ABC Tests The Emergency Alert System During The Last Minute Of Last Night's NBA Finals Game

Reader Mike8813’s local ABC affiliate decided that the last minute of game 3 of the NBA Finals was a good time to conduct a monthly required test of the EAS. Whoops!

I’m a little pissed off right now. I missed the last 30 seconds of Game 3 of the NBA finals because the local ABC affiliate (KAKE in Wichita, KS) decided to run a test of the emergency alert system. That’s right, a TEST! On what proved to be Boston’s last shot at closing the gap, I was treated to a series of bleeps and bloops accompanying a gray screen, and was reunited with game coverage in time to see the players walking to the locker room. I soon found out that there was no miracle, and that the Celtics did indeed lose. But that’s besides the point.
I called KAKE, politely explained what happened, and asked if anyone else had called in to report this. She said no, and also added this: “It’s a required monthly test, and I’m not sure that we can do anything about the timing of it.” I find that very hard to believe. Is FOX helpless to stop the EAS test from popping up during the last 30 seconds of the Super Bowl? Will they simply shrug their shoulders and say that there was nothing they could do about it? Unlikely.
I asked if she could bring it to someone’s attention, and said that I was very disappointed that this happened. She said that she would “look into it”, and made no apologies.

Wikipedia says that EAS tests aren’t supposed to be scheduled during important live events such as the Oscars, or the Superbowl, but we weren’t able to find anything on the FCC’s website that confirmed that rule. Anyone work in TV? Want to enlighten us?

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