Target: Yes, You Can Return That Camera After The 90 Day Deadline. Oh Wait, Never Mind. You Can't.

Ronald was in a hurry and wondered if he could delay returning a camera to Target until a few days after the 90 day deadline. He called them up and they told him it wouldn’t be a problem. Guess what? It was a problem.

Here are the facts:
1) Purchased $200 Canon SLR camera from Target
2) Within the 90 day return period called to ask if I could return the camera shortly after the 90 days because I was leaving town and rushed
3) Supervisor in Target’s return department gave me his name and said it would be okay to return the camera shortly after the 90 day period had expired
4) Within a week of the expiration of the 90 day I went to the Target store in Culver City to return the camera
5) Target returns showed me their 90 day policy and refused to take the camera back
6) Called Target guest relations 800 number and explained that I had been given permission to return the item after the 90 return period but they would not take the item back
7) Target guest relations reiterated Target’s policy
8) I explained to relations that I understood the policy and that is why I called the store to see if I could get an extension of the 90 days. Had I not been given the extension by the returns supervisor I would have made arrangement s to return the item within the 90 days.
9) Target guest relations said that their returns supervisor was not authorized to extend the return deadline.
10) I explained to Target guest relations that I should not be expected to know what their returns supervisors have authority to do.
11) Target guest relations said that a mistake was made but Target still will not be able to accept the item back
12) So put it all together and you get Target employee makes a mistake, but customer must pay for it.
13) I guess that means next time I make a mistake, Target gets to pay for it.

We’ve been getting more and more complaints about Target and their insanely strict return policy lately. Looks like their customer service has RRoD’d (as the gamers say.)

If you’ve got any functioning contact information that would help us launch some Target EECBs, we’d love to hear about it. Send it to

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  1. strife1012 says:

    Well after all of the Wal-mart Coverage on here, Target wanted in some Publicity.

  2. NightSteel says:

    Did you go direct to the supervisor whose name you got?

  3. Rippleeffect says:

    I had issues returning a copy of GH3 four hours after I bought it because i couldn’t find the receipt. I had to head back home (found where I had placed it) and come back before I could return the item. They used to be able to pull up the receipt by just giving them the debit/cc you used. I don’t go there now unless I absolutely am deperate.

  4. GothGirl says:

    90 days? Wow… I’m sorry I think 90 days is very liberal for returns on electronics (best buy is 14 days right?)… I understand that someone was told they could extend it a bit… and well they couldn’t. (I would have gotten a name)… but 3 months???? Sounds like someone was trying to rent a camera to me.

  5. parad0x360 says:

    Target changed their policy yesterday. They now accept returns up to $35 without receipt (up from $20). Also you can use the gift registry as a valid receipt now.

    As for this issue. 90 Days is 3 months. What the hell were you doing with the camera for 3 months?

    I still think their no receipt no exchange thing is stupid, at the very least it should be same item exchange within reason but 90 days…and you wanted to return the camera PAST that. Really wtf were you doing that whole time that you couldnt return it before? Get lost.

  6. Meg Marco says:

    @parad0x360: link?

  7. Jones91 says:

    Where I live whenever i try to return something they just tell me they dont accept that kind of item, to be honest I’m not really sure what “other kinds of items” there can be at this point

  8. zentex says:

    @parad0x360: maybe he was renting the camera?

  9. idip says:

    90 days is more then enough to the return that camera. Sounds like he was renting it. Perhaps he used it out of town, pfff. no sympathy here.

  10. Product Renting.

    I bet most half wits can figure out in the first hour of ownership the camera doesn’t meet their needs. It took me an entire week, but then I have never claimed to be the brightest bulb.

    BB does returns in 14 days. Seems quite reasonable.

    90 is excessive, and the OP wants even more time.

    Yep, sure sounds like product renting.

  11. @GothGirl: I whole heartedly agree. However, that isn’t really the issue. The issue stated here is that he was given one piece of information by one person who claimed to have authority (even if not expressly stated) to authorize a return after the 90-day window. The why isn’t important except to that supervisor that gave authorization. Personally, having been a retail manager (though it was a much smaller animal than Target), I would have made sure to speak with that specific individual.

