Bank of America Loses Customer When CSR Doesn't Get Her Morning Coffee

Here’s yet another reason to avoid Bank of America, from reader Alison. She received a call on a Saturday at 8:30 in the morning from Bank of America, to deal with an issue she resolved the previous night. She was not pleased with being roused so early on the weekend, so she called BOA to request they disturb her no earlier than 9:00 am, especially on the weekends. The cranky CSR answering her call not only told her such a request was impossible, but added “Well, I have to be at work at 7 in the morning, ma’am.” Alison didn’t feel that was adequate justification for waking her up, and is closing her account. She told her story in an EECB to Bank of America, and let us listen in. Read her email, inside.

Dear Bank of America:

I have been a credit card customer with you for six years but today closed my account as a result of the rudeness of your customer service people.

I received an email last night telling me that the fraud department wanted to confirm some recent charges on my account. The email said I could either use your Web site to confirm the charges or I could call you. I chose the online option, answered the fraud prevention questions, and figured that was that. However, this morning, I received a call asking me to verify the same questions at 8:30 a.m. — which woke me up.

I don’t appreciate being woken up before 9:00 in the morning on a weekend, especially when I had already handled the matter online last night after you offered me the choice of doing so.

I called your company to complain about this and spoke with a woman who I can only characterize as belligerent. When I told her that I don’t want to be called before 9 a.m., she told me that there’s no way to prevent that and they might call even earlier in the future. She said that you have offices all over the country and they can’t account for time zones. I pointed out that this makes no sense, since I’m on the east coast — if they’re not in my time zone, then they’re in an earlier one. Furthermore, that’s just ridiculous; are you waking up customers on the west coast at 6 a.m. then? I highly doubt it, so her answer makes no sense.

I then said to her, “Like many people, I work all week and I use the weekends to sleep in.” Her reply was: “Well, I have to be at work at 7 in the morning, ma’am.” I don’t know how that’s in the least bit relevant — should I expect Bank of America may call me at 7 a.m. then too? When I asked her this, she told me she would transfer me and then simply hung up on me.

I have just closed my account as a result of this — both the waking me up before 9 a.m. on a Saturday and the rudeness of your employee. There are plenty of other companies who value my business enough not to be gratuitously rude.


8:30 in the morning isn’t standard business hours, so there’s no reason to call you that early. And Alison raises a good point, BOA isn’t calling their Cali customers at 6:00 AM, so clearly there’s a method for controlling what time calls are made. If the CSR assigned to her call took a few minutes to work with Alison, BOA would still be able to charge Alison senseless overdraft fees for another few months. Instead, her early morning cranky pants routine lost the company a customer. You’d think her own displeasure at being up so early on the weekend would make her empathize more with Alison.



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  1. Angryrider says:

    She’s cutting service because they called an half hour early than usual? Well, if this happens alot AFTER they receive instructions, I’d probably would. At least the Bank tackles its problems as quickly as possible.

  2. Shappie says:

    I wonder if they are going to “Take This Matter Seriously?”

  3. Jon Mason says:

    Since taking a test drive at a Nissan dealership about a month ago, and telling them I was probably not going to buy for 2 or 3 months I have had probably 20+ calls from them, one of them was at 8:40 on a Saturday morning. Needless to say when I do buy a car I won’t be going back to them.

    On the other hand, if you don’t want to be woken up earlier than 9 – mute your phone. I normally do, had just forgotten on that occasion…

  4. oldscud says:

    Boo Hoo!! Cry me a river. B of A (who is the worst bank ever) was being dilligent about an account holders account and this is what they get? Identity thieves and scammers work all hours. Would she rather have B of A wait until a “reasonable” hour while some scammer drains her account? Sounds like she made a request that the rep could not guarantee. I’d rather a company be honest with me than make promises they know they can’t keep. I’d hate to see how the OP deals with *real* problems in her life.

  5. Cornelius047 says:

    This is stupid.

    How DARE they try to safeguard your account. Who do they think they are calling you before the Sun has reached its zenith in the sky?

    This needs to filed away under the “Crazy” customer cabinet.

  6. homerjay says:

    @oldscud: I sorta agree. The attitude of “How dare you disturb my precious beauty sleep with your petty desire to protect my identity” is a little over the top. What does she expect them to do about people who work 3rd shift? Make a note not to call during the day?

    I still don’t get that headline, either. It seems a little backwards.

