you are not monitoring my neighbor who is running three porn websites and an e commerce business selling his wifes used panties.

  20. calvinneal says:

    This guy is a metaphor for what is wrong with cable service.

  21. notallcompaniesareevil says:

    @kaizoku80: I hope I never have to count on you to help me out if I ever need the assistance of a stranger.

  22. castlecraver says:

    @rasbill: I fully believe tat at least 95% of “slow” internet connections are due to poor setup and maintenance on the client PC. Surely there can be legitimate broadband speed issues sometimes, but from experience I think the OPs estimate is pretty accurate. Most people have no idea how much crap their PCs accumulate, so long as the thing eventually boots up. And if it takes too long, they’ll just leave it on indefinitely, soon compounding the problem.

  23. rwakelan says:

    you’ve got to be kidding me… do your job and shut up.

    “1. We call you to confirm the appointment and to let you know we’re on the way. We get there. You’re not home, so we leave, and we end up having to come back to do the damn job because you are liars and said you were home, when you weren’t. We are on schedules you asshole. You can wait another day or until the evening to get your shit installed.”

    I’m more inclined to believe the customer, since later on in your litany of complaints, you admit you’re lazy (#25).

    “6. Your router. Do it your damn self.”

    I’m more than happy to do it myself. Just stop blaming any and all connection issues on my router.

    “7. Offer us a drink, it’s hot, we’re probably going out of our way to make sure your shit works!”

    Bring a drink with you. It’s not my responsibility to keep you hydrated. You are NOT a guest in my house.

    “13. If your installation has to get rescheduled, don’t flip out. Its not our fault your drop got cut and has to be road-bored, and we are only adhering to our companies policies.”

    Well, then change the policy. The customer has already waited 2 weeks (or more) to get the connection installed, now they have to wait another 2 weeks because Comcast et al. is too stupid to get the job done the first time?

    “15. YOUR INTERNET IS NOT SLOW, YOUR COMPUTER IS!!! Take a few weeks to learn about how computers work. It’s important nowadays because computers rule the world right now. 95% of the time, if the internet is slow, your computer either has too much porn/spyware/adware/virus, etc to properly function. Run the recovery disk or fix it otherwise. Because if the signal levels are correct, your internet is going to be fast. modems usually don’t just go bad.”

    No – it’s your connection that is slow. You’ve most likely oversold the area. Why do you think that Time Warner is trying to meter connections and Comcast is trying to block anything that uses more than a trickle? Because they don’t have the capacity. So, stop blaming it on my computer. I keep it updated and protected so I know it’s not viruses/porn/whatever else you’ve got in mind.

    “21. Contractors are hard workers, but there are bad eggs everywhere (contractors & in-house alike). Some of us were contractors before we worked directly for the company! Don’t hate!”

    From my experience (at from the stories here, others as well), a majority of contractors don’t care and don’t the least they can to get paid. I know very few contractors that are “hard workers”.

    “22. Don’t get an attitude, when speaking to the tech, unless the tech has one first.”

    If you don’t want an attitude, you need to be working with your coworkers and employer to make your service respectable. There is no company I hate more than my cable company (Comcast) and I will not be nice to company that has yet to show me any respect in any way.

    “25. If we are not assigned your installation, we do NOT want to pick it up early. Unless the tech is VERY bored with no other work, he will probably not want to do it early, don’t ask.”

    That explains why you can never get any work done without a 2 week lead time. The installers have no initiative to get work done. Jacka$$.

    “And finally. If you feel like we did a good job AT LEAST let us know, and gratuity is nice too.”

    You said you get paid well, so don’t expect the customer to up your pay even more.

  24. AaronZ says:

    There *are* some good points in there, but damn if that guys doesn’t know how to ingratiate himself.
    “Be nice to me, DAMMIT!” ain’t the way to make friends.

    Still, I’d hate to be an in home tech dealing with a smelly house with screaming kids and a halfnaked fatass breathing down my neck.

  25. castlecraver says:

    Oops, that was @beavis88

  26. calvinneal says:

    This guy wants a tip??? Tipping is a violation of almost all companies code of conduct. Give me a break.

  27. technoluster says:

    I just moved to a new apt and Charter is our provider. Cable TV is included in the rent but I have to pay for the net which I don’t mind. However, Charter has to come out there and “hook up” the net service which requires me to be home to sign the paperwork. They are supposed to be there between 10 and 12 on June 17 so I have to take off work. We will see if they are on time.

  28. @beavis88: Yeah. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Most of the time, clearing up your virii and spyware will help wonders. Learn some about computers, please.

  29. Rev.Keith says:

    I have no doubt that the cable guy is underpaid and overworked, but a tip? I’d wager that he still makes more money than I do. And to compare himself to a waiter/waitress or pizza delivery guy…puh-leaze!

    First of all, as a former pizza guy myself, I’d say that most are paid minimum wage, drive their own cars, and deliver to the diciest of neighborhoods at night no matter the weather. As for your traditional in-store waiter/waitress, virtually all are paid a sub-minimum wage (by federal law) and expected to make up the difference with their tips…which is why you always tip your server!

  30. tundey says:

    It’s stupid attitude like this that makes people hate cable installers. When your office gives me a 4-hour window during which to expect you and you come in the last minute of that window, how can I not be pissed at you? Yeah I know you don’t own the company but who the f**k cares? I am pissed and you represent Comcast so yeah I’ll bitch at you. Don’t like it? Get another job.

    And why should I offer you a drink? If you know it’s hot, bring your own damn drink. There’s a Starbucks and McDs at every corner.

  31. Ryan Duff says:

    Thats more of a rant of one cable guy’s pet peeves. I’m sure 99% of Consumerist readers could come up with 25 things the cable guy does that pisses us off…

    Like saying you called when the caller ID shows no record of that “call” and then not showing up because nobody answered.

    Can’t we all just try and get along?

  32. bohemian says:

    This guy has got to be kidding.

  33. BlondeGrlz says:

    I would really love to go to this guy’s house and judge him too.

    The part about tipping is especially annoying. If my waiter refused to do anything but physically carry my food from the kitchen to my table I wouldn’t tip him either. You get tipped for good service dillweed, and it’s pretty clear you’re not interested in providing that.

  34. dualityshift says:

    I don’t tip the mailman, or the paperboy. Why should cable installers be any different? They provide a service they are paid (well) to do.

    The writer of this list needs to take his head out of his ass.

  35. savvy999 says:

    I will always tip a service person who spends more than 30 minutes in my house, usually because for some reason I ask them to do a little bit more than is ‘required’, but not always.

    People that work hard, and do the job right…. what’s $10? I tell them lunch is on me today, or if it’s past lunchtime, first beer is on me.

    Trust me, they remember. Their buddies do too.

    I for one would be happy to have this cable guy in my house, and I bet he’d do a good job. He gets it. A lot of numbnuts here don’t.

  36. MakGeek says:

    @Bladefist: agree

    @VA_White: agree, waiters get paid below Min Wage, that’s why we in USA have to tip em.

  37. RyanC0989 says:

    This is just a ridiculous rant. Most of them are just petulant insults and points like number 7 are just rude. If it’s hot, bring your own gatorade. Sure offering a drink is polite but shouldn’t be expected. Guy is just a whiner in general

  38. dragonfire81 says:

    This list describes the basic hazards of any job that requires you to work at people’s homes. If this guy has so many complaints, he shouldn’t be working with the public.

  39. ffmariners says:

    somebody call the waaaambulance?

  40. Gokuhouse says:

    @beavis88: Well, I agree with your statement. Most people can go to a website and do an internet speed test and find out how their connection performs. If they do it often enough they will be able to have something to compare a slow connection with.

    I once complained about my connection performing slow, on 3 different computers. I thought it could be my router and since the one I had was old I bought a new one hoping it would fix it and it did not. So, I call up my trusty cable guys and they sent me a batch file to do a few ping tests…Seriously. First off a ping will only show how long it takes to get a tiny bit of data from you to a server and back again. It says nothing about how fast or slow your connection is. Granted if you are going extremely slow it will have a much higher ping, but if you are getting half the speed you were it will look dang near the same as it did with the full speed. So, if you normally get around 2 Mbps connection rate and you are now only getting 1 Mbps connection the pings will be dang near the same.

    So, from my experience the cable company knows very little about internet troubleshooting on their end. Magically my speed issue resolved itself about a week after complaining. On all 3 computers….

  41. ffmariners says:

    But I do offer them water… I had a tech come to my place the other day when it was 99 degrees.

    Just because I hate comcast doesn’t mean I forego common decency.

  42. SonicMan says:

    #24. There is a switch. Sure “basic” is not controlled with it. But from the office, they can turn off internet, and anything that needs a converter box.

    #1. Knock on the door. We can not see through walls, and guess when you walk by.

    #4. We make the appointment for the 8-12 hours. Our kids are at school. Keep your appointment and this is not even an issue.

  43. Nytmare says:

    The helpful cable techs I’ve had used signal meters to test strength on each outlet and line. Outside my house, all he had to do was replace one corroded connector and my signal was fixed. Inside my house, they found the strongest outlet, where I now plug both my PC and TV off a splitter. The other outlets will have to be rewired someday, and tip #18 might prove helpful.

    If they can test your signal strength while they’re there, make sure they do. But I think some of them don’t carry meters :(

  44. MissPeacock says:

    @cheeser83: I wish you the best of luck with that, my friend. Charter is the company that made three appointments (that’s three times I had to take off work for the 4-hour window) and didn’t make one of them. I complained to the BBB and got it taken care of. Charter is my nemesis in life, but because my apartment complex is in cahoots with them, I can’t get any other service (or a dish). I despise them more than words can say, and just remembering how shoddily I was treated by them is making my blood boil!!

  45. I love he thinks (as so many of these “confessions of person with job that copes with public” people do) that he’s the ONLY ONE who’s ever had to deal with appalling clients/customers with bad children, bad pets, disgusting homes, etc. It’s not, like, a novelty!

  46. Elcheecho says:

    hmmm, comcast guy called me to offer to come earlier, then again when he was 1/2 an hour away. guess he was bored.

  47. Juggernaut says:

    You make 45K, you make me agree to a 4 hour “window” for when you’ll arrive, and I should tip you?? You’re why I stab cable techs in the neck and bury them in my basement… asshat!!

  48. beavis88 says:

    @Terd_Ferguson: I work with computers professionally, and have for a long long time now. Sure, for many people spyware and a crappy computer is going to be the issue. But for him to claim that because the signal is good, the connection is going to be fast is a bunch of shit.

    Time Warner tried to blame my slow connection on my computer for months. Guess what? When I begged and pleaded with them enough to replace my modem, everything worked like a charm. But I guess I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    When I lived in Boston, Mediaone claimed my slow connection was again due to my computer. I checked with other people in my building, and guess what, everyone’s connection was dog slow. Only after enough people pissed and moaned did they bother to come out and fix the wiring leading into the building (which probably dated from the invention of cable service). Surprise surprise, guess what happened, everyone’s connection was suddenly about 4x faster. But I guess that was all the spyware on my old, slow computer too?

  49. backbroken says:

    Let me sum it up for those who couldn’t get through the article:

    “You should be kissing my ass because I’m gracious enough to do the job you are paying me to do.”

    I don’t tip the auto mechanic. I don’t tip my dentist. I don’t tip my kids teachers. Why should I tip anyone for doing a job for which they are already paid? If you want tips, do what those in the food service industry do…take a below market salary. (I will confess that I have tipped the cable guy in the past, but only when he went above and beyond on a request I made that was not on the work order.)

    I do agree about keeping kids/dogs/diapers out of the guy’s way though.

  50. Shadowman615 says:

    What a jackass. How many times do the technicians never show up and completely fabricate that nobody was home when they came by? This guy has absolutely no right to complain about #1.

    Let me make a few things clear to you buddy. I have no problems getting my shit out of the way and treating you with respect; the way I’d expect to be treated. I’ve even offered a glass of water or something to installers — I pretty much do at least that for anyone who comes into my house. But cable installers do not work for tips. Pizza delivery guys and waitstaff do.

    We’re already paying a hefty sum for installation, and don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Please drop the attitude that you’re doing us all some kind of goddamn favor.

  51. This guy really just doesn’t like dogs.

    Or people apparently…

  52. TheKel says:

    Let me preface this by saying that when I eat out I never tip less than 20%.

    My cable bills is $170 a month, and the contractors made pretty good bank – more than me, I bet.

    So, I’m not going to tip them.

  53. battra92 says:

    As an IT Tech here this guy really is an ass. I’m calling him out on evertyhing.

    1. The Gas or Telephone company will do this. The Cable company gives you a five hour window.

    2, 3, 4. no argument

    6. At least offer advice where to look. The cable company could save a lot of headaches if they gave out a pamphlet or something.

    7. Ha! Service men are NOT allowed to accept ANYTHING! Your fluids, buy your own.

    8. You both give crappy service.

    9. Somehow I don’t think people will schedule a service call to set that up. At least not very often.

    10. Not everyone knows where their cable comes in.

    11. Whatever

    12. Most likely poor communication. Advertising Free Install to some people means “free install to how I want it”

    13. I will flip out because most likely I had to take time off of work.

    14. … but you won’t replace boxes that have problems. We have a box that randomly shuts down right after powering up if it’s been off for a while. Cable Company says we don’t need a new one.

    15. Absolute BULL SHIT!

    16. Covered earlier. You’re repeating yourself.

    17. Hey, your job is to install cable, not be a fashion critic.

    18. Translation: Don’t give us less work.

    19. Another reason why people hate cable.

    20. Yeah, whatever. *rolls eyes*

    21. Stupid is as stupid does

    22. 75% of the time I’ve dealt with cable techs, they seem more interested in items in our house than doing their job. We’re not rich but don’t make me feel like you’re scoping out stuff to steal.

    23. Big whoop de-do. I work in IT and have heard it all but I have my stock answers.

    24. Sorry everyone is not an engineer.

    25. Translation: Good service? Nah, don’t go to the john without a work order.

  54. bravo369 says:

    @kaizoku80: wow, you won’t offer the cable guy some water? you running a vietnam prison in your house? While growing up, my parents always offered water to cable guys, plumbers, gas company guys, movers etc. guess what? i do too because i must’ve learned from them. i guess being nice and having manners doesn’t exist anymore. besides, think about it this way. you be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you. who woulda thought?

  55. amodlin says:

    @Juggernaut: Yeaaaahh…

  56. forgottenpassword says:

    This guy expects WAY too much.

    I think mosty customers are happy enough for the cable guy to show up at all.

  57. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    #1 I have never once had the cable guy call before he came to my house. Not once in over twenty years. However, I’ve had several lie and say they came to the house while I was taking a day off to be there waiting for them. So please, spare us your sanctimonious attitude.

    #11 If you’re installing a communications service, you sure as hell better have all the proper equipment you need to see if it’s working. It’s not my job to provide your test equipment. Common sense.

    #12 You have a phone to test phone service? Go reread my last point.

    #15 As a matter of fact, modems DO go bad. I think most techs must share your shitty attitude, though, because the one who came to my house couldn’t quite manage to figure it out, much less fix it. I fixed it myself the next day.

    #20 Again, it’s not my responsibility to provide your test equipment. if you can’t adequately perform your job without borrowing equipment from the customer, you’re doing it wrong.

    #22 I imagine you run into this one quite a bit

    As for the rest, how hard is it to learn a few simple lines like these and repeat as necessary?

    “I’m sorry ma’am, we aren’t allowed to [fix computers/install routers/troubleshoot computers/install stereos] – they’re very strict, and I’ll get fired if I do.”

    “Sorry sir, company policy requires that your dog be secured. I know yours is friendly, and he’s cute too! But I’m not allowed to enter any house with an unsecured dog”

    But really, I think that at least half of your bad interactions with customers would disappear if you simply fixed your bad fucking attitude a little bit.

  58. MissPeacock says:

    @toyotaracer81: You know what? The guy who fills my order at McDonalds makes far less than $13.00 per hour and I don’t tip him. And he has to deal with just as many rude and unreasonable people as the cable guy. Don’t like your salary? Work your way up to another position or try to find another job. But I’m NOT tipping you.

  59. Ubik2501 says:

    Some of these are valid points (many people have no idea how to take care of their computers, their property or themselves), but a lot of them are just ridiculous. A tip for the cable guy? Screw that. I tip waiters, bartenders and the like because a) it’s part of common etiquette, and b) they don’t get paid enough without it. The cable guy, on the other hand, probably makes paper comparable to my salary and is doing utility work. As for the drink part: When I got cable/internet installed at my current apartment, the RCN guy had to do some wonky stuff including routing a wire all the way from my kitchen to my office (due to my apartment building being poorly set up for cable wiring), and the guy was courteous and professional the entire time. I offered him a drink of water or a beer, and he politely declined but said thanks. I have no problem with offering a drink to somebody who’s doing a good job, but to expect one is just gauche and ridiculous.

  60. Concerned_Citizen says:

    6. Your router. Do it your damn self.
    I agree as long as the service doesn’t lock to the first mac address it is connected to. If it does, too bad, you are setting up the router.