    Might be a little late now (especially if the people in-store have already spoken to the supervisor and told him/her that this is a no-go no matter what they said), but I would call up and ask to speak with the individual that originally gave the authorization for the late return. Discuss with them if they are willing to follow up on their word (don’t use phrasings such as “able to” or “allowed to”). Don’t make a scene, and remain calm. Keep the focus off the policy, and on the agreement that the two of you came to. Realize you won’t get blood from a stone, and that at some point you may wind up spinning your wheels. It may very well be, that this person spoke out of turn regarding your return, possibly has gotten a severe dressing down for it, and really abusing them further won’t help (this is usually obvious by the presence of honest contrition). If that happens, end it politly, but display your dissaproval with the result. At the very least that will make it painful enough from all sides that this individual won’t make the mistake again. If you have reached this point, but the person seems to be a brick wall made of policy and no regret for the error, have a field day. Comments like, “Now that I know what your word is worth I feel for whomever accecpts your marriage proposal…” Don’t go off the deep-end though and get the cops called. That just makes you the an anecdote of “That crazy person that flipped out that one time…”

  12. @valarmorghulis: Holy shit, I guess I was feeling wordy…

  13. parad0x360 says:

    @Meg Marco: I dont have a link…but I work there.

  14. jharrell says:

    Stories like these make me wonder how much shoplifting is revenge or punishment ‘illegally’ ‘enforced’ by customers.

  15. bilge says:

    A $200 SLR? What the hell did the OP get? A Canon Rebel that got run over by a forklift?

  16. Bladefist says:

    When ever random people make you a deal, get their name, number, employee id, social security number, and their high school gpa.

  17. HalOfBorg says:

    I bought a wireless mouse at Target, and it ate batteries like they were Fritos, so I returned it.

    “We do not take returns on opened software.”
    “It’s not software – it’s a mouse. Hardware. Yes – there is software inside box – mouse driver and utility. Both free DL from Microsoft.”
    “We do not take returns on opened software.”
    “IT’S A MOUSE.”

    And around and around, up the chain to a Supervisor of some sort who finally got me a store credit.

  18. dude, it’s a bummer for sure. but you had three months and three months is three months for you to figure out if you dont like something/it breaks. if it broke, try calling up Canon.

    I still believe Target is the best “big box retailer” available out of Wal-Mart, etc. but the not having a receipt thing is a bummer.

  19. sean77 says:

    notice how many of these stories start with “bob was in a hurry”. slow down people. you might get better service.

  20. coren says:


    Thought we could be a little more clear if we were gonna do that.

    That out of the way, the point isn’t “I demand the ability to return this whenever I want”. The point is, he had an opportunity to return it, was told it wasn’t necessary, and got screwed over it. It doesn’t matter if he had it four years, if that’s what their policy was.

  21. The_AntiVirus says:

    Thats why I rarely buy things from target. I always have the feeling that they are going to say something stupid or whatever to make it seem as if I’m at fault for the item in question.

  22. parad0x360 says:

    @coren: he also took the word of a part time employee who probably just wanted to get off the phone. sure its a bum deal and believe me when i say i dont enjoy defending a retailer but lets be honest here. both parties made a mistake. the store isnt 100% at fault here.

  23. eben56 says:


    He understood the rules and called the retailer to inquire about a minor variation of policy. The store employee TOLD HIM IT WAS OK.

    As a customer. I am now supposed to know WHEN THE EMPLOYEE IS LYING TO ME.

    Why don’t you blame the OP people just drink the kool aid and get on the cattle cars. You make me sick.

  24. induscreed says:

    a. Why was OP returning it close to 90 days, defect or buyers remorse, if you are having buyers remorse somewhere along the 85th day I would say you are indecisive or lazy or retail rent or all the three. If it was defective then its OK.

    b. did OP go to the super who promised him the extension?

    c. a $200 SLR will probably be pretty crappy

    I am sorry just dont feel very sympathetic to the the OP, I’d like to know more.

  25. halo969 says:

    @bilge: I was thinking the same thing. Where the heck can you get an SLR for $200?

