Reach Time Warner Cable Executive Customer Service

203-351-2221 connects you directly to Time Warner Cable’s executive customer care division. Jeff Simmermon, Time Warner’s Digital Communications Director, sent this number to us himself. What a good example for other companies to emulate!


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  1. FrugalFreak says:

    still all meat and no bone.

  2. I still can’t stand Time Warner; I think I’m paying more for AT&T U-Verse, but every time there’s a problem I get to deal with pleasant and helpful people instead of Time Warner.

  3. enine says:

    I wish I had this a couple years ago when I had trouble. Our connection got so slow we couldn’t do anything and at the time my wife was taking an internet based college class. I level three support mamager told me when I said it was impacting my wife’s college work “our service is for netertainment purposes only”. So we switched to wide open west and get better service for less cost.

  4. WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

    The only way I’ve gotten TWC to respond is by filing a BBB complaint.

    In their defense, though, as soon as I filed that BBB complaint, my service issues were corrected, my service was retroactively prorated to a lower rate, and they gave me the local phone number so I can bypass the corporate mess for any and all problems I have in the future and deal directly with the manager of the local branch.

    So… yeah… I recomend the BBB when dealing with TWC.

  5. DeepFriar says:

    Having my cable signal refreshed ever four days gets boring really quickly.
    I was so used to dealing with TWC, that I knew the first 8 questions they asked when troubleshooting.
    I requested so many credits that it was like getting a 15% discount on my rate.
    If TWC were a person, I would kick them right in the nuts.

  6. cocodynamite says:

    I have to say calling this number really works. I had been dealing with local Time Warner hell for a few months. My roommate moved out and I transfered the cable into my name. When I did so the TW rep at the 23rd street center told me I had to pay the balance due of $285 in full. No problem I paid the bill. The next month a bill came in my name and a statement came in my old roommates name showing a credit balance of $140 because they overcharged me. I called customer service and they said “yeah that happens alot when people tranfer accounts…” I spent weeks faxing copies of my cancelled check and notes to the finance department asking that the credit be applied to my account. Anyway, once call to this number and the matter was taken care of in less than an hour. Consumerist Rocks!

  7. rhanzelka says:

    We (wife and myself) entered a two year contract (that we understood at
    the time to be a one year contract)with Direct TV in late 2007. Big mistake!
    I have had problems with the service from the beginning. It started with
    shoddy installation that prohibited me from locking my home and protecting
    my family and valuables from break in. We are plagued with downtime due to
    faulty equipment that won’t even last through the contract period. When we
    request service on their defective equipment, they tell us they are going to
    charge us to fix their equipment. I had cablevision for 30 years prior to
    getting screwed by Direct TV. This is the worst service coupled with the
    worst product I have ever been stuck with in my entire life. The worst thing
    that ever happened with cablevision was being down for 2-3 hours once every
    year or two because of a down line. When I call Direct TV for service, they
    tell me it will be a week to ten days before they can get to me. So I am
    without television for that long but am still charged for it. I am also
    expected to take four to eight hours out of my work day every time Direct TV
    comes to my home. The last time I was told service would be performed
    between eight o’clock in the morning and noon. The technician did not even
    arrive onsite until 12:10 p.m. Service was not performed until after the
    agreed upon time that it would be completed. That was just two week ago. Now
    the service is broken again and we are told it will be another week before
    they can come to fix it. How long will the FCC go on allowing Direct TV to
    cheat and take advantage of customers? I would love to have the opportunity
    to do a commercial for cable television. After being subjected to customer
    service as poor as Direct TV, I know what the worst is. And to top it all
    off, when my wife negotiated this contract with Direct TV she was told that
    it was a one year agreement. Two weeks ago when we had trouble the last
    time, we were informed that it was a two year and not a one year contract
    that we originally agreed to. I suppose we can throw a little deceptive
    in for good measure… huh? This is the worst experience I have ever had
    with any vendor in my 50 years and I will make sure I tell everybody that
    has ears to hear. Cable TV is the only way to go in my humble opinion and there is no worse programming service on the planet than DIRECTV!!!

  8. veemoe says:

    Time Warner Cable in Raleigh is in the same sweet spot that Comcast once was before Verizon Fios came in. They have a monopoly on the cable/internet business. And as a result, they can get away with providing the worst customer service and quality of product I have ever experienced.

    I had digital cable installed in May. I was told to switch out my HDMI cables because TWC wasn’t “up to speed” yet with HD technology. So they patched in low-tech cables, causing me to have to go through additional steps EVERY time I turn on my TV, in order to get the HD widescreen picture. I was told that I would be getting a software upgrade within a few weeks my installation. That was in MAY. It’s now September.

    I was also promised a MasterCard with $100 on it for joining up and getting the Triple Play. I would get it in 4-6 weeks. I have yet to see that.

    Additionally, my “blazing fast” Internet connection is a complete joke. I pay the premium price for the fastest connection. EVERY time I download music from iTunes or send a file that’s over 4MB, I lose my connection with a message that says it’s “been compromised.”

    As much as I love my Showtime and being connected on the Internet, I’m at the point where I would rather ditch it all then deal with this sham company. To reach customer service requires a hold time of no less than 30 minutes (1 hour is my record). I’ve been told I’ll be charged upwards of $200 to cancel my account. So I’m stuck with bad cable, worse Internet, and a company who really doesn’t care.

    Fios, please, come to Raleigh.

  9. Matt Silverman says:

    Just tried this number and it says it is no longer in service.

  10. Belinda Jones says:

    I called the number which its no longer in service but they give a number for the executive offices 212-364-8200.

  11. shiznannigan says:

    Mr. Simmermon’s email still works, I got a response within 24 hours, and finally some progress is being made on matters that regular customer service was not able to help with.