Hate Outsourced Bankers? Just Ask For A US One

Loathe the outsourced customer service reps on the Washington Mutual phone lines? Just ask for a US-banker, says one WaMu insider:

Everyone here at customer service I know where I work HATES the outsourced bankers.. not only are they stealing our jobs, they cannot think outside the box, sometimes they cant even speak properly, and they CONSTANTLY fudge up peoples accounts, but management seems to keep hiring more! Cheap crap labor. We in the supervisor teams are always having to clean up after their mistakes, and sometimes there isn’t anything we can do, such as reopen a debit card they accidentally closed as being lost or stolen, and the customer gets the full force of their incompetence. The only time I see that coming from US bankers is when they are in training and that’s it. And of course the customers hate them too.

Always ask for a US banker if you get through to customer service. When a Philippines banker is asked to transfer to a US banker it goes to a supervisor and it costs more to hire more supervisors, so if more people do that… imagine the message management will get.

Cool. I didn’t even know you could ask for a US-banker. As a Washington Mutual customer, this is definitely a tip I will be using in the future. Probably works for other banks, too.

(Photo: Maulleigh)

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