    Really, why trust someone’s word on circumventing store policy? It sucks he was told it would be ok and then it was not, but I almost got burned by Sears and won’t trust an employee’s word again. In my case, however, I called that individual on what she told me and I ended up getting what I was promised but I still won’t accept anything as true unless it’s in writing.

    Also, it must be said – shame on this guy for keeping a camera 90 days, and then some, and expecting to return it. That’s just ridiculous.

  26. APFPilot says:

    @parad0x360: How the hell did the consumer make a mistake. If he wouldn’t have been lied to maybe he would have dropped what he was doing and popped into a Target before the 90 days.

  27. matt314159 says:


    A $200 SLR? What the hell did the OP get? A Canon Rebel that got run over by a forklift?

    35mm Film SLR’s go for about that. Canon makes a film and a digital Rebel.

  28. D.B. Cooper-Nichol says:

    Target is absolutely ridiculous about returns. My wife and I spent hundreds of dollars a month there, on average, but the way they mindlessly follow an anti-customer “policy,” to the point of being willfully obtuse… I’m done with them.

  29. kapalooti says:

    The posters that are trying to pick holes in this story are quite unbelievable. The guy had 90 days by policy; that’s a given. So don’t question why he took 90 days. Regardless, if the guy wasn’t lied to to begin with, don’t you think he would have returned it?

  30. RetailGuy83 says:

    @bilge: Not a digital.

    Bought a camera before a trip and wanted to extend the return policy is 100% retail renting. Target is still jacked up, but you OP, are a douche.

    Although apparently,

  31. Sargasm says:

    I tested the “no receipt no refund” policy a last month intentionally. I bought a $35 item (earbuds for my iPhone) and they didn’t connect properly. I had the receipt but I wanted to see what would happen. They pulled it up with my credit card and cheerfully put the charge back on my card. I live in Oklahoma.

    I also rave about their pharmacy. I fill a lot of prescriptions, and for every ten prescriptions I put on my Target Visa, they send me a 10% off card for a day of shopping. Some of my prescriptions were very expensive, and I used my 10% off card to fill those. For every $1,000 you spend on the card (one of my prescriptions was more than that) you also get a 10% off card. Essentially I made money on those prescriptions, because I paid less than the insurance copay. I have mad love for Target.

  32. Amelie says:

    Target guest relations reiterated Target’s policy
    I love that line.

    I had a problem with them once, and the clerk said, “Would you like to talk to a supervisor?” The supervisor listens, and then reiterates, word-for-word, what the clerk said. Robots would be cheaper.

  33. Amelie says:

    I hear Miss Cleo is looking for a replacement.

  34. RetailGuy83 says:

    sorry, link got cut off. “Wolf doesn’t care”

  35. Concerned_Citizen says:

    Damn they gave you 90 days and this was a problem for you? We should be applauding target for giving people 90 days to return goods. Most stores are 30 days and some have 14 days on certain items. Target is definitely not in the wrong when they gave you 90 days.

  36. RetailGuy83 says:

    @Amelie: I know, big leap right?

  37. Garfunkle says:

    I don’t get it. Why is everyone so upset that he is returning it near the 90 mark. He didn’t make the return time frame so long, THEY did. He is not doing anything inherently dishonest by trying to follow rules that Target set up.

    I am hovering right around day 84 of a chair I need to return to IKEA (it broke). I just have not had time to make the trip out to the store. If they said 60 days, I would have returned it a while ago. Am I doing anything wrong?

    Also, the person he spoke to was an agent for target, and thus Target should be bound by what he promised.

  38. BillyShears says:

    To the people who belly-ache about commenters pointing out that hey, maybe in this case or that the customer wasn’t right, I have a newsflash: The world isn’t black and white. There’s such a thing as nuance; circumstance and ulterior motives are a fact of life. Companies may like to screw customers, but there are plenty of customers who cynically take advantage of loopholes (or just plain commit fraud) to get what they want.

    This isn’t a Comcast installer showing up drunk, a Verizon technician setting a house on fire, billing shenanigans from Sprint or a JetBlue stewardess refusing someone a bottle of water. This is a guy who allegedly had a camera so fundamentally flawed that it needed to be returned, but it somehow took him 90 days to come to that conclusion.

