Roofing Co Sends Misleading"Class Action" Junk Mail, Fakes Customer Reviews Online

Update: The owner of Feazel Roofing has responded and apologized for the misleading nature of the junk mail.
Blogger HolyJuan was annoyed with a piece of junk mail he received from Feazel Roofing, because it was written in such a way that it could (intentionally) mislead homeowners into thinking the roof inspection being offered was somehow official, required, or necessary. In fact, it was simply an attempt to drum up new business for the company—but when you lead off with “DEFECTIVE ROOF NOTICE” and then mention class action lawsuits in the first paragraph, it’s hard to claim marketing innocence. HolyJuan complained about the letter on his blog, and a few weeks later an anonymous “customer” posted a rebuttal full of praise for Feazel Roofing—from the IP address of the company, naturally.

HolyJuan claims he sent a letter directly to the company when he first came across the junk mail, asking them to take specific steps to address the situation. Feazel Roofing never responded to him personally, which makes it clear that they faked the online response only as an act of public damage-control.

Oh, and then they insulted HolyJuan:

Feazel has been wonderful to work with and have saved me and my husband along with many others in the area a lot of money and headaches…so kudos to Feazel!

I assume most of you have nothing better to do than sit around blogging each other…very sad…wake up, get off the couch and do something constructive!


P.S. this letter and blog site will be forwarded to Mr. Feazel

“Feazel Roofing can kiss my asphalt” [HolyJuan]
“Crummy Roofing Company fakes customer comments to attack blogger” [HolyJuan]

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