Accurately Compare Airline Fees With Handy Charts

Finding a competitively priced airline ticket is tricky enough without each airline having its own myriad of fees and individual policies. Fortunately, the Airfarewatchdog blog lists most of the fees for the major airlines in one place. Combine it with their checked bag fee chart, and now you know all the fees. This makes meaningful comparison much easier. Otherwise, you might have to go through the entire ticket purchase process before you could figure out your total including fees. They are also “the only site that lists low airfares on all airlines, including Southwest. And [they] include special fares that you can only buy on the airline’s own sites.”

Those extra airline fees, compared airline by airline [Airfarewatchdog]
Checked bag fees, airline by airline [Airfarewatchdog]


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  1. chiieddy says:

    Only it’s not complete thanks to the airlines finding new ways to charge their customers. The luggage charges aren’t there.

  2. BaronVonHawkeye says:

    Has AA started charging for your first checked bag? I know they had talked about it, but I didn’t know if they started it yet.

  3. kittenfoo says:

    It’s obvious what the next new airline fee is going to be: $20 extra to get a non-urine-soaked seat to L.A.

  4. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    I don’t need the chart, I don’t give a damn about flight charges. I’m NOT flying anymore. (see urine-soaked story for just one reason why)

  5. Nissan288 says:

    what’s the charge for a no feces in the aisle?

  6. bobfromboston says:

    I question the claim that it is “the only site that lists low airfares on all airlines, including Southwest.” includes Southwest and, to my knowledge, all the rest.

    Consumerist should check such claims before just printing them verbatim.

  7. OminousG says:

    The AirTran seat selection is a joke. All of the seats you can select without paying extra are taken, ALWAYS. But if you don’t pay extra for the extra special seats, they still manage to somehow free up one of those taken seats for you.

  8. barty says:

    I’ve noticed that if AirTran’s system assigns you an extra-cost seat by default, there’s no extra charge. Or just ask a gate agent right before you walk on the flight if it doesn’t look like its going to be full. They’ll usually make the change on the spot without putting anything into the computer, so you get the window seat without paying anything extra. I assume this to be the case because I’ve booked 2-3 flights with AirTran in the past year and at no time have I been charged a seat selection fee. Or does this only apply if you request a particular seat when you purchase your ticket?

  9. bobfromboston says:

    @barty: Right, you’re paying for the assurance that you will get the seat you want. Depends on what that peace of mind is worth to you.

  10. OminousG says:

    On their website it allows you select what seat you want, out of the entire plane. Including the no extra charge seats. Problem is, everytime I’ve booked a flight (3rd time this year, always at least 3 weeks in advance) the no extra charge seats are completely taken. So I leave it up to Airtrans system to pick my seat.
    Yet everytime I get to the plane, I always end up in one of those “no extra charge” seats that the website told me were all taken.