    Something stinks, and yes, this time it may be “the victim.”

  39. backbroken says:

    Keeping a camera for more than 90 days before returning it doesn’t bother me too much. Thinking he could get special treatment despite the well publicized return policy is what gets me. I don’t care that he called and ‘got permission.’ What kind of fool would think a 20 second phone conversation with someone who may or may not be a supervisor would trump the company-wide policy?

  40. stands2reason says:

    I had a better experience with WalMart. My computer hung and bricked my Creative Zen. Walmart exchanged it even though it was past its exchance policy (just because we called the electronics department and someone agreed to exchange it anyways). So, here it is nearly two years later, and my second MP3 player is work great.

  41. Jasoco says:

    So was the broken light in the sign intentional? LOL

  42. @Garfunkle:

    An employee may be an agent, HOWEVER, there is no proof of the offer by the employee.

    There are a lot of these unsubstantiated claims made on the Consumerists. I am sure many are correct, but I must wonder about some of the claims, especially complaints such as this one.

  43. Deivion says:

    This does feel like OP tried to rent a camera and failed. Like how can you not be able to return an item when they gave you 90 days, not to mention you know you are going to leave town. Being “busy” is just an excuse.

  44. Triterion says:

    #4 is your problem… you were in Culver City! haha I used to live there. those Targets suck so bad and are so dirty and the people are really rude… its worth it to drive to a different location.

  45. baristabrawl says:

    I have to side with Target on this one. Why would you think that they would extend this policy? Why? Why would you put your trust in an employee at the store level? Why would you think that they would even remotely have the power to circumvent a corporate policy?

    Why would you keep a camera for 90 days and then return it? If it was obviously not to your satisfaction, then you shouldn’t have kept it.

    Did you just need it for a vacation or something?

  46. PricklyPete says:

    I don’t see Target as being the problem here. I see the problem being the employee who claimed to have the authority to change company policy by saying the item could be returned after the 90 return period.

    The only mistake the OP made was believing the person he spoke with on the phone.

    If this happened to me, I would spend some time tracking down the “Supervisor” I spoke with.

  47. Parting says:

    90 days? It’s technology and loses its value VERY quickly. A new model is always around the corner.

    Most stores have 30 days policy for electronics.

    Target did screw up, but why would you hold on a camera you didn’t want for TREE month. Unless you were ”renting” it.

  48. Parting says:

    Question : does he has PROOF that he got authorization?

    I’ve met a lot of customers that would bullshit reps with idiotic reasons.

    ”I’ve bought it here yesterday!” when the store never sold the merchandise in the first place.

    ”I know the director here! He would do for me!” screaming at director ;)

    ”But I have a warranty” showing a mp3 dripping with water.

    So if no proof is available, I’m with the store.

  49. humphrmi says:

    It’s really not about proof, or the 90-day return policy itself. The article is about consumers calling up, asking about the policy, being told something somewhat specific, and having a different experience after they get off the phone.

    Sure, knock our OP for his over-90-day-silliness. But he called. He should expect that the response he gets over the phone matches his experience in the store.

    Come on folks, we’re consumerists! Not conglomerists!

  50. humphrmi says:

    @humphrmi: Well, OK — some of you are shills… but the rest of us are consumerists

  51. themaskedmarauder says:

    90 days is the most liberal return policy i’ve ever encountered! He couldn’t make it back to the store before then? Tough noogies for him!

  52. Hikaru says:

    You have to fight for it, I once returned an Ilo HDTV in Wal-Mart after their 3 month return policy, I found a lot of negative feedback of it in many websites, printed them, went directly to a supervisor and gave them to him, after 1 and a half hour waiting they offered me a credit or my money back.

  53. Parting says:

    @humphrmi: Like I said, the only thing I’m wondering about, did he get ”supervisor’s name” for real, or just told them that he ”spoke to a supervisor”. I’m a bit wary about people who say that, since only about 2 cases out of 50, were real.

    If the guy is telling the truth, than the store really screwed it up.

  54. humphrmi says:

    @Concerned_Citizen: Except Target’s policy on camera returns is 90 days. So I guess those 30 and 14 day return policies don’t mean shit in the context of this post. He should’ve had 90 days to return it.