    Oh, and this is 2008. 8:30am is very much standard business hours now.

    Oh my God. Did I just defend Bank of America??? I’m going to take a shower. I feel… dirty.

  7. MikeB says:

    @masonreloaded: I would hazard a guess that the reason you are not buying from them is the 20+ calls and not the one at 8:40 on a Saturday.

    In this case, 2 minor annoyances would not cause me to close an account. After the rudeness of the CSR I would have escalated the call and taken it from there.

  8. CarlR says:

    I envy the OP, I really do.

    How wonderful it must be to have such a problem free life that a 8:30AM phone call rises to the top of your to do list. If this happened to me I think it would be about right around priority #63.

  9. Jevia says:

    Well, not everyone works a standard 9-5 type job. What if the OP was someone that worked graveyard and had just gone to sleep a couple of hours earlier. Being woken up after just two hours of sleep is pretty harsh. BofA should have some means to flag an account as to “best time of day” to call or some such. I don’t really think it was necessarily the time of day, but the rudeness of the employee that turned the OP off.

  10. rpm773 says:

    F’ing Waah. Get over yourself, Alison.

    And thanks for wasting an BoA EECB on this.

  11. leprofie says:

    If you don’t want calls before a certain hour … don’t be a victim. Use resources. Attitude of CSR probably reflected the self-centeredness and rudeness of the customer.

  12. Mr_D says:

    Besides, BoA gave her two ways to resolve the issue – online or over the phone. Why does she have to verify over the phone what she put in online? Is it one of those non-choices that are so popular these days?

  13. eddikat says:

    I don’t see why everyone is giving the OP such a hard time on this. He fully believed the problem resolved, got called early on a weekend, and on top of that got a service rep with a who cares attitude. Trying to one-up the customer is never the correct response to a complaint.

  14. milk says:

    The majority of my credit card companies don’t have my real phone number. The one or two that do it doesn’t matter, as I only have a cell phone that’s always hidden deep within my purse somewhere. Good luck contacting me if I’m asleep.

  15. PinUp says:

    I think the bigger issure is the rude response from the CSR. The poster was only calling to request that she not be called so early, it was only when she got the “Well, I’m up, so why shouldn’t you be, too?” response that she felt the need to close her account. I get her point and all, but if she’s going to close every account that ever has a rude CSR she’ll eventually live by bardering because she won’t be able to do business with anyone. I would have at least asked for a supervisor (translation=next tier CSR).

  16. sleze69 says:

    Most of you are missing the point. She was mad about the early phone call that she thought was resolved the night before. If the customer service rep she called had simply apologized, she never would have cancelled her account and this wouldn’t be a Consumerist worthy story.

    If I told Amex to not call me before a certain time I am very confident they would say, “Yes sir! Is there anything else we can help you with?”

  17. bohemian says:

    The best way to get a flaming cup of ire from me is to wake up up at some obnoxiously early hour on a weekend without a really good reason. I keep my phone turned on because we have older kids and elderly family members, sometimes there are valid reasons one of them might call at some odd hour.

    She already resolved this online, so the call from BOA was redundant. The online option was a waste of time if they needed to do it over the phone anyway. BOA might not have a way to note her account not to call before a certain hour but the CSR didn’t need to be rude about it either.

  18. @homerjay: I bet if she HAD had fraud, she would of complained they didn’t call her earlier. I mean, how can they expect her to sleep after her identity was stolen?

    This reminds me of a time I worked a 3rd shift, then had to go to court to pay a ticket. I was standing in line to pay at 9am like the ticket said, and you could hear the hen clucking from behind a cube wall in the office behind the glass. No one emerged until about 9:10, and I was 2nd in line. The lady had a nasty attitude(I have witnesses that I was cordial b/c I was dead tired and just wanted this over), and I was being over apologetic just to try to make her be nicer. At one point I said “I’m sorry, I was working late last night and I’m tired.”
    She said, “Well we were working till 10pm last night! I’m tired to.”
    By that point I couldn’t hold my lip and said, “I’m sorry about that. I myself was working till 6. This morning. Three hours ago, this morning.”
    She walked off in a huff to process my stuff and the people behind me went, “Were you making faces at her? B/c you said nothing at all and didn’t have an attitude, and she was just nasty to you.”

  19. Rajio says:

    Wait, so this has WHAT to do with coffee?!

  20. @bohemian: @Mr_D: Perhaps it’s a standard follow up? Does the online option “allow” the charge, and the follow up call confirm that it wasn’t fraud?

