Sprint Doesn't Charge US Government Early Termination Fees

Sprint doesn’t charge Uncle Sam an early termination fee if he decides to get out of his cellphone contract early. Why? USAToday reports:

“The government will never, never accept such penalty amounts,” then-Nextel marketing vice president Scott Wiener wrote in an e-mail in January 2004…A spokesman for Sprint-Nextel, John Taylor, said the company determined it could not assess the termination fees in its federal contract because it would have been against the law.

Why do consumers put up with these fees, but the government won’t? Why is it illegal to charge the government ETFs, but not us? Perhaps Sprint thought that if they started charging the government ETFs, someone would get wise and question the fees, and anti-ETF legislation would be enacted…

Government relieved of cancelled cellphone fees [USAToday] (Thanks to Jason!)