    Except he called, and foolishly expected the response on the phone to match his experience in the store. Silly OP. Silly, silly calling-the-store-to-check OP. Silly expecting what he was told to match what happened when he went in.

    Too bad we don’t have a web site or blog that tells us when retailers can’t keep their promises.

    Oh, wait.

  55. BillyShears says:


    Sure, knock our OP for his over-90-day-silliness. But he called. He should expect that the response he gets over the phone matches his experience in the store.

    Come on folks, we’re consumerists! Not conglomerists!

    Um, anyone who takes the verbal word of whomever picks up the phone when you call up Target as gospel isn’t being a very good consumer(ist). :) Hell, I have trouble taking the word of customer service reps at AT&T, and that’s basically my only choice!

  56. infected says:

    The fact that this is even posted is stupid. 90 days is a very long return policy.. it is very clear that he was just renting the camera anyway. Tough titty.

  57. Gadgetgirl says:

    After reading the story, I kind of knew there would be more “Dude, you had 3 MONTHS!!!” posts than not. Like others have said, 90 days is extremely generous in this day and age of 14-30 days for returns (with receipt.) That’s not the issue. The issue is that the OP said he got permission to return the item after the 90 day window. If this is true, than he has a right to be pissed-to a point.

    I throw that last part in because the OP should have (like others suggested) got more info than the manager’s name. I would have called a few times to make sure, asked for some sort of confirmation…more than just a “Sure, no prob…” before hanging up.

    Ah, you live and learn.

  58. pixiegirl1 says:

    I agree with everyone who says 90 days is long enough to have returned it before his receipt “expired”. I understand he took the extra step to call and see if they could break the rules for him and they told they would. But in all honesty I think he really needs to suck it up as a loss, you know the same way retailers have to accept a loss when someone retail rents. Just because someone tells you what YOU want to hear over the phone don’t expect always to get it.

  59. pixiegirl1 says:

    On a side note if he got permission from a supervisor why the hell is he even dealing with the customer relations line?! Why not call their corporate directly to resolve the issue?

  60. Preyfar says:

    Yeah. His story sounds bogus, and that he forgot to return it within the allotted amount of time and instead of sucking up his $200 loss… he made up a story to get Target to back down to take his return. Seriously, three months and he just figured out he didn’t want it?

    I have no pity for this consumer.

  61. sisedi says:

    That pic…is that the RRoT???

  62. LJKelley says:

    So if a Supervisor promises you $10,000 then Target should fess up? No, Target has policies for a reason and I generally wouldn’t beleive any store’s ‘future promise’ beyond well documented policy.

    That being said I have returned items to Target that either failed or did not match my decor as I thought etc and have never had an issue. Though I always keep receipts (they are great for budgeting and tax purposes).

  63. ClevelandCub says:

    @humphrmi: Thank you so much! I couldn’t have said it better myself. But this is just silly. At some point you have to be able to trust the folks you’re dealing with, at least a little bit. If they couldn’t bend the return policy then they should have just told the OP that he would need to return it before he went on vacation. That would have been that, end of story.

    And for what it’s worth I’m guessing the OP purchased Cannon’s 35mm SLR, which is a film camera, not a digital camera. Wal-Mart, Target and a number of other retailers have carried it for $198ish for several years now. I have one, and it’s an excellent camera.

  64. vietkangta says:

    I would have went with my instincts and not just the phone support from target.

  65. RckPngn says:

    If he had enough time to call and talk to a supervisor about returning it late, he had enough time to go in and return it.

  66. x23 says:


    As for this issue. 90 Days is 3 months. What the hell were you doing with the camera for 3 months?

    going on vacation is my guess….

    2) Within the 90 day return period called to ask if I could return the camera shortly after the 90 days because I was leaving town and rushed

  67. donkeyjote says:

    And if the answer would have been no, would he have made time to return it? Yes? Then he had enough time to return it even without calling. He should have just gone and done it.

  68. CG72 says:

    Kids, kids…back in the old days people could return things almost forever, with or without a receipt. Those were the days.

