115F Degree Ice-Cold Coca-Cola

Reader Stevenson was doing some grocery shopping in the heat of the afternoon, one summer’s day. Feeling parched, he located a Coca-Cola machine which appeared to him as a merciful desert oasis, or maybe it was just a mirage. Eager to quench his thirst, he hastily fed a dollar bill into the machine. He reached into the machine with the expectation of cool tasty relief, but what he retrieved from the bowels of the mechanical hell-beast was a bottle of Coke that was so f’ng hot he could barely maintain his grip. Shocked and confused, he looked around and caught a glimpse of the machine’s digital readout that mockingly read “ICE COLD COCA COLA 115F.” Stevenson’s letter, inside…

Dear Consumerist:

I want to share with you a little sordid tale about hot summer days, grocery shopping and a little bottled-demon that I’ve come to loathe and fear.

Monday afternoon I decided it was about time to do some grocery shopping. This went extra smoothly which, in retrospect, should have warned me that my life was about to be forever flipped upside down. As I exited the grocery store I realized that, jeez, it was hot out. Quite hot. It was nice and chill in the grocery store, but not so much outside. To top it off, I have multiple sclerosis, and heat and I do not mix. I needed something to cool me down if I was going to make the walk home.

I walk back into the lobby and, thankfully, spot a vending machine. Granted, the only options were Coca-Cola, but, really, it could have been ice-cold vegetable oil and it would have helped. While not as hydrating as, say, water, an “ice-cold” Coca-Cola would certainly have helped. After a long struggle with the dollar-slot my fate was sealed.

When a machine tells you that it has “ice-cold” Coca-Cola, well, you’re inclined to believe it. Machines, at least in my experience, aren’t quite as likely to lie as people. This machine, however, was as far beyond the human concept of deceit as we are from ape. What it disgorged was, in no imaginable way, what I wanted.

Granted, the bottle I received was indeed Coca-Cola. That much, and only that, was true. The “Ice-Cold” part? The picture of the delicious, ice-covered Coca-Cola bottle, rising triumphantly over a scarlet background? That was a lie. An enormous, steaming lie.

I was literally unable to hold the bottle due to the heat blazing out of it. My Coca-Cola bottle was the very opposite of “ice-cold,” it was “fire-hot!” I could not even hold the bottle.

Wrapping it in bags, I went to alert the customer desk in the store. I knew that the nothing would come of this (it wasn’t THEIR machine, really) but I did want to alert them. Apparently, according to the nice lady who took a brief moment away from her cell phone to talk to me, this boiling Duke of Hell had been operating like this for a bit. How long is a bit? I’ll never know, as she promptly resumed her cell phone use.

On my way out I stopped to gaze at the machine. I pressed my face close up to it. Despite being an air-conditioned area, you could FEEL waves of heat coming from its flaming, hateful heart.

Then came the moment that sealed the deal, the moment where I said, “Oh, I should write to the Consumerist.”

The digital display? “ICE COLD COCA COLA. 115 F. ICE COLD COLD COLA. 115 F.”

A summer day, a young man, and a vending machine with plans of its own. Here. In the Twilight Zone.

Thanks for listening!

You have to remember that hot and cold are relative terms. If you were, say, standing on the surface of the sun, this 115F degree soda would be quite the thirst quencher.


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  1. A Coke machine that doesn’t have Dasani bottled water? That’s quite rare, at least in New England.

  2. kspray-dad says:

    That is awesome.

    Did it have the variable pricing based on temperature in effect too?

  3. Aphex242 says:

    I guess he/she made it home ok but wow that’s crazy. I wonder what could even be going on inside that box to create such hot sodas. lol

  4. Looks to me like the compressor gave up the ghost. 115F sounds about right for a running Coke machine with a bad refrigeration unit.

  5. RINO-Marty says:

    So what? This is mechanical malfunction. They happen all the time. They are inevitable. This is a non-issue.

  6. Man, that letter was way too long. I’m sorry you got a hot Coke, though.

  7. Fonz says:

    Thank heaven it wasnt a can. That baby would get hotter than 115F.

  8. Chols says:

    it woulda been different if the temp read 32-40 deg F, next…

  9. Coke must be stopped before this happens again! They need to put thermometers on the machines so you know in advance! Oh.

  10. kyle4 says:

    The person who wrote this made it an interesting read. I never knew you could make a bottle about a hot Coke bottle so interesting. Maybe he writes in his spare time or something, it was funny.