  21. nataku8_e30 says:

    I got a mortgage from Bank of America several months bank. The mortgage processor called me at 7:15 am. When I asked her not to call me again that early she got very defensive. After that, I guess she decided to ‘punish’ me by never returning my phone calls or answering my emails. Even my title company was unable to get in contact with her. I may have gotten stuck with a mortgage from them, but I’ve moved all of my credit cards / checking account since then.

  22. seeldee says:

    More of a rhetorical question: Why are so many commenters on Consumerist such douchebags?

    For the most part, the Consumerist comments section has become a troll forum. I will never understand why anonymous commenting idiots seem so eager to jump all over a posted item, making fun of the subject of the post. Don’t any of you turds have anything positive to add to the discussion or do you only chime in when you feel the need to make yourself feel superior or smarter than the OP?

    People react and respond to situations in ways that are appropriate to them alone. Have none of you heard the saying, “To each his own”? Nobody gives a crap how any of you dissenting commenters would have handled any given, hypothetical situation. And the leaps of logic and assumptive “well, what ifs…” that get posted just blow my mind.


  23. timmus says:

    Google Switchboard for the win. Family and friends get my real telephone number. ALL businesses, credit card companies, and entities I don’t know well get the Google Switchboard number. I can restrict when those companies call or just allow no calls at all from 9 pm to 9 am. I can’t recommend this route highly enough, especially since it seems like you have to opt out of things within the first hour of doing business with a company otherwise they market & share the hell out of your data.

  24. macinjosh says:


    “Would she rather have B of A wait until a “reasonable” hour while some scammer drains her account?”

    The charges aren’t going through, so it doesn’t matter when the call comes. The earlier, the better but it can wait a few hours. Also remember that she went thru this online. If they don’t trust the online method, they shouldn’t offer it.


    “What does she expect them to do about people who work 3rd shift? Make a note not to call during the day?”

    Yeah, notes can be used for writing something other than “this guy is a dick”.

    Also are these calls being made to people at 3 am? I doubt it, so BoA could also adjust the hours these calls are made.

  25. macinjosh says:

    @timmus: do you mean GrandCentral?

  26. BoomerFive says:

    @Angryrider: Just wondering if you actually read the post. I believe that bad service precipitated her closing the account.

  27. macinjosh says:

    @Rajio: CSR was grumpy and sleepy…but certainly not bashful. Possibly dopey too

  28. curmudgeon5 says:

    I’m the person this happened to. As others have noted, the reason I canceled the account was because the CSR was so rude, not because of the time of the call. I’m just sick of dealing with companies that permit their employees to treat people this way. I’m not at all concerned about ending up with no credit cards — I have USAA, and they’re amazing, which fortunately gives me the freedom to expect companies who get my business to meet bare minimum standards of politeness. I think some of the comments here are a commentary on how much the bar has been lowered in what we think we need to accept from companies. Why shouldn’t we walk away when companies are rude? We have options.

    Also, after this happened, I received a call from their executive customer service, who told me that they DO have a way to limit the times of phone calls and that it was a mistake that the call was so early, and that I shouldn’t have received ANY call since I had already done the fraud verification online the night before. So the CSR’s rudeness becomes even more inexplicable.

  29. Joe S Chmo says:

    The OP has nothing on me. I closed my credit card at BofIndia when the rep refused to give me a coupon for a free latte at Starbucks when I called in and asked what my balance was. What an inconsiderate selfish jerk he was!

  30. thegirls says:

    Truer words were never spoken…especially in this day and age!

  31. RINO-Marty says:

    I have submitted at least 3 stories to Consumerist that were 10 times as interesting or important as this waste of space.

    B of A called me a half hour early! Oh noes!

  32. VA_White says:

    I wasn’t the early call that caused her to leave. It was the shitty attitude she got when she said something about the early call.

    The CSR had a lot of choice about what to say. This would probably have kept Alison’s business even if it still woke her up:
    “I apologize for the early call. Even if you had called us last night, we still would have followed up with a call back to the number we have on record for you, just to be doubly certain no one was using your card fraudulently. Now that we’ve confirmed the activity, I hope you can get back to sleep. Have a great weekend!”

    It’s called not being an asshole. Something Bank of America isn’t very good at.

  33. VA_White says:

    So you’re pissing on this story because you have gotten your one minute of fame from Ben & Co?

