Mommy Needs A New Pair Of Stimulus Shoes

Upgrade: Travel Better blogger Mark Ashley sends in this ad he spotted at the Oak Hollow Mall in High Point North Carolina, exhorting shoppers to use their stimulus payments in a selfish splurge on depreciating assets.

The sign reads, “It’s time for you to do your part to stimulate the economy. And there’s no better way to kick the economy up a notch than with a really great pair of pumps. Or a new flat screen TV. Or a fabulous bag. Or whatever you’ve been dying to get your hands on! So don’t delay. CELEBRATE THE STIMULUS. TREAT YOURSELF TO SOMETHING SPECIAL TODAY!”

Mark says, “I enjoy how excessive consumerism is framed in patriotic terms.”


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  1. Meg Marco says:

    This makes me feel bad.

  2. veronykah says:

    Wasn’t that exactly what the politicians that made the stimulus check happen WANTED?
    It wasn’t to help pay bills, they want you to “help stimulate the economy” by buying a bunch of useless stuff!
    Hasn’t the president, for nearly his entire administration, been saying something to the effect of shopping is good for America therefore shopping is patriotic?

  3. ffmariners says:

    Everything about that ad is disgusting.

    I wonder how many people realize there is only so long you can go living on debt. And I don’t mean individuals, as I am sure there are a good bit of people who are good with their finances. I mean as a nation. Le sigh.

  4. rockett1 says:

    only in america.

  5. HeartBurnKid says:

    This was the whole point of the stimulus checks — short-term spending to give the economy an artificial boost. Can’t blame the stores for taking advantage.

  6. cmdrsass says:

    @Meg Marco: You shouldn’t let your personal well being be affected by a silly, misguided ad.

  7. mac-phisto says:

    i don’t know about you guys, but i (& my local tavern keeper) thoroughly enjoyed my welfare…errr…economic stimulus check.

  8. chiieddy says:

    Since this was the whole point of the stimulus package I give them +1 for honesty.

  9. BingoLong says:

    If you don’t fritter away your stimulus check, you’re unpatriotic. My president told me so, so it must be true!

  10. B says:

    I can’t believe I wasted my stimulus check on a PS3 when I could have gotten shoes.

  11. Meg Marco says:

    @cmdrsass: Too late.

  12. eightfifteen says:

    Yes, buying things like pumps will stilumate the economy; the economy of Malaysa.

  13. serreca says:

    I paid off a credit card with mine. Ha! Take that, Uncle Sam!

  14. Although I heard this morning on NPR that consumer spending was up 1% last month, so somebody must be spending their checks!

  15. B says:

    @Meg Marco: Sounds like we’re in need of a Cheer Up Megan Day. I recommend ice cream.

  16. lapazlinda says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh, I LOVE those shoes!!

  17. @serreca: I haven’t even received mine yet. :(

    Not that it matters… there won’t be anything left to spend after I pay off my bills.

  18. Carl3000 says:

    If this upsets you then I feel bad for you.

  19. Meg Marco says:

    @B: What an excellent idea!

  20. dragonfire81 says:

    That ad represents everything wrong with a society that thrives entirely too much on credit.

  21. philipbarrett2003 says:

    I’m sick of these stimulus check ads, primarily because we earned too much to qualify for one! Now before y’all jump all over me for complaining about a pretty decent income, remember, we also paid a s**tload of taxes last year.

  22. ThinkerTDM says:

    Things like this happen when people confuse democracy with capitalism. The two are not interchangeable.


    While I agree that the sign was tasteless to an extreme degree, I’m getting tired of people saying that if you spent your check on yourself then you wasted it when you should have saved or invested it.

    I spent all $600 that I got in a weekend and I don’t regret it at all. I gave $200 to my sister to finish paying her for the furniture she sold me when she broke up with her fiance, ($400 total for a less than 2 month old couch, recliner, television stand, and coffee table).
    I spent another $250 on buying new sneakers and clothes, both of which I had been putting off for months (years in some cases) until I could better afford it.
    I spent $100 or so stocking up on food staples- peanut butter, tuna, rice and noodles, along with my regular groceries.
    With what was left over I treated myself to a nice dinner out and put some gas in the car.