    With that being said, you shouldn’t get Coke when you’re hot or thirsty, because it acts as a diuretic and in turns makes you more dehydrated and hot.

  11. crabbyman6 says:


  12. HOP says:

    you were saved…shouldn’t be drinking that crap anyway……

  13. katylostherart says:

    maybe call coke and say your machine at blah blah grocery store is sauteeing the product?

  14. RINO-Marty says:

    @Ash78: Heh.

  15. theblackdog says:

    @RINO-Marty: I think the real issue is the CS rep who was busy gabbing on her cell phone rather than bothering to say more than just “Oh we know it’s broken”

    That being said, don’t most vending machines have a phone number of the local coke rep somewhere on them?

  16. destijl says:

    Good thing it was bottles and not cans….wow that’d be a mess to see.

  17. easy2panic says:

    I would have gone in the store and asked for a piece of paper and tape to make a sign warning others that the drinks are hot.

  18. Kat@Work says:

    @RINO-Marty: So what? Its friggin’ hilarious, that’s what. But congratulations, you get the First Grump of the Comments award for this thread! Yay!

  19. wring says:

    i loled

  20. freepistol says:

    i was just wondering, wouldnt a really hot soda be prone to bursting?

  21. bohemian says:

    Yea, 115 degree aluminum cans would have been much worse.

    Why was a store clerk yakking on their cell phone?

  22. Juggernaut says:

    C’mon!! Summer afternoon? Dead-heat of the day? His life was flipped upside down? Gitthefuckouttaherewiththisbullshit!!

  23. amyschiff says:

    that would have made me cry.

  24. @Juggernaut: I loled, thanks!

  25. Scoobatz says:

    Funny. This narrative would have been the same story I got from my wife when all I wanted to hear was — tried to buy a Coke from the machine and it was hot.

  26. cashmerewhore says:

    ah, reminds me of my music major days, and when the pepsi machine was on the fritz. it’d display the same temperature, which in Ohio’s winter, is a nice sight.

    however, getting a sticky sludge covered bottle because many have exploded inside the kiln (clearly not a refrigerator) is not.

  27. Darkwish says:

    Should have called the number for the vendor that pasted on the machine. Granted the clerk was a jerk, but it looks like nobody ever bothered to let the vendor know that the machine was broken.

    As a side note, he was at a grocery store. I’m pretty sure he could have easily walked back into the store and got a drink from one of the refrigerated displays. (Unless everything the store sold was 115F, which should result in a call to the health department.)

  28. elmo3 says:

    Consumerist–the blog for frustrated writers.

    “I went to get a Coke out of the machine, and it came out so hot I couldn’t hold it” turns into a novel, not to mention something worthy of indignant consumer action?


    Maybe I’ll contribute a scathing literary tome regarding my wet newspaper the other day.

    People–remember the story about the boy who cried “Wolf!” next time you think you have something worthy for publication here.

  29. freshyill says:

    Seriously, Consumerist? You’re reduced to posting letters about broken soda machines? Jesus.

  30. celticgina says:

    Wait, I’ll post the obligatory post (blaming the OP) that they shouldn’t drink Coke…….

  31. ShirtNinja says:

    Kudos to the gentleman who wrote in. You turned a rather mundane story about a hot bottle of Coke into an interesting and entertaining read that made my morning.

    Hat’s off to you, sir!

  32. elmo3 says:

    Not just letters about broken soda machines. Letters like THAT about broken soda machines.

    Talk about sad.

  33. NightSteel says:

    I’d have gone to the store’s fridge and swapped it for one the same size..

  34. elmo3 says:

    @ShirtNinja: So, you come here to enjoy it as yet another crappy blog?

    Is that what Consumerist wants to be?

  35. And how exactly is Comcast at fault here?

  36. @elmo3: Agreed. Slow news day?

  37. Parting says:

    That’s hilarious, a vengeful distributor on a hot day :)

  38. evslin says:

    @Ash78: Overheated Coke bottles: Comcastic!

  39. Skankingmike says:

    Dear Wendy’s, I have enjoyed your Chili oh so often but as of late I have issues when eating. It turns out that i have a weak stomach and the doctors say that extreme amounts of spice and fiber are not good for me. I am writing you, asking if you could please stop putting beans and spice in your chili as this effects my stomach. I am aware that I am but one person but my needs are more important to me than your other customers. Please think of the children.