  34. BlondeGrlz says:

    @homerjay: What does she expect them to do about people who work 3rd shift? Make a note not to call during the day?

    Uh, yes. Why would that be so hard? I think it’s nice to see that the OP took action when she was unhappy with BofA. How many post so we see where the consumer says “Waaah! Bo of A is so mean! I hate them, but I’m not switching banks, that’s a pain.” Don’t let a company get away with poor service.

  35. thegirls says:

    I know that even many small companies with standard, off the shelf, not very customized contact databases allow for comments regarding “best time to call” so I would venture to guess that BOA’s custom client database allows for posting “best time to call” notes.

  36. Veeber says:

    @timmus: Are you talking about GrandCentral? I think Google switchboard is their goog-411 service.

    Grand Central is indeed a nice way to go.

  37. pileofmonkeycrap says:

    Not blaming the OP, but if she doesn’t want to receive early morning phone calls, then simply turn off the phone ringer.

    But the CSR should’ve just “yessed” her to death even if there’s no way to prevent early phone calls.

  38. failurate says:

    One sided story, of course, but do you think it is possible the OP was abusive to the CSR right from the start? Set a bad tone? CSRs can’t be expected to be punching bags.

    @seeldee: So, what is your ideal comment like?

  39. rhmmvi says:

    Abusive? I’m abusive if someone calls me at 8:40 on a Saturday morning. I may not be the most pleasant person in the world, but it’s a sure-fire way to piss me off to wake me up AND be rude to me. I completely agree with the OP–not sure of the nuclear option of cancelling everything, but it is pretty ridiculous that they rude about it. I understand that the fraud alert stuff has a bit of urgency, HOWEVER, I don’t think most people use their debit cards in their sleep and could probably wait to resolve it when they’re awake.

    Crappy customer service is inexcusable for an entity that’s getting to use your money for virtually free.

  40. mike says:

    @seeldee: I couldn’t agree with you more…but I do find it ironic that you didn’t contribute anything to the conversation concerning BoA. ;-)

    For some, turning off the phone isn’t practical. Maybe they have a sick family member in the hospital or maybe they are on call. I don’t know. I know my family and friends gets pissed at me because I turn off my phone at 7pm and don’t turn it on until about 11am or 12pm.

    I tell them that the phone is there more for my convienence than anyone elses. If it’s urgant, leave a message saying so and I’ll get it eventually.

    Yes, I pine for the days before telephones and being connected 24-hours a day.

  41. curmudgeon5 says:

    @failurate: I was actually very nice to the CSR, until she told me that she wasn’t sympathetic since she had to be at work at 7. At that point I asked to talk to a manager and she hung up on me.

    @pileofmonkeycrap: I don’t turn my ringer off at night because I want to be able to receive emergency calls from family. But again, the issue wasn’t the time of the phone call; it was the CSR’s attitude.

  42. seeldee says:


    In my opinion, comments should be constructive, not disruptive, nor should they read like a personal attack. The ideal comment responds to the stated points in an original post and does not create additional hypothetical information or assumptions about what “really happened”. Also, fair-minded suggestions directed at helping comments readers handle a similar situation are also preferable to insulting either the original poster or the subject of the post.

    Some comments on this thread that seem to be respectful to the OP and helpful to comments readers could include comments posted by Jevia, Sleze69, Timmus and VA_White. These commenters do not resort to personal attacks on the OP or fabricate aspects of the situation they could know nothing about; they offer suggestions about how to avoid receiving an 8:30am call.

    There is nothing wrong with healthy debate or dissenting opinions but the tone of many Consumerist commenters take advantage of the anonymity of this forum to be unnecessarily childish or offensive. I’d like to suggest to other commenters that they call out the trolls whenever they see trollish behaviour. Take back these forums and set a more positive, collaborative tone. It can be done, I think.

  43. Wormfather says:

    @CarlR: Whoa, whoa whoa, I dare someone to rouse me at 8:30AM on a weekend. Hell, my dog knows better. Pain of death is about the only thing one can expect from me that early.

    Back when I lived at home my mom tried to wake me up at 8AM one morning, I gave her a black eye. I was 18 mo old.

    True story.

  44. Wormfather says:

    @curmudgeon5: Hear, hear, power to the OP, power to the consumer.

    Great Post!