    I’m the lazy and indecisive type (which is not a crime by the way, just a character defect). I had a Kodak photo printer which was never opened, and let the return time lapse past 90 days. Having had a run-in with them already about a Christmas present my mother had purchased months in advance(yes, think about that)I decided to go with the “lost my receipt” ploy.

    Target offered me a $15 closeout price. After getting a bit riled, I gave it to Good Will instead. I’d rather toss it than give Target back a new unused product at 90% discount. It’s just the principle of the matter.

    I’m faster on returns now, but that’s another rat’s nest. They don’t like multiple returns with a receipt within 90 days either. So I try not to shop there, unless I’m positive it’s something I’ll keep.

  69. Lambasted says:

    What is so insane about a 90 day return policy?! Any longer than that and Target is no longer in the business of selling merchandise but instead is leasing items with an option to buy.

    The only insane part of this situation is why it is even a situation at all. Good grief. Unless an item is defective there is no good reason why someone should expect a store to accept merchandise back after 3 months.

  70. hatrack says:


    ???. He talked to a supervisor of the returns dept. He didn’t ask a box boy or Cindy Lou at switchboard. I think it’s totally reasonable to expect that person to know how strict the store is with it’s return policy. It would be just as easy for him say “sorry the policy is 90 days” as it would be to say ” go ahead, a few days over 90 is okay.”

    If the store wants reprimand the employee so be it. They should still live up to the deal.

    I’m sure all the people crapping on the original poster would be singing a different tune if they were in a similar situation.

  71. Pro-Pain says:

    I used to like Target. Hell, I ever worked @ Target for a while. NEVER in all my working experience have a seen a set up like Target. It’s awful. Ladies, the loss prevention dept. is starting at your breasts and thong lines via camera. Don’t ever forget that. So maybe don’t pick your nose, or your ass…

  72. Pro-Pain says:

    *I meant staring…as in LOOKING. :)

  73. donwarnersaklad says:

    Target Unit Price labels for paper towels and toilet paper should be for 100 square feet. Unit price labels based on number of sheets misguide consumers because sheet sizes vary.

  74. Jubilance22 says:

    This is pretty lame. This guy had 3 months to return a camera and he waits until he’s about to go out of town to decide to return it?

    It seems kind of silly to whine and complain about how the company didn’t let you do something that was against the rules. That’s why they give you 90 days, a whole 3 months to return it. Seems like there’s something else to this story.

  75. NoWin says:

    Yuppers, sounds like a rental.

    As for camera’s, I know pretty quickly if I like one that I buy. Even if he was leaving and rushed, he had the 3 previous months to drive to his store, see the desk clerk, and make a return, and try out a new rental, er camera.

    The phone-call bit sounds like he was trying coerce Target into a return he knew that he should have done sooner.

    Old adage: Lack of planning on his part does not constitute an emergency on Target’s part.

  76. unravel says:

    I’m too lazy to scroll up and double check, so perhaps my comment is irrelevant (USA! USA! USA!), but if you’re going to call a store and ask a supervisor to bend the rules for your benefit, you need to get that person’s name and hours, and then arrange to deal with them directly when you do go in.

    It sounds like he got the OK, and then went in and tried to deal with people who weren’t privy to the conversation. I don’t blame them for shooting him down because without a clear okay to break policy, from a higher up, they were potentially putting their asses on the line.

    It also sounds like rather than trying to speak to the supervisor after he was refused, he immediately called Target’s 800 number. Ehh.

  77. joshthephenom says:

    To those wondering about the prices:

    SLR – Single Lens Reflex – This is a film camera, in which the entry level models have hovered in the $200 price range for years.

    DSLR – Digital Single Lens Reflex – Much more expensive, and perhaps more widely recognized this day in age. Typical entry level starting points around $600-800 give or take a model going out of production.

  78. sgodun says:

    Here are the facts:

    1) Customer clearly knew that he was going to return the camera while within the 90 day deadline.

    2) Customer consciously chose to delay putting off the return of the camera. Unless customer is a world class idiot, customer most certainly should have realized that in this day and age the likelihood of someone being able to bend the rules for nothing more than his personal convenience are extraordinarily slim.