    12. If you are ordering digital phone, you don’t need a phone there (we have test phones), but don’t expect us to run 3 phone outlets for free. the sh*t aint happening.
    If you can’t wire jacks for people, why are you even offering the service to begin with?

    14. You don’t get a new box every time a new one comes out. That’s not how it works. They are all designed to do the same thing. If there’s a problem we’ll replace it, but don’t waste our time.
    What about when an older box technically works, but doesn’t work well? Like time warner who gives out digital cable boxes that due to the crappy drm only work with your tv via hdmi if your tv is on before turning your digital cable box on. Otherwise it will only show a black screen. Time warner doesn’t consider the box brroken or defective, but customers do.

    Most of those things are true, but come on, when it comes to basic setup and running lines, that is what the tech is for.

  61. trick420 says:

    I’ll give you a tip when your damn cable company lowers it’s ripoff prices.

    Here’s a tip, since you want one so bad: Go find another job that’s not in the service industry. Jerks like you are why we all have such disdain for the cable company.

  62. slim150 says:

    TIP?.. lolroflwtf

    I agree with him about the dogs tho… that has to suck.

  63. ageekymom says:

    You all would have loved the Comcast guy that came to fix my internet connection. I mentioned that another cable repair person had been here a few days earlier and hadn’t solved the problem. This one proceeded to tell me that the other was a “dyke” and that God created Adam and Eve and not “Adam and Steve.” He also ranted about the f-ing liberals (Thank you very much) and other social ills. His potty mouth surprised me and I was tempted to report his ass. I took pity on him because he told me he was saving for a home so he could move his family out of a trailer.
    What an ass!

  64. TheKel says:

    @toyotaracer81: My father-in-law worked for Comcast as an installer years ago and was making $30 an hour, so I was always under the impression that all installers were paid pretty well. That’s not the case, I take it?

  65. wtrwlkr says:

    I will pretty much agree with every point except for tipping. To the people flaming this guy, he probably wrote it as a way to blow off steam after a long shitty day at work. Who here hasn’t ranted to someone about their jobs?

    Offering someone who has to crawl through your attic when it’s 105 degrees outside a drink is just common courtesy. Show them some and they might just go the extra mile for you.

    DON’T take your hatred of the cable company out on your technician. He’s not the guy that makes up bullshit policies. It’s fine to mention a complaint to him every once and a while, but do it with some class. Treat him like a human friggn being. Don’t shoot the messenger, as they say.

    Move your shit out of their way, clean up your goddamn house and yourself before he comes over, put away your dog, don’t let your kids bother him, treat him with common courtesy and decency. That pretty much sums up the majority of his rant. Is that too much to ask?

  66. DashTheHand says:

    I will never tip a cable install tech, EVER. You already get paid a salary dipshit, not minimum wage + tips.

    You’re a cable tech, I’m a computer tech. If I tell you that my internet is running slow, its because it is. You do your damn tests on the line or send someone who isn’t incompetent to do so.

    And I love the double standards: If you’re not home, you’re an asshole. If your installation got canceled and we just don’t show up, too bad for you, don’t freak out.

  67. PunditGuy says:

    @MissPeacock: Your apartment complex cannot stop you from getting satellite TV if you have an exclusive area like a balcony or patio ([www.fcc.gov]). Now, if you don’t have a clear southern view, that’s a different matter.

  68. Ubik2501 says:

    Oh, and as for respect: I always operate on the premise of treating everyone with respect, but I’ll also reciprocate whatever attitude I get. If you’re being rude and unprofessional, don’t expect me to kiss your ass.

  69. JohnnyD2 says:

    Meh… all these things are signs that technician should find a new career. =P yes the computer stuff and internet and house being a mess sure. But everything else is dumb. Technicians don’t call and tell you they’re on the way. They just say “yeah we’ll be coming over between 9am-6pm) F*CK that’s basically taking up my whole day!

    #7 only apply to me when you arrive early and get the job done quickly and be polite. Other wise you can just drink your own sweat!

  70. zentex says:

    this “cable guy” is a bit full of himself. He makes some good points, but then he just cancels them out with his “holier than thou” attitude.

  71. amodlin says:

    @ageekymom: Forgive me if I don’t believe you, because according to your comments you’ve experienced every single problem reported on The Consumerist.

  72. CajunGuy says:

    When I waited tables during my college days, I made $2.13/hr. That was over 10 years ago. My wife, who waited tales up ’till about 2 years ago made…$2.13/hr. Don’t give me any of this bullshit about tipping you, cable guy. You get paid to do what you do, and unless something’s different in your area, you’re not supposed to accept tips.

    I’ve also NEVER had an internet connection/speed problem that was my fault. Just 2 months ago I was having connection problems (I’d get connection for about an hour, then it’d drop like a hot rock), and Cox (what an appropriate name) kept saying my connection was fine all the way to my modem. I tested every wire and screwed with my router for 2 weeks, and couldn’t find anything. Long story short; the cable THEY ran 9 months prior from the pole to my house was bad. Guess what…NOT MY FAULT.

  73. chrisjames says:

    Yeah, that’s a nice perspective, but “I really love being a cable guy. It is a very respectable job.” Huh? Respectable? After that it’s a whole lot of “I’m a nice guy and I like my super-professional job, but all you people can suck the big one.” That’s less hypocrite and more schizophrenic.

  74. strangeffect says:

    @amodlin: Yeah the tipping analogy is nonsense.

    I do offer drinks to people working in my place though, but that’s just being hospitable.

  75. Nogard13 says:

    Bitter much?

  76. dtmoulton says:

    Offering a glass of water is just a courtesy, man. It’s not a matter of not having the foresight to bring something to drink. It’s treating someone humanely.

    Tipping is such a strange thing in the US. Consumerist: time for a tipping round-up? Amount and for whom?

  77. evslin says:

    Buddy’s asking for trouble with a post like that. You’re a cable guy, not Martha Stewart, who cares if the house isn’t clean?

  78. DojiStar says:

    TIP!!!!!!!! If he’s getting minimum wage, I’ll tip him. He’s not so he gets nothing. The greedy bastard.

    #7. offer them a drink because it’s hot out.


    Let’s look at #6. It’s you router, you fix it!

    It’s your body, bring you own water!!

  79. girly says:

    If anything it seems the should totally avoid getting tipped and refuse it if offered. It just doesn’t seem appropriate especially if they have any leeway to enable particular services (I don’t know if that’s the case though). I would assume it is prohibited by the cable company. It should be.

    I also don’t like the point about ‘attitude’. The customer might be justly frustrated with the company’s service for whatever reason. Why should the tech get the luxury of having at attitude ‘first’?

  80. theblackdog says:

    Bullshit on #1, I literally sat in my new apartment with a computer and TV waiting for the tech to show up, and he finally did…6 hours after the appointment. Comcast wanted to offer me a $20 credit for my trouble. $20 does not make up for several hours I lost that I could have spent moving my stuff out of my old apartment.

    #13, I have every right to flip the fuck out because I can’t just take another day off from work every time a tech claims they have to “come back later.” I have a job just like you do, do you get to take the day off whenever you want? No? Then don’t expect me to either.

    #17, I’d die of a heart attack from the shock of a tech actually showing up at 8 AM when they were supposed to!

  81. rachaeljean says:

    A TIP!? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

    Also, I won’t offer them drinks, unless it’s one of the rare 100+ days here or something. I’d be more concerned about liability – they could choke! Get back coke food poisoning! – since they are so worried about my dogs, babies, and having a move a suitcase.

  82. fostina1 says:

    you dont like your job then quit whining and quit. my dog, my dogshit, my kids anything in my house is none of your concern. your paid to do a job, your job includes coming to my house, your paid to step in my dog shit. get over it.

  83. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    …if we at any point realize that there is going to be a substantial amount of work to do in order to get your services up and running, it may and probably will become irritating.
    21. Contractors are hard workers…
    25 … Unless the tech is VERY bored with no other work, he will probably not want to do it early, don’t ask.


    It was your choice for you to have us there at 8am, not ours.

    If you call agreeing the only 4-hour appointment window that’s available any time in the next thirty days “my choice”, then yeah, you got me on this one…

  84. Wormfather says:

    Fine, I’m just going to take it all out on the Gas Utilities guy. Whatevs.

  85. Kevino says:

    I don’t understand why a lot of people want a pat on the back when they do their job. I also don’t understand how some people can talk down to you, then ask you to treat them with respect.

  86. tedyc03 says:

    Why wasn’t this under the “humor” section?

  87. 5h17h34d says:

    This, my friends, is a perfect example of why monopolies are BAD. We now have the corporation complaining about the customer. This would not happen if there was COMPETITION.

    Simple as that.

  88. BoomerFive says:

    HE loves being a cable guy? Me thinks not.

  89. eyespyNicolai says:

    I’ve never heard anyone talk about how much they love their job, and then bee-otch about every aspect that is required for said job. What exactly did it say on his Job Description when he was hired? I think he needs to take a look at his original job application/description from 2 years ago. If he has any common sense he should be aware that; a. not all dogs are friendly, b. the people he services have the same bad attitude that he does. He knew what he was getting into, or he’s truly a douchebag.

    I swear, I hear myself say this 3 times a week, “This is your job, right? You get paid for this, right? Did you know what was going to be required of you when you were hired? OK, so let’s say there’s only one thing on this lonely planet that you’re needed for, I don’t give a fuck if you go home to the shittiest life ever, Your employer isn’t paying to to have a nice life, they’re paying to you to do your job. As a customer, I don’t give a flying fuck if you’re happy, or if you got layed last night. I need you for one fucking thing, and if you can’t even handle that shit. Then go hang yourself. You don’t like it? Then find another job. It’s really that easy. Don’t have an education to get a better job? Can’t afford to go back to school? Can’t relocate? Then you better start doing a better job and stop bitching, ‘cuz it ain’t gonna get any better for YOU, dude. And it doesn’t sound like you got a lot of options.”

  90. adamcz says:

    I had a Cablevision installer try to sell me illegal cable. It was funny but also very uncomfortable. He couldn’t fathom why I wanted digital cable but no channels (I did because it’s the bare requirement to order NBA league pass), so he assumed I couldn’t afford them, and was insulted that I wouldn’t take his offer to hook me up with all of the channels for $80 up front.

  91. InThrees says:

    The guy’s rant seemed pretty reasonable to me, actually.

  92. Daniel-Bham says:

    Charter Communications spent last month dicking around with me. My cable modem was hit by lightning, and I was able to determine this because every device I had connected (Router/Switch/Computer) had also been damaged.

    Every time I called they went through the same flash-card troubleshooting that I told them I wasn’t going to do because I knew what the problem was.

    They scheduled an appointment and told me to keep a 4 hour window open.

    They don’t show, don’t call.

    Repeat 3 times.

    They then tell me they will keep canceling the appointments because their ‘system’ does it automatically if there is an outage reported in the area.

    I drove 45 min to the nearest office, swapped out my modem, brought it home and it works fine now.

    I don’t need dumbass phone techs, and I don’t need dumbass repair techs making/canceling appointments on a whim either. Just give me the shit I ask for and pay for, and you won’t have to worry about my dirty house/kids/dog shit in the yard.

  93. kaizoku80 says:

    Are you people kidding?! Read his points again.
    It has nothing to do with not treating someone humanely or decently. This guy says that they are “going out of their way” when they are doing their jobs, and that the customer should somehow ingratiate themselves because of it, playing host. That is NOT the customer’s duty.

    Of course if it were hot I might offer some water or something, it may be the polite thing to do. However, it’s not my responsibility to do so, especially when people like this guy have an attitude and EXPECT it. Not to mention the potential for a lawsuit if they choke on an icecube or “get sick” from drinking something.

  94. I’d only tip the cable guy if he hooks me up with free HBO.

  95. booticon says:

    @Concerned_Citizen: Yeah, this guy is kinda douchey, but I think he means in terms of setting up a router any further than plugging it in and making all the connections (ie port forwarding/wifi setup), as most of the time that’s all it takes.

  96. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    #15, truth is between. If the internet is slow, it could very well be the spyware (I am always tapped by family to fix their friends computers. I usually refuse until I get the story of how they spend $200 for a technician that made things worse). People click on anything and produce a horrible mess.

    on the other hand, cable modems go bad and loose signal, reboot randomly, drop packets, etc. At my office the tech has been out 5 times over packet loss. We also had the cable modem keel over and die. We have a T1 line as well (1.5mbps x 1.5mbps), but we need the cable (10mbs x 1mbps) to keep things flowing. Every time the problem has been confirmed to exist, but it usually clears by the time the tech gets here.

  97. irv says:

    The guy who set up my parents’ cable and to rewire a bunch of stuff, and it took him all day. We felt bad, but we eat out so much that the only food we had was a pear, and we offered it to him. He scarfed it down, but it was embarrassing we didn’t have more food for him. I think if he wanted a dinner break, that would have been fine. I don’t know why he suffered through it; maybe his boss was on his case for taking so long.

  98. Cool Dude says:

    Hey, that list was mostly reasonable.

  99. SahuaritaSam says:

    I agree with the guy for the most part. Cable techs never call before they are coming and if they do, they are always two-three hours later than the window of time given by the company. Regardless of what he says, making me wait at the house all day sucks and I can’t imagine how anybody would be happy about that.

  100. Fishy007 says:

    Didn’t even bother reading after #2. If you want people to take you seriously, ditch the profanity and write out a proper argument. Until you do, you’re just a cable guy with no respect for anyone.

  101. rawsteak says:

    If your installation has to get rescheduled, don’t flip out. Its not our fault your drop got cut and has to be road-bored, and we are only adhering to our companies policies.

    we can’t take out our frustration if our “drop” was “cut” so sorry if you become the next target. also, what does “road-bored” mean?

    oh yea, what’s with that tipping nonsense? a waiter gets tipped, and sometimes i’ll ask for that waiter again, or if it’s a bad waiter, you avoid him. if i tip my cable guy, am i going to see him again? no! tip is for great service outside of your job, like the waiter getting my order right and filling up my water. NOT for getting my food. if you hook up my cable or figure out what’s wrong with it on the first try and ON TIME, then you’ve done YOUR JOB. if you notice an error, or argue on my behalf to the cable company that they are wrong and not me, and you get the cable company to comp me some free LEGIT cable, yes, then you sir deserve a tip, maybe even some home cooking.

    that’s an instance where i might tip.

  102. PinkBox says:

    I’m a nice gal. If a tech has been at my place for a while, or outside where it is obviously hot, I’ll offer him a drink.

    BUT, I disagree with a lot of the points mentioned.

    I went without an internet connection for three weeks because every tech they sent out (every other day, mind you) kept trying to place the fault on my computer, the router, or the modem.

    The computer was new, and I keep it protected. I bought a new router, and they replaced the modem – still had the same problem.

    I kept telling them the problem was on their end, but nope, they still charged me for each visit because it was “a problem on my end”.

    They ended up having to replace some underground wiring, and a tech confessed that several people in the area had been complaining about the same problem recently.

    It was a bitch to get them to refund me, and constantly having to be home within their window of time certainly didn’t make me look good at my own job.

  103. pengajim says:

    From #1: “We are on schedules you asshole”

    So are we, so why doesn’t the cable company give a more accurate window than “sometime between 8am and 5pm”.

    or more from #1: “You can wait another day or until the evening to get your shit installed”

    We’ve most likely been waiting extra weeks because the company you work for can’t figure out what’s broken or get it’s act together.

  104. pandroid says:

    Yeah, this guy is clearly full of himself. Different people have different standards of living – deal with it. Some people have had the cable company screw with them repeatedly – deal with it.

    That said, I always offer the cable guy/utility guys/whoever guys a glass of water. I’m not really a polite person, but this is Texas, and it gets HOT outside. Anything less is inhumane. Even when Time Warner decides to shut off my connection for no reason whatsoever.

  105. BeThisWay says:

    I agree on not tipping the cable guy, for the most part. Tipping a server is very different. If, however, a cable installer went out of his way to do something for me that wasn’t his job to do and saved me time and/or money I might, might offer a small tip. But it would have to be something really way above and beyond.

    I do offer water, though. My mama raised a polite girl. I would do the same for anyone who came to my home, paid to or not.

    • mrosson says:

      Question for you.. If the technician went out of his way to do you a favor to save you time and money, even if it was a small favor he’s doing something he didn’t have to in order to help you. You wouldn’t give him a tip? It would have to be a big favor in order for you to be ok tipping him?

  106. shaman66 says:

    Sweet.. the customers hate you too.

    1. Dont tell us to sit home between 8-5 just to have the tech not show up.

    2. Dont act like everyone is an idiot. Telling me to “clear my internet cache” when there is a smoking hole where the cablemodem used to be, just pisses us off.

    3. Actually call when you are enroute, as opposed to the standard, “we called, no one answered”, when I show zero calls on my cellular.

    4. Dont get an attitude with the customer, unless the customer does first.

    5. Keep your opinions of our homes out of it until we show up at your house and trash the way you live.

    6. Stop acting like you walk on water. You are a cable monkey and you are there to provide us with a service we paid for. Its bad enough that the cable company doesnt deliver what we pay for, but when a tech shows up and acts like we should be kissing his butt, its not helping your case.