  45. seeldee says:


    Good point. Thanks for calling me out on that – I wondered if that might happen and I was aware that in my rant I did not actually address the original post. I really just kind-of snapped after reading the first few childish comments directed at the OP. It’s too common on these forums and I had just had enough. I don’t often comment on Consumerist forums because of the trolls…

    Maybe I’ll take my own advice and start commenting regularly and begin challenging the trolls. You with me, linus? Anyone else?

  46. picardia says:

    The big problem here is that she resolved the fraud issue online, supposedly, and the BOA system did not respond. So, was it resolved or not? Is the BOA website merely decorative? If it was properly taken care of, that should’ve been reflected in her records, and no call should have been made. If you can “resolve” something online and the bank can just ignore that, it has far more serious repercussions than getting woken up early.

  47. MrGrimes says:

    So the CSR’s rudeness becomes even more inexplicable.

    It’s just one of those things, where someone doesnt want to be at their desk at 8am on a Saturday, and especially doesnt want to deal with a hot customer. Was it wrong? Absolutely. Does it shock me? Not in the least.

  48. Farquar says:

    @seeldee: Agreed.. I don’t see this level of troll-ish-ness (?) on the other gawker sites I peruse. I’m a little disapointed.

    In any event… She didn’t leave because they called early, she left because they were dicks when she asked them not to call so early next time. I get that. The only way we can truly express our displeasure as consumers with a bank is to leave the bank for an equally crappy bank. (or credit union, they are often better) She was displeased. Seems reasonable to me.

  49. vladthepaler says:

    Allison: You don’t actually have to get up and answer the phone just because it’s ringing. Hell, you can even turn off the ringer for your bedroom phone, so it won’t disturb you.

  50. RumorsDaily says:

    I’ve been woken up on the west coast at 6am, and was plenty annoyed about it.

  51. darksunfox says:

    As someone who worked 2nd shift for several years, I was always greatly agitated when companies called me first thing in the morning. I worked 12:00pm-10:30pm – didn’t get home until 11 and probably never got to sleep before 2. Getting a call at 8 in the morning even on a weekday meant losing 2 hours of sleep because once I’ve had a few hours, if I wake up I’m up. I generally had companies put notes in my accounts to not call in the a.m. – seemed to do the trick.

  52. bleh says:

    EVERYONE needs to stop using BofA.

  53. Preyfar says:

    I side with Bank of America on this one, sorry. When it comes to account security and to verify that everything is OK I’d rather they wake me up. Imagine if the account had been compromised, and the bank rep didn’t call until later? The customer would be equally as upset that the bank waited to contact them.

  54. B says:

    I don’t get the OP blame here. She made a perfectly reasonable request (Don’t call before 9am on weekends) and BofA refused the request for no good reason. Obviously, for people who work 2nd and 3rd shift, and different time zones, having the customers specify when they would like to receive calls is reasonable and should be expected. As for the early alerts, the OP got an email about the suspicious transactions the night before, so the call wasn’t giving her any useful information.

  55. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    One of the things that always pissed everyone off about the Jehovah’s Witnesses was their idiotic insistence of waking you up at 8 AM on Sat. morning to tell you their insane beliefs.
    It finally got knocked into their leaders heads to stop doing so.
    Maybe BofA will also get that message.

  56. Nev-in-NYC says:

    I’m with the OP. Under those circumstances I’ve done much worse. There was a telemarketer who called me once at 7:30 on a Saturday morning and needless to say I was far less cordial than Allison was. Not only did I yell like crazy at the person for calling at an unacceptable hour, I called back in half an hour after being unable to get back to sleep to continue to yell until I received a formal apology. Excessive I know but frankly I don’t like phone calls of any kind, let alone from people who are trying to get money from me.

    Another time I got an automated call from a cable company soliciting me for digital cable and after hitting some numbers to get a live person I asked for a manager and was met with a glib douche bag who insisted that despite manning the phone that he was indeed a manager. After nicely explaining that I had no interest in being called and to please remove me from their calling list the jerk had the nerve to remark, “Sorry I can’t do that. But aren’t these calls great?” Needless to say I yelled as loud as I could into the phone in the hopes of giving him hearing damage.

    In the future I’m going to keep an airhorn handy for just such occasions. Telemarketers beware…

  57. savdavid says:

    Angryreader (BOA employee?) is missing the whole point of the story. Did she/he read it? Alison is closing the account because of the rudeness of the CSR. Period.

  58. ScubaSteveKzoo says:

    I keep hearing about the horrors of BOA, as I have had pretty decent experiences with them, once they bought my bank, LaSalle. Not sure if I should switch, or just wait until something bad happens.

