Today is indeed the beginning of the Starbucks Free-Wifi era. Hooray for “2008 as a year of transformation in a difficult macroeconomic environment.” Or whatever. Customers who register a Starbucks card and use it twice a month will get 2 hours of free WiFi per day. [Seattle P-I]


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  1. Truvill says:

    Can someone explain wifi to me exactly?

    I thought it was already free in Starbucks?

    In any case, the Jack in the Box right across my house has it. All you need is to enter the code that their display TVs have in order to log in. Never seemed to be a hit with the patrons, but I’ve played some good games there on both the PSP and DS.

  2. Me - now with more humidity says:

    If you have to buy and register a card, it’s NOT free.

  3. B1663R says:

    so lemmie get this straight. i buy 2 beverages a month and get 40+ hours of free wifi? that works out to…carry the one… to around 20 cents an hour! not too shabby!!

  4. femmme.fatal says:

    I thought it was already free already also

  5. spinachdip says:

    @Truvill: I thought you had to pay T-Mobile?

  6. Kajj says:

    At first you had to pay T-Mobile by the hour or by the month. Then for a while it was free to T-Mobile cell phone subscribers. Now it’s “free” to Starbucks cardholders, but not nearly as “free” as most local coffee shops, or even leviathan quick-food competitor Panera Bread, which offers wi-fi access with no minimum purchase and no time limit, except for the peak lunch period.

  7. mikesam says:

    Could buy 2 coffees @ 2 bucks apiece, so essentially getting 60+ hours of wifi for 15 cents an hour. I don’t think Starbucks is trying to become like Panera or all the other chains that people describe as having unlimited free wifi, where the same people are constantly there the entire day; I think they’re subtly trying to convey the message that they want customers to linger, but not linger too long with the 2 hours a day promotion.

    In a week or so, there will be a revised Starbucks Card reward program that allows the point of sale machines to now recognize whether or not your card is registered online, as opposed to before where everyone regardless of registration or not was allowed to receive the benefits.

    If you really wanted to use the internet longer than 2 hours, you could just get the account info from a barista…every partner there gets unlimited wifi.

  8. @mikesam: Most POS systems have already been updated.

  9. mikesam says:

    @tonirockyhorror: Yeah, I haven’t been to work in 5 days =/

  10. Dunkin’ is still better


  11. SuffolkHouse says:

    PANERA BREAD gives you unlimited internet with 1/2 hour during peak times. Plus, you can refill a coke all day if you like. Moreover, if you are in the need for coffee, the coffee is fine and you can refill that too.

    I found PANERA BREAD because Starbucks was charging for internet. I don’t think I will go back, considering you only get 2 hours of it.

  12. brewmonkey says:

    Their website seems to be having a lot of problems today. I can’t even log in.

  13. Eoghann says:

    Lessee…how can we turn this around so it’s the consumer’s fault for forcing S*BUX to offer free wi-fi…?

  14. FLConsumer says:

    Damnit… I quickly glanced at the headline and read “Starbucks-Free Era” and I almost jumped for joy… unfortunately it’s just an article about StarF*cks moving towards what every other coffee shop out there has been doing for years now.

  15. consumed says:

    I tried to use this today. I registered my Sbux card, created a username and password on Then went over to the store and tried to log into the “attwifi” network. I was brought to an AT&T login page ( where I used the previously created u/p. This was all extremely slow. Then was brought to a T-Mobile error page ( which told me my login info was incorrect, and had an AT&T phone number. Called the AT&T number (888-888-7520) and got a guy right away who said they are in a “transition” stage and would escalate my issue, but didn’t take my contact information.

    They obviously didn’t plan this out very well from a network engineering standpoint. What exactly is T-Mobile’s role in the new deal? Are they basically selling their Sbux Wi-fi infrastructure to AT&T? Will T-Mobile customers still be able to get their free Wi-Fi at Sbux?

  16. riverstyxxx says:

    There’s still 100 other cafe’s in the area that give free wifi, no matter what. Plus their coffee is only around two dollars. I’ll keep taking my business there, thank you very much.