  107. dogmaratt says:

    **7. Offer us a drink, it’s hot, we’re probably going out of our way to make sure your shit works!**

    Going out of your way? You mean, doing your job?

    **And finally. If you feel like we did a good job AT LEAST let us know, and gratuity is nice too. You tip the Pizza man and wait staff at a restaurant right?**

    Do you make minimum wage? Or below? I didn’t think so….most people in the food service industry do. I was a service tech for over 15 years at a natural gas company and had very similar customer interaction, and we never expected tips.

  108. glitterati says:

    href=”#c6184202″>VA_White: yeah, thats ridiculous. His income is not designed to be tip-supplemented like a waitress’ or a taxi driver’s. Does anyone actually do this?

    Also – 3 to 4 hours? Its never taken more than 20 mins for any of my cable installations.

  109. mythago says:

    What’s this guy’s name anyway – Mr. Entitlement? I offer techs something to drink if it’s hot but that’s because I’m being polite, not because it’s my freaking job to make up for their failure to plan ahead. (“Gee, Bob, it’s 101 degrees today….maybe we should pick up a Gatorade before we get to the service call”?)

    And the tipping argument is complete BS. Food-service personnel get tipped because part of the wage cost is shifted directly to the customer. It’s not something an hourly employee is owed because he shows up to do his goddamn job.

  110. redhelix says:

    @beavis88: He’s absolutely right actually

  111. mdoublej says:

    If I were a cable installer, I couldn’t imagine drinking something a random person gave me unlesss it was out of a can or bottle I opened, so I would never expect it.

  112. floyderdc says:

    Why do people here find it so hard to be nice? I mean yea the guy is a douch but still, reading comments like “I a going to be rude because I hate Comcast”.

    Hate Comcast. Take it out on some low level employee. That just show lack of class

  113. FrankenPC says:

    I’ve had several Telephone repairmen who I would have GLEEFULLY tipped! But a cable guy? HAHAHAHA!!! NEVER!

  114. harvey_birdman_attorney_at_law says:

    I tip $20 for installation of satellite or cable (assuming it goes well) but I generally don’t tip if the guy’s out fixing something that is the fault of the company. Just because they fucked up some wiring and now need to readjust the junction box doesn’t mean I’m going to shell out more cash.

  115. axiomatic says:

    My tips for the cable installer guys:

    1. Some of us are network engineers. Don’t try to bullshit us. We know when you are making shit up.

    2. A “staple gun, nail gun, chewing gum” is not acceptable for putting RG-6 on the outside of a home. (This one is for you contractors. I have had all three done to my house.)

    3. Your personal phone call with your wife, girlfriend, “shorty” is not to be done while you are in my house. I have no desire to hear about you life as I’m sure you installers don’t want to hear about my life.

    4. LEARN WHERE POWER LINES ARE USUALLY PLACED IN THE WALL OF A HOUSE. When I warn you that you are drilling at the exact height on the wall of where the power lines are in the house. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you either get shocked or set the house on fire.

    5. Everyone uses a router. While I realize it is not your job to configure it. Don’t give me any bullshit about it being connected. We will both just have to cope with each other on this one.

    6. BE A PROFESSIONAL and do your job correctly. Sloppy work will just cause one of your colleagues to have to come back out and do the job “right”.

    I could go on for days… but I think these are the “show stoppers.”

  116. Erwos says:

    I can’t believe some of you are such jerks that you wouldn’t offer a drink. Is your tap water that expensive?

  117. one800higgins says:

    #1 is amazing… They say “the technician will be there between 12-4pm” so you go to work. What happens is either 1) You get a call at 11am while you are still at work saying the tech is coming early and then they get mad because you aren’t home. 2) They DON’T come between 12-4, and you leave because it’s after 4 and then they call pissed off that you aren’t home. 3) They call to say they are on the way and you sit there, and an hour later they show up. 4) You do leave to run to the store, because you are used to them calling and/or never being on time, and they show up on time and call all pissed off.

    #4 is the rarest of all occasions.

  118. banmojo says:

    I completely understand every point this dude makes. And don’t forget – YOU may keep a clean, nice smelling house but there are a LOT of fvcking trash out there who live like fvcking slobs and really don’t fully qualify as human beings in any case who order cable.

    As for tipping – I tip anyone who does a menial task for me where I want them to KNOW that if they do an exceptional job they will get a TIP. I routinely tip my cable/phone/newspaper people because I now have my cable guy’s personal cellphone # and when my shit goes out guess who’s FIRST to have it reconnected and working in MY neighborhood??! Yeah baby.

    And he does say that they don’t eXPECT a tip, only that they APPRECIATE one. Well, shit, who doesn’t?

  119. MrMold says:

    Gosharooties, how dare he ask for respect! He’s a worker. He should be grateful for my business! After all, I am a customer!

    You still confuse slaveowner with customer. Slaves and wage slaves pretty much react to @ssholes with similar responses. Sloth much? Stoopid much? Ask your Entitled selves if you would have better service if you had treated the employee with dignity and respect. Otherwise, you sow what you reap.

  120. langba says:

    #26. Because the customer is ALWAYS right.
    #27. Because we pay your salary.
    #28. Because you are in MY frickin house.
    #29. Because we are sick of being overcharged and you are the only face we see from the cable company.
    #30. Because YOU stink out loud from crawling under the previous customer’s house. YOU take a bath and please show up dressed.
    #31. Because you shouldn’t show up at all if you have explosive diarrhea. Call in sick that day. Also, do not expect permission to use my bathroom. You only have two service calls in one day and the first one took less than an hour. What did you do for 3 hours, drink as many Big Gulps as you could so your urine stream is so powerful, you chip the porceline and leave splashes on all the walls?

    Besides, cable companies always brag how much better they are than satellite. But that cable company has a bunch of parabolic shaped objects all over the roof and in the back yard. What could those be, I wonder? Help me out here, are those *gasp* satellite dishes?

    Get a frickin grip and start panhandling on the street for your tip. You ain’t getting one from me!

  121. vision646 says:

    Wow there is alot of hate, he really is only telling people to respect the guy who comes out to hook up your cable. He’s not the one most of us are truely upset with, he’s not the one who reschedules the vist, or rips you off on pricing.

  122. milty45654 says:

    TIP HAHAHAHA Waitresses make 2.19 an hour…you want a tip…here’s one…stay in school

  123. gjaluvka says:

    F-U douchebag. Here’s a list…culled from personal experiences:

    If I am home all damn day and you’re supposed to be out from “12-4” I shouldn’t have to call the cable company to track you down and realize that you may not show until 6:30 or not at all.

    I know you work hard, I know the working conditions aren’t perfect, but I’m really confident that consistent showers plus antiperspirant can prevent the smell you left in my house for 3 days.

    Do your job, don’t take obvious shortcuts and I’ll offer you drinks, chips, whatever. Act like you’re “going out of your way” and forget it.

    I won’t tip you, you don’t make 2.12 an hour like a waiter. Get over it. Here’s an idea, I give you a drink, you tip me, kay? It’s costing me valuable vacation time to make time for you.

  124. ???? says:

    It’s funny because it’s true!

  125. Hoboman725 says:

    I don’t know if this guy is right or not in the majority of cases, but I sincerely love his attitude. fuck me? fuck you!!

  126. evslin says:

    @vision646: Wow there is alot of hate, he really is only telling people to respect the guy who comes out to hook up your cable.

    Respect them, and tip them, and invite them in for tea and crumpets, and clean yourself up for them, and…

    Really, the guy had one or two decent points, but he blew the whole thing by being a gigantic asshat about it. This is why people don’t like service techs and grumpy IT guys.

  127. rebelj12a says:

    omg… if you dont work with a cable or satellite company im sure alot of this would be lost.. but i myself work in satellite installation and wow, you totally understand where he’s coming from, i wouldnt say it so rudely, especially not to the customer…

    and he makes up for the rant in the next post

    “but to the rest of you guys. We love you, youre the reason we come to work. You make work fun when you show us its ok to relax a bit. and dont be alarmed or hurt if you meet description of one or even two of those items listed. Thats OK!!! Most of the people we hate exibit 5 or 10 of these customer annoyances… so we’re not talking about you!!!

    Thank you customers, especially the ones that offer us a cold drink!!!”

  128. gqcarrick says:

    The only thing I ever offered my cable guy was a beer if he did a good job.

  129. macorayne says:

    The comments from this post show why our service industry has gone down the toilet.
    Tipping is proper etiquette for those you who give you service but are not the owner company; nowadays the owner expects a tip too. It used to be common practice to tip your mail person when you only had one that serviced you all year. You didn’t tip your mechanic because s/he was the owner. Now you don’t tip the mechanic because you hardly meet the actual mechanic.
    I don’t agree with tipping everyone because I will only tip on good service and I will tip well. I hate that companies implement required gratuities, but after reading the cheap ass that are here, I can understand why they do.



  130. drunxor says:

    i used to think tipping was stupid, WHEN I HAD COMCAST. Then i got AT&T. The cable guy was very nice, got there ON TIME and hooked it up very fast. It was hot so i offered him a popsicle :)

  131. battra92 says:

    @dtmoulton: Tipping is such a strange thing in the US. Consumerist: time for a tipping round-up? Amount and for whom?

    No tipping ever. Simple as that. ;)

  132. PeeZed says:

    Here’s a tip: Your a Douche cable man. And, as for being a human, take your faking shoes off when you come into my house!

  133. rebelj12a says:

    @gqcarrick: you guys = awsome

  134. Tipping the cable guy? Hahaha, right…

    Here’s your tip, cable guy: wait a half-hour after eating before you go swimming.

  135. MerlynNY says:

    To steal a line from Artie Lange…”Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh… I’m a Cable guy… treat me nice….Waaaaaaaaaaahh!!!.

    Seriously, if you came into MY home with that attitude, I’d bounce you out about three seconds after you came in the door and then cancel the service.

    When Verizon came to install, the Technician was a very respectable guy and did an outstanding job. I supplied him with Drinks and lunch, but tipping? No. They make a wage just like everyone else, and do not live off tips.

    I’ll conceed to some of those points (putting animals, away, having a presentable home, etc), but some of these complaints are downright stupid! The internet isn’t slow, your computer is…. Yeah ok and you’re an idiot.

    Sounds to me like this person is clearly in the wrong line of work. He wants to be treated like royalty.

  136. Samifumi says:

    I love how he curses throughout, sayubg “fucking” in the sentence before the list and “shit” throughout, but on 12, he decided he needed to censor himself and put “sh*t.”

  137. rebelj12a says:

    @MerlynNY: see heres the thing with those computers, i live in wisconsin and up north, alot of times those installs and services are old people whos kids got them internet because “grandmas got to stay connected” so most of the time… yeah the computer is absolutely ancient to begin with.. plus the only computers i have run into run vista … (yes vista) so obviously they arent exactly at the height of technology…

    the tip thing is nice and alot of installers get tips around here… (as i said previously many old people and retirees with lots of money to spend) but i never went into a job expecting a tip… and i think doing so only sets you up for frustration…

    but in any case i always hope for a cold drink or something of the such.. lunch is awsome i only got that once and wow its a great motivator… those kinds of customers are an absolute joy to install for

    to be honest… my biggest reward at that job was seeing all sorts of houses and the animals (like kitties and dogs).. i got a real soft spot for cats :)… if i install at your house.. let your cats roam!

  138. Canoehead says:

    To be fair to Comcast, all of the techs/installers I have dealt with have been pretty nice. One was a total moron and managed to spend 2 hours accomplishing jack squat, but at least he was an amiable moron. The guy who came the following week listened to what I said, figured out exactly where his predecessor went wrong and got my misbehaving cable card all sorted out (it was displaying the wrong serial number on the scree – the solution being to pull the card and read the number off the label). Anyway, except for a tendency to not remove dirty footwear, I’ve generally liked the Comcast Tech (some company, some contractor).

    Now Comcast phone “people” on the other hand can usually reduce me to a stuttering, swearing caveman in about 30 seconds flat. They are the most ignorant, closed-minded, rude,unhelpful sh*t-for-brains ever to crawl out of the primordial soup.

  139. RedSonSuperDave says:

    Number 19.

    What. The. HELL!?!

    Seriously, is this guy mentally defective or something? Isn’t knowing stuff like that HIS job, and that’s why he’s the cable guy and I’m the customer? I really have to consider if the writer of that list has some kind of brain damage or something, because if I called the cable company and wanted service set up, and they said they’d send a guy out, I just naturally assume that he can install what he’s being paid to install.

    I’m not even sure what he said in 19 there, but what I get from it is that he’s mad that his customers don’t know how to do his job, and he thinks that they should know what he knows and not bother calling him if he wouldn’t be able to set up their cable correctly or something.

    I think every industry should run like this. “What an inconsiderate patient you are, Mr. Jones, coming in this office complaining that you had a stomachache. You should have known that it was appendicitis, then I wouldn’t have had to waste all this time examining you. I’m a doctor, do you have any idea how valuable my time is? Oh, and tips are appreciated.”

  140. easy80 says:

    The guy has a point. If you dont agree with him, its porbably because your not the kind of customer that he is talking about. Some customers that I deal with think that we cable techs are sapposed to do everything they want and cook dinner for the as well. I dont expect a tip or anything like that. I dont even take tips when offered. But treat me like you would like for me to treat you. If you could see the world from a cable tech’s point of view, you would see what this guy means.

  141. khiltd says:

    I might consider tipping if they really did three wall fishes because an electrician will ask for $1,000/pop, but I’ve never seen a cable installer who even knew what the proper fishing equipment looked like.

  142. jhcovert says:

    This kind of thing gets people up in arms, but I kind of hear what he’s saying. It amounts to “be nice to me, and I’ll be nice to you.” Also, you really do catch more bees with honey than flies with sh*t, so being nice to anyone you are depending on makes sense.

    The cable guy would have to do quite a bit of work above and beyond for me to consider tipping, but I blame that more on the way we’ve gotten used to things: tipping a server has been in place forever, but tipping the cable guy is new to a lot of people. If you climb my roof and make my previously failing cable work, then, yeah, I’ll give you a tip, but not for slipping a cable card or two into my Tivo. Hell, send me the cards and I’ll do it.

    Also, as far as running 3 phone jacks throughout the house: if the company providing the phone service isn’t going to do it, then who is? I think this is flawed thinking, but I understand where it’s coming from. “We’re a cable company, not a phone company,” is likely the standard train of thought there, but the line is becoming blurred and I for one will never go back to a landline telco for my phone needs, so, tag, it looks like you’re it boys – step up. With that said, you should likely get a raise based on that kind of thing, or charge per outlet installed (like you said, many of you were contractors before, so you’ve got to know a good opportunity to make a o$20 on your own).

  143. Baroo says:

    get a new job if you don’t like the conditions you have to work in. jeez.

  144. rebelj12a says:

    @RedSonSuperDave: number 19 is a little presumptuous… you just have to live with it because i havent met a regular customer yet that knows that signal degrades with distance…

    however, on that same mark if i do tell you it wont work well from that far away… dont get angry at me please? i cant change the laws of physics for it to work better at that distance… really, i would if i could… theres just some things you cant do

  145. veronykah says:

    @beavis88: You are SO right. I had Speakeasy DSL for the last 5 years. I recently moved and had to get Time Warner, its a COMPLETE lie that cable is faster than DSL. The difference to me is very apparent, and cable isn’t winning this match.

  146. awolcfh5150 says:

    This guy is a goober

  147. Ssscorpion says:

    “A gratuity”??

    Exactly how much of a tip do you expect when you show up in the last 10 minutes of a 6 hour window? That shit ain’t happening!

  148. Jetgirly says:

    @tundey:”When your office gives me a 4-hour window during which to expect you and you come in the last minute of that window, how can I not be pissed at you? […] And why should I offer you a drink? If you know it’s hot, bring your own damn drink. There’s a Starbucks and McDs at every corner.”

    Did it not occur to you that if he stops for a drink, he’ll be even later?

    Before I got my K-12 certification, I used to teach English to businesses in Italy. In a normal day I might teach at Alenia (where they make planes for the military), Motorola and IBM. The school that scheduled my classes showed absolutely no respect for my time. I would often teach 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, with the only breaks being the time I needed to get from one company to the next. When I asked for a lunch break, my employer told me to bring a sandwich to eat on the bus. And of course, we didn’t get paid for travel time. Yeah, I could have quit. And I did. But to this day (almost five years later) I still appreciate my students who would bring a coffee or bottle of water to the lesson for me. I wouldn’t ask for it or expect it, but it’s a nice gesture. Could the CFO of Ferrero afford a bottle of water? Sure. Could I? Sure. Could I afford the time needed to get the bottle of water and still be at work on time? No.

  149. rebelj12a says:

    @awolcfh5150: little roasted peanuts covered in chocolate?

  150. MastaFalse says:

    My cable was easy to install. I still feel bad for not offering the guy a drink. I usually offer everyone a drink : (

    And my shit was sorta in the way, but at least the wall was free … and my computer was working, and so was my TV. I’mma good customah!