  59. Chaosium says:

    “More of a rhetorical question: Why are so many commenters on Consumerist such douchebags?”

    It’s free to join.

  60. amightywind says:

    i actually sympathize with the CSR’s lack of empathy for the OP since my own days of guaranteed sleeping in are long gone (maybe i’m just bitter), but is it excusable for someone who gets paid to deal with customers effectively to catch an attitude with said customer? absolutely not. is it reasonable to request later callings from a huge company that definitely has the infrastructure to accomodate such a request? damn skippy.

    @curmudgeon5: are you sure you were perfectly nice? i mean, with a name like curmudgeon… :P

    i’m going to play devil’s advocate here: maybe the CSR was just looking for a friend to have a bitch-fest about how much they hate waking up early and work and shit, and the OP didn’t bite. think about how hurt the CSR must have been. all she wanted was a friend. *tear*

  61. macinjosh says:

    Oh yeah, this part really bothered me.. (emphasis mine)

    she told me that there’s no way to prevent that and they might call even earlier in the future

    That’s just goading.. it’s practically the same as “Now go home and get yer fuggin’ shinebox!”

  62. celticgina says:

    Going with the OP on this one.

    1. If a company is Not Satisfactory, we take away business. We have choices. That’s the point behind being consumers in a Free Marketplace. They were rude, she leaves. She votes with her feet and wallet.

    2. Why should WE have to defend ourselves against early morning calls? If there is a Do Not Call list and a way to get junk mail removed, WHY can’t we ask companies NOT to call at an early hour? It would take someone hitting a few computer keys!

    Isn’t the point behing CONSUMERIST that consumers fight back? That’s exactly what she did. Bravo to her!!

  63. Wow, six blame-the-victim posts to start the comment thread. This is really getting out of control. Maybe it’s time for another heart-to-heart from Consumerist editorial staff about the increasing anti-OP comment volume?

  64. richcreamerybutter says:

    I’m the queen of unusual working business hours. Even when I’m not working, my asleep times vary wildly. I would love the option of a two-part business day, maybe 7-3 and 12-8.

    Even is this were to happen, humans MUST observe an agreed upon set of hours in which it’s acceptable to make business calls. I was under the impression that people who are not friends or family do not call your home BEFORE 9am or AFTER 9pm. 8:30am is completely unacceptable on a day that many people observe as one of rest.

    What if, in one of my 3am insomniac fits of puttering, I decided I should take care of all my business by calling these CSRs at home? I doubt they would appreciate it.

  65. pileofmonkeycrap says:


    “I have just closed my account as a result of this – both the waking me up before 9 a.m. on a Saturday and the rudeness of your employee.”

    I don’t turn my ringer off at night because I want to be able to receive emergency calls from family. But again, the issue wasn’t the time of the phone call; it was the CSR’s attitude.”

    Your comments contradict themselves. Was the fact the phone call was received before 9:00am an issue or not? I’m betting that you had a bit of an attitude when speaking to the CSR. Now the CSR should’ve taken the high road and actually provided some customer service….but decency and respect goes both ways. Don’t expect it if you don’t give it.

  66. krom says:

    I suppose she’d prefer the WaMu treatment instead: they’re nice and polite to you, but they reliably lie to you.

  67. curmudgeon5 says:

    @pileofmonkeycrap: I should have been clearer there. It’s the CSR’s refusal to commit to not calling so early again (and even threatening to call earlier in the future), rather than the one-time phone call iself. That’s sort of a subset of her rude attitude, in my opinion, so I’d lump it all together under “rudeness.”

    And no, I didn’t have an attitude with the CSR. Frankly, I think one would have been justified given her attitude, but I’m well aware that you’re more likely to get what you want by being nice, and that’s what I was trying to do. However, I’m sure I did sound irritated and frustrated by the end of the call, although I didn’t start out that way.

    Anyway, I walked, something we should all do when companies behave this way. If I can figure out a way to walk away from Comcast, they’re next on my list.

  68. seeldee says:


    You’re being disingenuous.

    The idea that a call coming through at 8:30am on a Saturday could be from anyone other than family, or related to something of serious importance, is likely what added to curmudgeon5’s strong reaction. The CSR knew she was calling early on a Saturday (I doubt this was the first call of her shift) and should have been prepared to reach a sleepy person – in fact, that should be beside the point; the CSR should have been trained to be deferential and respectful of the client, regardless of the time of the call. Pair an early call with a surly, defensive CSR unwilling to acknowledge that the timing of the call was unusual and it seems pretty clear that curmudgeon5’s reaction was reasonable.