    3) Customer writes Consumerist who, again inexplicably, decides to greenlight the post.

    Would it have been nice of Target to accept the camera? Sure, but they’re under no obligation.

    Consider: What if, when the customer called Target, they said “no way, it has to be within 90 days”? At that point the customer has two options: Get off his ass and head over to Target RIGHT NOW, or be lazy and wait until he returns from his trip and get the same results that he did here. Presumably he’d have returned the camera right away which, of course, begs the question: Why didn’t he do that in the first place?

    Again, Consumerist, you disappoint with your choice of greenlit articles.

  79. sgodun says:

    EDIT: “1) Customer clearly knew that he was not going to return the camera while within the 90 day deadline.”

  80. snowburnt says:

    I actually returned a chair that I bought from target online over a year after purchasing it without a problem. they even had UPS come and pick it up from me without charge.

    I’ve had excellent experiences with target customer service.

  81. dveight says:

    Alright people, I think we are missing the point in the matter here. Lets not look at whether the return period is, it can be 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, whatever. The OP claimed to have been given approval by a supervisor to return a product after the cut off time. Target refuses to honor that claim.

    Now the big question is, did the OP talk to the supervisor who authorized this? If not, why not? You are asking people to take your word that you were given approval. Thats pretty much like me calling up Microsoft and telling them Bill Gates told me it was ok.

    Yes, it does suck that Target hosed you on this, but I would like more info before I say whose at fault.

    On a side note: 90 DAYS?!?! What the F*** took you so long to return that?!?!

  82. ARPRINCE says:

    $200 seems a little high for RENTING a camera for 3 months. On the bright side, now you don’t need to rent at all…YOU HAVE ONE!!!! :)

  83. laddibugg says:

    I don’t understand why people call instead of just going in. There is no proof that you actually talked to someone…people can just make up names and policies. People will tell you anything to get you off the phone. Go in, and fight your case in person.

  84. Jbball says:

    Sorry, but dude should’ve returned it sonner. 3 months and he starts rushing at the deadline? Pffft.

    Though, it’s still is crap when a company rep says one thing and you get screwed.

  85. Lambasted says:

    @hatrack: “I’m sure all the people crapping on the original poster would be singing a different tune if they were in a similar situation.”

    I have been in this situation. The only difference is I take a store’s return policy at its word rather than viewing it as just a suggestion. If I want my money back in return, I hold onto my receipt and return merchandise within the proscribed period. If it is a big ticket item that I definitely want my money back if returned, I write the return-by date on a calendar to ensure I don’t forget.

    Returning outside of a store policy, I am grateful for a store credit if they are willing. If they are not, then I blame myself for not adhering to the policy by a delayed return or no receipt. I certainly do not blame the store for not breaking their store policy just for little ‘ol me.

    Perhaps it was my upbringing. I knew in advance of breaking curfew I would be grounded. Never did I ever think my parents were kidding when they told me not to do something. I grew up with rules and consequences if I broke them. A lesson well-learned and carried forth with me as I ventured out into the world.

  86. linedpaper says:

    I was able to find the following information, which should at least give you the email address format if you want to try an EECB

    Gregg Steinhafel
    Second Vice-Chairman
    President, Target Stores
    Target Corporation
    1000 Nicollet Mall
    Minneapolis, MN 55403
    Phone: 612-696-6243

  87. linedpaper says:

    Sorry…found a bit more info….

    Robert J. Ulrich, Chairman, CEO
    President, Gregg W. Steinhafel,

    Main p. (612) 304-6073
    Media Relations p. (612) 696-3400
    *transfer to guest relations rep. who will take messages for all corporate officers*

  88. TheDude06 says:

    Frankly, I find it amazing that you can return things /at all/ nowadays.

  89. mack3rz says:

    i absolutely LOVE target…and I never have issues w/any sort of returns.

  90. Hogan1 says:

    90 days?

    1. Target rep shouldn’t have told him 90+ days was fine. That is a training opportunity.
    2. Ronald shouldn’t be “Product Renting” as we’re calling it. Actions like this simply cause stricter return policies at retailers for legitimate customers.

    In any case, all Target owes him is an apology. Nothing more.