  151. berribrand says:

    Offer them a drink? WTF, my home isn’t a McDonald’s. If they want to drink something, bring your own drink. Those Coronas sitting in my refrigerator are not for charity. This guy a tool. Should I also tip him for getting the job done right the first time?

    I am so sick of people expecting something for doing their jobs. I understand tipping a waiter and such, but these demands from a cable guy are utterly ridiculous. This is why cable companies have the worst reputation: because their employees suck ass.

  152. Saboth says:

    I doubt the cable guy makes less than pizza delivery…yeah…a tip aint happening. Free drinks too? I’m not there to play host, you aren’t a friend coming over to visit…your service is down and I want it fixed. Now, I understand you didn’t knock it out personally, but when I am getting reamed for $130 a month for expanded basic and medium tier internet…don’t expect much in the way of gratuity.

  153. Jetgirly says:

    @Jetgirly: Oh, and when I said I taught 8:00 am to 3:00 pm without a break, that was just the beginning of my day. I might have a sixty- or ninety-minute break at that point, and then go back to teaching essentially non-stop until 8:00 or 9:00 at night. I couldn’t complain about an 8:00 to 3:00 day!

  154. CSX321 says:

    I wouldn’t tip the cable guy, but if I get especially good service from anybody, I try somehow to let their superior know they did a good job. (Although I’ve found that it scares wait staff if you ask to see the manager; I guess they don’t get many compliments.)

    I did this just recently when a Charter tech was not fazed at all by my whole-house video system. He did what he was there to do, and he even had an idea on a slight variation to my setup that gave me a better picture on one particularly long run.

    I’ve had Charter cable, broadband, and phone service for about 3 years, and my experience with them has been surprisingly good. Except that I really don’t like that recent announcement about monitoring ‘net usage and targeting ads! I just sent them a complaint about that today.

  155. askthedust says:

    last cable set-up 1st tech left halfway through the job because he didn’t bring the right equipment. He told me the next tech was finishing up and should be here in 15 minutes. second tech showed up 1.5 hrs later. He waited for third tech because he tried to install DVR box which I did not wnat and was additional cost per month. Then third guy finally got there with correct box and they couldn’t figure out how to program their own remote!!!!!!!

    tipping, drinks? how ’bout suck a fat one el doucherino!

  156. Cableguy44 says:

    Ok, so I am a cable guy, here are a few facts. First, we don’t expect tips, company policy is not to except tips. Next we do have a schedule to follow, our policy is we call you, then our dispatch calls you, if there is no answer we’re not allowed to roll. Our company make us do 10-12 hours worth of work in an 8 hour period which doesn’t happen, we always work over time. That won’t change so we get used to it. The speed of the computer does determine how fast your Internet is. Also our job is pretty dangerous approximately 75-100 technicians die on the job a year and 1000’s more become severly injured. Last I think alot of this guys are bull but there are ALOT of technicians like him out there.

  157. booksy says:

    @TheKel: @DashTheHand:

    Ever since the big cable companies took over the cable business the pay hasn’t been all that great. First off contractors get what is called piece rate we get paid for the individual things we do at each job.

    To turn on cable from the house to the first tv is $6.50. Period. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 min or 1 hour (some times that happens depending on quality of cable and connectors). All rates vary you get paid more for internet and phone service installation and RF pays almost nothing.

    As a former contractor I can tell you I never expected a tip unless I did something that was above what I was required to do.

  158. GMFish says:

    “Offer us a drink, it’s hot, we’re probably going out of our way to make sure your shit works!”

    If you’re thirsty, stop and buy something to drink.

    “And finally. If you feel like we did a good job AT LEAST let us know, and gratuity is nice too. You tip the Pizza man and wait staff at a restaurant right?”

    The pizza delivery man at best works for much less than minimum wage, or at worse, works solely for tips. You on the other hand make more than minimum wage. If that’s not enough, it’s not my fault.

    Other than those two complaints, I agreed with everything he said.

  159. Tip the cable guy? Right.. I tip waitresses and bartenders because they make minimum wage, I’m guessing the cable guy makes slightly more than that.

  160. Kekaha says:

    I know I’m not one of you kids and operate under social rules that are a generation old, but you can only say “fuck” or “shit” so many times before I discount your position.

    Learn to say what you mean in a way that isn’t insulting to the listener and you might discover the value of communicating with people rather than ranting at them.

  161. diverguy says:

    I agree with the dogs. When I was much younger, and delivered papers after school, I came to avoid any house that had dogs roaming around. If the customer complained, the local paper told them to lock up their dog. I have a dog he’s a very gentle golden retriever, but I still put him in the bedroom if there’s a serviceman in the house. Same goes with cats because they like to pee on strange shoes.

    Outside of the dogs the guys full of himself. If my cable installer looks like Katie Sachoff.. yeah. I’d be willing to tip heavily…outside of that, you’re doing your bloody job and will not be tipped.

    I know more about computers than 90% of the monkeys that work at the office or install the cable. If I have to reset my modem every 3 days then that’s a clue that perhaps there’s something wrong with the modem and no amount of clearing my IE Cache is going to help that.

    Do not case my house. Yes, I have a better home theatre system than you do. If you want one, get a better job.

    A 5 hour time window is bunk. I realize that you, the cable installer, do not make the schedules, but don’t expect your customers to bend over backwards for you when they’ve already taken the day off of work.

  162. askthedust says:

    He’s the douche man, so that’s what you call or maybe His Doucheness, or Doucher, or El Doucherino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

  163. HeartBurnKid says:

    I did a whole rant on this, going point-by-point, and it disappeared. So I’ll just hit the salient points on this:
    Cable Guy, you need to get to know the equipment your customers use instead of copping an attitude. It may be my damn router, but everybody these days has a damn router, and it’s your responsibility to know how to make your service work with it. When you hook directly to my computer, I then have to unhook it and hook it to my router, and then re-configure my router to spoof my computer’s MAC address since the cable company already cached it. That’s a huge pain.
    Similarly, I don’t expect you to set up my entire home theater. But you can run a couple of RCA cables from the cable box to my stereo receiver, or an S-Video cable and the RCA cables to my Tivo. Again, when you don’t do this, I have to do your job over again after you leave. It’s the 21st century; people have more than just a TV. Get used to it or get out.
    The part I really love, though, is that you somehow expect a tip after all this. I already paid $100 for the privilege of waiting through a 4-8 hour appointment window for you to show up whenever you please and hook up whatever you want (having to use my paid time off from work, to boot, since you don’t work weekends), and then having to do it all over again after you leave. You do the bare minimum, I pay the bare minimum. You want more, do more.

  164. mcdonnr says:

    I don’t know about you all, but the last three Comcast installers who have been out to my house (who all blame my TiVo for my shitty signal… even on TVs not connected to it… hm…) have all been high, drunk, or still operating off of a shower from a week ago. Or, in this last case, probably all of the above. I understand you don’t want to move my shit around, but if you have to turn my entertainment stack oh-so-slightly to the right, don’t bitch at me.

    Also! I bought brand-new RG6 the day before this dude comes out… he cuts the tips and replaces them, shittily, because I got them from Best Buy. Fucktard.

    I’m sorry, but I’ve NEVER had an installer provide me with the kind of customer service this guy seems to think he’s providing. They are impatient, rude, and more often than not they’re a bunch of fucking liars.

    HULU and 3G FTW!

  165. rebelj12a says:

    @diverguy: “do not case my house” hah! that is really funny, i cant help it the technology that goes into some of these houses is absolutely beautiful… this one guy i installed at had an lcd screen in the wall that controlled everything from the air conditiong to the lights and tv sound… honestly… you cant help but be impressed by that…

  166. hudis says:

    I worked for Sears as technician for several years, dealing under similar or worse conditions, but I would never disrespect customer in the way this guy did. Many above described examples of a customer behavior is just the way the things are. Customer will always try to get something for free… learn some social skills to say “NO” in nice polite way.
    Although this article has some valid points, I don’t see reason for the attitude, especially considering that only a small fraction of the customers are nightmare (judging by my own experience and even working in poor neighborhood, where conditions were worse, only 15% of my customers were trouble). So PAL don’t be a SISSY and stop crying as a small baby.
    If you like your job so much… stop complaining so much about it…


  167. Silly_Fool85 says:

    You know, I’m surprised that people would get so upset about someone just telling things how they are. In all honesty though, if you are someone here who posted a negative comment about how this man feels…Why the fuck do you have cable? It is not a necessary service. If you do not like the technicians work then do not suffer through it just to bitch and whine. Go to other service, read a damn book, maybe use your imagination, get a hobby, or maybe for once, just once be a good parent and stop using t.v. to deal with your kids.
    In all honesty there are better things to do than throw a fit just because you are asking too much of one underpaid and unappreciated man.

  168. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Some of the points made are valid:

    -If you have someone coming out to your place to do an install, make sure its accommodating. Time is wasted with barriers, hazards and clutter. Dog bombs…OMG!

    -Tip? Plant early in the Spring I say. Now, if you do more than required, are thorough and go beyond the “angry-white-cableguy” motif, then I’ll be generous. Free soda. A good report call. But not monetary. You get a pension. You get paid. I am not getting reimbursed for taking an entire day off to sit with my thumb “you know where” while the techs finally show or no-show.

    I dumped Comcraptic when FIOS came around. And guess what, I got what I pay for. (ok, I am tech saavy, have done fiber-installations and had an IDF board and home connected for the techs). I can be sympathetic with most techs that are polite, and willing to talk.

    Sounds like its time to change jobs, bud.

  169. rebelj12a says:

    @mcdonnr: did the RG6 have crimp ends or compression ends??? as far as i remember the best buy ones have crimp ends… which is bad because as times goes on they get flimsier and they can pull right off the wall with the end still on the connector… compression fittings are alot stronger and you cannot pull them off the end easily so alot of installers like to replace those crimp ones… (i would just use my own cable and cut you a new one so you could return that one but eh not everyone thinks)

  170. mcdonnr says:

    These were the premiums, with Comp ends on ’em. Pissed me right off… his complaint was “Well, you didn’t get it from us, so it should probably be replaced”. He followed by re-crimping it, not all that tightly might I add, and left the refuse on my carpet (shreds of copper/insulation… you know, things my dogs might like to chew on).

  171. NightElfMohawk says:

    I recently moved and had to have the cable guys out. They had to do a number on the place since it’d been remodeled just before we leased it out and they’d seemed to remove most of the cable wiring between the walls. But we got to talking, they know where I work because they set up cable there too, and they say it’s a nice place, good perks, but they also stated that they definitely make more than I do. So… if you make more than me, I don’t tip you. They’re doing their job, they did a fine job, I offered them food, water, soda, beer, whatever they pleased to keep them comfy. But they made it quite clear that Time Warner pays them well enough. And that’s good for me to know in the future.

  172. nedzeppelin says:

    he expects a tip AND for us to provide him drinks?

    maybe if he wasn’t 50 pounds overweight like they usually are, he wouldn’t be sweating so much just connecting a couple cables inside.

    really how tough is this guy’s job? he shows up and staples a few cables around your living room and leaves.

  173. I have a word of advice for the cable technicians that contributed to those complaints. McDonalds is hiring – you won’t have to deal with any of that stuff there. Otherwise, suck it up and do your damn job like the rest of us do. Everyone’s job sucks to an extent. If I didn’t agree to it when I scheduled the service with the cable company, I’m not going to bust my ass so that you don’t have to do anything. Maybe you should bitch at the customer service people who told me you would do half of the shit on the list. Fucking princesses.

  174. theBIG says:

    Our Directv guy was awesome. he was there forever because we have an 80 year old house that is a PITA to install anything into. After he was done we offered him some pizza and a beer and he hung out and watched the Dodger game with us.

  175. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @cheeser83: Make sure they don’t start charging you for a modem rental. Apparently, they do that a lot.

  176. hollywood2590 says:

    1.) Depends
    2.) Valid
    3.) Valid
    4.) Valid
    5.) Valid
    6.) Valid
    7.) Valid, but because its common courtesy, not because he’s doing his job.
    8.) Valid
    9.) Valid
    10.) Valid
    11.) Valid
    12.) Valid
    13.) Valid, because its not the techs fault. Feel free to bitch and the company.
    14.) WTF is he bitching about here? Not his money for the box, he just has to drive out and switch them out, which he gets paid to do.
    15.) This is pretty much directly contradictory to 19.
    16.) Valid
    17.) Unless balls are hanging out this is irrelevant.
    18.) As long as I get charged $30 per additional hookup, I think I’ll do it myself, you know since they do sell good wire. Me doing 4 connections: $35 you: $120. I think I can handle it.
    19.) If its going to be a problem then offer those people a disclaimer or don’t offer them service, not their fault your shit doesn’t work.
    20.) Valid
    21.) This doesn’t matter. They could role up on a bicycle but if they get the job done right I don’t care where they came from.
    22.) Duh
    23.) Valid
    24.) What does this matter?
    25.) Unless a tech is sitting in my front yard I don’t even see how I would ask. And if you are sitting in my front yard you sure as shit should be hooking up my cable.

    Tipping: You are paid and most likely paid better than most people you are setting up equipment for. You are also paid for the work you do I’m sure its not a flat fee per hookup so no matter how much you have to do you’re already compensated.

  177. zibby says:

    The guy is right about a couple of things, particularly morons not bothering to move things that obviously need to be moved in order to get the job done. I used to lay carpet in high school and there were always jobs you’d show up at where none of the furniture had been moved to allow access to, you know, that floor thing – this despite the store telling people 3 different times (upon sale, making the appointment and upon confirmation) to do so. We’d help out old people (who weren’t buying a lot of new carpet in our area anyway) but everybody else was walkout/reschedule.

    I delivered furniture for the same store; part of the service was taking the old piece away. I still shudder to think of some of the stuff we found under couches.

  178. What about the cable installers who bore large holes in your wall and don’t cover them with wall plates? What about the contractors who drill holes through the side of your house, then run the coax around the house instead of under it leaving a hole through your wall to the outside? Are we still supposed to be polite then?

    BTW, I am a server in a restaurant, and the reason we are tipped employees is because we make 3 dollars or less per hour. How much does the cable guy make again?

  179. Jayz says:

    #15 is somewhat true, 90% of “slow internet” is your computer! and whats up with all the negativity towards cable guys? yeah cable company’s suck, but don’t take it out on the guy earning a living on his knees running wires.

  180. rebelj12a says:

    @NightElfMohawk: time warner pays well? *makes note* hah

  181. matt314159 says:

    I tipped the cable guy when he came out to my house $20…because he took the trap off the line for our internet only connection and now we get 75 channels of TV for free…that was worth the tip.

    and 15, like many others have said, is bogus…cableco’s oversell their nodes and THAT is what makes the internet slow. I realize that people often have too much shit on their computers, but come on, I’d say it’s at least 50/50 regarding whose fault it is going to be in any given case.

  182. rebelj12a says:

    @matt314159: Apple computers are a dream to install on… no extra crap

  183. Juggernaut says:

    @Silly_Fool85: So if you’re upset with cable techs you don’t have an imagination, can’t read, have no hobbies, and you’re a bad parent? WTF!! Suckacabledickmuchorwhat?

  184. rfjason says:

    Proof of the world’s greatest example of self-entitlement from proof of the world’s greatest example of shitty service.

    Cable Guy, you should be raped and shot and raped again.

  185. TecmoTech says:

    Jesus Christ, 95% of the people in this thread are A-holes! I agree with the guy. I can’t imagine how he works in some of those cases.

    I just had cable installed, tipped my guy 20$. I guess I feel fortunate enough to be able to tip, so I do it. He is performing a service that I can’t do myself.

    I will tip anyone who helps me, acts nice and is an expert in a subject I know nothing about.

    The article is written very straight forward. I like that.

  186. mthrndr says:

    I think you hab a problem mit deine cabal?

  187. NoLongerInUse says:

    Douche Alert

    1. When the appointment is for a range of 6 hours and you still don’t make it in time, you can choke on a bowl.
    13. I’ve had to have multiple reschedules because of things that could have been determined before the appointment was taken.
    15. Don’t blame the computer just because the signal strength is fine. There are other problems that can cause problems. I’ve received 8 months of refunds from TW (in LA, Ha!) because my 10 MB service couldn’t get over 1. And yes, modems can go bad.
    17. See number 1. With an appointment of 9-5, it’s hard to know if you are going to be there and history dictates it won’t be first thing in the morning.
    18. Compared to ethernet, coax is simple. Stop trying to hoard the right to a technology.
    22. Attitudes are contagious, no matter who does it first.
    Tips? Pizza guy gets minimum wage and has to pay for his gas. Wait staff get half min wage in many places and must make it up in tips. What’s the salary of a cable guy? Does the cable guy have to fill the tank on the van?

  188. ThomasD3 says:

    A Tip? hell no! how stupid is that idea

  189. Canoehead says:

    “The speed of the computer does determine how fast your Internet is”

    That is so not true – oh sure, you can bog down a computer with enough crapware, but even an older p3 with a clean install can go much faster than pretty much any residential connection. Maybe if all you are measuring is the load time on graphics-intensive web pages on a crapped up computer, but anyone with a serious machine knows when it is the net connection that’s the bottleneck.

