Another Tomato Attack! "Topsy Turvy" Tomato Stand Recalled After 155 Injuries

QVC has recalled the “Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree” after 155 consumers reported injuries including lacerations, broken toes and bruises. The CPSC says there have been 347 reports of the planters collapsing! First the salmonella outbreak, then a “outbreak of raw tomatoes” at BW3… and now this?

Accept it, folks. The tomatoes are going to systematically destroy us. There are 82,000 of these things out there, waiting to attack at any moment.

QVC Recalls Version Of Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planters [KDKA] (Thanks, keith!)


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  1. crabbyman6 says:

    Is this the first phase in The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

  2. Angryrider says:

    Darn it rice, where’s your plan. We all know you’re genetically superior than us.

  3. mac-phisto says:

    wow. a product identified as “topsy turvy” falls over & injures people. didn’t see that one coming.

  4. Jones91 says:

    lol when I saw the topsy turvy all i could think was *COUGH* GIANT GIMMICK *COUGH* because wow that is a terrible idea, “when the plant is upside down the water is spread throughout the plant” that was actually on the commercial, well if you’ve ever had 5th grade level Biology you would know that plants have vascular tubes which spread water throughout the plant, and in the roots there is something (wow i forgot what it was…) that lets the plant know if it is upside down or not.

  5. Youthier says:

    @Jones91: This thing that goes against the laws of nature has broken several toes! Have some sympathy man! People are being greatly inconvienced by this piece of crap!

  6. Big Tuna says:

    Two words, folks: Crab People

  7. HIV 2 Elway says:

  8. HIV 2 Elway says:

    @crabbyman6: that ones for you

  9. chiieddy says:

    The video report about them at the same site had a very good way of doing this and said explicitly not to put these things on stands because they’re too heavy and will fall over.

    I like their $7 fiber-pot idea, growing the tomatoes down and lettuce up on the same pot. Not because it’s easier to do one over the other but getting two plants in one pot like that in a small space is creative.

  10. mac-phisto says:

    @chiieddy: i thought that was an awesome idea also…think i’m gonna give it a try.

  11. Motherfirefly says:

    People were probably like “hey look, what a great resting place for my cinderblock!” and had it collapse on their foot.

  12. Jones91 says:

    @Youthier: well I mean, if your dumb enough to have your toes broken by an inanimate object then perhaps you deserve it?

    nah, i’m only kidding but seriously, having your toes broken by this thing i’m sure that someone is doing something they shouldn’t have.

  13. theblackdog says:

    @HIV 2 Elway: Puberty…Puberty Love…

  14. BoomerFive says:

    @Jones91: You are only kidding, then you just say the first statement in a different way?

  15. crabbyman6 says:

    @HIV 2 Elway: haha, thanks! I don’t know how to post images or I’d have done it myself.

  16. Jones91 says:

    @BoomerFive: Yes, I am only kidding, “surely someone is doing something they shouldnt have” means that SOMEONE IS DOING SOMETHING THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE.

    honestly though, the thing looks plastic, tomato plants are not among the lightest when the tomatoes are ripe, so what was the person thinking when they made this thing?

  17. freepistol says:

    you can make those yourself with an old soda bottle or a ten gallon bucket, and hang them up.

    im willing to bet if you drop the ten gallon bucket full of dirt and plant on your toe you would have a hard time finding someone to sue, and you would have a similar or much worse injury.

    maybe you should shill out the 30+ dollars just in case.

  18. backbroken says:

    I remember when we used to plant our tomatoes in the ground. I must be old.

  19. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    John Astin, unavailable for comment.

    (But he’s feeling MUCH better now.)

  20. BoomerFive says:

    @Jones91: Soooo….by saying “doing something they shouldn’t have” you mean what? like standing there not watching the planter in case it falls? Do you think they were swinging on it or something? Think man.

    I was only making a comment because “just kidding” doesn’t usually mean “but im serious if you say the same thing a different way”.

  21. raisitup says:

    when are we going to ketchup to the rest of the world on this tomato problem?

  22. Landru says:

    The traffic news on the radio just reported an “accident” where a truck load of tomatoes overturned and were blocking the freeway.

  23. timsgm1418 says:

    you know I thought my pepper plants were looking at me kind of funny, I think it must be some kind of veggie conspiracy

  24. timsgm1418 says:

    @raisitup: groannnn that was really bad

  25. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @BoomerFive: I think he means it in the naughty consumer way, rather than the negligent consumer way. In which case: gross.

  26. GilloD says:

    I actually have one of these and my tomatoes are growing like weeds. So it’s not quite bullshit. I don’t know what people are doing to knock them over, but once you fill it with dirt it weighs like a zillion pounds. I don’t think I could push it over if I tried.

  27. zentex says:

    @Landru: and thus the start of the apocalypse…death by lycopene!