    Why do you choose to stir crap up other than to find a way to try to put the original poster “in her place”. How would you know that the OP was using “a bit of an attitude”? There’s no way for you to know that! This is classic Consumerist comment troll behaviour. There is no reason to be putting this back on the OP. This is completely related to poor customer service.

  69. thomanjones says:

    The OP should never have children. You can’t cancel service with them, nor do you ever get a reasonable answer. ;)

  70. richcreamerybutter says:

    @thomanjones: almost as predictable as the “blame the consumer” post is the “you’ll understand when you’re a parent!” reply.

  71. Breach says:

    If I dumped my accounts with a business after every minor annoyance like that I would be out of companies to do business with.

    Customer service can be hell, that is an unfortunate fact of big business. If you dont like what you get than fight it (using consumerist!). I mean really, was it worth the hassle of changing your bank because of a sort of early phone call? You pay more than they do for your time and irritation if you let it.

  72. warf0x0r says:

    I applaud this consumer for putting their money where there mouth is. The sad truth is that BOA probably wasn’t making any money off of her as a customer.

  73. Hogan1 says:

    8:30 is too early for her? seriously? If she has such a problem with people calling before 9am she can turn off her phone. It’s fraud related, Bank of America was trying to handle it quickly. I see no problem with this. If my bank spots something suspicious, I’d WANT them to call me to verify and 8:30am is a reasonable time.

  74. jpx72x says:

    “Some neighbors say it’s way too loud,” Mr. Rubb contends. “That’s only in the morning: you’re supposed to be up cooking breakfast! It’s like an alarm clock. Whoo-woo!”

  75. linoth says:

    @homerjay: @Git Em SteveDave’s G3 hearts a certain MBP:

    You have no idea how much it cheers me to see “Star” account holders disagreeing with some of the articles that Consumerist posts. Thank you.

  76. coren says:

    @homerjay: The weekend itself is barely business hours in many places, before 9 am less so. Nevermind that yes, they should have just made a note on the account – it’s not that difficult a thing to do. Frankly, at 8:30 AM on the east coast, the only thing a CSR should be doing is taking calls – I doubt they’d wake up a West Coaster at 4 am (the hour this CSR had to be at work0

  77. Pithlit says:

    @curmudgeon5: I think you were clear. Some of the commentors here are just crap is all. Particularly today for some reason. I can’t believe some of the comments directed at you.

  78. joellevand says:

    @Git Em SteveDave’s G3 hearts a certain MBP: Pretty much. If they’d waited till 5 PM, then it would have been “BoA waits 24 hours while my identity is stolen!”

    As much as I *hate* BoA for the way they treated me and people I knew who used them, I can’t really excuse someone getting pissy because they were woken up half an hour earlier than they’d like. Yes, the CSR was pissy too, but I imagine the OP wasn’t exactly polite in her request for the CSR to not wake her up so early.

    And by the way, in my current office, our day starts at 8AM, darling.

  79. redkamel says:

    if this happened to me I would have been mad, but not cancel-my-account mad…

    AM weekend call: bad idea
    grumpy CSR: bad idea
    but it wasnt a marketing or new account was identity theft. So that makes it ok. And who knows, maybe the online thing hadnt updated. its not like this happens every week. If they had called repeatedly or for a different reason, I could see someone cancelling an account. But for a valid security reason…

    although the grumpy CSR definitely deserved at least a complaint to BofA

  80. MT says:

    I don’t get you guys. In previous BOA posts you’re always saying “First problem: you’re banking with BOA.” “Well OBVIOUSLY the OP’s problem is their bank: BOA.”

    So.. someone leaves BOA and you guys blame the OP. Wonderful.

  81. JessicaJessica says:

    Funny story –

    I had a roommate once who was behind on her BOA credit card. Every morning at 9:00AM sharp they would call and ask for her. Unfortunately, she was already at work by this time as she worked 9-5. Even more unfortunately, I was working nights and was awakened each time. Every single time they would call, I would politely ask them to call back after 6:00PM when she would be home, imortant information if they actually wanted to reach the account holder!