  190. mcdonnr says:

    @TecmoTech: Right, but it’s the “acts nice and is an expert…” part that gets you every time. I should not have to explain to this dirty fucking drunkard standing in my living room what a TiVo is, and how it’s not affecting my signal in other rooms. Likewise, I should not have to argue with him about my router causing packets to drop between Comcast and my modem.

    To be honest, if I HAD an installer who was nice and also an expert, I probably WOULD tip him!

  191. Namrepus says:

    My dad has been in the cable industry for years. Over 20 to be precise.

    If this guy worked for my dad (He’s a Supervisor at the cable company where he works) he’d be out on his ass in a matter of minutes.

  192. parad0x360 says:

    @MissPeacock: I’ve never had one call either. One time the guy was suppose to show up between 10am and 3pm and he was there at 8am…while I was TRYING to move stuff for him to work.

    He ended up getting pissy because a closet had stuff in it and he needed to get a step stool in there. I told him if you came when you were suppose to this wouldnt have been an issue.

    He did a good job and I did thank him but I didnt tip him because he was a jerk when things didnt exactly go his way.

  193. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    It’s really difficult to appreciate the valid points he does make when he ends the whole thing by asking for tips.

    Not only is the customer paying for the install but, since they have to be there for it to happen, they’re taking time off of work. That means they have to use paid (or worse unpaid) time off just to get it done. And he wants a tip on top of that? Seriously?

    I know everyone has already said this but this dude is nuts.

  194. amodlin says:

    @Uncle_Eck: Uh excuse me? Typically American? Nobody I know that works in a non-food-service related job expects a tip. Yay, let’s generalize about Americans and I’ll do the same about wherever the hell YOU’RE from. Sound good?

  195. Shannon says:

    Am I the only one that got a good laugh at all of those reasons? My co workers were wondering what I was laughing at!!!

  196. trailingedge says:

    I knew it was true that these pre-post madonna cable tech are just utter rednecks that use to hang squirrels for jerky…that’s why I don’t even have cable since 1998 and use off the air to pull in local channels. One bill less to worry!

  197. RothRandom says:

    “12. If you are ordering digital phone, you don’t need a phone there (we have test phones), but don’t expect us to run 3 phone outlets for free. the sh*t aint happening.”

    I love how that’s about the only time you’ll see an asterisk throughout the whole article. Not hating on the swearing, I just think it’s funny.

  198. mblock04 says:

    I’m always nice to the cable guy and I generally offer him a drink, especially if it’s hot. However, tipping is an absurd notion. How can this guy start with:

    “I really love being a cable guy. It is a very respectable job, and I have been doing cable for just over 2 years. It’s a decent job with good benefits.”

    …and end by asking for a tip? You LOVE your job? It has GOOD benefits? Waitresses and pizza guys get minimum wage or less, receive no benefits and hate their jobs but still show up with a smile. Thus, they get tips.

    If being a cable guy is so fulfilling, then do what 95% of us in the service industry do (i.e. your job) and don’t expect a tip. It’s very unbecoming of such a “respectable” profession.

  199. Kitteridge says:

    “1. We call you to confirm the appointment and to let you know we’re on the way. We get there. You’re not home, so we leave, and we end up having to come back to do the damn job because you are liars and said you were home, when you weren’t. We are on schedules you asshole. You can wait another day or until the evening to get your shit installed.”

    For every one person this guy can point out who had this issue, I can name 100 customers who were stiffed by the cable guy who just couldn’t make it there on time, if at all.

    The day I moved into my apartment I was there all day, unpacking, waiting for the cable guy. Finally called hours later: “where is he?” “Couldn’t come due to inclement weather.”

    It had been raining earlier. Now it was dry. That was the “inclement weather.”

    More excuses than wires in the cable system. You are not going to convince me that No. 1 is more of a problem for cable guys than for the consumers.

  200. @beavis88: Get your computer fixed. At peek hours there can be a negligible impact to service. Keep in mind this statement is likely based on Cable Internet — Not DSL or Dialup.

    @MissPeacock: Neither have I.

    I think anyone being overly critical of the material above is missing that it is, likely, meant to be inside jokes for other installers. Just like all those shitty RE:FW:FW:FW:RE: “men are like this” and “you can tell a ____ by” or “you know you ____ when you _____” emails your mom/coworker/grandmother forwards you. You should probably get over it. The statements are not directly offensive only the way they are presented.

    Once again, everyone on here is so overly sensitive to things that just dont matter.

  201. Blackti3 says:

    tip?! are you crazy!? we tip pizza guys and wait staff IF they are courtious and timely which cable guys NEVER are. Also, we tip those guys because they make $3 an hour, they need tips…you need an open hand sandwich!

  202. MT says:

    This guy sounds like a total douchebag. I like how he says that people should be capable of setting up their own router, and in the same rant, that people shouldn’t try to mess with their coax cables. Which is it?

    Plus him saying “fuck” and “shit” every couple sentences, and then saying “don’t hate us cable guys!”

    Too fucking bad. The last cable guy I had come to my house was nice enough, but once he started saying that we really could use a $49.99 cable “enhancer” on our line when the signal was completely fine for the previous, I told him that it wasn’t necessary, and thanked him for his time, and let him out. He was not pleased, he probably doesn’t get told off by young women a lot.

  203. GHETTO.CHiLD says:

    Look “Cable Guy” it’s not my fault you make $11.25 an hour even though your company charges me $104 a month for the services you install. Here’s an idea, go to school and get a degree. If you have one and are still making $11.25 than I feel bad for you, but not so bad that you can ask me to give you a tip for doing your job. Yeah I tip the pizza guy but his pizza isn’t overpriced and full of toppings I don’t want.

  204. ellastar says:

    @toyotaracer81: Eh, depends on which one they buy. So many people try to be cheap and buy the least expensive one, even though we tell them that another one will work better.

    Same with the cables. I’m not sure what he means with “It’s usually RG-59 equivalent and is good for nothing. We use RG-6 or better” because unless someone wanders into the CB section where the RG-59 is, RG-6 is what they’re going to find. People like to buy the basic stuff because it’s less expensive (which I assume is the stuff he has to deal with). Anyone using it for satellite/digital cable or cable internet, I sell them the higher quality coax. Not too sure if there’s a real difference (haven’t tested it myself), but I haven’t had any customers complain about the quality or return it for not working.

  205. Mike8813 says:

    I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I read number one.

    And tip you? Unless you’re going to make me pancakes afterwards… No.

  206. AD8BC says:

    Tip? I’ll tip the cable guy for excellent service… which I have received from both Comcast in Michigan and Charter in Texas…

    In Michigan, I lost a few digital cable channels… I called Comcast and they sent out a technician, there was a big signal drop between the main cable demarc point and my patch panel. I had completely rewired all the cable in my house except for the main feed coming in, with his equipment he found a push on coax connector and a cheap splitter in the main feeder above the basement ceiling, which I didn’t and threw in a new splitter. He was so impressed with the professional way that I wired the building that he wrote on his report that the problem was outside so I wouldn’t have to pay for the service call.

    In Texas, when I turned on my service, the Charter technician had to run a whole new underground drop from the box in the backyard to my home as the previous homeowner (who had a dish) chopped off the old cable at ground level. He also re-crimped all of the connections in my home and left me a big hunk of scrap coax so I could put in a few more drops in the house.

    Regarding point #18, the coax wiring, he is right. Please don’t run your own coax wires unless you have the proper crimp tools and use the good coax. Cheap coax is bad stuff. at the very minimum, use RG-6, quad shield if you can afford it. Don’t use the RG-59. Prepare the coax ends and crimp properly.

  207. ruffedges says:

    This dude makes me wanna punch the cable guy in the face. Get to the job on time,bring your own drink,and put on some deodorant(I’ve smelled some of you nasty dudes with your shirt full of sweat). The last guy that came to my house stunk so bad we had to open up all the windows in the house – then he had the nerve to sit his fat smelly ass on the couch and try to small talk me. I’ve never had a good experience with ANY cable guy. You want a tip – GET A NEW JOB YOU FRICKIN CRYBABY!

  208. SinisterMatt says:


    Most of these are fairly reasonable except for the tip and the water one. I’ll throw my hat in with those who say that unless it is a million degrees outside (as it is wont to do here in Dallas in the summer) or really cold (not likely, it doesn’t get that cold here), and you have to go outside, then I am not offering you water.

    No way on the tipping for sure!


  209. Doug Nelson says:

    The only times I’ve ever actually been lied to by a service person, and the only time I’ve ever had actual physical damage to my home by a service person, and the only time I’ve ever been insulted by a service person, were all cable installers.

    Sorry dude, I’m not going to assume that, even though I’ve been screwed over every OTHER time I’ve dealt with a cable person, that you’re the competent one who takes pride in his work.

    You joined a suck industry. You want respect, become a telephone installer. I’ve never had anything besides topnotch service from them.

  210. RayDelMundo says:

    I tip no one, especially the cable guy.
    They make plenty.
    On the other hand, I’m sick of hearing waiters and food people whine about not getting tips. They knew what they were getting into when they took that job.

  211. buckfutt says:

    This jackass is just another reason why I’m glad I cut off cable and got a dish ten years ago. Never regretted it for a second.

  212. tucsontt says:

    I’m not sticking up for the cable guy who wrote this. However, to all the people who absolutely refuse to offer a service technician who comes into your home a glass of water that costs you nothing, you are not decent human beings.

    Seriously, how about taking 2 seconds to be nice to someone.

    I do this as a matter of course when a service tech comes to my house and 90% of the time they say no thank you.

    I gets me on their good side though.

  213. cosby says:

    I have to agree with most of what this guy said. Offering a cold drink(water) to someone that just had to crawl through your atic or something is just being a good person. I’ve offered drinks to the cable guy, the guy installing the alarm, electrician etc. Sure they could bring a drink but having a cold drink is a nice peace offering.

    The tips thing is kinda bullshit but I’ve had techs go beyond what was expected of them. Yea I’ll tip a guy that does that.

    The thing about slow internet is true too for the most part. Sure many of us who read that are smart enough to keep are machines clean but you’d be shocked how screwed up people’s machines will get. I would put money on most of the speed related calls being the customers computer or nowadays an outdated router that can’t keep up with the faster service. The issue is that the techs see say 80% of the speed issues being the fault of the customers equment(number pull out of my ass) and then try to push the blame on it always. The issue also is that for every person that calls and knows what they are talking about another 5 probability call saying the same thing when they don’t have a clue.

    The stuff about peoples houses is dead on too. When I worked in retail in school I was a second level tech that pretty much did notebook and board level repairs. Every once in a while they would get me to do a house call because the onsite crew screwed up bad or something as I knew networking and could pretty much do anything needed. I can’t tell you the number of times I would walk into someones house and want to turn and run. People here may bark at his comments because they keep their house clean or have some level of respect for others. A lot of people don’t. I’ve walked into houses where you can smell the cat piss from outside the front door. People will have piles and piles of shit they expect you to move. The idea of pushing a huge pile of someone elces dirty clothes out of my way really use to piss me off. I mean just because you are a fucking pig that has mold growing on the plates they haven’t been cleaned in months doesn’t mean I should have to be forced into it.

    The animal thing is a big one too. Sure a lot of peoples dogs or cats will not cause any troubles. You then have people whos animals will bark or try to bite installers and the people don’t do anything about it. Unless the animal is going to sit to the side and do nothing they person comming into your home shouldn’t have to deal with it. These techs generaly hate animals because people let their dogs bark, nip, and bite the installers.

    The thing about clothes is another one. Would many of you be willing to walk out in public in boxers and a dirty undershirt? Would you want company over if you were dressed like that? The answer for most is no. I had to go onsite a few times where someone would be standing around in their boxers or some women would be there half naked. I mean throw some clothes on. It is not too much to ask.

    Too a lot of people his rants seem unreasonable because they wouldn’t even dream of doing what some people do to these guys. Sure most people don’t throw this shit in the installers faces but a lot do.

  214. HeartBurnKid says:

    @TecmoTech: “I will tip anyone who helps me, acts nice and is an expert in a subject I know nothing about.”

    Last cable guy I had was 0 for 3.

  215. HeartBurnKid says:

    @tucsontt: You know, I will offer a glass of water to anybody who comes by on a hot day (or a soda, or juice, or whatever). But I won’t offer crap to anybody who acts like an entitled little pansy, and that’s exactly how Mr. Cable Guy comes off. He goes through a long list of what he will do and what he won’t do and makes all kinds of demands on the customer, and then has the audacity to demand a glass of water and expect a tip? Frankly, if he came to my house with that kind of attitude, he’d be lucky to leave without my footprint on his ass.

  216. bearymore says:

    “First of all, we are human beings, and if we at any point realize that there is going to be a substantial amount of work to do in order to get your services up and running, it may and probably will become irritating.”

    Give me a break! What do they pay you for?

  217. Lambasted says:

    I was in his corner until he got to the tipping part. I’ll tip you if you go out of your way to give me something “extra” but I will not tip you for doing your basic job. Hey buddy, you gotta give something to get something. Even a skank on the street knows that.

    I hate the tipping system entirely. To me it’s akin to paying part of a person’s salary. I didn’t hire you, your employer did. Is it my fault he is not paying you a decent salary? However, I do tip when society’s mores force me to–like waiters and hair dressers. Though I hate it. I don’t tip my dentist after he filled my cavity, and believe me I am much more grateful for his handy work than my hair stylist.

    Anyway, I agree with much of what the cable guy has said. I am shocked that people bring strangers into their filthy home. Have you no shame people?! I clean my entire house including the bathroom (just in case they ask to use it) before repair or delivery people show up.

    I always offer refreshments to workers on a hot or long day. The poor DirectTV guys were drenched with sweat as they crawled out of my parents hot-as-an-oven attic during installation. I gave both of them some water, then a Coke and they sure had a smile as they drank. Though the bastards still charged extra because it was deemed a “special” installation. I called DirectTV to bitch about it before I paid but they confirmed it was. However, this won’t stop me from offering refreshments the next time.

  218. Ron-Mexico says:

    Remember folks, tip everyone. Police officers, insurance agents, auto mechanics, school children, doorknobs . . .

  219. tucsontt says:


    Agreed. This guy is an entitled prick, but many of the comments seemed to be of the mind that they are not going to offer a drink to a cable tech.

    How do you know they are going to be a prick a priori?

    I’m just saying give people the benefit of the doubt.

  220. differcult says:

    You get nothing from me you POS…why would I tip you? You get paid very well…I tip the pizza guy because he gets paid $6 an hour and drives his own car.

    How dare I expect you to do your job and do it well. You should be shot.

  221. failurate says:

    Time Warner in SE Wisconsin has definitely improved over the past year or so. Recently moved and the tech that came to do the hook-up at the new place called ahead, was on time, and was very organized.

    Even their customer service has improved. Calling to do the disconnect and new-service was easy too. No more 1+ hour hold times. They offer a call back service, and they actually call back fairly promptly.

    I think they are still over priced, but it appears they have the customer service stuff fixed here at least.

  222. geowrian says:

    #15 is bull (many times). I’ve had a cable modem just go bad…horrible connection & kept dropping the VoIP calls. I tried multiple routers (not just crappy ones) but that didn’t work. They changed the cable modem and it has worked normally ever since.

    As for speed…I know it’s not my computer or anybody on my local network. I check outbound connection attempts using TCPView when I’m in Windows. Most people, despite having massive spyware, are not taking up much of the ISP’s bandwidth, yet their connectons are pretty slow.

  223. geoffhazel says:

    I don’t care. I don’t have cable.

    In fact, the crappy attitudes by Comcast when they wouldn’t turn around 10 min after they left the hang tag on my door (I was in the back yard) prompted me to quit cable forever and get satellite TV.

    So the cable guy can just kiss MY A*S!

  224. geoffhazel says:


    > I’d only tip the cable guy if he hooks me up with free HBO.


  225. geoffhazel says:


    > Fine, I’m just going to take it all out on the Gas Utilities guy. Whatevs.

    We had a stump removal guy cut our gas line, and the gas guys sent a crew of 3 with backhoe out to fix it in the hot hot sun. I made them all frozen mochas.

    They were working hard and deserved it.

  226. Chad LaFarge says:

    Maybe it’s also just that one cable-guy that we hate… the one who has an 8-12 window but shows up at 5:30. That guy who insists that the only way that they can install the cable is to put it on side of the room that has no tv, and have you rearrange your entire living room to accomidate his desire to minimize the amount of work he has to do. Mayeb he just runs a thick black cable across the middle of the floor and tells you to “put a rug on that”.

    You don’t offer me water or tip me when I develop a web page that you surf through between stops at porn-world.

    Guy’s got some nerve. Doing your job is “out of [your] way”.

  227. dapoktan says:

    lol wat a load of crap
    going out of your way to make sure the shit works? what exactly is your job if it isnt making sure your installation went well? buy urself a drink..
    and YOU get mad if the person’s not home? approximate times are like “8am to 2pm” I have shit to do..
    as for being 450 yards from a pole, you should never have taken the order in the first place..
    As for all the other stuff like assembling and setting up tv’s and pc’s.. i agree, who asks the cable guy for that anyways? prolly some clueless old lady.. cant get too mad at that.