    Thank you

    Chili Lover,

  40. dondiego87 says:

    Everybody who’s pissed about this post… Let’s keep in mind that the “Irony” tag may not refer just to the contradiction between “Ice-Cold” and “115 degrees F” but also to the tone of the post itself. I thought this was hilarious.

    (Although I would have posted a note and unplugged the machine.)

  41. dmolavi says:

    if this were a can that exploded and sent shards of 115 degree aluminum through the author’s hands, then i could see this a an interesting story. hot coke, BFD.

  42. dmolavi says:

    heh..unplugging the machine probably would have helped drop the temp of the cokes to at least room temp :)

  43. attackgypsy says:

    Every vending machine has a sticker with the name of who owns it on it, usually somewhere near the top. Try calling them. They probably don’t even know about it.

  44. 1. Buy a soda from a machine that’s telling you it’s 115F
    2. Write to Consumerist about it
    3. ??????
    4. Profit!

  45. xnihilx says:

    Fire hazard much anyone?

  46. Gev says:

    Last week when I was doing my laundry at my apartment I came back down to find one dryer load to be barely warm and still quite damp. The machine was out of order and no one put a sign on it indicating so.

    I lost $1.00 and an hour of my time and had to put all my clothes in another dryer to get dry clothes. I also had to use my own ink and paper to put a sign on the dryer.

    Can I get a story posted about this?

  47. ShirtNinja says:

    @elmo3: What’s your damage? Does everything have to be serious fucking business or something? Look into your shriveled husk of a sense of humor and ask yourself this question.

    @dmolavi: Even if that were to happen, most of the people who post here would find some way to blame that on the consumer. It would be his fault for picking up the can or his fault for trying to open it or something.

  48. jonnyobrien says:

    1. Buy hot Coke
    2. Call the toll-free number on the bottle.
    3. Nice person in Hotlanta takes info
    4. Nice person thanks you, apologizes, and sends you free coupons for Coke products

    Where is the story? If I get a bad can or bottle I simnply call the number, they take the info and send me a coupons to replace it. I once got three 12 packs free to replace one empty can in a 12 pack. I still have the sealed light can.

  49. crabbyman6 says:

    @Ash78: I bet that Comcast provides the cable for the company that owns the soda machine. Also, I heard there were two contractors waiting behind the machine to jump out and and spray paint unsuspecting kittens. Hope they didn’t get thirsty while waiting.

  50. tevetorbes says:


    I thought the exact same thing.

  51. rolla says:

    and this is worthy of mention because…

  52. djanes1 says:

    Just drink Pepsi.

  53. ninjatoddler says:

    Would be great if the person took pictures and posted them. Personally prefer Pepsi over Coke so another good reason to switch over dude.

  54. Kajj says:

    @jonnyobrien: Jesus christ, loosen up, you cranks.
    The guy wrote a funny letter about a weird consumer-related thing that happened to him. Does the story have to be “Coke murders family of four” for people to stop bitching about “slow news days”?
    I’m surprised we aren’t seeing more articles like these on Consumerist, actually. They’re the only ones where the “DESERVED WUT HE GOT!1!!!! IM BETTR THAN HIM!!!!” comments drop below 50%.

  55. Man, what horrible customer service. If that happened at my grocery store, Price Chopper, they’d trip over their own feet to help you out, even if it wasn’t their machine. That’s why I shop there.

    @djanes1: DAMN STRAIGHT.

    @crabbyman6: Just Kittens? Not looking to push the coke machine over on unsuspecting vehicles or toddlers?

  56. darkryd says:

    Jeez dude. Get to the point. Loooonng story for such a short message.

  57. t0fu says:

    pictures or it didnt happen :)

  58. darksunfox says:

    All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and she wouldn’t give it to me… oops, wrong thread.

  59. Nighthawke says:

    Heh, not bad, from hot to cold with my tale or woe. We got a bottle vending machine that loves to run in the 20s and teens at times, dispensing bottles of solid ice. We’ve called the vendor many times until the boss got tired of the clowns and hired another vending company to take care of things.

  60. akronharry says:

    Machines break.

  61. mariospants says:

    Really well written, so why did he spelled “due” as “do”? We’ll never know I guess.

  62. SybilDisobedience says:

    This is insane. I can’t believe the “blaming-the-victim” piling-on here…the guy isn’t suggesting he’ll be writing a nasty letter to Coke, or suing for burns, or in any way being difficult. He just thought this experience was funny and worth writing a little blurb to the Consumerist about; and he was right. It’s a cute little read. Should he have drank water if he was hot and dehydrated? Of course, you preachy freaks, HE SAYS SO HIMSELF! But it’s his damn dollar and he wanted a Coke. Get over yourselves.

