United Airlines To Charge $15 For First Checked Bag

You knew it was coming and well, it’s here. United Airlines has announced that they will begin charging $15 for the first checked bag.

They’ve also raised the fee it charges to check three or more bags, overweight bags or items that require special handling to $125 from $100, or to $250 from $200, depending on the item, says Yahoo!

United wasn’t shy about the fact that they’re twisting arms.

“With record-breaking fuel prices, we must pursue new revenue opportunities, while continuing to offer competitive fares, by tailoring our products and services around what our customers value most and are willing to pay for,” John Tague, UAL’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

United Airlines to charge fee to check single bag [Yahoo!] (Thanks, Kevin!)
(Photo: Balmes )

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