  228. Carencey says:

    The only way I’d tip is if the cable guy was honestly doing something that was above and beyond the scope of the usual install or repair (ie, if there was something that had to be moved that I was unaware of or am physically incapable of moving on my own). For the standard good service that is their job, they get a good evaluation on the followup phone call.
    I do offer a drink if they’re there for a long period of time but that’s just a courtesy thing to me.

  229. OmicroN says:


    Apparently, you’ve made a lot of commenters here at Consumerist very happy. But, just to add to the fray:

    #11: We don’t want your bullshit crap spyware installed on our computers. Laptops are dirt cheap. Go buy yourself one, use it to test your internet connection, and leave my damned computer alone. Now you can surf porn on your lunch hour, too.

    #12: You want our computer to test internet, but don’t need a phone to test the phone service? I say again, buy a damned laptop or make your cheap ass company assign you one.

    I aim to please.

  230. Chad LaFarge says:

    PS: I hope everyone knows that I generally don’t rant like that… I just got really set off by that guy.

    Sorry you had to see that.

  231. Baron Von Crogs says:

    A tip? Right. You dont make 2.75 an hour like wait staff do. Christ.

  232. mythago says:

    Mr. Idiot Cable Guy is also being a little short-sighted about the tip. When I get outstanding service, I sit down and write a letter and/or email to that person’s supervisors, letting them know the person’s NAME, how pleased I was with the job they did and how I will certainly be recommending their business to my friends. I think that’s a lot better than offering $5 they’re not entitled do and probably aren’t allowed to accept anyway.

  233. madog says:

    Reason #26: Most of our customers are dicks, which reflects why most of us are angry.

    Seriously, after reading some of these comments I wouldn’t want to rescue your children from a burning vehicle. Bunch of assholes without any sense of decency.

  234. WBDFQ says:

    Tip the cable guy.. That’sa a hot one. Shut up and hook up the box monkey.

  235. HeartBurnKid says:

    @madog: Most of our cable installers are dicks, which reflects why most of us are angry.

    Seriously, I’ve worked in customer service, I know how rough it can be when dealing with people, but I have never dealt with more sheer incompetence and feelings of entitlement than I have with the cable company (well, with the possible exception of one of my mom’s doctors, and you better believe she switched doctors right away), and Jeffykins here is living proof of that. I firmly believe that they bring 90% of the shit they deal with on themselves.

  236. TecmoTech says:

    Wow, look at all of the negative response. I like this article. I like the author’s honest responses. He may be a jerk, he may feel like he deserves more, he may be delusional… etc.

    However, I’d rather have an article like this than an assurance that “he takes each client seriously”. With the way his article was blasted by almost everyone, expect the same canned responses from now on.

  237. HeartBurnKid says:

    @Wormfather: Hey, don’t diss the gas guys. I’ve gotten the best service I’ve ever had from in-home technicians, from gas guys. Frankly, I love the gas company, and I think the cable company should hire the gas company to train their techs on how to deal with customers.

    In other words, I tip the gas guys. They provide tipworthy service.

  238. SaeedaEspiahi says:

    Wow, as I read some of the comments to this list I’m really amazed at the
    responses. I’m not sure if he was actually telling you that a tip is a must.
    If I do a good job(I am also a technician), a thank you would be more than
    enough. We’re not expected to take tips and I do not in any way expect you,
    the customer, to give me one. And believe it or not, folks, a lot of
    installs and trouble calls that we go to are downright ugly. Bad cable, bad
    connectors, poor workmanship. All this was done prior to the cable company
    coming, or even a bad technician. Most of you all have day jobs where you
    know how frustrating it can be dealing with customers or your work. Most of
    the points this particular tech made are valid. Not all techs call
    customers, do good work, etc. But I’ve been a tech over 2 years and I
    actually do my job and do it well. There is a lot expected out of us and to
    you this list may seem whiney. He’s just venting, just like some of you
    asshats are doing on your comments. Not every job we go to or every customer
    we deal with are a simple situation that you seem to assume we run into on a
    daily basis.

  239. linoth says:

    I’ve known a former cable tech that had some similar gripes. Doing an install at the home of a young couple, and the door is answered by someone in sloppy clothes that’s flushed and out of breath, techs stuck up a ladder when the cable thief let their dogs out, etc. I do have arguements and support for a few points, though.

    1. Confirmation calls are company specific. Some do, some don’t. Don’t blame him if your local company is heartless.

    2., 3., 4., 5., 10., 16., 17. Agreed. A clean, safe, sanitary (and clothed) work environment is pretty much a basic necessity. And having an installer coming to your house is like expecting guests. Clean up, make sure anything you can think of that might have to be accessed is accessable. Not hard.

    6., 8. If the company didn’t provide the router, then by rights they don’t legally have to even touch that shit. It’s like you putting a splitter on your cable line. All they have to do is confirm that the service is working up to the modem and a computer connected directly to it gets internet. Everything after the modem is your damn problem. Get over it. Most installers got the job because they know how to drive a van, use a drill, and cut cable. They’re not computer trained.

    7. A drink of water is common courtesy. You can make demands that they get their own drinks, but then they have to go out of their way and potentially run late. And how much work does it take for you to run the tap to fill a drinking glass? I can’t believe people are griping over this.

    11., 20. You can’t expect an installer to haul around a television and computer to test your shit. That’s just unreasonable.

    12. Install vs. jack wiring is bad marketing by the cable companies. But I agree, don’t shoot the messenger.

    13. The tech isn’t responsible for your install getting rescheduled when the company is over-booking on the chance that a certain percentage of installs will be no-one-home.

    14. The problem is convincing the company there’s something wrong with the box, as others have stated. But installers aren’t responsible for determining this.

    15. Debates about internet speed will always rage, but having worked at a company providing internet I’ll support him here. More than half the time, the problem isn’t the service, it’s what you’re connecting to it.

    18. Most people don’t recognize the difference between a piece of R-59 and R-6.

    19. Distance is a limitation of the technology that the salesmen should have pounded into their head. But that’s not the technician’s fault.

    21. All jobs will have dedicated, hard workers and the crappy lazy ones.

    22. Good policy. Show courtesy until you recieve poor treatment. I wish more people would follow it.

    24. Some people aren’t savvy about the technology. A little understanding, por favor.

    TIP: This was a tacky add-on. If the job was exceptional, maybe you’ll get one.

  240. GregGates says:

    Pretty safe to say that anyone hating on this list has never had to actually be anything close to a cable guy nor do any sort of home installation work. This guy was pretty tame. I am not a cable guy, but I install everything else AV/control in the house and visit the same places he does.

    If the cable guy shows up with a huge attitude I don’t blame anyone for giving him bad marks. If however he shows up, does a great job and is friendly, tip the man. Tip jars in fast food joints can GTFO, but anyone coming to your house and giving you a needed service, properly, gets a tip imo. Anyone that comes to my house gets a tip unless they are a total douche. I think that this is a profession where you need to do it to understand where the other guy is coming from. I totally get the “I already gave Comcast enough of my money he isn’t getting ANYTHING” rage, but it isn’t a personal failure to tip a nice cable guy.

    Put aside all your “he’s a dropout scumbag if he is working that job” prejudices about the cable guy next time he comes and remember that he is a human being, he isn’t paid that well and he probably has another 14 stops that day, many of which will be at homes of aggressive people who want extra wire runs done for free.

  241. Jamaces says:

    Cable guy for my place a while back was a plesent guy, never thought of tipping. They make enough money, and up here in the north they wer unionized why do they need to be tipped? Thats there job, and its not my fault that the cable line is supposibly filled with water which is why I was not getting half my channels.

  242. Pro-Pain says:

    I tipped our DirectTV installer because he was a nice guy and was curtious and professional. He gave me his cell number and said “call anytime you have a problem”. Four months later we got a new roof put on our house. The idiots messed up the dish without forwarning us it “might” not work after they are done because our new roof was one inch higher. I called directtv guy and he was there in twenty minutes to fix it. THAT is why you tip someone.

  243. MyTQuinn says:

    I am the owner of a small cabling company that does a lot of subcontract work for national service providers, but not the cable TV companies. This guy thinks the customer should provide him with a computer so he can test the service? What is he, nuts!? Bring your own damned test equipment and test the service like a professional. The last thing you want when testing any kind of service is to introduce an unknown into the testing process.

    I realize that he’s not asking for anything that any other “cable guy” doesn’t ask for, but give me break. It might be easier to use the customer’s computer than to go back uot to the truck to get the right tool for the job, but if you don’t even HAVE the right tool, then you’re unprepared, unprofessional, and UNBELIEVABLE.

    And, going out of your way to make sure the customer’s service works? What!? Making sure the customer’s service works is the SOLE PURPOSE of your visit.

    I never knew how many people went out of their way for me every day. Recently, a waitress went out of her way to bring us our food. And later that day, a gas station attendant (we have those in NJ) went out if his way to put gas in my car. And to complete this trifecta of unwarranted gestures, the valet parking attendant went out of his way to park my car.

    This guy has really opened my eyes to all the goodness in the world.

  244. Pro-Pain says:

    Just to add, the guy that wrote this should get another job.

  245. Skeptical_Geezer says:

    And how about bathing daily and using deoderant. The Times Warner installer that came this week could be smelled from across the room. Thank God I had a can of OUST!

  246. BytheSea says:

    Re 10, I understand how the OP feels about being liable if he moves anything and it breaks, but how often has a service person come to your house and you knew where he needed to work? I don’t know where all the electrical and cable points of interest are in my house, and I don’t know what ones are relevant to the job. I’ll help you move things, Mr Cable Guy, but don’t get pissed off at me for not memorizing the electrical schematic of my house.

  247. sirwoj says:

    A union phone man doesn’t expect a tip or a glass of water, but he will respect the customer who offers either. I wish people would move things out of the way and put their dogs away too. But I realize that the company treats the customers like garbage most of the time. The good technicians can’t do much to fix the the bad decisions made by the company, the union, and less competent techs. I guess you just have to hope you get somebody good. It could be so much better, but whoever tries to change things is quickly destroyed, emotionally and physicially, by the company.

  248. sirwoj says:

    Oh yea, threatening somebody with violence over the internet doesn’t speak well for your character people.

  249. the_wiggle says:

    @wtrwlkr: judging by the majority of comments, apparently it is too much to ask. . . .

  250. GothGirl says:

    Tip??? Here is a tip, SHOW UP ON TIME. I have never had a cable guy come even close to showing up on time…

  251. EnzoFX says:

    I agree on the bipolar-ness, etc…
    But I have to say that we’re in a bit of a pickle. Out of all household services, Cable probably has the hardest time doing what it needs to do. There really are a lot of uneducated people out there as this guy hints at, so that must make things worst exponentially, dealing with ignorance.
    Furthermore, cable companies have such a hard time because they’re the only service that is having trouble keeping up with the demands of the modern world. They’re piping the vast internet for you, of course we’re not going to be reaching advertised speeds, and it’s why we have caps/throttling. Maybe some kind of re-structuring is in order. I don’t know… It’s like ATT states, they have demand tripling, but the money coming in is nowhere near as much.

  252. Leohat says:

    After all the times I’ve had to miss work for appointments that they don’t show up for. Two faulty modem and more billing issues that I can count. Now they want a tip?


  253. Aisley says:

    Tip the cable guy? Ha, ha, ha, uhu! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, what? you serious? Oops, my bad!

  254. tech763 says:

    I am a cable tech (contractor) and most of the things he listed are spot on. The two exceptions are:

    Tips. You’re a douchbag. I average about $35 an hour installing phone. I don’t expect to be tipped. As long as you’re happy when I walk out of there im good.

    Water: You’re an idiot. Bring your own drinks. Comcast provides me with a cooler and free ice and Im not even their employee.

  255. bcsus83 says:


    I understand it can be true, but I also agree that it’s bullshit in a lot of cases. Otherwise, my internet would be CONSISTENTLY slow. Not fast as hell for an hour, and then slow as dial-up the next hour.

  256. Mark 2000 says:

    I’ve got a good one for the cable guy. Don’t tell me adding a splitter is going to cost me $21, but if I give you $19 you won’t put it on the bill. I’ll just call Comcast and tell them you asked for a bribe and get it for free. Idiot.

  257. Scatter says:

    Honestly I don’t see anything in this list as being unreasonable. Yeah, there’s a lot of shitty servicemen out there but there are many more shitty customers. Sorry to say this but its true.

  258. Scatter says:

    I don’t see anything unreasonable about anything in this list. I hate to say it but there are many more unreasonable customers out there then there are unreasonable service techs. Customers always feel as if they’re deserving of something.

  259. The post is douchey but 100% correct after working in the field.

  260. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    don’t know about cable, never had it installed but here are two experiences with directv installers

    my sister’s house came with a dish when she moved in and when she got directv hooked up it was the hottest day of the summer so far. her house was pretty much already wired, she just needed the box. she let the techs hang out in her air conditioning on the clock for an hour and gave them iced tea. she mentioned that i was moving out and getting an apartment soon. they left the new dish too and told her that if she ordered a ‘second room’ package for the extra $10 a month, as long as the second box was never hooked to a different phone line, that directv has no idea where the second box is.
    i took the new dish and the second box to my place and i give her the $10 a month

    when she needed her dish moved another hundred+ feet out because of a tree that had grown to block the original installation, the $20 tip she gave him got her the extra cable to put it where the tree will never block it again without the extra $30 for the cable [their list price]
    she saved $10 and he had a better day

  261. APowerCosmic says:

    This guy sounds like a real ass. Tipping? Dream on, Junior. The waiters at restaurants get paid less than minimum wage, and I have to meet the contractor who works for that much. You signed up for the job. You show me courtesy, I’ll show you some. Fact is, every installer I’ve ever used be it for cable or satellite always messes something up. One broke my window curtain rod, one almost broke a window, one left a ridiculous mess, and one had to call the home office over and over because he didn’t know what to do next. And for this, you want a tip? Here’s one. If you are this anal about your job, get another one!

  262. Major-General says:

    @beavis88: Ditto.

  263. parrotuya says:

    We called to get cable. The cable company said our house was wired for cable. I knew that it was not. But the cable company said it was. So they sent the cable guy out. He could not find any cable anywhere. He did not know what to do so he called his supervisor. They sent two more cable guys. It took them four hours to install the cable. Our cost: $39.99. I am certain that there labor costs were higher so they had to eat it. Tip? No way. Cable guys aren’t food servers. Since I have phone, internet and cable, HBO and HD, I am certain that the cable company has made a nice profit from me. It is the cable company’s responsibility to make sure that the cable guy gets paid. Not mine. Period.

  264. greeky says:

    Haha, these were pretty funny to read… and generally true. I was a cable TV/modem installer for 6 months and dirty houses (I mean filthy dirty) were probably the worst thing I had to put up with. Back yards full of dog crap were also pretty gross. Overall it was a fun job and I enjoyed it. Treat your installer nice and they’ll give you $100s dollars in free installation extras (replace cables, connectors, add more outlets than you ordered).

    Oh yeah, and the installer has nothing to do with how you are billed, so leave him alone and take that up with the main office. And yes, I did call my customers to let them know I was on my way.

  265. notallcompaniesareevil says:

    I hope at the least people realize, from this post, that the people on the other end of consumer transactions are actually human beings too. It’s easy to see them as AT&T, Comcast, etc. but they are actually people trying to make a living. They may spend time on consumerist as well.

    We’re all in this together.

  266. racermd says:

    As a (very short-term) cable installer contractor, I REALLY resent what the OP is trying to communicate.

    First, I expected NO tips because, last I checked, Cable Installation Techs aren’t in the ‘service industry’. They’re doing a task that most people aren’t qualified to do. Most install techs are required to be certified and know local, regional, and national electrical code. Don’t get me wrong, I’d certainly accept a tip if it was offered, but I never expected it much less asked.

    Second, I actively refused offers of beverages. This is purely a personal safety issue. There are some real sickos out there and I generally won’t accept offers of food or beverage from strangers. I’m responsible enough to bring my own, as did all my co-workers. Funny story about that, we typically got together on our lunch breaks and found a place to grill some brats and burgers on most days. We’d get gatorade or water when we purchased the grillables.

    Third, I agree with most of the points on the internet side of things – it’s never the tech’s responsibility to fix the computer. If they’re doing their job correctly, the line will train and have a signal. A simple call to the dispatcher will confirm that the modem is online and configured correctly. The hardest part about that is making sure there’s a strong enough signal. Beyond that, the job is simple and goes no further than connecting the computer/router/etc to the ethernet or USB port. That being said, if the tech is supposed to verify connectivity by accessing the computer per company policy, they should be supplied with one and use it only for that purpose.