  28. theblackdog says:

    My parents have a few of those bags, but they have to hang it themselves rather than use a stand. If the hook fails and they fall, it’s their fault rather than the plants.

  29. This is what we get for genetically modifying food.

  30. fjordtjie says:

    @BoomerFive: i’m going to take a stab at what he/she meant. those legs look enticingly bouncy, and i guarantee, if i were around one my curiousity would have me push down on the top of the tube to see if it springs. it’s curiousity, not a masochist way to get my toes broken. but i also shouldn’t do it. knowing now, thanks to this article, that it isn’t so stable, so it would likely fall over and off the table if i did it. i would deserve any broken toes i acquired by messing around with it.

    i took the ‘dumb enough’ comment to mean that they dropped it on their foot and are suing about it.

    the device looks incredibly unstable, and the one in the picture only has the tomatoes, without the lettuce mentioned in other comments. but of 87,000 there were 347 ‘accidents’. it’s hard to say if it’s the crappy design, or if people were just messing around with it, which in turn begs the question who’s fault it actually is. do they fall over randomly, or just when you’re messing with it? and why not just have it on the floor? in later production, the company probably should restructure the base to prevent the same accidents. i guess it’s up to the court if it’s a bad product or just a moron using it…

  31. catnapped says:

    @theblackdog: Same here…no way I’d trust it to a cheap Chinese stand like that.

  32. tkozikow says:

    We have four of these hanging from our deck and the plants are simply HUGE! I opted not to purchase the stand, but did try to construct my own using 1 1/2″ PVC pipe last summer, but it really didn’t work out as expected. They are heavy…I bet 20-25 pounds when recently watered…but produce great fruit if you keep them well watered and fertilized in a sunny area. I still have a few plants in the ground, but these are the lowest maintenance and best growers.

  33. humphrmi says:

    Q: How do you fix a broken tomato?
    A: Tomato paste.

  34. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    @chiieddy: I’m going to give the fiberpot method a try!! I think its a fantastic idea.

  35. oregongal says:

    A friend of mine made her own with a 5-gallon bucket, a drill, and sturdy rope. She has tomatoes growing from the bottom and cucumbers planted on top. So far, so good since she’s hung it from an old galvanized pipe structure that her hubby made.

  36. GothGirl says:

    Wow its a bad year for tomatoes …… now I want some salsa.

  37. humphrmi says:

    @GothGirl: I blame the Chinese. I’m sure there are red Thomas engines strewn about the tomato plants.

    Funny enough, most companies / restaurants / new outlets don’t mention that Salmonella only survives in raw hosts. Salsa, pizza, pasta with marinara – all fine, even if the tomatoes were infected before they were cooked and served.

    Salmonella is the weakest infection in the food chain. You’ve probably had Salmonella poisoning and wrote it off as a bad beer experience.

    Eat your salsa. In most cases, it’s cooked before it’s sold. In the rest, you get a free day off work.

  38. Bandy says:


    I doubt anyone who has had a bad case of salmonella poisoning would class it as the weakest infection in the food chain.

    I was laid up for 10 days with salmonella a few years ago. Those days consisted of nothing but lying still, waiting until the next wave of cramps wrack your body and you have to sit on the toilet with a bucket to catch your vomit as you’re passing blood. Nothing would stay in my body, not even water.

    Also, I doubt something you class as a weak infection would have this many deaths under its belt: []

  39. humphrmi says:

    @Bandy: Not sure if you caught the salient point. Cooked foods don’t have salmonella. Even if the raw materials did before they were cooked.

    Furthermore, I call Salmonella weak because it can’t survive above 28 C, which is about nine degrees below body temperature. In healthy adults, it may cause digestive problems as it attacks the digestive system before it gets totally wiped out by our body temperature.

    Also, I doubt something you class as a weak infection would have this many deaths under its belt: []

    OK let’s look at that link:

    “Prevalance of Salmonella food poisoning: It is estimated that from 2 to 4 million cases of salmonellosis occur in the U.S. annually. (Source: FDA Bad Bug Book) .”

    “Deaths from Salmonella food poisoning: estimated 1,000 deaths each year (DBMD); 38 reported deaths (NVSR Sep 2001)”

    So 38 confirmed (0.0019%) and 1000 estimated (0.05%) deaths per year out of (low estimate) 2,000,000 cases per year. I have a hard time finding any other cause of death from the CDC this low.

    It’s a stomach flu. You get more shit (literally) from a bathroom door handle. No need to panic. It sucks, you recover, life goes on.

  40. Abbott says:

    I have a Topsy Turvy and it works great! I’ve already got mad tomato action. I think the reason those things are falling over is that crappy ornamental stand. I mean, I put about 20 lbs of soil in it, not in addition to tomatoes. I have mine outside on some old metal coat rack with big solid legs & feet.