    Yet every morning the calls would continue. Several times I explained to them they they were being a nuisance as I worked nights and I asked why they continued calling at a time when they knew that the account holder was not there, and they would say “I’ll just call back” and then hang-up. This went on for months!

    One day I was completely fed up, and told the CSR that I was a BOA account holder myself (no longer) and that I was seriously considering closing my accounts because I felt that I was being harassed. She replied:

    “Ma’am, we are one of the largest banks in the world. Your account will not be missed.”

    I think that explains everything …

  82. biswalt says:

    @CarlR: Did you read the whole article. OP went to website, ergo phonecall was unnecessary esp. at 8:30am on weekend.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been having a problem with BofA’s investigators being illiterate. How does “rescinded” translate into “I totally think they still deserve this tip after overcharging me”?

  84. AdelaideGeryon says:

    I am with OP on this one. Actually, I am relatively certain that it is
    illegal for companies to call before 9AM under federal law. That may only
    apply to bill collectors, but it should tell you something that the feds
    made it a law for those guys. No legit business should be calling before 9AM
    for any reason. Period.

  85. amightywind says:

    ah, bubb rubb to the rescue

  86. arl84 says:

    Wah Wah Wah?

    Seriously. Websites like this one prime BOA customers to hate the reps they’re calling – nevermind it’s a real person with real feelings just trying to eke out a living in the world. The OP calls them up to complain about something so arbitrary as a phone call 30 minutes early? Have you heard of mute, or vibrate, or silent modes for phones?
    Of course not, that would be far too unreasonable. Let’s call up some hapless customer service rep and give them hell for it!!! (I seriously doubt she was nice when she called in)

  87. jmosley1901 says:

    On Friday, June 20, 2008, I walked into the Parkland Branch Bank of America to make several deposits, cash a check and get my payroll out. The check that I was trying to cash was from a vendor who’d made the check out to my mother, who is a signer on my business account. She came into the back to sign the check and to show her identification.

    The check was over the teller’s limit so she asked the Assistant Branch Manager, Song Degarmo, to assist her. She was asked to verify the check.

    All I did was ask them to verify the check. The funds were good. The Assistant Branch Manager, Song Degarmo, explains to me that Bank of America no longer verifies funds over the phone. I ask to speak with the branch manager because I have been a customer of Bank of America for many years and they have always called to verify funds in situations such as this.

    When the Branch Manager, Linda Morley, storms out her office with my check in her hand, she states, “It is obvious that we will not be able to provide you with the level of customer service that you would like. Your account is not entitled to any special treatment. I am closing your accounts.” And with that she storms over to the main doors, opens the doors and turns back to say, “Please Leave!”

    Mind you, we are in the middle of the lobby and there are still customers all around. I still have yet to say anything to her. Quite frankly, I was confused on what prompted her to approach me in such a manner, and I was hugely embarrassed by her antics.

    The Assistant Branch Manager, Song Degarmo, places her hand on my shoulder and pushed me towards the door. I stopped at the door, turned to the Linda Morley and ask, “Can you please explain to me what is going on? Why are you closing my account?” I was not hostile. I did NOT yell at her.

    She says, “I don’t have to explain anything to you! I have the right to close an account for any reason. Please Leave. If you don’t leave I will call the police!”

    I was almost in tears at this point. My mother was still there. It appeared as though Ms Morley was unreasonably hostile towards her, but that had nothing to do with me or my accounts. I said, “You have not even spoken to me and I am the primary signer on this account. I deserve an explanation as to why you are closing my account. I am not being hostile. I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

    “It is obvious that you are unaware as to how much we have bent over backwards to assist you. The bank is closed. Please leave.”

    “I have been in line since 5:20. The bank closed before I got to the teller window. Are you saying to me that I am not entitled to the same customer service as everyone else simply because the bank closed while I was in line?”

    “That is not what I said! You are putting words in my mouth!”

    Again, Song Degarmo attempted to push me out the door. By this time, one of the other bankers was standing behind them as if she was going to forcibly remove me.

    And so we left. I called the customer service number to find out why this happened. What did I do wrong? Why did she treat me like that? They said that the branch manager can shut down an account for any reason and that what she did cannot be overridden by anyone.

    I have sat on the phone and poured my heart out to several customer service representatives, and spoken to supervisors of supervisors. The last one I spoke with, Tammy Wright said that she was sorry but the only thing she could offer me at this time was a sincere apology.

    I spent Friday night in the emergency room because I had an anxiety attack that was brought about by this entire situation.