  63. Kounji says:

    People still drink coca cola?

    Sorry, someone had to say it.

  64. Scatter says:

    Must be a slow news day. Does anyone really give a crap about a soda machine that had a hot soda in it. What did it cost, a dollar?

  65. mermaidshoes says:

    @RINO-Marty: uh, not really–the store/vendor shouldn’t be taking people’s money for cokes that aren’t cold. it wouldn’t be a big deal if they fixed it, but it IS kind of a big deal if they don’t. would you be happy if you paid a dollar for a 115-degree coke?

    my favorite thing about the vending machines at my workplace is that one takes nickels and the other doesn’t. same type of machine, same stuff inside–but one consistently rejects nickels. i appreciate the nickel-accepting machine, because nickels aren’t good for much else. now, if only vending machines would take pennies…

  66. popeyemoon says:

    Hey it would have been just the right temp for Dr. Pepper.

  67. stuny says:

    If this vending machine had been made by Apple, it would’ve been crafted in stunning clear Lucite with just the word “Coke” engraved subtly in a proportionally-spaced font.

    There would only be one button to push on the machine. The machine would display a smile when you pressed it.

    The bottle would be delivered silently, at the absolutely ideal temperature. Customers will have the uncontrollable urge to dance in silhouette when the buy one.

    The machine would be immune to temperature changes, break-ins, and any attempt to modify it. Occasionally the electrical cord will catch on fire, but look cool while burning.

    However you can only drink the soda while standing at their vending machine and you can not share it with anyone. The bottle will have a proprietary cap requiring you to purchase an iOpener ($29.95). People who drink this soda will think it tastes like Kool-Aid and will refuse to drink anything else, because they insist all other beverages are crap and wouldn’t ever consider buying one even to extinguish the electrical fire.

  68. xthexlanternx says:

    I think this is just an article for comedy’s sake, but man did I burst out laughing. Sorry for your trouble, mate, but what a funny story :D

  69. dottat1 says:

    Glad to know that temp display is actually for real and not just a marketing ploy

  70. krom says:

    I don’t have a lot of pity for the consumer who didn’t smartly check the displayed temperature *before* buying.

    But yes, 115F is nuts, and I’m surprised he wasn’t dispensed an empty, previously exploded can.

  71. lalaland13 says:

    No wonder the ice caps are melting-all the cute little polar bears are drinking 115-degree Coke.

  72. TheShepherd says:

    sounds like operator error. he didn’t notice the digital display before he bought?

  73. theblackdog says:

    @stuartny: *dies* That was great XD

  74. Rachael says:

    Wow, you guys really are great at shitting on stories no matter what.

    He never really goes on about what should be done to fix the problem, but was just relating an interesting purchasing experience.

    Or are you guys just mad that he can string together a sentence better than 75% of the people here?

  75. Raziya says:

    Haha, this article made me laugh out loud…I loved it.

  76. MeOhMy says:

    Wow! I never realized that the temperature listed on the digital readout was not hard-coded and actually reflects the actual temp!

  77. picardia says:

    @elmo3: Remember, before YOU post again, some people have a sense of humor. And some people, obviously, do not.

  78. AngryEwok says:


    It took Coke three months to fix the Coke machine at my office. Three months. They might be pleasant people to talk to, but they aren’t exactly “AWESOME!” when it comes to customer service.

  79. jdmba says:

    So it went ahead and said it was broken, but you bought it anyway. I assume it was done to complain.

    I would expect the next step is to ignore a “road closed” sign and write the consumerist about dangerous holes and/or missing pavement?

  80. Dear Consumerist,

    I have a computer running Windows Vista, and I received an error, and was forced to reboot.

    Imagine, sitting in an office with workers, blissfully clicking away on their keyboards, work being done, insert ten more paragraphs of useless drivel, and then my computer crashes. I can’t believe I had to reboot in the middle of the workday.

    I have to send this into the Consumerist!

  81. Trai_Dep says:

    As unpleasant as scalding my lips on a can of Cola would be, I’m impressed that the machine worked. Well, the read-out, at least.
    If only they had another one charting how long a customer you’ll have to be before becoming a HFCS-infused, pear-shaped, pimply diabetic.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  82. By the way, for the Sarcasm-Challenged, the above post was a joke.

  83. Trai_Dep says:

    (Kudos to the LW, btw. VERY well-written!)

  84. EtherealStrife says:

    Reading comprehension is key, Stevenson. Somewhat ironic, given the length of your response to the situation.

  85. synergy says:

    @Scoobatz: Odd. It’s the type of story I get from my husband.

    Please don’t generalize.

  86. Trai_Dep says:

    @stuartny: Whoa. If it weren’t for the fact that you lived in NYC (and your pesky gay-hating marriage laws*), I’d marry you just for your wonderfully-crafted comment. Bravo! BraVO!!

    (Although, you skipped the part where Pepsi customers, buying their soda that half the time wouldn’t open, a quarter of the time would be flat and the remaining quarter of the time required that you reformulate the drink from scratch right there on the spot, stare longingly at the Coke-sipping patron. They would then spend the rest of their day defending Pepsi and calling Coke customers “elitists” for the “smug” way they popped open their soda, quenched their thirst and happily strolled away.)

    * I kid. I kid!!

  87. HOP says:

    should’nt drink that crap anyway……………

  88. huntsterUNC says:

    Did you happen to call the “For Service Call…” number on the machine? Had the Coke franchisee known his machine was out of order, he would have had someone on it pronto!

  89. jbohanon says:

    I had a similar experience. I was buying lunch and school and asked how much the 20 ounces were. It was 60 cents more than the machine about 100 feet away, so I left, thinking I’d made such a smart decision. The Coke I got out of the machine was probably in the 80s or 90s. It felt like someone had left it in a hot car all day long. 115, though. That’s nuts. It’s a wonder the bottles didn’t explode under the pressure.

  90. RokMartian says:

    Well… that’s 10 minutes I’ll never get back.

  91. SinisterMatt says:

    I’m surprised someone, either the OP or the grocery store didn’t just unplug the thing. It was a funny story though.

    That’s awesome!!

  92. ninjatoddler says:

    I’ve had better stories rejected by Consumerist.

  93. Thanatos- says:

    @stuartny: LOL thats great.
    And what the hell is up with blaming the victim, and all the hate. I love the Consumerist and most times the comments but this is getting ridiculous!

  94. satoru says:

    It’s a shame they don’t sell hot drinks in vending machines. I know they don’t because of the liability issues that could arise, no one wants another McDonalds Coffee Incident. But still, I do miss all the really cool hot drinks you can get in Japan, like coffee and tea. Hell, there’s even a canned corn soup you can buy that tastes awesome!! (It’s not a corn soup drink, but actually corn soup in a can)

  95. rustynissan says:

    Heh. I just love that it truthfully registered as 115F…

  96. BlazerUnit says:

    @elmo3: Oh lighten up, elmo. It’s not as if he picketed the store or anything. It’s not everyday you encounter Deep Fried Coke still in the can.

  97. mgy says:

    @stuartny: Where does Boot Camp fit into this equation?

  98. humphrmi says:

    @Dooley: It’s your fault. You run Vista.

    And I can get away with that because I’m not blaming the OP! :)

  99. Scoobatz says:

    @synergy: Generalize? I said ‘my wife’. That’s pretty damn specific.

  100. mac-phisto says:

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen better comments on a single consumerist post. lmao. awesome.

  101. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    I have to blame the OP here. It’s not like the company tried to screw him over here. The machine failed, and Coke hadn’t discovered it yet. As soon as the delivery guy came to stock it, I’m sure he realized it and either repaired it or placed it out of service. And the OP was given advance warning – the machine had a thermometer on it that read 115F.

    No, machines don’t lie, but they DO break. But in this instance, the machine even TOLD the OP that it was broken.

  102. RINO-Marty says:

    The OP reminds me of Milton on Office Space, complaining about his confiscated red stapler.

  103. RINO-Marty says:

    @Troy F.: Yes, the most amazing part of this story to me is that the damn digital readout actually works and goes halfway to boiling. I always assumed they were bogus. Impressive!

  104. S3CT says:

    I blame this consumer for being thirsty. How dare he!

  105. TorrentFreak says:

    I don’t know why this is news. A machine doesn’t know the differance between hot/cold, white/black, or wet/dry. It reads out what it is programmed to do. The only thing you can do about it is try to get a refund from who ever runs the machine and pray they believe you, after all, they might say you are trying to run a scam and not give you a dime.

  106. XianZomby says:

    In Qatar, I was talkign with a 19-year-old F-15 mechanic. I asked him what he has learned in the desert. He told me “I’ve learned to drink warm bottled water. It goes down eaiser and it hydrates you faster because your body absorbs it faster.”

