Updated: Reach T-mobile Executive Customer Service

Here is a new number to reach T-mobile Executive Customer Service:

Jennifer Bachus
Executive Customer Relations Coordinator
877-290-6323, Ex. 341-8083

Don’t forget this refresher course on how to act when you call executive customer service.

(Thanks to John!)
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  1. DeanPandora says:

    T-Mobile has dismal executive customer service. Once your account is flagged
    by one of the executive customer care people, you’re stuck talking to them
    and only them…and most of them are quite the pricks!

    The extension number 341-XXXX won’t do you any good as that rep isn’t going
    to work on cases not assigned to her. She’ll just refer you back to the
    “main” number and they’ll assign your case to someone.

    Ironically, you may have better luck with regular customer service if you’re
    persistent. I’ve had to call 50+ times for some issues over the course of a
    month or so, but in the end, you will find some customer service rep that
    actually gives a crap about you, the consumer.

    My personal experience with T-Mo’s executive customer service has been
    miserable…except for one guy who bent over backwards to help me out, but
    he’s since been moved out of that role…I guess he was being too helpful to

    Even when the executive care people help you, it’s always with the rather
    douchy attitude…”you’re the one who’s wrong, but we’re so kind and
    benevolent that we’ll help you just this one time”. I hate that company!

  2. mikells43 says:

    I feel bad for you guys with t-mobile. but of course any time you call a company for cust service you are running the risk of getting someone who is going to blow you off. i once had a phone that i returned to vzw. dummy me did’nt keep the tracking numb or receipt from shipping and it was lost. i called and called and no one beleived me and said “we are checking on it” finally one rep checked into it she bent over backwards for me and finally after 6 months of my bill being so out of wack from being charged full retal price for a phone that i really sent back it was fixed. and it was credited 200 for the hassle. that worked out fantastic. so keep blowing up the lines till you get someone who will go the extra mile. if so call from a landline or other number so that you can get thru. i kno on att sometimes if you call with your att phone at certian times(late bill) you get hassled and what not . so allways use an alt phone.

  3. James Del says:

    Ugh, I’m ready to put T-Mobile through a wall; they’ve been completely unhelpful and are just looking for more money from me. I just left a message with Ms. Bachus, so hopefully she’ll transfer me to another service rep, but we’ll see. I’ll keep everyone updated.