    Mostly, the OP is a D-Bag and needs to vent elsewhere. I have no sympathy despite having gone through the same sort of pain (and realizing it wasn’t my calling in life). However, I do my own cabling with QUALITY supplies and equipment – the same stuff or better than the kind I used as a contractor. The most an install tech will need to do for me is run a drop, connect it to the ground block, and verify signal levels at one outlet in my home. Beyond that, they’re neither needed nor wanted in/around my home, primarily because of the attitude of most techs including the OP.

  267. fishiftstick says:

    1. If cable guys stuck to their schedules, AND their companies did better than 6 hour windows, AND they offered compensation when THEY were late/absent, AND they kept us updated about where in the window we could expect them … THEN he could complain about people not being home. The rest of us have lives that don’t revolve around cable.
    2-5: Dogs and kids come with houses. Deal, or get another job.
    6: A router is necessary to distribute the signal. The settings must match your service. It takes 2 minutes to set up if you know how, if you don’t it’s intimidating. Take the 2 mins. and make your customer happy.
    7-9: Agreed. A drink is just basic human decency.
    10: Nope. It’s part of your job. And just how the hell am I supposed to know in advance where you will be working?
    11: So my computer and router are not your problem, except when they help YOU? Common sense should tell you that a computer WON’T always be present, especially when people are moving. Ever hear of a notebook? Maybe you should bring one.
    12: Agreed.
    13: Your time is worth money. So is mine. It seems to me a company like yours with all its resources should figure these things out in advance.
    14: agreed.
    15: Bullshit.
    16: agreed.
    17: My house, my rules.
    18: Your company says my splitters and cable should work fine. Who is lying, them or you?
    19: Tell your company not to offer what it can’t deliver. This information should be available from Google Earth, for one.
    20: No, don’t expect a TV when I’m moving. We already talked about notebooks. Do I need to tell you about TV cards?
    21-2: I’m the customer. You don’t have to like MY attitude.
    23: You shouldn’t have to put up with requests to commit criminal fraud. Putting up with old jokes is part of customer service.

    On tipping: if you do stuff that isn’t strictly your job, like wiring, router setup, etc., then you should get a tip. Otherwise forget it. If you want tips for doing your job, become a waiter.

  268. theysaidwhat says:

    InstallerTechJeff asked to have his thread deleted at CableRants. LOL

    He’s right on many of his points. Perhaps if whoever schedules your installation or service call reminded customers what parts of your house/apartment need to be clear when the tech arrives, fewer cable techs would be pressed into service as moving men.

    As a dog owner, I feel for him on the pet issue. My dog is friendly, but she would spend the first half hour of a visit trying to “help” the tech, so she goes into a crate for such things. Besides, she is a pit mix, and looks it, and I know many people have a knee-jerk fear reaction to them. I don’t want some honestly frightened tech hurting my dog in perceived self-defense because she came up and nudged him unexpectedly for a pat on the head! It’s my dog, my responsibility to keep her and all visitors to my home SAFE.

    I wouldn’t tip them though unless they went above and beyond. I’ve been lucky with cable guys from Comcast in two states now. On time, helpful, non-complaining. Although I did get a completely BS response from Comcast service when I needed a new box–the dispatcher wouldn’t even schedule me an appointment, saying it was a thunderstorm. Uh, no, it hadn’t worked for two weeks! Grrr! But the techs were great.

  269. TorrentFreak says:

    You should offer the cable guy water for busting his ass. It’s called common courtesy. I can tell no one was raised right.

  270. theysaidwhat says:


    “2-5: Dogs and kids come with houses. Deal, or get another job.” I knew the previous owners of my house left something out of the deal. Where the heck are those kids???

  271. biswalt says:

    You are right about something in your post, but wrong on others. For example, you shouldn’t cop an attitude because someone misses appointments, jackass. Sometimes stuff comes up that makes it impossible to keep appointments, which you seem to forget ar #1, but at least you remembered it on #13.

    You also make a claim that “your internet is not slow, your computer is.” Laughable, dude, I had TW tell me that was the problem last year, average mac transfer speed through any protocol I tested was about 45kbps. Now I run, what is a fairly top of the line computer, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 Gigs DDR3 ram. I use it to animate a cartoon with, so it’s quite honestly the best computer I’ve ever gotten to use. I moved to my new home, but am paying the same money for internet for the same package, and now my transfer speed maxes out at about 5-600 kbps. You’re gonna claim that some people don’t have to deal with “slow internet”, hogwash man, hogwash.

  272. NVSmythe says:

    Reason why I hate cable repair techs:

    My house was wired up already for direct TV when I bought it so It should have been as easy as connecting the cable at the post, but instead you began cutting off all the ends of the wires then told me you didn’t have time to finish the job and you would have to come back later to “figure it all out” and charge me $60

    Well asshole I called your company and they sent another tech out who “figured out” that you are a moron and put new ends on my cables and had it working in about 20 minutes.

  273. ShadowFalls says:

    A big wow. Who the hell is this actually supposed to apply to? Is the cable installer for the southern hicks or some crappy stereotype like that? I mean this person is ranting like he/she is has barely become an adult.

  274. TheCutUp says:

    Thanks for letting me read the same comments over and over. “No tip, no tip. You get paid, no tip! RAR!”

    I noticed everyone is angry about the tip and the bottle of water. No one really brought up the kids or smelly house, so I’m assuming everyone agrees with this idea? Whew, I’m glad because I was half expecting you people to say “Hey, you’re on my property and when you’re on my property, you’re my fucking playground, bitch!”

    @wtrwlkr: Thank you! It all has to do with being humane. It sounds like all of you cop an attitude before the dude even shows up. If the guy is an asshole, then yeah, don’t be helpful in the least bit because he doesn’t deserve it. I’ve dealt with it, I understand.

    However, I’ve gotten some amazing techs in the past and though I wont give a tip, I do offer them a coke or a water on a hot day. Why the hell not? If I were hot on a job, I would totally appreciate it if someone gave me a drink.

    My dad, when we moved to new homes when I was a child, used to throw away large amounts of garbage at once. On those days, he would wait and watch the garbage men clean it up. If he saw that they picked everything up, he would run out to the truck with a bottle of water or a soda for the driver and the guys working on the back.

    See how that works? I guess a lot of you don’t understand being personable and appreciative. You’re too concerned with you money and penis lighthouses.

  275. 3drage says:

    Is this guy seriously advocating tips? That’s insane. Here are some tips for you cable guys out there.

    1) Take a shower, if you guys smell like a hobo who hasn’t showered in a year, I really don’t want you in your house.

    2) You’re getting paid to put up with people. That’s the joy of a customer service position. Take the bad people with a grain of salt and by happy you are getting a paycheck.

    3) Understand that when you cancel, the customer usually has to suffer hours on the phone to the cable company, after having to take a day off work to get you out there. 16 hours of vacation time sucks.

    4) Never once have I had an installer call me and tell me they were on their way. If that happened I might be able to take less time off work than a whole day, because your damn install windows are 8am to 9pm.

    5) Your cable is way too expensive, I’m not going to tip you after having to spend $100 a month in place of dish where I get the same services for $40

    6) With the invention of your HSI kits, the cable guys that come out to the house have no clue on how to get things running. They just shrug, another 2 hour support call.

  276. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    1. We call you to confirm the appointment… Once in my entire life has this happened.

    5. Your house smells like ass. Actually my ass smells like fresh cut flowers :) No matter how my house looks, you tracking in whatever crap is in your van…

    15. YOUR INTERNET IS NOT SLOW, YOUR COMPUTER IS!!! No, there’s a bad connection between the pole and the computer, causing the modem to drop out on a regular basis. It took two months to convince them of this last year.
    Although actually this statement is incorrect on several levels…it’s not my internet, and the internet is not slow, your connection you are “providing” me is.

    18. Coax wiring – don’t try to do it yourself…
    I’ve been doing my own for years. RG6? No problem.

    22. Don’t get an attitude…
    Then don’t be acting like you know shit you don’t.

    Almost to 300 comments, we appear to have struck a nerve!

  277. Super-Loopy says:

    As a fellow cable repair technician, I have to say that most of his rants are not baseless and agree with almost all of them. I’ve been doing this job about 4 times longer than he has so after a while you just become numb to most of it.

    The only ones I take issue with is the tipping and the drink offers. I don’t expect a tip or a drink but I also don’t expect you to follow me around hovering over my shoulder asking moronic questions the whole time I’m there either.

  278. Ninjanice says:

    So now I’m supposed to tip someone who probably makes $15-25 per hour for doing their job?! If I ever tip a cable guy, he’d better be offering me something to drink and cleaning my house, too!

  279. Super-Loopy says:

    @hollywood2590: 18.) As long as I get charged $30 per additional hookup, I think I’ll do it myself, you know since they do sell good wire. Me doing 4 connections: $35 you: $120. I think I can handle it.

    Then when you have a problem with one of those lines, we don’t service it. If you want us to service it then we charge you the $29.95 to make it correct.

  280. Metropolis says:

    This guy sounds like a huge asshole. Do your damn job and shut the hell up.

  281. quail says:

    What an angry SOB. Think that attitude spills over and affects the customers he has to deal with?

    I’ll agree, the public at large can be slobs and inconsiderate. But get over it. It’s your job.

    I had two experiences with cable guys — both were contractors. I made the job easy for both of them. The first guy cuts and removes a high quality splitter that was outside of the house and leaves me with only downstairs cable. (Grr.) The second guy installed digital cable, was polite, took his time, and didn’t leave until I was happy with his work.

    Guess which camp I believe the writer of this piece falls into.

  282. Vanguarde says:

    “First off I would have to say, I really love being a cable guy. “

    (then he says)

    “if we at any point realize that there is going to be a substantial amount of work to do in order to get your services up and running, it may and probably will become irritating.”

    Ok, he says that he really loves being a cable guy –

    YET when he finds out he has to do a lot of work to get a CUSTOMER up and running ( boo hoo, cry) he says he gets irritated.

    Hmm. I work in computers since I ENJOY working you guessed it – WITH COMPUTER. The more the better.

    Seems this guy is missing the point of it all totally.

  283. hnkelley says:

    Wow! Tip the Cable Guy?!? No way! We all think we’re under paid and most think we’re under appreciated. Too bad. Do your job, collect your check. I tip at actual restaurants for good service and because I know the IRS taxes them on what they estimate the servers get tipped (pretty damn foul, if you ask me). I don’t tip at fast food places or Star Bucks. Oooh… they pulled a burger out of the microwave and poured me a coffee. As a cable installer or tech, you are a professional (even when many don’t act as such). I don’t tip my accountant (if I had one), nor do I send a tip to the people who built my car. You earn a paycheck. Shut up and cash it.

    I agree with your enumerated points, though. All very true, but with two caveats.

    #15: It really depends on the situation. Yes, many home users can’t keep their PC clean so it gets bogged down with adware and such. But sometimes it IS the Internet (from their perspective). They just don’t understand what part. If it isn’t their PC that’s causing the issue, the most common cause is a server problem at the site they’re visiting. It sucks that they call you and bitch about that. It could also be the link. How many DSL connections are on old copper? How much can you cram into a neighborhood’s cable-tv-with-internet link when that link is shared with many others? I deal with a version of this at work all the time. When I’m asked to speed up the Internet, I just respond, “Sure, I’ll go put another hamster in the wheel and speed it up for you.”

    #17: It depends. If she’s hot, clothing is entirely optional!

  284. savdavid says:

    This attitude is exactly why we hate cable guys. They are arrogant jerks.

  285. Osagasu says:

    I’m a call center rep for a local telco; quite a few of these I wouldn’t know, a few I don’t agree with, but there are a few that I would like to add:

    We do not lie to you. We may not always be right, we may not able be able to talk about something, but will we never lie. If we say that we can’t support something, we can’t. If we say that it isn’t our fault, we know that it isn’t

    Yes, I’m sorry your internet is out. I may even be sorry that I can’t help you, if that’s the case. But no, I’m not sorry it’s losing you money, I’m not sorry that your Ebay business or your daytrading is out of your reach. I’m not sorry if you work for “A major IT company”, that you so notably left unnamed. If your capability to get to the internet is so important to your livelyhood, get a t1 line. Expensive, yes, but we guarantee uptime.

  286. Super-Loopy says:

    Seriously, I don’t think most of you could even comprehend the absolute filth some people live in.

    My favorite line from a customer has to be, “Oh I haven’t cleaned this week, tomorrow’s my cleaning day”.

    I think you meant to say this DECADE you filthy pig, as I move a plate of food that has fallen behind the entertainment center and may possibly move itself now that it has a way out.

  287. LordGriffin says:

    Okay, what is WRONG with you people that thinks it’s okay to have THAT disgusting of a house!? He’s not asking you to pick up a few dirty socks. He’s asking that your house NOT be literal bio-hazard! If people can smell your dirty dishes from the sidewalk, than it’s YOUR FAULT for being such a slob and his complaints (in that regard) are justified!

  288. HarrisonCockatrice says:

    I agree with some of this guys post. Most cable installers get paid per job,
    not per hour, and most of their jobs are supposed to take an hour. This
    time of course depends on the amount of sets and computers they are to hook
    up, so if he has to do a lot of extra work, like hang a cable to the pole or
    replace an old wire in the house, this cuts into his pay, but he should not
    expect a tip. I don’t understand why it is such a big deal for people to
    offer someone something to drink, that is just common courtesy. For those
    who worry about getting sued because he chokes on something or whatever,
    don’t you think the same thing would happen if your dog bites? I carry my
    own drinks in my truck, yes, but it is still appreciated when it is offered.
    As for the dog feces, don’t pick it up if you don’t want too, but then don’t
    complain if it gets tracked into the house either. As for moving things,
    this is against most companies polices due to liability concerns, if the
    person breaks whatever they are moving, or gets hurt moving it, the company
    has to pay for it, and of course they don’t want to. I for one, do not
    always call before I arrive, but if I get there, and no one is home, I will
    call the number we have to see if you are close by. I also understand that
    if you are mad at the company, you will most likely complain to us about it.
    Just also understand that there is very little that the technician can do
    to change any of it. He/she might agree with you on some things, but if they
    want to keep their job, they can’t tell you that.

  289. Super-Loopy says:

    Also, if you’re heating your house with hot plates and the oven, you have furniture that someone put out on the curb and a 52″ LCD in the living room with internet, digital phone and our HD-DVR, don’t be surprised if the job gets done half-assed.

    We do realize that type of customer won’t be with us long and doing a good job means nothing since they’ll probably condemn the house in a few weeks anyhow.

  290. Rctdaemon says:

    I’m going to agree with battra92 on this one, ass.

    1) I’ve only ever had a cable person call me once before they came. Otherwise, I’m not even convinced they’re out the same WEEK as they say they will be.

    2 & 3) No dogs here; are you MAILMEN or something?

    4) No kids here either.

    5) No smell here unless you hate air fresheners.

    6) I fix my damn router by my damn self, thank you.

    7) That’s like me saying “Tip me; I just went out of my way to do exactly what my job is to do. Nothing special.” The drink is not going to happen either, unless there’s a heat wave, they’re actually working hard, and they are polite.

    8) I also do all of my own computer work, thank you very much. I don’t trust anyone else touching it.

    9) W…T…F… surround sound (and everyone knows it) is overrated and overpriced. Give me stereo speakers or headphones any day.

    10) I usually have “my crap” out of the way already because I’ve been fussing with the cable trying to get it to work again, so I don’t have to wait forever for your shitty techs to show up and break even more stuff.

    11) Der Der


    13) I will flip out if I want to because I was told they would be there on a certain date at a certain time and if they are not there, that is the equivalent to me not showing up for work. The techs around here NEVER show up on time anyways. Or on the right DAY for that matter.

    14) I don’t care about a new box; you get my current equipment to work or I’ll refuse to pay for the service until it works.

    15) I have more anti-spyware, anti-virus and shit than the average joe. I also have ways of checking my internet speeds online. I think I know whether the problem is my computer or not, mister “your computer is the problem”.

    16) See 2 & 3

    17) As if the cable company would ever show up on time. (Haven’t I already made that point?)

    18) Trust someone who knows less than me about how interference can affect a signal? PFFT. I’m not THAT stupid.

    19) Since your damn box is right in my front yard, I’d sure as hell better be getting all of the services I pay for, and more if I so call and say so.

    20) Of course.

    21) Contractors are hard workers, maybe. All of the independent contractors that have done work here have done good work, but the technicians… I’m not convinced they can do ANYTHING right.

    22) I’ll get an attitude if the best solution that THREE of these “techs” can dream up to fix a bad line is to move a modem to a different line, on a different level of the house and say “Get a wireless card; they’re cheap.” and leave. I actually went and made a 100 ft. length of CAT6 (TRY AND BEST THAT, mr “trust us on this one”)

    23) Har har har. Tell people to stop joking about the movie being free when they come into the lobby when there’s no one in box office; THEN WE’LL TALK.

    24) Bullshit. I know of this switch; this switch has killed my service because the company “didn’t receive my payment by the due date”. This switch has screwed my neighbors out of internet because the tech turned it off when he turned on their HD and second DVR. This switch can supposedly turn up the speed on my internet for an extra $10 a month. This “non-existant” switch sure as hell exists.

