Roofing Co Sends Misleading"Class Action" Junk Mail, Fakes Customer Reviews Online

Update: The owner of Feazel Roofing has responded and apologized for the misleading nature of the junk mail.
Blogger HolyJuan was annoyed with a piece of junk mail he received from Feazel Roofing, because it was written in such a way that it could (intentionally) mislead homeowners into thinking the roof inspection being offered was somehow official, required, or necessary. In fact, it was simply an attempt to drum up new business for the company—but when you lead off with “DEFECTIVE ROOF NOTICE” and then mention class action lawsuits in the first paragraph, it’s hard to claim marketing innocence. HolyJuan complained about the letter on his blog, and a few weeks later an anonymous “customer” posted a rebuttal full of praise for Feazel Roofing—from the IP address of the company, naturally.

HolyJuan claims he sent a letter directly to the company when he first came across the junk mail, asking them to take specific steps to address the situation. Feazel Roofing never responded to him personally, which makes it clear that they faked the online response only as an act of public damage-control.

Oh, and then they insulted HolyJuan:

Feazel has been wonderful to work with and have saved me and my husband along with many others in the area a lot of money and headaches…so kudos to Feazel!

I assume most of you have nothing better to do than sit around blogging each other…very sad…wake up, get off the couch and do something constructive!


P.S. this letter and blog site will be forwarded to Mr. Feazel

“Feazel Roofing can kiss my asphalt” [HolyJuan]
“Crummy Roofing Company fakes customer comments to attack blogger” [HolyJuan]


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  1. AD8BC says:

    I get similar notices stuck to my door in Texas:

    “Your roof has been damaged by weather”
    “Defective roof notice”

    I kept the notices… yes, I need a new roof this year or next, so I kept the notices so I know who NOT to call when I take bids.

  2. Wormfather says:

    viva la weazel.

  3. BlondeGrlz says:

    I always file these in my circular file along with the “WARNING:Your extended car warranty is about to expire!” notices.

  4. PinkBox says:

    I get that type of letter all the time about my car’s warranty expiring.

    My car is brand new, with an extended warranty. :P

  5. lalaland13 says:

    “Sit around blogging each other?” Say what? Are there words missing in there or is it just me? Is this a a new slang (cue The Shins)?

  6. superlayne says:

    Blogging each other? Sounds sexy.

  7. BlondeGrlz says:

    @NameGoesHere: Ha, Jinx.

  8. doireallyneedausername says:

    “Blogging each other”…it’s indicative of an asinine and crotchety old business owner trying to “strike back” at these young people who dare challenge his cunning and misleading ways via the interwebs.

    Down with information equality and a level playing field for consumers! How dare we reveal his secret tactics!

  9. trillium says:

    Those are my favorite. Especially since one car is paid off and hasn’t had a warrantly on it for 2 years and the other is a brand new one with an extended warranty.

  10. SkokieGuy says:

    Frankly, there’s even better parts to the faux-letter planted by the roofing company:

    “I’m not sure about Mr. Feazel’s past….”
    “…and yes they did market it as an ad, and possibly could have done it differently…”

    So the pretend customer is making a veiled acknowledgement that something may be amiss in mr. Feazel’s past and that this marketing campaign “possibly” sucks.

  11. Roofing companies are the worst! I bought a new roof for my parents ranch house. Yeah, the roof is mostly flat and I know that’s hard to keep waterproofed. But this is LA and we only get like 2 inches of rain and the roof kept things dry for 30 years so what’s the problem? The guy goes on and on about how he has to pitch the roof and it’s $X,XXX more and I say go ahead, lets get this done. A month later, it rains and the roof leaks. Thank God for the 20-year warranty! But he can’t come for 2 weeks and I call bullshit, read your contract, you have a 7 day promise of there are leaks. Oh and yes, you ALSO have to pay for internal damages like the water from the roof that ruined the new paint job on the ceiling and the carpet. Getting them to honor their own contract was like pulling teeth but it eventually got done. Yeah, it still kind of pisses me off.

  12. fluiddruid says:

    Amateurs. At least they could have masked their IP.

  13. dualityshift says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: Binding Arbitration here we go.

  14. mastmaker says:


    Well…I get ‘warranty expired’ letters all the time too. Mine is a clunker that I bought for $1000 and run on liability insurance @ $120 for 6 months.

  15. Wormfather says:

    @heavylee-again: Nice, very nice, I see your shitty bird and raise you

  16. MissPeacock says:

    Nice. This is the kind of thing my grandmother gets in the mail and thinks is real. Fortunately she’ll save these letters and show them to someone else in the family before responding; I imagine lots of other folks think it’s for real and fall for it.

  17. pegr says:

    I sent a nice email to Mr. Feazel. Funny, I don’t expect to hear from him. But if we do, we might be in for many more rounds of fun mocking!

  18. Shadowman615 says:

    That’s hilarious! It sounds like they have nothing better to do either but surf the internet responding to blog posts.

  19. ninabi says:

    I’ve got a stinking load of something on my shingle that I would be happy to mail to this roofer for his inspection.

  20. balthisar says:

    @MissPeacock: I always wonder why the old people fall for this? Will we *all* be stupid at that age? Did they just come from a more innocent age? And it’s not just because one was a housewife and didn’t get involved in those kinds of things, as old men fall prey to this crap too.

  21. reznicek111 says:

    @balthisar: I think it’s mostly the latter case; today’s older folks are products of a somewhat more innocent age. Plus, with today’s technology I think it’s far easier for crooks to generate official-looking “inspection notices,” and what not.

  22. D-Bo says:
  23. witeowl says:

    @balthisar: We won’t become “stupid”, but yes, our brains may change as we become older. Looking at the e-mails my mother forwards, I’m beginning to worry more and more that such an intelligent woman may become prey to fraud.

  24. humphrmi says:

    @superlayne: Sure it’s sexy. Try this: say “Blog” three times fast. “Blog blog blog”. Doesn’t that sound sexy? C’mon.

  25. Truthie says:

    I blame Diablo Cody for enabling people who don’t even know what a blog is, or how to properly use the word as a verb, to write such dreck.

  26. geoffhazel says:

    I dunno. I read the letter, and correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t see anything false in it. In fact, it was simply stating that you MAY have some defective shingles, and we can tell you if your roof is good or not.

    Aside from Roofing companies being on the shady side in general (one in our neighborhood refused to do an estimate for me even though they have “free estimates” plastered all over their trucks), anyone who took the time to actually read the letter should have a clear idea of what’s going on and decide if spending the $50.00 is worth it or not to them.

  27. SacraBos says:

    @ninabi: Is it the alternative name for chipped beef on toast?

  28. jamesdenver says:


    NO NO NO — i think (at least I hope) I’ll be savvy and suspicious at age 80 as I am now at age 30.

    Unless something comes through at 50 that replaces the internet that I can get scammed on I HOPE I’ll retain my wisdom and knowledge from today.

    please tell me that’s true. please…

  29. arl84 says:

    Well I don’t like how the ad appears to be some sort of legal notice at first, but anyone who actually reads what it says will know that they aren’t trying to mislead people. If I got something like this in the mail, well – first I’d be confused, because I’m in an apartment – but I would still read through what it said. I think the whole point of the ad is to make it look official and get you to read what it says, not scare you into getting a new roof.

    Though I think it’s a bit tacky to have their own employees posting comments like that on his blog(what are they payin that guy for, anyway?). Also, I’d like to know what these class-action lawsuits were about the defective shingles.

  30. ovalseven says:

    Sounds like this company has nothing better to do than sit around roofing each other.