Another article about Facebook applications and their scary privacy implications. Why does a Sudoku puzzle need to know that you have two kids? [Washington Post]


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  1. MonkeyMonk says:

    “Since then, the company said, about 24,000 applications have been built by 400,000 developers.”

    This quote reminds me of that old joke about how many developers does it take to make a Facebook widget.

  2. Novum says:

    Don’t have any facebook apps. Never will. I think they’re terribly gaudy, flashy, and above all, a privacy risk.

  3. taylorb says:

    Facebook itself is a privacy risk. Even if you delete your profile, it’s only disabled and they keep your data. There are people that think it’s a government data mining conspiracy. I know that applications phone to a home separate from facebook, but once you’ve taken the jump to facebook, there’s nowhere to fall but down.

  4. Mr. Gunn says:

    The whole point of Facebook is to collect detailed and targeted demographic information, for which advertisers are already paying top dollar. Why wouldn’t any application ask for as much info as it thinks it can get?

    No need to invoke conspiracy theories, it’s all quite out in the open.

  5. drjayphd says:

    Could be worse… Myspace’ll let you know when they’ve bought your kids as PETS! ™