    25) I’m lucky if techs are out to my house (Note: I don’t even live but maybe 4-5 miles from their office; I drive by it regularly on my way to work.) when they say they will be; let alone EARLY.

    As for the comment on gratuities, I’ll just repeat what I get where I work: “Thank you.” I don’t care how much you get paid; I probably get paid less and I probably put up with a lot more crap than you.

    And let me get back to a previous point: when it took three techs to find a solution that I had already thought of and decided not to use (moving the modem and stuff to another line, about 100ft from where I need it.) because I refuse to use wireless on a desktop computer. They said they couldn’t run a new line; they said only an electrician could run a new line and none of them were electricians. The only thing they did was leave a number of a local electric company that “could do it” and then they left. And that was AFTER having to call their crappy 1-877 number a day AFTER a missed appointment that had been promised to me a week before. YOU EXPECT ME TO BE COURTEOUS WHEN YOU CAN’T EVEN DO YOUR JOB?!

  291. wdnobile says:

    what a fucking asshole that guy is.

  292. Rusted says:

    I used to work for a cable company. Hmmm. Dirty fiber more often at the head-ends in one region. Noise goes way up with dirt. Saw pictures of one spectacularly bad install. Coax running over the carpet.

    For obvious reasons, I have DSL.

  293. BBF_BBF says:

    Re #17 Consumers requested 8AM times

    Uh No, people don’t always want you at their houses at 8AM by choice, they were given a frickin 4 hour window that was 8AM to 12PM and had to block out 4 hours of their life to sit and wait for the cable installer, they were actually hoping you’d get there at 11, since 8 is too damn early in the morning for them as well.

  294. ooosername says:

    Alot of you who are pissing and moaning at the cable guy don’t know what it’s like to have a blue collar job. He brings up legitimate points. “Grab a water bottle/MCd’s on the way in if you’re thirsty.” Let me know how that works out when your company removes all the water coolers and vending machines from your air conditioned floor.

  295. darkryd says:

    What a cock.

  296. LVP says:

    I’ve learned in life that if you treat someone well and with respect they are more likely to go above and beyond for you.

    Some techs will just come in and slap everything in and not care about signal quality and what not.

    No clue about tipping, ask corporate. But smile when you say Hi, offer them a drink, and let them know you are available to answer any questions or aid them if necessary.

  297. LVP says:

    @LVP: Oh yes, #10. Move your crap. It will make the process faster and your things will less likely be damaged.

  298. MrEvil says:

    Pardon my foul language here, but FUCK YOU DUDE! Seriously, I go into people’s homes all the time to fix their tired worn and broken down computers. NOT ONCE have I ever asked for a tip or have ever taken one. I do all the extras too, calling tech support for the customer, getting them in touch with someone that has a clue, answering other computer related questions.

    I don’t get tips for those extras and I don’t ask for them, and neither should you. And before you go whining and moaning like a wanker of how I make more money than you do, you get to drive in a shiny company truck. I drive a 10 year old Ford Crown Vic I bought from a police auction. All maintainance and fuel expenses come out of MY POCKET. I am also paid flat-rate for work, not by the hour. So if I get a real bastard of a call I start LOSING money.

    Seriously, if you were my cable guy and were expecting a tip from me, your tip would consist of one footinyourass.

    I’ve called the cable guy out ONCE in 5 years of having cable service. And all I wanted him to do was isolate the problem I was having between the cable company’s end and my own cabling install. When he determined the problem was on my end I thanked him for his time. Took him an hour since he was also nice enough to replace my line from the demarc to the pole (previous installer slung it too low so my grape vine thought it could escape my yard on it.

  299. Unknown2U says:

    @rwakelan: You’re a douche

  300. Dyscord says:

    Luckily the cable guys we’ve had to deal with have been

    pleasant. I had a guy come just last week to install my cable

    internet. He was very nice and seemed to know what he was

    doing. He didn’t call to let us know he was coming like they

    said he would, but he was in and out within 15 minutes. We

    definately showed our gratitude because he was cool about it.

    This guy just sounds like an ass.

    Just want to comment on a few of these points…

    1) The cable company has ALWAYS told me they’d be here between

    12:30 and 4. And they don’t call. I know that some

    installations can run pretty long, but if I have my cell phone

    as my main number and you say that you’re going to be here in a

    4 hour timeframe, if I go out for 15 minutes to mail a letter

    or something and you show up WITHOUT CALLING LIKE YOU SAID YOU

    WOULD, it’s YOUR fault, not mine.

    6)I’m lucky enough to know what I’m doing, but back in the day

    I thought that I could use a hub as a router and the cable guy

    told me that I would need a router. I expect you to know what

    you’re doing if you’re here to install my internet. And if

    you’re one of the cable companies that actually offers a

    router, shut up and set it up.

    7) You’re doing a job. If it’s really hot and you’re gonna be

    here a while and you’re really trying, I’m gonna offer you

    water. I’m nice like that. but don’t expect it all the time.

    9) If I have a home theater, you’re going to connect the cable

    box to it and make sure it ALL works right. That’s what I’m

    expecting. After all, your company brags about how great

    digital cable is. it’s your job to make sure everything is done


    15) This one made me laugh and tells me that you don’t know

    what the hell you’re talking about. Yeah a good bit of the time

    it is computer related, but you can also have a faulty modem

    or the signal is messed up somehow. This is what happened when

    I first got cable a few years back.

    19) And this one made me mad. If I shouldn’t have cable because

    I’m too far from the tap/pole, THEN DON’T FUCKING TELL ME THAT

    I CAN GET CABLE IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE! If the services don’t

    work well, then when I go to the website to place my order, it

    should tell me that it isn’t available. Simple as that.

    And if you are likening yourself to a waitress or waiter, then

    you, sir, are an idiot. You DO know that waitresses/waiters

    make their money off of tips right? They get paid less than

    minimum wage because they make it up in tips. Pizza drivers

    have to pay for gas out of the tips they make. You guys get

    paid normally and don’t have to make up anything in tips or

    anything, so don’t expect extra money. If you gave good service

    then you’ll get a thank you. probably a reputation for being a

    good guy…but never extra money. Cable is usually expensive

    enough as it is.

    Man that was a long comment.

  301. rustyzipper0 says:

    As a cable installation Tech. I understand EVERY rant this guy makes. I have had customers who show me the extra mile and customers who were the biggest dicks on the earth I treat each with the same respect they give me. I have no problem going out of my way for a customer. But I have experienced every single issue listed from customers. I don’t expect much but I am just doing the work I was told to do. I will not leave an address until that job is complete. If that makes me late for the next so be it but I have pride in what I do and I want to ensure the work I do is correct and to current EQA Standards. It is rare that I’m not on time for an appointment but if I’m there during the time slot and your not, I call you, if you don’t answer I will have the job cancelled. In our area we set out ETA’s and an automated system calls the customer before and after every install. So let me go over the list.
    1. I’ve already stated above. I try and be fair and I can’t call the job in cancelled until after 15 min from the start of your appointment ex 1-5 appt. would be 1:15pm to have cancelled. If I’m early and your not there I can’t do anything but wait or call to see if your avaliable early.
    2. Dogs will be dogs but please keep them from using a major area like your power meter area as a bathroom. Any other area is fine.
    3. This does happen and is just plain disgusting. Just clean it up please.
    4. I too have and like kids. They are naturally curious but we are doing our job and they can get in our ways. I don’t want to take any chances on accidentally hurting one or worse being acused of doing anything by being left alone with one. That’s why I don’t even enter a home if no one over 18 is home. That’s the quickest way to get a job rescheduled. This is for their safety and mine.
    5. Again some people are nasty it’s just nasty. Not to mention that in these homes roaches kill cable boxes and modems.
    6. I first hook the modem up to the computer direct to verify it works. We are not responsible for customer owned routers but I do try and at least connect them if time allows.
    7. If the home is clean I don’t mind a customer helping keep me hydrated. If it’s 90+ outside please just be nice and offer some water. Tap water is fine. Anything other is appreciated not required. If you keep us comfortable we will get done quicker and want to do more for you.
    8. When customers move they often don’t have their computers set up. This only takes time from the next install. I will often get a game plan before I start and let the customer do this while I am hooking up and bringing up to code the outside part of the home.
    9. Same thing as above.
    10. People often line the walls with crap and have no clue where anything in THEIR home is. I must move everything to find where your outlets are chance breaking something in the process. If stuff is in our way it only slows us down from getting to the next job.
    11. It is my companies policy that if no computer is in the home I’m not to install the internet. If the customer is computer competent I will on occasion still do the job and verify with my laptop.
    12. Phone jobs come with two outlets if possible or what worked in the home upon arrival.
    13. I try and get as many jobs done as I can. If I have to leave a temp. cable to get cable on I will. But there are restrictions on what I can do. I can’ go more than about 300ft with rg11 cable. I also can’t cross any road with a temp cable. so if a road bore ( installing a cable under the road) is required the job may need rescheduled. If I have to put up a new arial drop I will. But there are some things I can’t do.
    14. I’ve not really had an issue with many boxes but I have with some of the new HD and HD DVR boxes. Only a select few have HDMI capability the rest use component cables. There’s not a big difference between them but I have no choice on what boxes I bring. What I have is what you’ll get. I can’t even request one. Sorry. Take that up with the company.
    15. Again I use my laptop for many installs to verify things work correctly. I had one pc that took over 30min to just start up and I think that they also said anything older than win milineum we aren’t to install. I will often still try and do the install but just know that your computer is going to be the most likely cause of your wowe’s. Every modem install we do also has to have signal readings take for tx snr and tx levels. So we are assured that the job is up to spec. A record of this is recorded for future reference. Things happen and I’m sure computers are an easy scape goat but if the levels are good it’s generally a good suspect.
    16. We are paid to be at your home but we aren’t paid well enough to be bit by your dog. Little dogs can be worse than big dogs. If you can’t control your animals please put them out of our way. We have enough to worry about without having to worry about getting bit.
    17. I really don’t care what you wear just let me in to get the job started.
    18. I used to be a manager for Radioshack and some of their better gold splitters aren’t bad but the cheap silver ones will cause havoc every time. Also rg6 is the only cable to run. Don’t use electrical staples that crimp the cable. Also no sharp right turns your car dosen’t like it and neither does coax. Also don’t keep 30 extra feet of cable coiled up just so you can move things around. Use a coupler and extension cable. The coil can cause problems.
    19. Long drops are asking for problems. Without adding a tap closer you are just asking for problems. Signals can only travel so far before losing too much signal. Amps are too often used as band aids.
    20. I can’t properly verify the cable box works without a tv there and I can’t set it up through the onscreen menu without a tv.
    21. As a contractor myself I have seen better work from us than from them but there are things we can’t do that only they are allowed to like tap repairs. Also as a contractor we have all the expense of tools, trucks, gas, repairs for our stuff and the like.
    22. I try my best to keep any attitude at bay and try and treat the customer and their home with respect. I expect the same.
    23. I haven’t gotten this request often but like him I can’t give ANY free services. I don’t even get free cable.
    24. The only switches are at charter to turn on digital services after a digital box is installed. We most often have to come out to do some type of work and bring your home and it’s wiring to current code.
    25. I have had very few opportunities to pick up a specific job early. Most often when I have time from cancelled jobs or other free time we try and help other installers may be behind or might miss a time slot to help ensure you get services during the timeslot.
    26. We are paid to do a job. You are paid to do your job. A waitress is paid WITH tips. For us it is just a nice gesture. If I’m at your home and things going well and I’m in and out in a few min (rare) I don’t expect a tip. If I’m at your home fixing years of crappy installs and sat hacks I don’t expect a tip. It is just nice to see a customer appreciates when I go out of my way to make sure I’m giving you the best cable service I can. And like others here have stated we remember tippers and rest assured they WILL get the best from us. We all work a little harder when it’s in our financial interest. It’s not required or expected it just a nice way to show your thanks. At a minimum please offer us something to drink. The gesture goes a long way to show you care about us.

    • cableguy07 says:

      @rustyzipper0: I agree. We work hard and should be appreciated and at least shown a little kindness.
      You know what I do when a customer makes me upset? I give them a the worst, dirtiest, philthiest box and remote I can find on my truck. If they are getting internet, I give them a roachy modem. Sounds disgusting but you should see some of the houses we have to deal with.
      I give them a remote with old batteries and I charge them for extra stuff that ordinarily I would have done for free (Stuff that cable company requires us to charge for) ie. running new outlets, etc., if they would not have been so ugly to me. I do nothing to make them upset to start with, but they are just angry at the cable company anyway. There are some real jerks in this world!

  302. cableguy07 says:

    I agree 100%

  303. Anonymous says:

    I am a Service Tech with a Mid-sized cable company, and after all the things i’ve read on here, i thank GOD i don’t work for Comcast. 99% of that rant rings true. Honestly last year we had 1 guy hospitalized for a severe dog bite, I’ve been personally chased out of yards because someone didn’t want to pay their bill and about the time i got ready to set up my ladder to do the disconnect they let a pit bull out the back door telling it to “Git “em”. The company i work for puts a very high emphasis on customer service. I personally apologize on behalf of every cable tech from installer to advanced tech if you’ve ever had a bad experience with one of us. I have been offered gratuities for the work that i did at a customers house that fixed an issue they had or when i was an installer, got their service on efficiently and working properly so that nothing else needed to be done. I can’t count the number of times people have tried to get me to upgrade their package “on the sly” and then not believe me when i tell them it has to be changed in the computer at the office which will change it on their bill. Simple way to find out if it is your computer or your internet connection causing a slow-down on your surfing speed? http://www.speedtest.net if you get confirmation of what you are paying the bill for (i.e. 3000kb/s, 5000kb/s){1000kb/s = 1MB} it is the computer, i saw it mentioned that the neighbor’s internet usage would slow down someone else’s, this is not true, unless they are hijacking your wi/fi. The way cable hsd is set up each account is alotted a finite amount of bandwidth, if the bandwidth is exceeded the server automatically downgrades the speed and bandwidth for the account so that it DOESN’T interfere with another customer using thier services. I’ll be honest installing one outlet that wasn’t already scheduled to be done isn’t an issue, installing three is a pain, particularly when we have a FULL day’s work before we find out you don’t have even one cable outlet in your house. The comment on #18 i couldn’t agree more, i have had to replace so much of this white Wal-mart wire it is pathetic, I’m not going to get into the technical specs of the coaxial, but, we use better wire, connectors and splitters. Also when talking about splitters, i cannot stress enough SPLITTERS ARE FOR HOOKING UP MORE THAN ONE CABLE OUTLET, NOT FOR CONNECTING 2 PIECES OF CABLE TOGETHER! I’ve been to far too many houses where someone had a cheap Wal-mart 4-way splitter hooked up behind their tv with the input line connected and then one line running from the splitter to the tv the rest of the ports were left open, this allows foreign signal to get into the lines and messes up your picture, we will give you a barrel to connect 2 pieces of cable together if you just ask. Hopefully this clears up what the origional rant took to extremes.

  304. mrosson says:

    Well….I am currently a cable technician for Comcast. I in fact like my job because I enjoy helping customers and It is different every day.

    This guy has a lot of good points, but comes across as pretty stuck up.

    First of all. I am not Comcast. I just work for them. I am very frustrated with how a lot of things work with the company but there isn’t anything customers or employee’s can do about it.

    I will be the most professional and courteous cable guy you have ever had, until YOU (customer) decide to start giving me attitude. Then I will do the least amount as possible to get by in order to leave your home. I will respect you and your home, until I feel disrespected as a person. Don’t take your anger for the company out on the technician. I am there to help you! Not to hurt or cause any problems! If you are rude to me, I will return the favor. I don’t get paid well enough to deal with rude people.

    I do not ever expect tips from customers, but when they are given it is very nice to receive. I can’t tell you how much extra work every day I do for the customers that is out of my job description. I hook up routers every day for customers, fix their computers, move their tv’s and furniture and lot of them can’t even say thanks!

    Just remember, we are there to help not cause problems. I will treat you with respect and give you great service, until i feel disrespected. I don’t to do anything. I have the right to leave your house and you can wait another 2 weeks to get your cable service installed if you feel like taking your anger out on the technician that is there to serve you!

  305. lucillefromshiloh says:

    None of this is true, My boyfriend makes a better living doing this than people who graduated from college. He made a little less in the last two years, because of the economy, but he made 6 figure amounts for about the last 5 years before that. This is a well kept secret. He works at Mastec as a Direct TV installer and he makes great money. He gets to take home his company vehicle and doesn’t even have to pay for his gas to get to work. That alone is a perk. Also he has me on his health insurance and I use that too. Including dental and vision. He doesn’t ask anyone for a tip, this is his career, and he takes it seriously. He own his own home(as in paid for) and his cars and trucks are paid for too! He paid mine off too! He does have the occasional middle aged woman coming on to him, but that is understandable because he is good looking and fit due to the heavy lifting and hard work that he does. He says he never has taken advantage of this because it jeopardizes his job and he could end up in jail if the woman claims something other than consensual sex. That and getting hurt on the job are the risks he takes every day and he is well compensated for this. Thank You all for watching TV. You’ve given us a pretty good life.