    So where in all that is the waste?
    Sure I could have invested the $600, but what would that get me? I’d have a measly $600 invested in something, and it would be a long, long time before any more could be invested, seeing as I can’t afford to invest my money right now. Meanwhile I’d have an angry sister/maybe no furniture, old clothes that are falling apart, and fewer groceries in my cabinet.

  24. Mr. Gunn says:

    serreca: You still spent it on stuff. It doesn’t matter that the payment was deferred, so “Good Job, Citizen!”

  25. AD8BC says:

    My stumulus payment is finally coming tomorrow!

    This will top off the new roof and air conditioner fund. So yes, I am going to spend it and put it into the economy!

  26. weakdome says:

    I assisted the NOLA rebuild by buying some Abita beer with mine :-D

  27. Mr_D says:

    I honestly don’t know what I spent my stimulus on. Once it got into my account, it just became another $600 of float. Everything “luxury” I bought myself since then, I would have bought anyway.

  28. serreca says:

    @Mr. Gunn: Yeah but it was several years ago and the economy needs stimulating NOW, so I didn’t really help.

  29. MsClear says:

    I did save mine, but then my hubby’s crap car need $1200 in repairs. Oh well.

  30. MissPeacock says:

    Eh, I think it’s kind of a light-hearted and funny ad. They definitely put it on thick in the small print, but it still makes me laugh because it’s so absurd.

    My check should be arriving tomorrow. Since I had to pay almost exactly $600 in taxes this year, it will be going straight into my back account to call it even.

  31. Breach says:

    Yes! Dont pay off any debts or other responsible uses of what appears to be free money!

    I paid off some big bills with that, made me way happier than any gadget ever could to know they are off my plate, so I can keep on building my savings.

    You cant fix anything by injecting the economy with “fun money”, after everyone buys their expensive shoes they will still be broke after that. Ridiculous.

  32. moore850 says:

    any chance those are made in america? nope, therefore stimulus spending on imports does NOT help our economy.

  33. failurate says:

    Nothing says “Yay! America!” quite like overpriced goods from China.

  34. Mudpuddle says:

    Mudpuddle needs stimulas slippers and an matching pair of stimulas socks.

  35. Mudpuddle says:

    They didnt give back enough money to qualify as stimulas anything. It was more like pay the high electric bill or feed my stimulas craving gas tank.

  36. ARP says:

    @BingoLong: Actually, the president said one of the best way to fight terrorism is to go shopping.

    It’s not defending our rights, not being afraid, speaking up, etc. It’s shopping.

    Regardless, retailers are reporting a good sized bump from the spending, but I wonder if that will have any real impact, since the “bump” was already built into their earnings models.

  37. Gev says:

    Another “Used most of their stimulus check to pay off debt” person checking in.

  38. battra92 says:

    Whoops, I spent mine on a computer which was a planned purchase anyway. It just made budgeting easier and gave me the extra $600 to pay off my student loan.

    So I indirectly used mine to pay off debt.

  39. algormortis says:

    1)they’re not even cute shoes.

    2)they’re not a durable purchase.

    3)the only people i know who aren’t using the check, for the most part, to pay off debt…are debt-free.

    i only have student loan debt and it’s at a very attractive interest rate, so i paid $300 of it and put $300 into small, durable home improvements.

  40. backbroken says:

    Again, no stimulus check for me. If they really wanted to stimulate the economy through consumer spending, then give refunds to those most likely able to afford to spend it. (those who paid the most in taxes)

    I’m not saying that’s a good idea or that I wish that’s what they did. But their actions do not meet their professed motives. Maybe that’s the definition of government though.

  41. catnapped says:

    All you people putting that money into your bank accounts to save are supporting terrorism…I hope you’re happy with yourselves!

  42. onemoreadventure says:

    We have the same signs at the Triangle Town Center mall in Raleigh, North Carolina.