  91. bleh says:

    Protip: People in call centers lie ALL THE TIME.

    They are either uneducated on company policy or too lazy to care about what policy is. All they care about is their metrics and their next break.

  92. mrbrad0022 says:

    He can take it back to Wal-Mart. They take anything. Just tell them it was gift.

  93. tortcat says:

    Sorry…to me 90 days is plenty of time to return a camera…otherwise at that point if its defective the manufacturers warranty should take over.

    Sounds to me like Target does indeed have a very liberal return policy on electronics.

  94. sp00nix says:


  95. TPS Reporter says:

    Employees lie all the time. Like if the employee had told him it’s ok to just take merchandise out of the store without paying for it, is he going to be saying that the employee told me I could and not get arrested. Well, that employee was lying. If I was a manager at Target, I would have given him a 50% refund. It was after the 90 days, but my employee did agree to this apparently.

  96. LesterGaze says:

    did the 90 day return policy include any sort of “grace period?”

    no, it didn’t? that’s it, i’m going to boycott target. and my credit card
    companies. and my utility companies, my mortgate company, and my grocery
    store, gas station, and local watering hole, and, and… oh, yeah, i’m going
    to ask the internal revenue service if i can be a few late on that payment.

    if any of them said that it’s ok to be late with a payment, then that’s a
    purported fact. if i can produce actual evidence that i was granted a
    reprieve from the deadline that i’m fully aware of (and entered into a
    binding contract with), then i’d better have something in writing.

    ronald is sol, and a whiney douchebag for expecting target to bend over and
    take it up… well, you know.

  97. NotATool says:

    @linedpaper: Before the EECB,the OP would do well speaking to the returns manager who originally made the promise. Nowhere in the OP’s e-mail did I see where he actually addressed the problem with the person who made the promise.

    That makes me wonder if a promise was EVER made, and if the OP is just making up the whole thing so that he could return the camera he just used for his vacation…

  98. dorastandpipe says:

    I would go back to the store and ask for the person I spoke with on the phone. The only problem is…this is retail and that person is probably no longer with the company. The 800 number is not going to do you any help either. Good luck. Target sux!

  99. Chiz0 says:

    Well considering that most stores have a 14 day return policy on electronics, a 90 day window is an pretty long time to make a return. I know i have personally done returns / exchanges for customers a few days after out 14 day policy, but its up to us weather we want to risk it or not.

  100. The Master of Reason says:

    One detail you all seem to be glossing over is that the article implies that Ronald got verbal permission from one of the supervisors at a particular (and unnamed) Target location, and then tried to use that as leverage at some other Target (Culver City). If I worked returns at a Target and somebody tried to return something after the 90 days were up and told me “BUT this guy in a store two states away said I could do it!!!11”, I would politely tell him where to stick it.

    Just because one supervisor at one store is willing to bend the rules for you doesn’t mean that another supervisor at another store has any obligation to do the same.

    Also retail renting is despicable and Ronald should be ashamed of himself.

  101. Tarpo says:

    Targets return policy crap is one of the reasons I hate to use them. Our little girl recieved a book from Target as a gift and she already owned it so we got the recipt from her grandmother and returned it. We wanted to get her some clothes but we were told we couldn’t use the exchange from one department in another one. A book had to be returned for another book.. I couldn’t believe it. We shrugged it off and gave the book as a gift to a friends daughter but I couldn’t believe that any store would pull crap like that.

  102. Tarpo says:

    I don’t get how everyone is accusing him of product renting. What if he bought it, and didn’t even open it for a month or 2.. or god forbid if you casually use something for a few weeks but then get a chance to really put it through its paces and it doesn’t work as well as you thought. That is the point of a return policy as much as returning a broken item.

  103. Chrek says:

    HA! I wouldn’t trust any “agreements” that aren’t in black and white. Besides, 90 days is more than sufficient to return a product you are not happy with. It usually only take me 10 days to find out that I don’t like a product I purchased. 60 days already sound to me that you were trying to use the camera for a project and not pay for the rental fee. Hope that’s a lesson learned. (a $200 one).

    EECB should be used when really necessary. I mean REALLY! Don’t abuse it.

  104. geoffhazel says: