The man who invented the Pringles canister died recently, and, as per his request, a portion of his ashes were interred in a container of Pringles. [AP]


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  1. KlausKinsky says:

    So this begs the question: who’s the lucky person who will find ashes when they open up their next can of Pringles?

  2. Northpike says:

    @KlausKinsky: I don’t know about you, but i also eat the crumbs at the bottom to.

  3. nogas2speed says:

    So now I will never get the chance to ask him why he didn’t make a little wider so I can actually reach my hand in and get the very product I paid for??? Half an inch…that’s all I needed.

  4. New flavor: Dessicated Inventor Ranch!

  5. Mr_D says:

    Nitpick: it’s interred, not interned. Unless his ashes really are going to work there… Git Em SteveDave might be on to something.

  6. maex says:

    @Mr_D: you beat me to the nitpick.

  7. KlausKinsky says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: Opening up a can of this stuff reminds me of that scene in “the Big Lebowski” when they opened up the coffee can. LOL.

  8. euleria says:

    Did they at least run the ashes through a mold or something to get that wonderful saddle shape?

    How will other corporate execs be processed after death? Will the Starbuck’s founder be (over)roasted until they’re bitter?

  9. caffeinequeen says:

    Once you pop, you can’t stop!

  10. Wormfather says:

    @euleria: And Country Wide’s CEO will be buried on a plot financed by an ARM.

  11. Kounji says:

    Everyone has already taken all the good responses.

    Apparently, you can stop once you pop.

  12. ferris209 says:

    I wonder what happened to the guy that invented condoms?

  13. Kaz says:

    I wonder if it included that ribbed paper insert they used to put in all the cans back in the day…