    Of course, in Qatar, there were pallets of bottled water at every street corner, heating up under the sun. So you really had no choice but to drink warm water, unless you worked in an office.

  107. Micromegas says:

    Happens all the time. I’ve encountered countless busted soda machines that dispense scalding-hot cans of soda.

  108. LosersHaveCreditCardDebt says:

    Spending $1.00 for a can of Coke is stupid. Those vending machines have a very high profit margin.

  109. BrianU says:

    Wow and ow! I’d think there would be a thermal switch that turns off the machine at a lower temperature – if not for human safety, at least to prevent further damage to the machine. I’m a believer that Aspartame is a neurotoxin in the best of circumstances, and gets really unhealthy at body temperature.
    Some Gulf War 1 Vets word of mouth reports of drinking a quantity over time of diet carbonated beverages that were in the desert sun for at least a while during shipping and storage caused adverse and lasting health affects. I’m extra glad you didn’t press the button for Diet Coke.

  110. kbarrett says:

    It didn’t say what kind of ice.

    Benzoic Acid melts at 115 degrees …

  111. jackspat2 says:

    Coke does look after its machines pretty well. It’ll be replaced or fixed when coke becomes aware of the problem. Coke didn’t try to screw over anyone. Be a friend and call up the customer service number on the machine and tell them about it. Coke will send you a coupon in the mail for a free 12-pack of coke or 2 liter bottle if you ask for a refund.

  112. raycarroll70 says:

    LMAO! My sides hurt from laughing so hard. As I read the nog, visions of the opening to the Fox show Hell’s Kitchen came to mind as well as the theme song “Fire”.

  113. DeadlySinz says:

    Oh Snap, hot coke :|

  114. Slow news day?

  115. donkeyjote says:

    He should just be glad that he isn’t a starbucks manager getting 35ºF Hot Coffee thrown at him :P

    Also, people expect most “simple” machines to just work. A soda machine, a glorified fridge falls under “simple”. I have never seen a soda machine that wasn’t properly refrigerating its soda. Stuck tracks, misreading bottle count, or broken bill reader, sure, fridge, no. And I too would have figured the temperature readout to be faked, or hard coded to what the designers expect the machine to be at.

    Having said that, whats the fucking point of a temperature reader if the machine won’t shutdown at a non-cold trip point? If a power converter the size of a pinky finger nail can have thermal protection, wtf doesn’t a soda machine with plenty of space for extra circuitry?

  116. bombaxstar says:

    I laughed. =]

    and what is up with all these commenters fucking boo-hooing about this? Write your own damn blog if you’re so displeased.

  117. Candyman says:


  118. ShariC says:

    I agree that the real issue was the woman who couldn’t get off the cell phone to help.

    One thing to keep in mind is that machines placed in front of shops are the responsibility of those shops. They get a cut of the money made from sales from those machines. That’s why they agree to allow them to be placed in such locations. So, it was the stores responsibility to deal with it.

  119. Channing says:

    This story is awesome.

  120. MrGrimes says:

    They obviously meant to ship this machine to the planet Mercury.

  121. Difdi says:

    Diet soda dispensed from a machine like that is actively hazardous. I can’t recall the exact temperature aspartame starts to break down at, but it’s right around that temperature. Aspartame can produce some toxic byproducts when broken down by heat, some of them sufficiently toxic to warrant hospitalization.

  122. e.varden says:



    Re: hot drinks in vending machines in Japan: You can also get a can o’ cold beer. And some machines dispense cans of soup for consumption later. To heat it up, press a button on the bottom of the can and within a minute or so you can toss down hot soup! (I dunno how it works…)

  123. geoffhazel says:

    When I was a kid, way back in the ’50s, coke came in 6 1/2 oz bottles, and there was a rack next to the machine for the empties to go because they actually took them back and washed and reused the bottles back then; no grinding up the glass and making whole new bottles!

    Well, that’s not the point. The point is, we were like 8 yrs old, and would I would cruise past the Gulf gas station looking for coke bottles with a little left in them.

    Warm, no fizz, and someone elses spit no doubt also. Yumm!

  124. nardo218 says:

    Oh no, a malfunctioning vending machine, surely this is a horrific sign of the decay of our society. This man should sue and Coca Cola CEOS should go to jail.

    Consumerist, stop posting stupid shit!

  125. that sucks man, well written emal though, cute