    Kind of appalling.

  43. chiggers says:

    Half of my $2100 is going towards our annual Canadian vacation. The other half, to pay off some obligations. Sorry Uncle Sam.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I’m really torn on this. I resent the hell out manipulative marketing (even though I work in marketing). And I hate being ‘sold’ to and being told I need something.

    I also don’t like that our economy is so spending-dependent. Unfortunately, it is a spending-based economy. I think we’d be better off focusing on the longer-term goals and less on trying to find quick-fixes.

    The real problem is we have too many laws that prevent us from ‘trusting’ the free market system to work, so the whole thing becomes an exercise in tampering.

  45. Youthier says:

    @HYDRAULICMONSTER: I agree. I’m in decent shape financially because I don’t put stuff on my credit card that I can’t pay off that month. With our 1200, I remodeled my bathroom (which was VERY needed), bought a nice pair of shoes I’ve been looking at and threw the extra $100 in my savings account.

  46. Manok says:

    I hate hate hate advertising. All of it. It’s so goddamn shady.

    I can just picture meetings with ad agencies.

    “what can we do to seperate Opie and his Chimp welfare check?”

    I know…make a patriotic ad about buying *insert crap product* to tug at those inner redneck heart strings.

  47. Shameless. Absolutely shameless and crass. Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a shopping mall these days. Unless our TV blows up on us, we’re pretty much set for durable goods until at least 2011. So there.

  48. drftjgoj says:

    If you don’t continue to over consume, then the terrorists have already won.

  49. Invalid_User_Name says:

    It is always a class act when a retailer uses the words of a murdered United States President to promote shopping at their mall. I would walk out of that mall.

  50. timmus says:

    Anything named ‘stimulus’ should be spent on vibrators, porn, and pumps. That name is just tacky for a economic program with such lofty goals.

  51. snakeskin33 says:

    Is the concern here that the ad is seriously impugning your patriotism? Because “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask ‘does this come in a size seven'” looks like it’s pretty obviously meant in jest. I mean, maybe I’m not understanding it, but it looks to me like they’re just playing with the whole idea of the stimulus check. They’re not actually out to attack you if you don’t spend it.

  52. battra92 says:

    @Steaming Pile: Of course, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a shopping mall these days.

    Well, shutting yourself in isn’t exactly a good thing either.

    @algormortis: 2)they’re not a durable purchase.

    That’s a good point. Buying a new more economical washing machine or refrigerator is actually a decent use of the check provided you have little or no debt.

  53. spinachdip says:

    @snakeskin33: Yeah, I’m thinking we should ask not what our country can do for us, we should ask some of our fellow commenters to lighten the fuck up.

    @battra92: You know, I’m thinking the stimulus payment would go to good use if you buy something that you were going to buy anyway, but spend that money to go up a tier or two.

    It bugs me that too many consumers just look at the shelf price and not consider the TCO, especially on stuff like computers and home appliance. If the gubmint check can let you spend more now so you can save over the long term, everybody wins, I think.

  54. planet2334 says:

    If anyone were truly interested in being patriotic, we wouldn’t have sent out these checks that forced us to the highest national debt ever. Once all the credit and money-printing mentalities catch up with people in this country, it’s going to be a much more serious wake-up call than we’ve seen in these last 2 years of rising prices.

    I used my check towards bills, period.

  55. PricklyPete says:

    I’m one of those who didn’t qualify for a stimulus check.

    Now that I’ve gotten over being angry about it, I say why not spend it on pumps?

    Especially if you are one of those who didn’t pay any taxes and got a stimulus check… don’t thank those of us who paid for it, just buy some snazzy pumps or some sassy blouses. You deserve it for all your hard work.

    If you did earn enough to pay taxes and you got a stimulus check, I’m not referring to you.

    BTW, yes the ad is offensive to me.

  56. paco says:

    Writing as someone who has spent much time as a creative in the ad game and whose stimulus check went to help out with the random needs of life… this ad is disgusting.